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At Jankel protection is everything. For over 50 years we have been providing armed forces, border patrols and humanitarian organisations with pioneering survivability solutions, up-armoured vehicles and light tactical platforms, that meet the very individual and specific needs of our customers.

Founded in 1955 by British entrepreneur Robert Jankel, we have established a worldwide reputation for creating and building some of the safest protection solutions available. Our team of experts are both technically capable and personally responsible. They work until they are satisfied that they have found the best solution possible and then they test to beyond destruction to encourage and understand product growth potential.

We maintain our flexibility and agility by remaining an independent, family owned organisation while delivering world class service through our global reach. Through our work with researchers, scientists, front-line troops, experts and industry leaders we continually explore ways to refine, improve, and bring to market protective products and solutions.
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Jankel World Wide Support
World Wide Support
Jankel support doesn’t stop when a product leaves us. We are committed to providing a lifetime of support no matter where in the world this is needed. From product handover to servicing or replacing a part, Jankel is on hand to assist and ensure your fleet is always mission ready, no matter how remote the location. We manage and support complete platform fleets with a variety of bespoke support solutions from delivery to safe disposal at the end of the vehicle’s life.
Jankel R&D & Capabilities
Jankel R&D & Capabilities
Working with researchers, scientists, front-line troops, experts and industry leaders, Jankel is continuously exploring and developing new ways of refining and improving our protective products. That is why we commit a significant percentage of our profits to research, gathering insights from researchers, scientists, front-line troops, experts and industry leaders. We explore, analyse, test and refine.

We are proud of our state-of-the-art FEA capability. Our teams have collated and calibrated the extensive amount of practical test data to correlate our FE models, adapting the base coding of commerically available modelling software.
Jankel Testing
Jankel undertakes tests and evaluations to ensure each and every product conforms to specification. Trials range from individual component testing, live blast / ballistic testing, through to full vehicle durability. Final certification is often obtained from independent industry recognised test organisations.
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Headquarters & International Markets

Jankel Headquarters
PO Box 1
United Kingdom
Tel : +44 1932 857766

Jankel USA

190 Parkway West
Suite 100
South Caroline 29334
Tel : +1 864 721 2980

Website: www.jankel.com
Jankel Protection is everything
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Fox Rapid Reaction Vehicle (RRV) for special mission and high performance.
Jankel Fox RRV Rapid Reaction Vehicle
Tactical vehicles need modularity to fulfil a variety of roles in order to offer the most cost effective capability. The Fox Rapid Reaction Vehicle (RRV) has been designed with enhanced weight carrying capacity, internal CH-47 air transportability and increased off-road agility to push the boundaries of payload, mobility and performance.
Fox Light Utility Vehicle (LUV)
Jankel Fox LUV Light Utility Vehicle
"Everything you'd expect from a simple, affordable, open architecture vehicle."

The Fox Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) is our true militarised utility vehicle with a versatile, lightweight, load carrying platform. Comprising open architecture cabin for multi-role use, the vehicle maximising payload while being suited to all lightweight configurable logistical needs.
Fox Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV)
Jankel Fox Long Range Patrol Vehicle LRPV
Fox Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) brings operational effectiveness to extended missions.

Our Long Range Patrol Vehicle (LRPV) allows between 4 and 6 occupants to cover more distance over longer periods. The platform firepower, manoeuvrability and supportability make it idea for many roles from boarder patrol to surveillance / reconnaissance, first support/force protection, convoy support and use in urban operations. The vehicle offers a highly mobile fire support and tactical force protection platform and caters for a range of weaponry with configurable mounts at locations around the platform.
Fox Tactical Utility Vehicle (TUV)
Jankel Fox Tactical Utility Vehicle TUV
Fox Tactical Utility Vehicle (TUV) addresses operational gaps where a mission configurable, reliable and scalable vehicle capabiity is required.

The Fox Tactical Utility Vehicle (TUV) is an all-round tactical platform combining the maximum possible operational advantages with ultimate discretion. The Fox TUV is fitted with armour, weapon stations, specialist tactical systems and communications equipment, specified to customer requirements. It is a reliable, easily maintained, in-service and highly mobile platform with significant payloads.
BLASTech Seating
Jankel BLASTech Seating
Jankel searched for a seat to mitigate the effects of a blast and did not find one that met our exacting standards. We chose to build our own rather than settle for second-best.
Jankel’s BLASTech energy attenuation seating has been tested extensively by Jankel, trialled independently by UK and US government laboratories and delivered in large numbers to a variety of customers. To date Jankel have sold over 85,000 seats worldwide. Key features include a unique an automatic weight adjustment system and reset mechanism for the secondary (slam down) event.
Protected SUVs - Jankel Hot-Formed Toyota LC200
Protected SUVs Jankel Hot-Formed Toyota LC200
Jankel has brought to the market a range of armoured SUVs including the only fully Hot-Formed (HF) Toyota Land Cruiser 200. This advanced method of protection makes the Jankel HF TLC 200 the class-leading and cost-effective solution, increasingly being chosen by military, NGO and government organisations across the world.
The Hot-Formed technology replaces the jigsaw of hundreds of flat pieces of armour that is used in conventional armouring, to offer benefits which include higher protection, faster production times and improved product affordability.
Through Life Support
Jankel Through Life Support
 Support, Wherever You Need It

Jankel's focus on protection doesn't stop when our products leave us. We offer a range of through-life support packages to meet all budgets and requirements, offering peace of mind wherever you, or our products, might be in the world.

Jankel is as committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products as it is in supporting them and its customers throughout the life cycle of the product and beyond. Such is the dedication and commitment to support its’ products and customers, Jankel views it as a capability and not an afterthought.

Jankel has a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals whose sole responsibility is maintaining this capability to the highest level ensuring customer support is their number one priority. Jankel has facilities in the UK, US and Jordan. We are currently working in theatres of operation to establish service and maintenance support. If you have any further enquiries please contact the TLS Team.

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