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RU 2016: Our Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Since 2009, Romance University has published upwards of 1700 posts. We’re proud to be a part of the diverse romance writing community. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to our success.

Our deepest gratitude to RU’s 2016 Visiting Professors:


Virginia KellyFive Google Search Tips for Authors

Heatherly Bell 

Part One: Reflections on My First Year as an Indie Author

Part Two: Reflections on My First Year as an Indie Author

So You Want to Write a Military Romance

Keri FordWriting as a Southerner

Mary Buckham & Margaret CrowleyThe Power of Workshops: A Behind the Scenes Look

Tonya KappesNewsletters=Marketing Gold

Silver James – Flashing Through Writer’s Block 

Kathi DaleyCome for the Murder, Stay for the Romance

Amy Lynch – Self-Confessed Bridezilla

Rose Scott8 Ways to Touch the Heart of Your Reader

Rachael Thomas

The Art of Conflict

Your Writing Voice and Putting You on the Page

Jacqui Jacoby

Boundaries of Imagination

Bump in the Night

Harrison Demchick

Please Stop Winking: The Problem with Shorthand and Cliché in Fiction

How Not to Be Funny in Fiction

Brenda Novak

Making Love Last – Is It a Fairy Tale?

DEAD ON! Ten Secrets to Writing “Killer” Romantic Suspense

Kate GeorgeThe Celtic Allure

Jackie Weger – Learning Indie Author Ropes – Just Don’t Hang Yourself

Sandra Beckwith7 Killer Ways to Promote Your Romance Novel

Anna Campbell

Falling in Love on the Page: Writing Convincing Romantic Relationships

This Crowded Life – and Why That’s a Pain in the Neck

Moving on Up: Writing the Next Book

Christina Mercer

Bean Counting for Authors

The Joy & Necessity of Business Taxes

Houston HavensPlotting: The Flow of Your Story

Trish Milburn – Marketing in Disguise

LuAnn McClaneSecond Chance Romance

Rissa Brahm – Finding Your Alpha: Not Your Alpha Hero, Your Alpha Reader 

Ella Carey

Settings and the Romantic Novel

On Writing

Angela HanThe Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016

Virginia Heath

Erratic Breathing and the Steely Glare

Easy? I Wish…

The Right First Impression

Jules BennettOh…You Write Romance?

Lori WildeSo You Want Me to Write a Children’s Book?

Danielle BartlettWhat Does a Publicity Director’s Job Involve?

Jessica LemmonHow to Market Without Losing Your Mind

Sumerita Rhayne

Writing a Negative Protagonist: Balancing shades of grey in your character

Secondary Characters in Romance: Yay or Nay?

Frances Caballo – Romance Writers: Find Your Readers on Pinterest

Anna SugdenKeep on Riding the Roller Coaster! (Or, why all those years of trying to sell are worth it.)

Jeannie MoonStepping off the Hamster Wheel

Deborah BlakeWhen the Book Fights Back

Katia LiefWhat Lies at the Heart of Suspense?

Suzanne Ferrell Capitol Danger: A Collaboration

Elizabeth HarmonSports Romance is More Than the Score

Sherry LewisAvoiding Author Intrusion

Joanna Campbell SlanOut, Out, Damned Writer

Katherine Hall PageNavigating a Long-Running Series

Robin GiannaCreate Characters Your Reader Will Care About

Adite BanerjieTripping Over Tropes

Betty HechtmanHow to Write a Mystery Yarn

Chris KeeslarVoice, Pitch & Strike

Màiri NorrisStarting a New Author’s Group – Part One

Barbara BettisStarting a New Author’s Group – Part Two

Beppie HarrisonStarting a New Author’s Group – Part Three

Angela AckermanHow to Vividly Describe a Setting That You’ve Never Visited

Hazel GaynorAn Interview with Hazel Gaynor

Natalie J. Damschroder Finding the Strength to Persevere

Ed Gaffney & Jason T. Gaffney#AwkwardNotAwkward: Why I couldn’t Wait to Write a Gay Sex Scene with my Gay Son

Melanie Brockmann GaffneyIf You’re Reading This, You’re Probably into Books

Leigh Duncan

Indie Publishing and the Book-of-My-Heart

Not for the Faint of Heart: Making the Switch from Traditional to Indie Author

Janice Hardy

Finding the Balance Between Hooking Readers and Setting up the Story

How Your Narrative Distance Affects Show, Don’t Tell

Kim HeadleeTwitter Marketing for Authors

Stacy MaroneThe Importance of Book Covers for New Authors

Rachael ThomasTackling the Synopsis

Sonali DevPitching is the Key

Elizabeth BemisWhat’s in a Voice: Or Two Sides of the Same Scene

Susan SeyPlaying Hurt

Laura StapletonThe Secret to Self-Publishing Success

C.C. DragonHappy Halloween…Who You Gonna Call?

Ann WarnerFormatting Tips for Indie Authors Who Want to Do It All Without Learning HTML

Ava BransonFinding My Voice…and Other Mid-life Tales

Philippa LodgeIntroverts and Conferences

Joanne DannonSelf-Publishing is a Collaborative Effort

Jan O’HaraMaximizing the Benefits of Your Multi-author Writing Cooperative

Nancy NaigleWriting Holiday Romances

Laura TrenthamContests: Stepladder to the Top or Waste of Money?

Gloria Kopp12 Online Proofreading and Editing Tools Romance Writers Should Know About

Piper J. DrakeMulti-tasking vs. Task-switching

Tracy TappanHe Said, She Said

Barbara WallaceIt Happens to the Best of Us


We’d also like to express our heartfelt appreciation to RU’s Regular Contributors for their commitment and contributions.


Kayelle Allen

5 Easy Tips for Dealing with Email

DIY Author Book Marketing

Putting Books in Print: Worth the Hassle?

Author Blogging: How, How Much, How Often

6 Quick Tips for Author Marketing

Authors in Elevators: Writing Your Blurb

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

How Do You Do It?

Three Parts, One Wish

Donna Cummings

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Enjoy Your Creativity

C’mon Let’s Celebrate!

Laura Drake

Motifs and Symbols and Themes

BE The Dude

Your First Chapter – Reader Glue

Advanced Craft Tips

Pat Haggerty

Creating Author Newsletters with MailChimp

Improving Your Writing with AutoCrit

Scrivener for iPad

Geeky Writer Gifts

Rayne Hall 

Writing Night Scenes

Writing Outdoor Scenes

Writing Novel-Opening Scenes

Writing Climax Scenes

Writing Scary Scenes

Writing Argument Scenes

Writing Duel Scenes

Writing Black Moment Scenes

Writing Battle Scenes

Writing Creepy Scenes

Writing Magic Scenes

Helen Henderson

Repeaters, Replicants, And Restarts, Oh My

Are They You?

Characters Leave, Authors Live On

Nan Reinhardt

And Now a Word From the Copy Editor

Some Formatting Tips That Will Make Your Copy Editor Happy

Revisions…Or Do I Have to Listen to That Darn Copy Editor?

Now A Word From the Copy Editor

Veronica Scott

Creative Research

Where Does Your Story Actually Begin?

Adding Stage Business to Your Story

Meet my Characters – All of Them at Once

Tessa Shapcott

Good Presentation – Can It Really Influence How Your Novel is Received and Perceived?

Advice for Keyboard Athletes

Damon Suede

Leap Here – On the Power of Improv for All Creative Professionals

First Glance – On Meeting Characters and Making Impressions

Reader’s Choice – On the Power of Set Pieces and Whammos

Imperfect Words – The Unfathomable Power of Placeholders

Posts by RU Staff

Carrie Peters 

I Need a Book Cover – Now What Do I Do?

An Author and a Website

My Muse Went to Aruba – Now What do I do?

WordPress Updates – Just Do It!

Becke Martin Davis

Jane Errs- And So Do I

Practice Makes…Something

Coming Unstuck

To Nano or Not to Nano

RU will be on hiatus until Wednesday, January 4, 2017. We wish you the very best this holiday season. Happy 2017!

The Romance University Staff: Carrie Peters, Becke Martin Davis, and Jen Tanner

Romance University Founders: Tracey Devlyn, Adrienne Giordano, and Kelsey Browning

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