CZ Assault Rifles

Assault rifles (AR) produced by CZ currently represent the most comprehensive solution for the armed forces around the world. These AR are characterized by uncompromising reliability and accuracy. All AR from CZ have a cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel, rotating breechblock that locks in the barrel, and are powered by the tried and tested system of gases tapped from the barrel bare to the piston with a short travel. All these features guarantee the long life of the whole barrelled action. The AR from CZ meet all the requirements of NATO AC 225/D14 and TPVD 637-81, including durability and reliability under adverse conditions, such as dust, sand and mud, low temperatures (-54°C/-65°F), high temperatures (+52°C/125°F) or the Over the Beach test.

These rifles have been successfully used in combat deployment in conflicts on almost all continents (e.g. by the Czech Armed forces in Afghanistan and Mali, in the Mexican Drug War, by the Rwandan SF or Indonesian Marine Corps and many others).

Automatic firearms from CZ rank among the absolute best in the world in its class and the same goes for their semi-automatic variants. These models are distinguished from the original service models by the absence of the fully automatic mode.

Magazine capacity