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Emotion in Your Story by Lori Wilde

When Romance University asked me to write their final blog before they go on hiatus, I was beyond honored. But then I was struck by the terror of the blank page. What was I going […]

BookBub – The Holy Grail of Book Advertising by KC Falls

BookBub. It is the Holy Grail of book advertising. It is the Mount Everest that each author Sisyphus dutifully pushes the boulder up month after month hoping (mostly in vain) that this time the rock […]

Don’t Be Me! Find the Happy in YOUR Publishing Journey by Wendy S. Marcus

I’m thrilled to be back at Romance University! It’s been…years. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a multi-published, award-winning author of romance fiction. Sounds impressive, right? When I see another author say […]

Which Readers Would Also Read Your Books? Finding Comp Titles by Amy Alessio

I am honored to post another guest column before RU begins hiatus later this month.  RU has been a go-to site for me to learn and hear from favorite authors who inspire me including some […]

Theresa Stevens on Being a Writer in a Changing Clime

The fog of memory has swallowed the exact date and conference, but at some point in the mid-2000s, when I was working in-house for a small press, I attended a conference luncheon where I met […]

NaNoWriMo Struggles? Resources to Get You Back on Track with Angela Ackerman

Maybe it was a dare. Or giddy euphoria from too much Halloween candy made you do it. Or maybe deep down, you’re just a teensy bit of a sadist. In any case, you decided to […]

Why Setting Can Make — Or Break a Book by Donnell Ann Bell

One of my favorite quotes is by Russian Writer Anton Chekhov who wrote, “I don’t need to know everything that’s in the room, I only need to know what I need to know is in […]

3D Attraction and How to Make it Work for Romance by Laura Stapleton

An author friend of mine posted a photo of Jason Momoa as Aquaman and asked about our attraction levels to him. Great image and he’s gorgeous. But, he didn’t have the same zing for me […]

Demons Are Just Angels Without A Halo By Jeri Westerson

Right? I mean, in the traditional Judeo-Christian sense, they are fallen angels. So there must be something about them that makes them good. On the inside. Maybe? Paranormal romance readers like their male protagonists to […]

Why Authenticity Is an Essential Element of a Powerful Personal Brand – Jade Parker

Have you ever wondered why George R.R. Martin became so popular? Fans from all around the world eagerly wait for his book. They are hooked on a special factor – authenticity. But it’s not just […]