Revolutionary ideas from the mind of Greg Stafford

King Arthur Pendragon
is one of the most influential roleplaying games of all time. Learn why and get the latest games news here.

The World of Glorantha
was discovered in 1966 by Greg Stafford. Today, Glorantha is as alluring as ever. See what's new here.

Mexico's First Empire
Legends, history, archeology, and magic of Oaxaca, where Greg found a soul that was lost. Learn more here.

“Roleplaying is a way for humans to interact with our deep, hidden mythological selves. They are a way to feed our souls.” — Greg Stafford

True Tales

Long Live the King

LISTEN to the Gen Con 2014 panel, “Thirty Years of King Arthur Pendragon" with Kenneth Hite and Greg Stafford, or read the transcript here.