• Fry equipment

    Equipment mainly includes: straight automatic frying pan, spiral reflux automatic frying pan, and so on.
  • Cooked equipment

    The cooking pot manufactured by our factory is made of food-grade quality stainless steel, and the weight is added on the stainless ····
  • Drying equipment

    The equipment mainly includes: baking machine, nut production line, nut production line, five-layer mesh belt dryer and so on.
  • Cooling equipment

    q-d cooling machine is a new type of cooling machine developed by our company. It cools the materials after frying, baking or drying······

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Proprietary intellectual property

We have been engaged in the development and manufacture of frying equipment and drying equipment for more than 20 years. Many scientific research projects have passed the national certification.

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Meet your production process requirements

Strong technical force and strong manufacturing capacity, meet your needs of production requirements, set up work style, strengthen the sense of service, to quality and quick service to win customer satisfaction.


Troubleshooting group training

The nuts drying equipment, the melon seed wok machinery group troubleshooting group actual operation training, the effec...[ MORE ]

Common problems

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  • Casserole use case

    Casserole use case

  • Intermittent hot air circulation dryer

    Intermittent hot air circulation dryer

  • Five-layer webbed nut dryer

    Five-layer webbed nut dryer

  • Use case of dryer

    Use case of dryer

  • Fried melon seed production line

    Fried melon seed production line

  • Cooking pot use case

    Cooking pot use case

  • Practical case of hot air stove

    Practical case of hot air stove





Kaifeng Langrui Machinery Co.,Ltd is professional factory that mainly manufactures the roasting equipment and belt drier. It is the vice chairman unit of Chinese Roasted Seeds and Nuts Association and member of the Machinery Spare Parts Trade Fair of Chinese Tobacco Trade Center. For twenty years , it focus on the production and renovation of roasting equipment and belt drier·····

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