Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Photo Gallery

Welcome to the start of my Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Photo Gallery. Over time, it will contain many of the photos I’ve taken in England that I think capture evocative aspects of the Anglo-Saxon and medieval mindsets, beliefs and landscapes. Many of the photos are of local scenes and set in the area that I and generations of my family have come from – East Anglia.

The images – most notably those of Anglo-Saxon subjects – have often helped me visualize scenes in my writing. Examples of my drafting – factual and fiction – are also included in this site.

Over the coming weeks, I intend to add more photos. I hope you enjoy them and that they conjure up images and impressions of some of the souls who have preceded us. The Anglo-Saxons are always trying to catch our attention Рtapping at our toes as we walk over them in country churches and  churchyards, and whispering to us on long country walks.

A Princely Helmet, Sutton Hoo (photo by author)

Based on a historical murder mystery novel by Lindsay Jacob