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Chef Calum Franklin sifts through 400 years of recipes to create a festive miracle

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FT MagazineTim Hayward

‘There can’t be a better place or time to be reviewing restaurants than right here, right now’

These nutty, chocolatey biscuits will benefit from a quick dip in the wine. They also keep well in a jar — but only if you feel you can trust yourself

FT MagazineJancis Robinson

From champagne to sake: Moet’s Richard Geoffroy and port’s Paul Symington are moving on

Food in Myanmar’s biggest city is a blend of Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Thai influences

FT MagazineJancis Robinson

Whether you’re happy paying £12 or £2,200, here is Jancis Robinson’s choice of fantastic festive fizz 

‘A glass of suanmeitang — sour plum juice — is the traditional Chinese antidote to a throat on fire’

Bored of dry turkey and indigestible Christmas pudding? Then try something a little different this year 

FT MagazineJancis Robinson

‘Clean, fresh and bone dry with nuances of chamomile, walnuts and blue cheese’

Baker Fergus Jackson salutes the process by which micro-organisms help transform simple ingredients into something magical

FT MagazineTim Hayward

‘I would probably strangle my firstborn to eat the duck again’

Her Netflix show ‘Salt Fat Acid Heat’ is helping upend the macho hierarchy of food experts

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