Fluenz Spanish Review

Overview of Fluenz

Fluenz created a program which attempts to replicate the classroom-style environment with a tutor. They do a pretty good job at it too! The Spanish class is taught by one of the founders Sonia Gill.

It looks to me like Fluenz are trying to capitalize on the weaknesses of Rosetta Stone. After Rosetta Stone spent millions of dollars on their marketing campaigns, the most common complaint was that some users couldn’t make sense of the language.

Rosetta Stone attempts to teach in a way a child would learn, by instinct and repetition alone. So Fluenz came along and designed a program which gives a lot of explicit explanations, as a personal tutor would, in order to take advantage of the complaints of some Rosetta Stone users.


Pros of Fluenz

1. Great as a supplement to taking a Spanish class

Fluenz would probably be great for you if you want some preparation before taking a Spanish class in high school or university. It would also be of great help to help you study for that class and get an A.

2. Good for people who like personal tutoring

Sonia Gill says in one of her videos: “Our program recreates the experience of a personal tutoring session.” So Fluenz attempt to re-create personal tutoring session, but offering a cheaper price than having actual 1 on 1 personal tutoring sessions.

3. Lessons are kept interesting

I find the lessons more interesting due to the fact that you are seeing a real person in front of you mouthing the words. I prefer that to seeing objects and pictures. You also seeing words float around into the palms of the instructor, which makes it interesting and it’s aesthetically pleasing.


Cons of Fluenz

1. Expensive!

Fluenz is one of the premium priced courses! If you like the software style programs which require dedicated time set aside and your full attention, then a much cheaper alternative would be Babbel.

2. It requires your full attention and time dedicated aside

This can be a problem for some people!

If you would prefer an audio course which you can listen to while doing other things, then I’d recommend Rocket Spanish!

3. Sonia Gill is not a native Spanish speaker

The tutor of the Spanish course is a native English speaker. I wouldn’t really mind, but it can be a problem for some people, as she probably has an American accept when speaking Spanish.



Fluenz is pretty good, and I prefer it over Rosetta Stone. You can see the differences even with other customer reviews by comparing the Fluenz Amazon reviews and the Rosetta Stone Amazon reviews.

If you don’t mind the price, Fluenz can be a good choice, with high ratings!

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