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EDEX 2018 International Egypt Defence Exhibition in Cairo TV and Pictures

At EDEX 2018, the Egypt Defense Exhibition, the Arab Organization for Industrialization, an Egypt-based Arab military organization, has presented a new modernized version of the Fahd, an Egyptian-made 4x4 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) under the name of Fahd-300 which has many new improvements in terms of mobility and protection.

At EDEX 2018, the first Egypt Defense Exhibition, South Korean Company Hanwha unveils a scale model of its new BiHo II mobile air defense system based on the 8x8 wheeled chassis of the Tigon armored vehicle. The vehicle is a new concept of air defense vehicle compared to the previous version of the Biho using a single 30 or 40mm automatic cannon able to fire airburst ammunition.

The artillery, area of excellence of Nexter, was highlighted on the stand. The group is today one of the world leaders in this sector, controlling the weapon and ammunition couple, as well as a large part of fire support command and control system. A presentation of the CAESAR family (6x6 and 8x8), with 155mm ammunition and 3 FINDART stations was made on the Nexter statics. Combining power, accuracy and fire rate as well as excellent mobility, the CAESAR system has become a tool of fire superiority in modern theaters of operation, particularly in the French army.

Egypt's International Marathon United Technology Group (IMUT) is introducing two brand new armored vehicles at this first edition of EDEX defense exhibition. Besides the ST-500 4x4 amored vehicle presented yesterday is the new ST-100 MRAP vehicle. 

Star Defense Logistics & Engineering (SDLE) showcased its range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and anti-drone system at the first major defence exhibition in Egypt, the Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX). The exhibition hosted more than 300 exhibitors from around the world at the International Exhibition Center.

At EDEX 2018, Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT) is promoting the Hitrole N Mk2 12.7mm nava turret, a modern system fully controlled from a remote station via an advanced control console that allows the gunner to operate from a protected position within the ship's structure. 

Egypt's International Marathon United Technology Group (IMUT)  is introducing two brand new armored vehicles at this first edition of EDEX defense exhibition. Among them is the ST-500 4x4 amored vehicle, which has been designed for a wide range of missions.

The 122-mm howitzer D-30 (GRAU index 2A18) is a Soviet howitzer that first entered service in the 1960s. It is a robust piece that focuses on the essential features of a towed field gun suitable for all conditions. The D-30 has a maximum range of 15.4 kilometers, or over 21 km using RAP ammunition. At EDEX 2018, the Egyptians are displaying a truck-mounted version of this howitzer that can fire only toward the back of the vehicle. This vehicle was unveiled on 3 May 2016, during a firing exercise of the Egyptian armed forces.

The NESCOM Burraq unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) was developed and is built by the National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM), a civil scientific research and development organization of Pakistan, along with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). Before the Burraq was publicly unveiled for the first time, the Pakistani military reportedly conducted several strikes using this UCAV, as part of the Khyber-1 military operations in the Tirah Valley.

This Egyptian-made, field-proven, trailer-mounted, hydraulically-operated system is used for opening paths of different widths in antitank minefields. The main device consists in a rocket launcher for a high-explosive charge packed in a container. Simple, durable, reliable and rapidly operational are its qualities.

Drones and anti-drone devices flourish more and more in the defense exhibitions. Here is one, made in Egypt. This rifle can neutralize drones at more than 3 km. The coverage is directional if using the Yagi antenna, but can be omnidirectional in option. The optical tracking relies on a 4x telescope with 32mm lens.

In March 2018, The Armored Group (TAG), a leading worldwide provider of armored vehicles, introduced its newest law enforcement vehicle, the Terrier LT-79. This new vehicle developed by the TAG Research and Development Team represents a well-balanced combination of protection, off-road mobility and payload. Most importantly, it offers unparalleled tactical mobility and survivability to armored vehicle end-users worldwide, in any climate or setting.

Kader Factory for Developed Industries, part of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, is proposing a 25-seat bus to transport personnel in dangerous areas under protection of armor.

Since the beginning of the M1A1 Co-production Program, a joint venture between the governments of the United States and Egypt to produce parts and assemble tank kits for the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank (MBT), the Egyptian Defense Company Tank Plant has produced around 1,200 M1A1 Abrams main battle tank in Egypt.

Lacroix is proud to announce its participation in the 1st edition of the Egypt Defense Expo (EDEX) being held December 3rd–6th in Cairo, and is be showcasing in the French Pavilion, headed by COGES - GICAT. In line with its lasting commitment to serving the Egyptian Navy and Army, Lacroix is exhibiting its latest combined detection-reaction solution, dedicated to vehicle self-protection.

Egypt's military spokesman Tamer El-Refai said that preparations are ongoing for the Egypt Defence Expo - EDEX 2018, which will be held in Cairo from 3-5 December, 2018. In a statement, the spokesman said the fair will be held for the first time in Egypt in cooperation between the ministries of defence and military production, as well as a number of International Defense companies.

During a press conference in Cairo, December 11, 2017, it was announced that Egypt will host a major international defence exhibition in 2018, under the name of EDEX 2018 Egypt Defence EXpo, bringing together key defence and security players from the region and across the world.

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