So long and thanks for all the trains

So long and thanks for all the trains

20 December 2018

After ten years since founding Loco2, and nearly 18 months following the company’s acquisition by Oui.SNCF, the time has come for the founders to say farewell. We are incredibly proud of what we built, and so it is bittersweet as we announce our departure today.

The story of Loco2 is deeply personal for us as founders. The company was inspired by our environmental principles, our flight-free travel experiences, and our passion for open source technology.

The unique team culture that we built is both deeply special to us and also fragile. It incorporates many of the principles we learned on our long journey - trust, honesty, gentle resistance to pointless meetings, and the importance of good documentation!

As leaders we strived to remain humble, regularly working alongside our team to solve customers’ issues. We tried to run a transparent organisation where important decisions were collaborative and clearly explained, with plenty of opportunity for reflection and feedback.

When we took the difficult decision to sell Loco2 in June 2017, we went into it with open eyes

Since the sale, we’ve been part of a new phase, working alongside new colleagues. As the company continues to grow (now at a lightning pace), we’re pleased that the new management team will act as stewards for the culture we built. We hope it will remain part of Loco2’s DNA long after we have left.

For us, it’s time to recuperate and reflect. Neither of us knows what the next episode will look like, but the passion that drove us to found Loco2 - tackling climate change - is stronger than ever. From the start, we were fuelled by this passion above all else. It’s what led us to build the values-driven business that we leave today.

So what’s next for Loco2? With an expanded team and ongoing investment, there is huge potential to continue improving things for customers. Crucially by reducing the price of trains versus planes, which remains the toughest nut to crack.

There are some long-awaited, groundbreaking developments in the pipeline (including an exciting vision for UK rail that we’ve pursued for literally years!). We wish the team the greatest of success in the future, as we join the ranks of enthusiastic customers excited to learn about the latest updates.

So with this, we say so long and thanks for all the trains. To the team, our customers, and all those who supported us in this chapter of Loco2’s story - it would have been nothing without you.

Jamie Andrews and Kate Andrews

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