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Organize an MLH Localhost event to build your hacker community, help people learn the skills that they're not getting in class and engage your hackers with fun activities.

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How it Works

Learn, Build, and Share with Your Community

We've created fun, engaging hacker community activities and expert workshops that you can learn to run on your own campus to engage your hacker club, build a community, and teach valuable skills to your fellow students.

Host MLH Localhost on Your Campus

  • Register to host an activity

    Register as an MLH Localhost organizer and we will help you find the perfect workshops and activities to run on campus.

  • Train Up

    Once you've picked the workshops and activities you want to run, we will work with you so that you can become familiar with our curriculum and practice teaching the material.

  • Launch

    Now that you're comfortable with the curriculum, pick a time and place on campus to host your event. We'll provide promotional support and ship you a kit for the day of your event with swag and other materials.

  • Run MLH Localhost

    You've received your activity kit in the mail and you've trained with MLH to learn the curriculum. Now it's time to run your event and get your community hacking together.

Why Organize MLH Localhost?

MLH Localhost is for your hacker club, your hackathon, or maybe just a group of friends who wants to learn a new skill. We'll help you learn and teach the technologies that are actually used in the real world. We'll also help you build a more engaged, more connected hacker community with our fun activities.

These events can help to engage your local hacker community, build your leadership and teaching skills, and spread valuable knowledge to your fellow students.

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