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Grayshott is a village in Hampshire, England which has a varied and interesting history.

The objective of the Grayshott Village Archive is to identify records relating to the activities of Grayshott residents and organisations from the middle of the 19th Century to the present day, and to preserve them for the present and future residents and others; for interest, reflection, and study.

Friends of Grayshott Village Archive

In order to expand the aims and interests of the Archive, we have established a “Friends of Grayshott Village Archive” scheme. The primary benefit of an annual contribution will derive from the satisfaction of supporting the continued development of the Archive and its records.

In addition, it is intended there will be two open evenings a year, held at various locations, at which members would meet to review the progress of the Archive. There will be an opportunity for members to express their views and to put forward suggestions for future projects and there will also be a short lecture, given by a Guest Speaker, concerning local history.

Members with a particular interest will also have the opportunity to review, by prior arrangement, some of the original documents held by the Archive.

The scheme is open to all those interested in local history and in supporting and expanding the aims of the Archive. The annual cost is £15 for family and £10 for individual membership. Application forms are available in the Post Office and Grayshott Pottery, from the Membership Secretary or CLICK HERE to download an application form.


This website can only provide an overview of the information available with some specific examples. Although it is the intention to expand the content provided, the vast majority of information will remain offline in the various repositories. If you wish to view the content of these repositories, please e-mail one of the contacts.

If you have any records, documents or photo's from Grayshott past or the people of Grayshott past and which you wish to give to the Archive or allow us to digitally scan  please contact one of the committee members listed in the contacts area.



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