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NitroTracker is open source! - 2010-04-07
I'm very excited to announce that NitroTracker is now completely open source!

What does this mean? Well, for starters you can now have a look at the source code. More importantly, you can now help develop it! Together we can make the development of NitroTracker go faster (which would be a very good thing considering current development speed) and finally add long-awaited features I promised ages ago.

The source code is available from

Also, there's now a new central place for bug reports and feature requests: The NitroTracker issue tracker! Got a suggestion for making NitroTracker better? Just add it to the issue tracker, if it's not already there and if it's reasonable it will make its way into NitroTracker. Of course, if you can already provide a source code patch that implements your feature or bugfix this will make the decision easier :-)

Despite some minor improvements, NitroTracker is still at version 0.4. By joining forces, I'm sure we can make this 1.0 in no time! Wanna join the fun? Check out the source and start hacking! For more info on how to set up the environment, have a look at the getting started guide.

Happy hacking!
Vote for NitroTracker! - 2009-09-03
The site is running a poll to determine the top-10 DS homebrew apps / games of all time (up till now, that is). If you think NitroTracker should be on that list, vote here!

By the way, NitroTracker development is still going on. I'm working on a new user interface library for NitroTracker and Pocket Physics which will be open source and will hopefully enable easier app development. And NitroTracker will become open source as well! As always, the release date is "When it's done". Thinking about it, "Coming winter" might also be accurate :-)

See you soon!
NitroTracker v0.4 - Looping, Envelopes and More! - 2008-07-10
Finally! NitroTracker v0.4 is here!

I've been distracted a bit by the completely non-musical but quite entertaining Pocket Physics, but now I'm back on track. Pun intended.

Here's what's new:

Volume Envelopes (drawable)
Multi-Sample Instruments
Channel Mute / Solo

Lots of tiny improvements

There's hardly a part of the program that wasn't touched since the last release. I've paid a lot of attention to detail in order to make NitroTracker an easy and convenient to use, yet powerful mobile tracker. Some of these changes are:
  • wav saving
  • free ram indicator
  • sample preview
  • the file browser remembers recent folders and files
  • Hands-free recording (push B in the record dialog)
  • improved xm player
  • volume column editing
  • sample panning
  • improved left handed mode
Want to hear what it sounds like?

Some awesome tracks made with NitroTracker can be listened to on the download page.

New Tutorials

The documentation has been updated with new tutorials on editing samples and loops. You can learn how to tune your instruments and apply volume envelopes and how to hook up the DS to MIDI.

It's tested!

The NitroTracker beta testers have intensely tested this new release for months to ensure I didn't miss even a single bug. And they sure kept me busy! Thanks a lot you guys! If you want to join the fun, just drop me an e-mail!

Opening of the Official NitroTracker Forum and IRC

Today, the official NitroTracker Forum kindly hosted by the Mod Archive opens! No matter if you have questions, want to share your work, suggest new features or report bugs, this is the place.

Also, NitroTracker now has it's own IRC channel! If you're up for a chat, just join #nitrotracker on Espernet!

Reminder: NitroTracker Mailing List

Yes, there's a mailing list where new releases of NitroTracker are announced. You can sign up here.

I'm very happy with this new release that I've been working on for a long time now. To put it in Steve Jobs' terms:

v0.4 is the best NitroTracker in the world - ever!

Up till now, I must add.

Have fun!
NitroTracker v0.3 - Now with MIDI! - 2007-01-05
Update 2: Added compatibility with the Max Media Dock / Player. Thanks to Zdm321 for testing!

Update: I fixed some issues with SuperCard Lite and added compatibility for NinjaDS. People with these cards should re-download v0.3.

I know I've let you wait for a long time, but as you probably know I was busy with DSMIDIWiFi for a bit. Well, I'm finally back to work on my favorite tracker and I'm glad to announce that I managed to invent the aerosol before the wheel by including MIDI support before implementing any effects :-)

Here's what it looks like:

With DSMIDIWiFi, you can now use NitroTracker as a sequencer for your favorite music apps. Also, NitroTracker can act as a MIDI synth itself, so you can use any MIDI sequencer to play back samples you record with the DS's microphone in real time!

I also gave the interface and usability some polish and improved card compatibility. NitroTracker now supports DLDI, which means that you can easily add support for your card if it doesn't work out of the box.

Here's the list of changes:

  • DSMIDIWiFi support
  • The song restart position can now be set.
  • WAV preview in the file selector
  • Pause/Resume
  • Pattern looping
  • Reboot DS (press Start+Select)

  • Some nice icons :-)
  • Shrinking the pattern cannot destroy data any more. If you accidentally make a pattern too small, you can just enlarge it again and your data is still there.
  • Speed can now be adjusted while playing.
  • The pattern can be switched while playing.
  • Newer touch code => Better touchscreen accuracy
  • The "clr" button is now on both screens.
  • Lines between all rows for better orientation
  • Red border when in record mode => Record mode is more obvious
  • An application icon

  • Relnote/finetune calculation for wavs works again.
  • 8bit wavs are now loaded correctly without corruption.
  • Stereo samples are now downsampled to mono.
  • Better card support through new fatlib and DLDI
  • An EZ4 Lite version is included (.ds.gba)
  • Fading no longer causes corruption on longer samples.
  • "ins" is now 100% stable.
  • Moved to devkitPro r19b.

Don't worry effects and everything will come, just be patient :-)

Questions, suggestions, bug reports via the usual places.

Track on!
NitroTracker 0.2 with Sample Editor - 2006-07-04
Hi everyone!

Finally, here's a new (major) version of NitroTracker featuring a sample editor for editing recorded/loaded samples with the stylus.

Also you can now adjust volume, relative note and finetune.

Here's what changed in detail:

  • sample settings:
    • volume
    • relative note
    • finetune
  • a basic sample editor that has:
    • selection with stylus
    • fading
    • reverse
    • delete
    • normalize
  • loading of wavs with low sampling frequencies works now
  • lesser memory usage while loading
  • better sample drawing code

I don't want to promise too much, but my (short-term) plans include:
  • Sample looping (all types)
  • A recording timer
  • Sample drawing

As always, if you have suggestions or comments, drop me a line to me@<thisdomain> or use the wiki or the gbadev-forum.

So long, and have fun!