Current features

  • Composing with the stylus using an on-screen keyboard
  • Selecting, copying and pasting with the stylus
  • Loading and saving XM modules (sorry, no effects yet)
  • Loading and saving WAV samples (any sampling rate, 8 or 16 bit)
  • Recording samples with the DS's built-in microphone!
  • Editing samples (cut, fade, reverse, ...)
  • Forward and ping-pong loops
  • Volume envelopes for instruments
  • Multiple samples per instrument that can be mapped to keyboard keys
  • MIDI integration via DSMI
  • 16 hardware channels
  • Standby mode when the DS is closed
  • Support for nearly all DS card adapters

Planned features

  • Full XM feature spectrum including effects
  • Other formats (definitely MOD, perhaps IT, S3M)
  • Sample postprocessing (echo,filtering etc.)
  • Original Game Boy sound