DTF type variable vane...

SDS-type tunnel jet fans
HTFC fire ventilation dual tank...
HTFC-D-type tank centrifugal fan
HTF fire temperature exhaust fan
SCF-type fire ventilation...
HL3-2A Francis type turbine
DZ low noise axial fan
RTF Centrifugal roof fan
YDF-B-type inducing fan
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ZHEJIANG HAOLONG FAN CO.,LTD.(Shangyu prosperity HVAC Equipment Factory) is located in Dongguan is located in the hometown of Impact on State Road 104 G15 three high-speed, accessibility, two kilometers away from the Shangyu North Station, geographic location, in Shangyu regional transportation Center. Is a professional research, design, manufacture fan, exhaust valves, fire dampers, muffler, HIP me and other HVAC equipment industry is the backbone of the enterprise. The factory was founded in 1990, has over ten years of ventilation equipment design, manufacturing experience, through continuous efforts, through continuous research and development, has successfully broadened the range of products, now is the ventilation equipment manufacturers with a certain scale. Specializing in the production bending forward (after the bend) low noise cabinet centrifugal fan, low-noise wind chassis, duct fans, fire temperature exhaust fan, mixing (oblique) fans, axial fans (ordinary type, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, fire-type ), square wall fans, axial roof fan (ordinary type, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, fire-type), centrifugal roof fan (ordinary type, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, all-aluminum), induced fan, jet fans subway fan, fan support (cooling fan, textile fan, distribution cabinet fans), air defense fans, centrifugal fans (low, medium-pressure, high pressure, corrosion, explosion proof), ventilation, control valve, fire valves, exhaust valves, muffler and other ventilation equipment. Since 1998 products through Shangyu, Zhejiang and Technical Supervision and Technical Supervision sampling, fire protection products since 2001 through the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the company has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification and fan product license certification....[More]
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