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in Presentation Services to make the most of every event effort!


“Supercharge your Event”

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Interactive Marketing

Second to None!

Attract, Involve & Impress your audience like never before with a brand marketing tool uniquely suited to create an immersive experience that will be remembered long after the event.

Interactive Public Display Systems:

  • Floor & Wall Systems
  • Interpersonal Advertising
  • Event Sponsorships
  • Retail Displays and Events
  • Nightclubs
  • Weddings, Graduations
  • Sports Events
  • Entertainment
  • Education

Interactivity provides a powerful advantage for event organizers, exhibitors and retailers that is unrivaled when it comes to marketing effectiveness, raising audience retention and enhancing your brand experience. Pure displays don’t do that. Get your audience involved in your product. Let them experience fun and interest in what you provide. We have the prefect blend of graphic arts, production services and powerful IntermagicTM to turn them on.

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