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Deepen the Reader’s Connection to Your Character – by Laura Drake

Tweet Yes, RU is on hiatus but because of a lapse in communication on my part, I’m posting this column on creating empathetic characters (with excellent examples) written by author and RU contributor Laura Drake.  […]

You Love ‘Em, You Hate ‘Em – by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

TweetStop eyeing the Halloween candy and check out today’s post with RU Contributor Laurie Schnebly Campbell.  What are you supposed to do when someone you generally get along with, like or even love does something […]

The Promise of the First Chapter – #Writing with Chris Eboch @Kris_Bock

Tweet Happy Friday! We’ve got another winning post by RU contributor and author Chris Eboch. You’ll hear it over and over again: opening lines are important. You want to hook the reader, but it’s not […]

Author LynDee Walker Talks Dialogue

We haven’t had a post on dialogue in a while, so I’m sharing an old post from 2013 written by author LynDee Walker.  Stilted dialogue. If you read publishing industry blogs written by anyone who’s […]

Plotting a Novel When You Haven’t Figured Out the Details Yet – by Janice Hardy

TweetWhen I saw the title of today’s post by Janice Hardy, I said to myself “I think this is true for most writers.” Janice shares insightful  plotting advice and as always, great examples.  I’ve been […]

Sometimes It’s Okay to Walk Away – by Pippa Roscoe

TweetWriting is instinctual, and you know when something isn’t write with your ms, you’ll  try to fix it. But what if it can’t be fixed? Author Pippa Roscoe shares her insight on abandoning her manuscript. […]

When to Leave Out the ‘That’ by Kathy Servian

TweetThere’s a good chance you’ll do a word search in your ms for the word ‘that’ after reading today’s post by author Kathy Servian.  Welcome back to RU, Kathy. That is a word that has recently […]

Characters in Conflict: #Writing Advice from Kris Bock

Tweet RU Contributor Kris Bock is back with another post you’ll want to bookmark.  In a romance, the romantic relationship is of course key. But it’s not enough to simply have two characters falling in […]

Are There Really Rules for Writing Romance? by Kate Walker

Tweet Do the rules of romance help or hinder? Multi-published author Kate Walker addresses this long-held belief system and why the rules don’t always apply.  Everyone has heard of the ‘formula’ that editors demand an author follows […]

Nail That First Line! by Laura Drake

TweetHow many times have you rewritten the first line of your manuscript? Ten, maybe twenty times? Author Laura Drake returns with a different perspective on tackling that troublesome first line. Stephen King had something to say […]