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Building Blocks of Fiction: SEQUELS

Ciao, everybody. I hope you caught this week’s earlier posts. On Monday, we discussed scenes, or discrete building blocks in a novel. On Wednesday, we discussed a proactive segment of story called a SCENE. SCENES […]

Building Blocks of Fiction: SCENES

Ciao, everyone! Here we are with part two of the building blocks posts. Last time, we talked about scenes (lowercase). Today, we’re going to discuss SCENES (uppercase). And yes, there is a difference. If you […]

Building Blocks of Fiction

Ciao, everybody. Staci here. It’s my week again. I haven’t had a chance to line up any guest posts, so I started thinking about what comes in threes that I could write about with respect […]

My Sister from Another Mister? (Your Ideal Reader)

If you write romance, you probably already know a general formula for crafting a story that will do the genre proud. And I mean a bit more than the “boy meets girl/boy loses girl/boy gets […]

Writing Integrated Love Scenes, by Ask An Editor Theresa Stevens

TweetHere’s my final pick for our “Best of…” month. If you’re wondering what editors have to say about intimacy in your story, look no further.  Good morning! Today, we’re sharing a post from one of […]

Keeping the Bedroom Door Closed – by Rayne Hall

TweetContinuing our “Best of…” posts, here’s a good one that I like to refer to as “food for thought” because, well, you’ll see in a moment. 😉 RU Contributor Rayne Hall is back with a […]

Demystifying Sexual Intimacy with Kamy Chetty

August is our “Best of…” month, and we’re rerunning some of our favorite content. Today, let’s review intimacy… Help me welcome Kamy Chetty – what a beautiful name! – to Romance University. Kamy tells us […]

10 Tips for Pitching Your Book by Oliver Rhodes

This post was so good the first time, we’re running it again for our Flashback Friday post. Check out these great tips by Oliver Rhodes on pitching your book!  Writing the most amazing story is simply not […]

Research: How Deep Do You Go? by Mae Clair

I’m excited to have today’s guest blogger with us. She’s a talented author, an excellent critique partner, and a dear friend. She really dives into her research, and she tackles the most interesting subjects! I […]

The Face-to-Face Approach

Ciao, everybody. Today I thought we’d talk a little bit about building our platforms. By now, we’ve all heard the four principles for doing so: Owning a self-hosted website. Building an email list. Developing/increasing our […]