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Lxs Huerfanos/Putos/Crios
deep sex other
Pogrom-Pony Performance Rhizome
Mysteries of the Fou-Tchou-Li Clam Children
Damaging Developing Fetuses and Children in Ways That Are Just Beginning to Be Understood
black circle group
no hope seed bank
Claywood Schrard
The Elvis of documentary film
Church of Food
The FuxSux Movement
architexture iii
3rd World Planet
Ten Thousand Manifestos   text-based brains
Polypraxes Philosophy Corps
Osama Bin-Laden Fellowship

groupself is a loose collaboration of mass speculation, a conceptual nomadic collectivity, a mystic pyramid scheme whose members form infinite rhizomatic tentacles of recombination-organelles. the architectural dna of the group spans through inter-media cannibal rituals and backwards, to otherwise illiterate critical theory chapbook encyclopaedias, transcending the space-time boundaries of our humble reality spheres. we disseminate wide ecologies and pedagogical possibilities onto the burgeoning cartographies of truth-scapes and their associated milieus; we are both recursively faery-tale and always-already epilogue to our own anti-narratives. we are an integrated animal that develops, evolves, dies, rebirths, mutates, grows, regresses, progresses, and have collaborates with the "self" (inner outer) to become a nexus of cells, open arteries, and entangling alliances. we hope eventually to emancipate the body in order to enslave it once again. dogma: groupself is against the representation of finalized projects, and presents only plans and prefigured designs of its collective works.
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