Damian Jacob M. Sendler is an award-winning Polish-American clinician sexologist, the scholar of forensic and legal medicine, the scientist trained in digital epidemiology, and the media health expert personality. At Felnett Health Research Foundation, he serves as chief of the division of clinical research and is director of the European program on studying sexual minorities and health policy.

Dr. Sendler is the founding principal investigator of the laboratory of forensic sexology, legal medicine, and digital ethnography, which is the research unit responsible for making scientific discoveries in psychology, psychiatry, and public health. In addition, he serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Leadership Psychology Magazine, published by Taublum Media and Thrive Global, which conducts interviews with celebrity personalities from the worlds of business, science, medicine, art, and politics.

Dr. Sendler’s clinical expertise and research are regularly featured in world's most reputable public media, including television, lifestyle magazines, print newspapers, and radio. Dr. Sendler is particularly known for investing time in educating the public about safe sexual practices; his signature sex education interview series, which appear in leading digital and print platforms, have been read by millions of people.

Now you can listen to Dr. Sendler speak about sexology and the law on the radio: