Another year, another round (in more ways than one)! Time to submit your nomination for the hottest bartender in Missoula.

In 2014, we brought you our picks of the best drink servers this town had to offer, and this year we are back to showcase even more of the smoking hot servers with YOUR input!

Everyone in Missoula has been to a local establishment with a hot bartender, and we all know exactly what it feels like to stand in front of one and ask for a drink. So looking at these pictures you can actually imagine what it would be like to meet these guys and girls and try to impress them with how coolly you can order a drink. Some of these bartenders are still slinging drinks today, so if you'd still like to nominate them for this year's go-around, feel free.

All we ask is that you adhere to the following requirements:

  • This person (or persons) had to be employed as a bartender in 2014
  • He or she must be working within the city limits of Missoula
  • He or she won't mind if we snag a photo of them either on their Facebook, or in person in the weeks ahead

Deadline is Monday, January 26th. Submit your nomination in the form below.