About Our Founder

Cristina Scarpellini

Organization Summary:

Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking strives to work alongside those who have been affected by human trafficking or those who have experienced violence, abuse, or assault within the sex trade industry. Angels of Hope (AOH) will utilize the Person-Centered Approach when supporting victims of human trafficking with the restoration of their dignity, their freedom and their wellbeing through distinctive, coordinated, comprehensive and immediate victim services. AOH will act as the client’s primary case management worker, who will provide a variety of supports for victims and their loved ones. AOH will operate with flexible hours of operation for individuals who identify themselves as a human trafficking victim. Families of human trafficking victims in need of assistance will also have access to these services. AOH services are offered in a safe, secure and confidential environment. Services will include workshops, counselling services including ADAT assessment; peer support, basic needs, support groups, training, public speaking, presentations and outside referrals to the appropriate agencies.

AOH was founded in November 2015 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, by Cristina Scarpellini, a certified addictions counsellor with real life  experience in mental health and addictions.

Cristina was in active addiction for many years using drugs as a substitute for mental health treatment. When Cristina recovered she sought to transform her experience into something positive. Cristina acknowledged the role family, friends and her support system played in her recovery.

While not everyone is as fortunate to have the support system she had, Cristina made it her mission to try and recreate that support system for other people. Cristina returned to school and obtained a diploma in Mental Health and Addictions.

Today she is a Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor and registered with the CACCF. She is trained in suicide intervention and prevention, mental health first aid, ADAT assessment, tobacco cessation, gambling addiction, concurrent disorder, twelve core components of mental health and addiction, sensitivity training pertaining to sex trafficking and extensive training in human trafficking and training in sex work.

When she started working in the field, she quickly realized there was a gap in the service system for victims of sex trafficking and sex workers who choose to exit the sex trade. She decided to take training in human trafficking and started an organization called Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking (AOH). This organization operates out of the City of Greater Sudbury, and has been a registered incorporated charity since September 2016.