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At (AOH) we strive to walk hand in hand with survivors of human trafficking and women, girls, men, boys and LGBTQ who want to exit the sex trade, guiding them along their road to recovery.


The vision of Angels of Hope is supporting survivors and their loved ones in becoming experts in their own healing.


  • Respect
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Inclusion


Organization Summary



What we do, support offered, objectives, keys to success
Organization Summary:

Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking strives to work alongside those who have been affected by human trafficking or those who have experienced violence, abuse, or assault within the sex trade industry. Angels of Hope (AOH) will utilize the Person-Centered Approach when supporting victims of human trafficking with the restoration of their dignity, their freedom and their wellbeing through distinctive, coordinated, comprehensive and immediate victim services. AOH will act as the client’s primary case management worker, who will provide a variety of supports for victims and their loved ones. AOH will operate with flexible hours of operation for individuals who identify themselves as a human trafficking victim. Families of human trafficking victims in need of assistance will also have access to these services. AOH services are offered in a safe, secure and confidential environment. Services will include workshops, counselling services including ADAT assessment; peer support, basic needs, support groups, training, public speaking, presentations and outside referrals to the appropriate agencies.


Angels of Hope acts as victims’ primary case management worker. The client will be assigned a primary worker who will support them throughout the road to recovery.

The client will have access to their worker on a daily basis. During this time, AOH will assess the client’s immediate needs, create a circle of care, and walk with her/him to aid in achieving personal goals and healing. This may include referrals to other agencies, finding shelter and/or appropriate accommodations, acting as her/his support system as well as case management.

AOH will provide guidance, education and support groups for loved ones and victims who request any of our services offered.

AOH offers peer support to those clients who utilize this organization. Peer support includes services that can be offered through relationships that are respectful, allowing the sharing of and learning from other experiences. Clients of AOH have the option to pair up with a peer support worker (this can be another individual who has also been a victim of human trafficking or who has experience with sex work), on a daily basis or when they feel they need them. The peer support worker acts as a mentor, a friend, and will help guide them on their journey to healing. The peer support worker plays a vital role in a client’s recovery.


When dealing with mental health and addiction issues, clients can receive immediate Admission, Discharge, and Assessment Tools (ADAT) for a referral to a residential treatment centre, if they so choose. The appropriate services can and will be utilized upon entering AOH. Appropriate action will be taken if a Methadone Suboxone doctor is required, especially if a Methadone Maintenance Treatment plan is promptly needed.

AOH will also offer counselling services related to mental health and addictions as well as trauma.

Victims and loved ones will have access to an AOH worker who can provide guidance and education. They will also be able to participate in support groups and workshops with other victims and loved ones.

During operating hours, AOH will offer creative healing workshops for clients and families. These workshops will vary in content, and will be held on a monthly basis. Workshops offered will include: self-esteem workshops, art therapy, life skills building, cooking classes, animal therapy, and many more.

Community-based service support will be available for those who seek it. When working with a client, peer support workers and/or counsellors will utilize appropriate outside agencies that will benefit the client. This will consist of a worker assessing a client’s immediate needs and making the proper referrals.


AOH strives to meet clients’ individual objectives. Along with establishing goals for the overall organization, the main priority is to assist the client. For this to happen, those who work within the organization will:


• Provide ongoing support;
• Establish and utilize appropriate outside resources;
• To the best of their ability, provide what the client needs;
• Provide counselling services;
• Provide a safe and secure environment for those who utilize the organization;
• Promote and encourage social inclusion;
• Walk alongside the victim to help them through their healing journey.

Keys to Success:angels of hope sudbury

• Establish rapport with clients and those who utilize the organization
• Provide a safe and secure environment within the organization
• Understand and meet the needs of diverse clientele; cultural competency
• Be empathetic and respectful of every individual
• Maintain strict confidentiality
• Operate on a morally and ethically sound foundation
• Be knowledgeable with content and information
• Understand and utilize known, appropriate resources
• Create a client care plan which is appropriate for the individual
• Attend workshops, seminars and training

Diversity and Cultural Competency

At Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking, we have developed a culturally sensitive approach to our work, which has enabled us to serve a diverse population. Angels of Hope has tailored its services to reflect the unique beliefs and cultures of this country. If requested, Angels of Hope is happy to offer services with a specialized counsellor with relevant lived cultural experience.

Angels of Hope is an ally of, and fully supports, the LGTBQ community.

Angels of Hope operates a center that is open to all victims of human trafficking requiring assistance exiting the sex trade as per their request. The client will be assigned a peer support worker, who may act as their primary caseworker. The primary worker assigned can help case manage to ensure that individuals are connected to the appropriate resources of their choice. Angels of Hope offers Indigenous healing, as well as First Nation peer support workers and caseworkers. AOH will coordinate with outside resources and agencies should it be necessary in order to meet clients’ requests or needs. The outside resources would include, but are not limited to, safety shelters, The Ministry of Community and Social Services, in the case of minors seeking assistance, The Children’s Aid Society, free legal clinics, and Northern Affairs Canada for individuals who are First Nations, Indigenous identified and Métis.

Angels of Hope recognizes that the personal, familial, spiritual and social needs vary within our diverse communities; therefore, we will support and help case manage to ensure that individuals are connected to relevant outside services. Angels of Hope offers its services in a non-judgmental environment; without barriers, with compassion and with empathy. Our case workers will utilize the core competencies within the developmental services sector in combination with the Person-Centered Approach as part of their treatment strategies. Individuals living with disabilities and developmental needs, Indigenous, and immigrants are vulnerable groups to human trafficking. Many victims of human trafficking are stripped of their freedoms of choice, movement, language, ability to communicate and identity, Angels of Hope will utilize the core competencies and Person-Centered Approach in such a way that each individual will contribute towards, and have control of, their course of treatment. Using these methods, we will help victims regain a sense of empowerment, and regain their independence.

The Core Competencies identified for the developmental services sector include but are not limited to:
1. Advocating for Others
2. Collaboration
3. Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
4. Developing Others
5. Fostering Independence in Others
6. Holding People Accountable
7. Initiative
8. Interpersonal Relations & Respect
9. Leading Others
10. Managing Change
11. Relationship/Network Building
12. Resilience
13. Resource Management
14. Self-Development
15. Strategic Thinking

If desired, First Nation’s clients can receive counselling with an Elder on a bi-weekly basis. Meetings will be scheduled on a basis that works with both the Elder and the client. Along with counselling with an Elder, individual or group counselling can be provided in another setting or outlying community.

AOH respects the First Nations’ holistic approach to recovery as well as the focus on traditional healing. AOH promotes and encourages this healing practice, and holds workshops with its members focused on First Nation teachings and healing methods. Along with the holistic approach, Angels of Hope can provide smudges, Drumming and Sharing Circles, 7 Grandfather Teachings and 13 Grandmother Teachings if clients wish to participate. If requested, sweat lodges can be set up within the organization, or clients can be referred to other resources or organizations that offer this method of healing. If there are any other resources or methods a First Nations client wishes to utilize, Angels of Hope will do its best to provide it for them.

Angels of Hope understands human trafficking involves all types of individuals and cultures. Counselling will also be provided for victims’ families. As many parents of victims of human trafficking feel alone and ostracized from family, friends and their communities, Angels of Hope will offer parent support groups. The parent supports groups will provide a safe and non-judgmental venue where other like parents can freely discuss their worries, their concerns and their fears. No one should have to journey alone. Angels of Hope strives to walk alongside clients and their families in their healing journey.

** All of (AOH) services are offered in French **