Michel Thomas Method Spanish Review

The Michel Thomas Method is a 12 hour audio course. The way this course is pitched is that there is no homework, no memorizing and no pressure on the student.

Michel Thomas believes that learning occurs when the student is completely relaxed. The student should relax fully and suggests they don’t “try” to memorize and learn.

Michel’s motto is: “The responsibility for teaching lies on the teacher”

Michel Thomas Overview

The audio courses contains audio of 12 lessons of 1 hour each. The audio is of Michel Thomas teaching 2 students a new language. As the listener, you are the 3rd student. The course is interactive, as Michel will ask questions throughout the course, which you are expected to answer.


Pros of the Michel Thomas Method

1. Perfect for individuals who lack confidence in their ability to learn a new language.

Michel appears to have a superpower in giving his students a lot of confidence in their ability to learn a new language. This makes it a perfect choice for people who lack confidence in their ability to learn a new language.

He dissects the new language and makes it feel simple and easy to learn!

2. It’s a 100% audio course

In today’s busy world, the majority of people would claim that there have no free time! This course is great for those people, as like other audio course, you can listen to it while doing other tasks, such as working out in the gym, cooking, walking your dog etc

3. Very highly reviewed course!

You can see on Amazon that this course gets great reviews! So you can know you’ll be happy with the course if you do decide to purchase it.

Click here for Amazon reviews.


Cons of the Michel Thomas method

1. Michel is not a native speaker in the languages he teaches

Michel is a native English speaker. Some people may find that a problem.

If you want to listen to a native Spanish speaker, a great alternative would be Rocket Spanish. Their interactive audio course has 2 teachers, one who is a native English speaker, Amy, who explains the grammar and the meaning of the passages in the course, and a native Spanish speaker, Mauricio, who only speaks Spanish during the audio course.

2. It’s quite short, so you don’t get close to a fluent level

The course is only 12 hours. There is only a limited amount of a new language which you can learn, so don’t expect to be fluent in the new language after going through the Michel Thomas method.

If you like the audio course format, then I can again recommend Rocket as a next step, as they have many many more hours of audio content for you to learn from!

3. It’s an audio only course

While this can be an advantage, this can also be a disadvantage. You won’t improve as much in reading ability. In addition, some people just prefer to set time aside to give full focus to a task such as learning the language. If you are one of those people, then I’d recommend Babbel for you as an alternative!



I really liked the Michel Thomas method, as I would consider myself an auditory learner. It is a great course as a first step to learning a new language, especially as he’ll give you a lot of confidence for your journey. As it’s quite a short course, I would also recommend following it up with Rocket Spanish, and then you will probably be ready to practice by speaking with other Spanish speakers!

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