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eCommerce Digital Agency Sydney | Elephant Room
eCommerce Digital Agency Sydney | Elephant Room eCommerce Digital Agency Sydney | Elephant Room


We build online presences, eCommerce stores, and systems that connect your business to new audiences and opportunities.

eCommerce by Shopify


Only settle for the best.

As Shopify Experts, we have created countless eCommerce websites over the years for much loved brands such as Lipton and Venroy. Our team of expert designers, content writers, and developers handcraft online experiences for your customers that leave a lasting impact, and have them coming back for more.

Design. Build. Test. Deploy.

Mobile user experience lacking (or non-existent)? Looking for a smarter way of scaling and streamlining your operation? Whether you need a redesign to keep up with the times, or are transforming the way you manage your business with more robust systems, we can show you the way to higher converting and more powerful eCommerce, powered by Shopify.

Migrate from Magento or another platform.

Bad breakup? We know the pain. Many of our clients were in the same sinking boat. From insane ongoing costs to frustrating bugs that leave customers scratching their heads, we know what it’s like to feel trapped. Retain your customer accounts and existing order data, and let us guide you on the journey to Shopify for an easier nights sleep.

Website Design & Development


Make your presence felt.

Your website is the face of your business, and the first line in the dialogue with your audience. Work with our team of expert designers, content writers, and developers to ensure the essence of your business is captured and being communicated loudly and clearly (and looks good while doing it).

Get your foot out of your mouth.

Clients of Elephant Room used to experience a common problem - the quality and calibre of their product or service wasn’t being reflected effectively online. Competitors were getting all the attention and winning customers with an inferior offering. Through intuitive artistic direction, meticulous user experience (UX) design, and considered content writing, we help businesses dominate their competitors and make their story heard.

Convert users to customers.

From the first date to wedding bells, your online presence is a constant reminder of why you and a customer should be together, and just looking pretty isn’t going to be enough. We work with our clients to craft the perfect user journey online, from discovery, to consideration, to decision. Let us draw the map for your business online, and make sure your website is guiding your customer every step of the way to conversion.

Systems Integration


Problem solving through technology.

The world is moving fast, and businesses must leverage the latest technologies and practices to stay ahead of the curve. We understand that nothing operates in a silo, and have helped clients architect interconnected workflows through the integration of several technology suites into one system.


Ditch the Rolodex and burn the paper and pencil. We work with leading technology providers to build and seamlessly integrate their software to meet the demands of your business. We understand every client is different and faces unique challenges. Discover a smarter way of doing things.

Branding & Design


First impressions count.

Your business’ branding and identity communicates with your audience on the emotional, personal level. Our team of designers have helped our clients strike the right chord and leave a lasting impression, through collaborative logo design, brand identity development, and branding guideline development.

Online or offline, we’ve got you covered.

We don’t only dabble in website design. Elephant Room’s talented creatives have also helped produce everything from videos, product shoots, brochures, and more for our clients. A versatile business communicates with their audience no matter the medium. After all, there’s just something special and impactful when it’s done the right way, especially print material if it has subtle off-white colouring, a tasteful thickness, and a watermark.
eCommerce Digital Agency Sydney | Elephant Room


We help grow businesses by putting their best foot forward with the right messaging, in the right place, at the right time through proven strategies

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Incremental improvements in Conversion Rate - tectonic shifts your business.

You’ve got a comprehensive marketing strategy firing on all cylinders. You’re spending a little bit more than you’re comfortable with on advertising. You can see the traffic to your website pour in, but business isn’t picking up anywhere near what you expected it to be - what gives? Your website’s conversion rate may be suffering due to poor design and user experience, and people don’t like what they see. When it comes to conversion rates, every tiny bit matters. Elephant Room has seen it all, and most importantly we know what your customers want. The work required to improve a website’s conversion rate from 2% to 4% may not require a major overhaul of better user experience and design, but a 100% increase in sales can make or break a business.

An Art and a Science - increasing efficiencies across the board.

It’s important to have the highest converting website possible in order to realise the greatest value that marketing can bring. The formula is simple. If your conversion rate improves by 30%, marketing becomes 30% more effective and revenue grows by 30% for the same amount of effort and budget. Sometimes the difference comes down to small ripples that create big waves - from tweaks in messaging to UX design changes. To glean these insights, our analytics team takes careful analysis of event data, A/B testing, and research, to help you understand your users better and maximise your conversion rate.

Email Marketing and Automation


Keep the conversation going.

The modern love letter, email marketing is one of the best converting and most engaging forms of communication available to businesses. We’ve all received spam, and we all hate it. There’s a right way and a wrong way to email marketing, and we can help you find the right balance. With witty content writing, amazing design, and relevant content, our team of creative marketers will keep a smile on your customers face whenever they hear from you.

Nature vs. nurture, why leave it to chance?

Build once, use many - when it comes to email automation let the software and smarts do the work for you. Elephant Room has worked with countless clients to create compelling automated email nurture campaigns. Your customers need to be well-informed on your service or product to make the right decision. Through email automation, we make sure that questions are answered before they are asked.

Search Engine Optimisation


A longer-term strategy that pays dividends.

While online advertising plays a crucial role in any online marketing strategy, it should not be the singular source of traffic to your business. As we know, traffic from online advertising is not free, and you have paid for the privilege of engaging with those that find you through this channel. This is where a robust Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy plays an important role in the long-term health of a business online.

Consistency is key.

Using SEO strategies, we’ve increased the organic traffic for our clients and drastically lowered their costs for acquiring new customers. Unlike paid advertising, SEO does not provide instant gratification and requires a longer time period to realise the benefits of. However, over time it has represented one of the highest ROI marketing strategies for our clients. The key to SEO is discipline - making sure that the right strategies are reliably and consistently implemented.

Online Advertising


Results-driven advertising campaigns, no smoke and mirrors.

Done correctly, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to grow a business. Combined with engaging content and effective targeting, PPC is a powerful tool to get in front of audiences new and old and drive the conversation to conversion. At Elephant Room, the words “assume” and “gut feel” are banned. Through continual analysis of the results and data, as well as experimentation and testing, we are always discovering new and better ways to make your advertising budget go further.

Google AdWords

Google is the undisputed king of search engines, and represents one of the greatest potential channels for your audience to find you. Our AdWords campaigns are designed to deliver the greatest ROI through careful planning and research, and continuous improvement.

Google Shopping

For eCommerce businesses, Google Shopping provides a direct line to a potential customer. Make sure the customer finds you and your products first, and grow your sales online.

Bing Ads

Being the second largest search engine in the world, Microsoft’s Bing offers a compelling and complimentary channel for PPC. With Bing Ads being less competitive, combining both platforms into your PPC strategy will result in a better ROI.

Facebook / Instagram Marketing and Retargeting

The ubiquity of Facebook and Instagram is unquestionable. You need to be where your customers are. Through sophisticated targeting and remarketing, Elephant Room helps you strike the right chord with your customers with innovative creative campaigns.

LinkedIn Marketing

Sometimes you need to make sure your message is being delivered with surgical precision to the exact audience you’re targeting. LinkedIn offers a much deeper level of refinement when it comes to audiences, with the ability to define by seniority, job title, industry, and much more.


We translate complex technologies into an easy to use format, and help you identify and manage the small steps that make big changes to your business.

Performance Reporting & Analysis


Pierce through the fog of war and plan your next move.

We make reporting simple and straightforward to understand and follow. Elephant Room firmly believes that data must sit at the base of every important decision, and being without it is the same as flying blind. Elephant Room provides clear and transparent reporting on the key metrics of your business, so you can accurately evaluate the performance and ensure your business is headed in the right direction.

Listen to what the data is telling you.

Simply reporting on the performance and results is not enough - there are deeper insights to be gleaned that can be used to refine and validate the wider strategy. Elephant Room understands this, and goes the extra mile to sit down with each of our clients to properly understand the implications and lessons, good or bad, that can be found in the data.

Behaviour Tracking & Analysis


Understand your customer’s needs and wants.

Event Tracking, Heat Mapping, User Flow Mapping, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Average Order Value Optimisation… don’t be intimidated, these activities hold the key to unlocking the next level of your business. Through structured, incremental improvements made across the board due to the small insights and tweaks that behavioural tracking and analysis teases out.

The devil is in the detail - reaching the whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

To borrow a core tenet of “The Kaizen Way”, greatness is not achieved through short-lived and unstructured sprints, rather lasting change is made through small, and steady steps. This is the same principle with which Elephant Room approaches tracking and analysing user behaviour. Whether it’s redesigning elements on the homepage, the inclusion of more information on a product page, or rethinking the checkout experience, consistent and small improvements grounded in the insights gained from analysing the user’s experience and behaviour on your website will take your business to the next level.

Development, Creative, & Web Support


Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you want to stay on top of your game, you have to constantly be growing and improving, and your online presence is no exception. Elephant Room’s dedicated and experienced development and design team works closely with our client’s teams to ensure that the latest practices, systems, and functionality are being properly leveraged to ensure that you’re ahead of the competition.

They may sit at our desk, but they are your dedicated team.

Our ad-hoc rate card and retainers are designed to be flexible, with the ability for the client to pick and choose what type of work they want built, and the specific resource type from Elephant Room they wish to use.

With Elephant Room, you have access to a wide range of multi-disciplinary skills and specialisations, from graphic design, photo and video editing, website development, custom integration work, and much more. This provides endless possibilities for the client to commission Elephant Room to build items such as landing pages, new content and page creation, graphic visualisations, articles and whitepapers, rich content in the form of videos and photos, and more.

Our Recent Work

The Quick Flick

77% increase in Conversion Rate, just in time for Shark Tank win

We knew we had to move quickly when we started work with The Quick Flick. With only a month before the airing of the episode on National TV, there was no time to waste. The Elephant Room team worked with The Quick Flick team and analysed their performance and weaknesses. Once we had identified the areas that required attention we immediately began making changes to their Shopify website.

What resulted was special, working together Elephant Room was able to lift The Quick Flick’s already high conversion rate by a further 77% in the space of one month and with further improvements to be made on increasing Average Cart Size and the experience, we expect to see revenue lift even more aggressively.

What Elephant Room provides The Quick Flick:

  • Creative and design production, Elephant Room redesigned The Quick Flick’s logo in time for their successful Shark Tank episode
  • Website Development Retainer, constant improvements and coding of additional functionality that scales with the pace of the business
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation, tying in with the Website Development Retainer, using analytics and customer behaviour tracking to identify areas of improvement in order to increase conversion rate online
  • Behaviour Tracking and Analysis, leaning on tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, gaining a deeper understanding and drawing actionable insights from interactions on the website

Holloway Storage & Removals

Standing head and shoulders above in a fierce industry

From humble beginnings with Andy Holloway starting out by himself with one van, to now growing to a fleet of trucks, staff, and warehouses with a national reach, Holloway Storage and Removals have been consistently staying ahead of the game and keep their edge razor sharp in a fiercely competitive landscape.

In order to maintain this edge, Holloway knew that their online presence, internal systems, and lead generation campaigns had to be at the top of the game. Elephant Room has been working closely with the team at Holloway on their digital marketing strategy, and are currently building the next iteration of their website presence.

What Elephant Room provides Holloway Storage and Removals:

  • Work in progress design and development of new and improved lead generation websites
  • Marketing and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with production and creative direction of video and media assets
  • Search engine optimisation through consistent content and backlink generation, including negotiation of successful backlink on the Daily Mail
  • Architecture and development of lead and data flows through CRM and website

Platform Consolidated Group

Maintaining pole position for automotive finance experts

Platform Consolidated Group consists of a conglomeration of several of Australia’s leading automotive financing businesses. In order to stay in front of the pack, several of their websites (the core vehicle for generating leads online) needed to be updated and stay current. Platform Consolidated Group worked with Elephant Room to create a new specialised finance calculator that also doubles as a lead generation tool, as well as a refresh of their websites and marketing campaigns.

What Elephant Room provides Platform Consolidated Group:

  • Design and development of specialised finance calculator for lead generation
  • Design and development of refreshed website design and template being rolled out across several brands
  • Social media marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for the promotion of End of Financial Year specials, retargeting website visitors and discovery of new audiences
  • Creative direction and production of video and media assets to be used in campaigns


From Shark Tank success to global expansion

Back in 2016, Vegepod came to Elephant Room with a unique challenge - they had pitched their business on the finale of Shark Tank and had secured investment from Naomi Simson. This was great news, however their online store wasn’t going to cut it. Elephant Room rebuilt their WooCommerce website and ensured that it was resilient enough to handle the 11,000 concurrent sessions and transactions that resulted from the airing of the episode. Today, Vegepod is now trading internationally with plans to further their global expansion, and relies on Elephant Room to lead their digital marketing strategy and development of new international Shopify stores.

What Elephant Room provides Vegepod:

  • Development of Shopify stores and ongoing website support retainer
  • Marketing and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with creative content
  • Google AdWords, text, shopping, and display campaigns
  • Search engine optimisation through consistent content and backlink generation

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