After twenty years of leadership in the mental health care sector, the Australian Infant, Child, Adolescent and Family Mental health (AICAFMHA) Board knew it was time to revisit the organisation’s image and establish a brand that defined them in an environment that has changed considerably since 1995.

The new image need to distinguish them as the people at the forefront of infant and child mental health.

Emerging Minds

Memorable name and a modern image

C2M worked closely with the Board to survey the mental health sector and to articulate their unique positioning as the national advocacy body for infant and child mental health.

It was vital for AICAFMHA’s rebranding to reflect their specialist service, knowledge and advocacy agenda to clients, supporters and collaborating organisations.

A new name

After researching the many mental health organisations operating in the sector, C2M worked through several ideas around the concepts of mind, brain, head, children to find a strong name that expresses AICAFMHA’s unique offering.

C2M presented to the Board with their concerns and from the name Emerging Minds was born. It reflects the organisation’s focus on the developing minds of young people and also their work as advocates driving a national conversation, education, research and advocacy.

A new logo

The old logo needed updating to represent the organisation’s progressive work, signify their focus on the mind and express more clearly what they do.

It needed to illustrate both the young minds they represent and also their role as a linkage point for the sector. To show collaborative and consultative approach they take to their work with individuals, families, the community and other mental health organisations.

The new logo had to communicate that the organisation advocates for young people without looking too edgy and young itself.

C2M worked around ideas of overlapping ideas, and the linking of thoughts into one.

The result is fresh and provides a positive energy. It illustrates the process of mind forming – ideas, conversations and people overlapping to create a single identity.

The new name and logo were integrated into the new Emerging Minds website and print materials.

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