Hello Darkness My ONLY Friend

We are getting to the beginning of the new section for Gnostic Tarot Cards. If this journey has shown anything its that the cards are not commonly understood by just reading them, or intuiting what the symbols mean in a form of Individuation. Nor are they able to be used by any esoteric organization or group to be a manual of instruction. They are a means , or method that is used to develop a conversation with the Arch Techtonic nature, as Christine Payne Towler would put it, of ourselves and the universe we are in. As the grand synthesis is revealed through our esoteric and occult organizations, its shown that the Initiate is more important than any other person attending meetings or gatherings, by sharing and developing a new octave of the teachings, we are propelled into a modern revelation of the timeless truths in new skins and images.

This introduction is very important because this new development is about the beginning of the path to Gnosis and out of Belief. The title of this post is a play on the opening line of the Simon and Garfunkel song Sound of Silence, that was popularized in the early 1960’s of American music. The reason this is important is because as the postulant is propelled into the unknown by a desire to break free of the Secure and Systemic way of life that is built upon ones place and class in society, we are being goaded on to the “Darkness” of our newness.

Darkness is usually only dark because it has no light, which is an obvious statement. The point is that the GODHEAD that lightens up the abyss is not to be found in the blazing sun of the Fool card, but the Abyss it self!!

In walking into the death of the world that is before us, that we’ve tried so hard to encounter and try and go to, we are looking up toward the unknown component of our future, or lives. This is however not the end, but the Beginning of our real journey. The sun shows us of all the things that we already know, and are secure with, but finally encountering a false sense of security , psychologically , our Personality is either willingly or unwillingly propelled into the Mystery of being, the Unknowable , or Darkness.

We are like the fool, which is a label that is given by others, that we are leaving the land of the secure, for that of the unsecure , mysterious , unknown. This is the alchemical process of Nigredo or the Blackening of one’s life.

“What hinders men from seeing and hearing God, is their own hearing, seeing and willing; by their own wills they separate themselves from the will of God. They see and hear within their own desires, which obstructs them from seeing and hearing God. Terrestrial and material things overshadow them, and they cannot see beyond their own human nature. If they would be still, desist from thinking and feeling with their own self-hood, subdue the self-will, enter into a state of resignation, into a divine union with Christ, who sees God, and hears God, and speaks with him, who knows the word and will of God; then would the eternal hearing seeing and speaking become revealed to them. ”
Jacob Boehme (1575-1624 C.E.)

It is not the real sun of one’s Master, but that of the Slave to the material that the fool is being jeered from. Get a job, would probably have been said to the Fool , because the original image for the Fool was that of a penniless beggar. It wasnt until late Tarot that the Fool became that of a Traveler, but also with the Cliff of Non-Being being added in the Waite Smith-Coleman images.

According to Psychology , The quick judgements that are made on someones Personality are where the labels like Fool can come from, its extremely difficult to make an assessment of Character by first glance. But you would need to know the person enough to see the past behavior they have done and without Self Awareness, past behavior is a good recommendation of future behavior. This is the collective experience of , what Daskalos calls the Present Day Personality . but this is also just a partial truth, if the Initiand can move past the Known, Secure, and hereditary lot in life to a new experience of the Numinous, the personality is transformed and the Fool takes on a more adaptable role. When calling a person Fool it locks them into the possibility that they may Believe what is told to them, developing a desire to actually not live, but survive, losing one’s precious I AM to I HAVE BEEN TOLD ,  and the subtle quick reaction wires us to make up a Belief that we can properly label another human being in this Time-Space construct.

Unfortunately the voice that is not grounded in the Depths is that of the little puppy yelling about Animal Kingdom instincts and projecting its reality on others. As we see those of our fellows moving toward the Blackening phase of Personality , we can keep in mind that only those who have Blackened toward the Higher Self are truly Fools!

In the ancient Gnosticism of Valentinianism, the primary Unknown Sygygy – Dyad  was actually called Bythos ( Depth) and Sige ( Silence)., the connection with Sige was the promise of the Ancient Hermetic brotherhoods, along with the connection of Kabbalists to the Chasmal. This is all to say that the Unknown/Mysterious is not really the end of all reality but the anchoring into it. The AIN or Unlimited , Unknown was the source of all life, not the end of it. As we move toward a cosmos that is toward a more loving and accepting culture of other human beings, let us remember that the only fool is the one that is unwilling to go to the depths, because the Personality has said YOU DARE NOT!!! In this sense, those willing to plumb the Unknown, silence is actually what you would call Initands and Fools for God, not the World.

In Gnosis

Your Friend,





A Fool Vs. Wisdom AND Love

A Fool Vs. Wisdom AND Love

We are reviewing the Psychology and Spiritual Dynamics of the Fool card. In the Judeo-Christian bible Foolishness is very enigmatic, however there are some lines about the Fool that really do inform our understanding of what is being indicated in this card.

Since the Antithesis of Foolishness is Wisdom, its difficult to make the two meet. However, in the works of Swedenborg we hear that Wisdom and Love are inseperable, and Love is the sharing of Wisdom with others.

This is called in Swedenborgs view “Use” ,  becoming a use is to become a channel of this power of Love and Wisdom, but to the fool we are shown that Death is looming and the little puppy might not be so off in its interpretation of reality.

Personally this came to me with the etymology of Philosophy , as you all know I LOVE Philosophy! but this IAM that LOVES has a LOVE of WISDOM. How is it then that I can say bad things to others , or about others with all this love? Or even to myself? A love of philosophy as a Love of the Love of Wisdom doesn’t sound so wise.. It would be more accurate as one who loves the love of wisdom, but doesn’t actually love wisdom, due to the blockage of self/other love! This is actually spiritual/psychological death! I see the puppy as not the biting instinct now.. however the dog is showing the loudest voice one can hear, that of love! Love might be a whisper to those in the other cards, but to the fool , love must be a shout! Love must shout louder than the self-hate that the fool is accustomed to!

Swedenborg has a term for this kind of mindset, he calls this the “Proprium” meaning , of or from solely oneself. Mind you this is NOT the High Avataric Self that is the reflection of the Godhead in us and others, this is the False Self. The False Self is the one that identifies solely with the Material world or Time-Space. It is more psychologically called The Ego. But this Ego is not our I AM. Because the EGO is a form of Time Space obsession, we are then placed in a position of Relativity to others and our senses. What this card masterfully tells us is that ahead beyond the Fools present focus is what everyone around the fool can see.. Death or severe loss off a high cliff.

This is a representation or symbol of what happens to the individuality of the human that looses self love and adopts so many obsessive thoughts , that care of one’s environment and life is casted aside even in the beauty of the reflected god, and companionship of the Pup. The fool is alone, dancing along with an obliviousness to the arch-powers that exist in the universe or cosmos.

One of my favorite lines in Faust is when Mephistopheles says “I am the spirit of perpetual negation”.To me , this can mean the negation of the SELF in others or oneself. Love can easily be seen then as the Affirmation of the Self of Others AND Oneself.

Rudolf Steiner in his Philosophy of Freedom discusses that the real proof of a Free person is their ability to then Love others in return, otherwise we are still trapped and not free! It is the hope of Gnostic Tarot Cards that these seed thoughts are powerful enough to do just that

In Gnosis


Fool ME Once..

About a half decade ago , my I AM entered the stream of the Western Mystery Tradition officially through Initiation. In this multi faceted initiation, tenets were given to me that were the distilled experience of those that went before me. The first of these tenets was ” THE SELF FINDS MEANING IN THE COLLECTIVE”. In these tenets, there were comments made about the ghost of Marley from Dickens Christmas Carol. When the ghost of Marley was asked about his individual accomplishments by Ebenezer Scrooge, he was given the words of the following about business.

Business!” cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business!

As I thought , felt and lived long and hard about what is now written, this tenet found confirmation in this Card , Tradition and Wisdom of the elders.

I can cite the book references for this particular meditation, and the esoteric ideas are solid for what is about to be said. Its not with a light hearted , whimsical feeling that what is next spoken about has been written down.

As everyone has seen, on the face of the card we see the most artistic expression of the Fool, from the Waite Smith Deck. The card pictures a male figure, which is more androgynous than not ,(SELF) in a green outfit ( LIFE ) and his stare at the LIGHT is not disturbed by the DOG at his heels, while nearly falling off the cliff (DEATH) of the mountain ( INITIATION) that the Fool ( SELF) stands on. What is not expressed is what this means.

Daskalos, the affectionate name of Dr. Sylianos Atteshlis known as perhaps the greatest modern mystic of our time, has called GOD the ABSOLUTE INFINITE BEINGNESS. Along with this comment he talks about the SELFHOOD of GOD.

What took me nearly a half year to talk about was explained to me in waking up at 3:30 on 06/24/2017 a few days after the Summer Solstice of this year. Typically I wake at 6 am every day to perform the meditation of the day and participate in the Work of that day, performing my earthly trade and then letting the light of the day rest like the one before it. As we are all aware this beginning of summer is the time in the northern hemisphere that the sun is at its greatest most triumphant time.

What was revealed to me after waking up and thinking about my life , trade and earthly business was that I needed to go to work and finish something that wasn’t quite done, then it came to me.. the FOOL is the Individual striving to get back into the Collective and almost dying thinking Individualism is the wholeness of experience in Life. This was so strong, that I thought it should be shared..

How can a world of people , striving toward self realization , embrace the message of the collective? How do we all sit within the experience of Being and allow that calm and peacefulness seep into what Daskalos calls the Present Day Personality? How then do we filter that data through the powers of the Soul in the manifestation of Feeling, Thought and Will? This answer cannot be given in this small reflection!

In the realm of development of the SELF there are several schools of thought. One is that we are all recapitulating the experience of the soul and that we will all eventually ripen in our lives and manifest this ATMAN. Others say that the ATMAN ( SELF ) is only experienced in NON BEING ( the AIN SOF) and that once we soak back into it we are released from the Individualism of life. I don’t claim to be the wisest man in existence, nor do I want to propose that I have all the answers.

Through many, many lectures, books , meditations and many days of reflection, i’ve finally tapped what the topic of the FOOL Card should be.. The I AM! IS the Self part of the Whole, is it apart from the Whole , is it both? This isn’t just an argument/questioning that is coming from me. In the ancient days there was called the EN TO PAN in the Greek language, which is the ONE THE ALL. Is this the vision that is given to us? Are we being propelled by the desires of the DOG or is the DOG warning us that we are on the road to Destruction ( NON BEING) ? As you see this is a Quest of the Fool. not simply Questions

This card should make us Question. Its not given to us in a way that solves the dilemma. Both are states of elimination of non-existence. The two states are both Death to the I AM personality. The plunge is either into the absorbtion of BEING or the ascention to NON BEING in Death. These are the key notes of the card. The I AM is wrapped in the Green Outfit ( LIFE) and is in a foolish delusion of AT ONE MENT without asking the questions. IM DONE! is the statement the powerful personality is making. Though as we see this is not a finishing but a beginning of what is being asked of the Personality to Choose to do.


Do I listen to the thoughts of the DOG barking at me? Do I continue to march toward the Unity of the Light? Do I become self-satisfied with my accomplishment and applause and enjoy the top of the mountain? its not in the finding that the great Quest is fulfilled.. but in the seeking. Is it possible that the dilemma is designed this way? Please re-read this meditation in particular because its with a heavy heart it is written. The fools quest is that of THE MEANING OF LIFE and hopefully I’ve done a good job of explicating how to go about finding it for oneself.



Dimmer But Not Deadened !


We are focusing on the card titled The Magician and are getting into some of the land that was intended at the very beginning of this collection of reflections. The intent of Gnostic Tarot Cards is to present the Ancient – Modern Tarot Stream of Conversation in its most Gnostic elements through history. As we are approaching the temporary end of the cards as we are seeing them from the reverse order of their appearance (world through fool) we are picking up the subtler and more refined aspects to be seen in each card. This starts by looking at the World card and constricting the archetypal conversation of the Tarot into its scope.

When I first began reading and studying the Occult over a decade ago, I was introduced to the voluminous writings of Regardie and the Golden Dawn groups of teachers. I read tons and tons of pages about things that were completely foreign to me. Most of the information was as St. John said ” The light shines within the darkness, but the darkness comprehends it not”. Which is indicative of the entire issue at hand.

As I understood it at the time, Occultism was something to be understood conceptually . Knowledge was all power, and those who knew the ‘secrets’ to the inner workings of the universe were able to master it. Though I couldn’t see this flaw in thinking or even question the basis of intelligencia or intellect,  this was revealed later to be only partly true ! Knowledge that can only be known by the faculties that are foreign to it can NEVER accomplish what an experience of that event can. Merely knowing something isn’t enough, and it definitely doesn’t endow powerful characteristics , such as those that I admired in Regardie, Waite and other Occultists of this time.  This is how I am certain that within the Golden Dawn system , lies a fundamental flaw . As the new green occultist attempts to synthesize and develop a world view similar to that of the occultists before him, the transformative experience is however not given, and the dynamic power of the initiatic act is taken out of the Golden Dawn system. By a mere reading of the literature, the simulation of what Initiation is , is postulated and formulated in the conceptual mind, therefore leading the Practitioner to believe that to comprehend is to experience.

The words “Dynamic Power” appropriately can conceptualize what is shown in El Gran Tarot Esotericos Magician card. The Dynamism of changing energies within a cycle of cosmic proportion allows for so much space, that the experience can be given meaning past that of the previous self aware Practitioners that have performed it. Adding to the cycle of change that the tarot deeply impresses upon the “I” of those who use it. Questioning the basis of our psyches and existential makeup and invoking the powers that allow our world to have order and meaning.

As I will not explain the image above, simply because of respect to the spirit-self within all, and that space and attention span will not permit it, it indicates what the inner world of a true “Magi” is doing. Some of the symbols are of course Astrological, but also the lemniscate , and Solar symbols show me something a lot larger , more grand,  than a human being in material form.  It is not merely the Hule or body, that is presented above. What is given in the card is a reflection from the times of Jakob Boehme and his student Gichtel , and is our body of inner relatedness with the cosmos and godlike nature.

In this picture appropriately the description of “Light” is given, which no attempt by philosophy or language has been able to permanently extinguish or destroy that has tried to do so. Even Nietzsches comment that “god is dead” has not been allowed to permanently seal up the light in a place of unreachable depths or darkness. As long as the human can breathe, we are given all the “light” necessary to comprehend . Meaning essentially , as we question , formulate, conceptualize and quantify through self-awareness. This is the power that the “I” is given, that usurps self awareness and says that its own creation is higher than that which endowed it the ability to create in the first place. In the language of esotericism this is a conversation about  the “Image and Likeness” of Godhead.

The “Image” is the archetype of the human being in all its subtle aspects and hidden connections to higher realms. The “likeness” is the reflection of the “image” and is not a synonym, but a secondary image that simulates the actual power of the original Archetype. When we look at St. John’s writing again with Light as the Image and Darkness as the Likeness , it becomes clearer that a statement such as Johns is more profound than can be first seen. Not only does it talk about the nature of Good and Evil in a Zoroastrian Dualistic way, but it also states that our Fall is part of the original formation of Image and Likeness. This has been expressed in Aramaic as the Kabbalistic ABBA and what later in the 14th century, was shown as the ‘Ungrund’[1] of Boehme.


In Gnosis,


  1. [1] http://www.berdyaev.com/berdiaev/berd_lib/1930_349.html

Infinitely Profound

2016-10-10 08_20_42-Album ArchiveGreetings!

We are considering the Magician card . Taking a journey through the maze of magic and mysticism. There are definitely roadblocks that we have passed over, and others that haven’t even presented themselves yet. As was discussed in the prior post , we have identified what our tools are and some of the pitfalls or stumbling blocks in realizing our true selves. However, we have learned very little of our place in the cosmos. Most of gnostic tarot cards is focused upon the revelation of insight which is called Gnosis. The word Ta Onta, or “The Things That Are” is a Greek term that was used by those on a quest through the spheres into the nature of being and our place in that schema.

It is now time to discuss what brings a Magician about. First it must be said that the Magus is not a male, it is an archetype of one who uses the Imagination which is the first step into the supersensible realms of Initiation. After the purification and identification of the mind with the passing things of our earth, we are able to reflect upon the faculty of the mind itself. With the Tarot we are given the ability to see our Mind and how it relates to the cosmic whole.

Its not simple to explain, but it is profoundly deep how as human beings we cognitively assimilate what is presented to our minds, and then as a consequence of that action, integrate that ‘data’ into our psycho-spiritual selves, only to evolve toward a future version of that ‘data’ in its manifestation through our wills, thoughts and feelings. The magician being connected to ‘the things that are’ is able to see and interact with reality that most would say is ‘fantasy’.

As shown in the above tarot image from Gulinat, before ever publicly shown to the world that the tarot has linguistic correlations, there were also symbols of ancient depth that were included in the tarot. Signs of the Zodiac, Numbers and some even contain Geometrical clues to previous generations and cycles of knowledge in the story of Humanity. This is the reason for the Infinity symbol , or as its called in geometry, the Lemniscate of Bernoulli.

This symbol however is not just limited to Geometry and its theories but to the actual path of the sun in what is called the Analemma. It also has been ‘used’ to represent many other conceptual models (Infinity Symbol) After reading the above links try to stay focused on what is said below.

It was Christine Payne Towler that said to me that “the universe was not a either/or equation, but it was an and/and all inclusive equation.” The Tarot represents the core of this kind of thinking, its not just Iconography, or Symbolism. It is an and/and fixed meditation that is used for the development of the Psyche and Spirit of the participant. As it is in this Microcosmic form to humanity, it is also a Macrocosmic representation of these forces in the very grand scale of evolution. Which is what to those who are looking with the eyes of an initiate see when reminded that the Magus is always to keep in the sphere above the head the representation of Infinity. It is not just saying that everything that is known is also deeper, but its saying that there is a cosmic evolution of humanity , a cosmic and more archetypal movement of that which is above us.. mainly for most of those aproaching the tarot from an observational point, the symbol in question , will bring up a usual reference to Sun and Moon , and this is going to be in the location of the Lemniscate in the mental pictures of the mind that observes this card.

Without trying to completely expound this ‘hint’ , the Rosicrucian tradition has aptly spoken about this evolutionary pattern. As human beings have evolved from a state of Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens, also the planets and cycles have evolved from Saturn to the current Earth cycle, which is also referred to as era or epoch , in Sanskrit these are called Yugas, in Tibet Kalpas, In Hellenistic Greece and Egypt they were called Aeons. It is actually virtually impossible to read or really contemplate esoteric/occult literature without being introduced to this dimension.

The point is that the Magus is centered in the Power of The Cosmos, and with the evolution of humanity , we move from the Pre-Logoic event of the “Cosmos of Wisdom” to the “Cosmos of Love”. (I highly recommend to those interested research those two terms on http://www.rsarchive.org ) As we are able to identify in the center of our being, the “I AM” , with this Ogdoad or Eighth sphere, we are moving more and more into the anointed nature of our Being, and manifesting our Real, True Selves.

In Gnosis





Once Again!

220px-Jean_Dodal_Tarot_trump_01 It is finally happening! We are now prepared from our travels to embrace the concept and card of the Magician.

If you haven’t seen our previous posts, i’d advise you to start at the world and travel through the Major Arcana backwards. When arriving here you will have a foundation that is strong enough to make sense of what the Magician is doing in this picture.

Its often said that the ‘tools’ on the table represent qualities of the Psyche. Stephan Hoeller says that the faculties of Sensation , Feeling, Thought, and Intuition are represented on the table, as do other authors as well. What most have overlooked is that the image of the Craftsman is none other than our highest Self. The Atman in use of the tools of the psyche in an attempt to put together the world and work magic on the environment, using the tools of the Soul. This is alluded to from the dualistic nature of the clothes worn by the Magi that both sides of the polarities are ‘worn’ by this worker. They are actually referred in esoteric literature as the ‘robe’ of the initiate. Essentially saying that the Highest Self clothed in the aura, uses the faculties of the soul , or psyche to bring order and meaning to its worldview or the cosmos of the microcosm.

Christine Payne Towler says the following about the Magus

In the Sophianic mysteries this is the scribe or aspirant to initiation, who is coming awake to his true nature and seeks a Path of Return. He could also be viewed as the Christos, male half of the Christ/Sophia pair, who are each sent to redeem the world at different stages of the cosmic drama

This shows how the tarot sees a magical being throughout the work of the “Path of Return”, or what has been mentioned in 1st century Hellenistic times as the Anodos.    This card contains more of a spiritual reality than we can see at first hand. There are seven distinct, yet interrelated levels of interaction with the cosmos and the spirit. The problem with this is that we are typically not able to see the deeper psycho spiritual reality behind the illusion of reality. This leaves us in a space of what we like to call fantasy. The real imaginative quality is to see this world of forms , for what they are. That is shadows of a deeper , more real space of Archetypes that are presented to our sense world. This isn’t to say that the ‘world’ isn’t real.. it is , however it isn’t the only reality. In Mahayana Buddhism this is called Conventional Reality, but not Ultimate Reality.

We are but sojourners in a strange world when it comes to the faculties of the soul, our Thinking , Feeling and Will functions are not given full expression , without the initiation or expansion of consciousness that comes from beginning the path of return. Return not to a place of fantasy, but what is real, in essence our source. This is first begun as we attempt to finally see the items on the table for what they are. Our Psychic Sphere. The Atman or Anthropos , Adam Kadmon or whatever other term is given to that which is real, is not able to influence us but when connecting to the spiritual hierarchy with receptivity to what is presented.  This is represented by the use of the Left Hand which is in Energy Science the receptive force of the two limbs, the other being the Manifestational.

In the ancient temple of Delphi, there was a statement saying Knothi Sauton or Know of Thyself , which all initiates would see before entering the temple of revelation. The oracles would present dark sayings to the minds of the initiates about different tasks that were to be taken on or performed , in order to fulfill destinies or Fated prophesy.

The sayings weren’t “dark” in the sense of not having light, but dark as the Dark Night of The Soul, being stripped from Materialistic sense and given true spiritual information or insight. This was the use of the Tarot for mostly all generations before ours. As we became what C.G. Jung said ” Fixated on the Thinking function” in the west, our Psyches became divided and were unable to receive anymore of the messages given to us, because of our Wills in conjunction with Thinking Functions. As we became more manifestational we were closed off to the realities of the ‘different stages’ of the cosmic drama. Loosing our spiritual eyesight , we were awoken to a realm of duality and what the daoists call the Ten Thousand Things. But as we gave over ourselves in pursuit of what we thought was our selves, we became identified with the Functions of the Soul, as opposed to the Spiritual Core that utilizes these functions.

This is part of the powerful message of the Magus and explores what some call the ‘Fall’. This isn’t to say we did anything wrong, but as we became more and more entranced by the reflection of our Self, we were more and more lost in the consequences of this Constriction. Which is at its most extreme, the arrogance of Lucifer or the complete embodiment of Ahriman. (For a better explanation of these terms see Rudolf Steiner’s lecture The Ahrimanic Deception October 27, 1919. ) To escape this fate we are on the path of return to our Spiritual Selves, which is ONE with the Solar Logos or Son. This term isn’t the term related to gender however, but of Scion or Child of the cosmos, and is why it has been also called The Word, or Logos.

In Gnosis



The Call

High Priestess Marseilles Baby Black Widows Greetings & Welcome.

We are wrapping up our reflections on the Popess or High Priestess very soon and are still hiking up the mountain of Initiation. On this hike we have been swarmed with adversity and tumultuous obstructions, yet we keep walking and move with one foot in front of the other.

We are going to discuss some of the most unique aspects of the High Priestess which would make some wonder with disbelief how the information was obtained or not previously made available. It is not a secret that the High Priestess is an initiator into the mysteries of another realm, but what is secret and has been kept secret from the general public is how she can remain hidden in such plain sight.

Our capacity for Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition is what this card stands for. Considered the highest of all initiatic gifts, the High Priestess guides us from our mind to the heart and then transmits the information between. This may seem as if its not anything revelatory or has any depth whatsoever. So i’ll explain briefly.

In mankind’s seven fold system or what is popularly known in esoteric studies as the “Constitution of Man” , there are seven distinct and interrelated levels or planes of experience. these are the Physical , Emotional, Mental, Intuitional ,  Atmic ,Monadic and Divine planes. These are sometimes confused with being strictly the realm of the 19th century, however they existed far before this time. The Tarot as a Book of Wisdom can be viewed from any of these levels of existence, however most only see the physical.

There are students of the mysteries of these planes that have come forward for contemporary students of what Torkom Saraydarian calls “The Teaching”. Great Masters of the Wisdom of all ages have influenced the ‘view’ of the Tarot. From the beginning of our known formulations of thought, we have reflected in the tarot a worldview and esoteric library so deep that in the 18th century Alphonse Louis Constant or as his popular pen name is Eliphas Levi, said:

An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he [sic] knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequaled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.”


This is because the book that we are discussing is an Archetype of the knowledge of the universe. And in the course of time, the universe has given us great teachers, with great teachings. The problem is that these teachings have been misused or perverted by cultural times, and just as our Popess was suppressed, so were the mysteries of the ROTA or Wheel. Meaning Time.

It would take pages upon pages to explain the meaning of the planes of existence, only a bit. It would take years upon years of study to unpack the condensed meanings of the Tarot , and would be even longer tracing back the etymological terms and origins of the words and concepts that are embedded in a single card. However when time-space is transcended through the Soul, and a meaningful book is opened , the mind is suddenly placed into a position of receptivity and according to the understanding of the student, wisdom speaks!

As it has been a very long time since we have taken our first steps into this initiatic paradigm, i’ve tried to provide the very best and ad free site that is available for the Syncretic view of Tarot as a tool of Gnosis and Wisdom. But this goal had not been accomplished in the time frame that was indicated previously. We are on the last two cards of reflection here and there are infinitely more in depth conversations to be discussed. As tarot fits all seven planes of interpretation, so do all its students. Some have gone on record in what Christine Payne Towler calls the “Continental Tarot” , and some have never mentioned the Tarot in their work, but have shared the ‘Arch-Techtonic ‘ structure of the Cosmos. There are words, upon words and words within words that have been ’embedded’ with the long path of understanding in the Tarot.

For when the student has ears to listen, the mouth of wisdom will speak!

In Gnosis



It takes two


We are still walking through the two pillars on the face of the card , the High Priestess. Recently it has come to light, that the great Master Aivanhov discussed the two principles of all life and how we can be in better balance with these principles.

These pillars are best known by the two pillars in the Masonic tradition as the Pillars in the Temple of Solomon, but they were extant in Egypt and as principles have been scattered through every single known tradition. The East has them as different names, but they will be known as the two interdependent principles of the Cosmos. As a gnostic principle they are sometimes called Bythos and Sige as a Syzygy . In buddhism they are represented as different named enlightened beings in Yab Yum position. Daoism calls them the Yin and Yang. In the Hermetic schools they were Psyche and Nous and in Judeo Christian traditions Adam and Eve. What these two principles represent is the cosmic bond between the absolute and relative, or what Aivanhov calls the Masculine and Feminine.

This is NOT to say that either gender is weaker than the other. Tradition tells us ” that which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above”. It is our egotism in the negative sense of Astral and Psychically deranged perceptions that give pejorative values to feminine, such as lower, below, passive etc. as related to gender if we have been subjected to social conditioning , fueled by patriarchy . When the real information is received about the divine feminine , we will see that minds as magnificent as the great Boehme and Sweedenborg were Sophianic Mystics. They didn’t degrade the feminine or demote it as an interdependent principle of the Cosmos. Even though the so called Active and So called Passive have different natures, they cannot exist without the other.

The polarity of energy and the lines of power are realities for the occultist as well. When seeing between the two pillars we are given a glimpse of the Priestess, but if we are not able to read the book of nature which is imbued with the two equally powerful cosmic principles we shall never surpass the polarization of which Jung called One Sidedness.

This was taught not only by Aivanhov, but in my early tarot years under golden dawn and even the continental tarot taught by Christine Payne Towler. It is impossible for either man or woman to claim pure masculinity or femininity as an independent power either higher or more exalted than its partner. Patriarchy has given a perception that it is in LAW that all is understood. Matriarchy has been that of LOVE and nurturance . These polarities are 1/2 of the entire equation and not the whole. Its extremely difficult to see things this way which is why the priestess is willing to initiate us anytime we are willing to make the switch. But it isn’t the switch between one pole and the other, its a switch to holistic thinking and emotion based upon the TWO pillars. This is why she bears the number 2 in arithmosophy. We cannot afford as those on an evolutionary path to stamp out this ‘otherness’ regardless if we are a Knight or Dame..

In Light and Love




The Sound of Her Silence


It’s been a long while since this simple blog has posted anything related to tarot. The reason being is sometimes I haven’t been attuned and others too busy to focus on those little cards.

But we are at the point where to stay too silent is to fall into oblivion and we must grow the silence, not deter those from ever finding it.

We are focusing our efforts of introspection on the High Priestess , card number 2 in the major arcana. She has been walking with me and us ever since we’ve started this journey. She has discussed Sophia and her trials, Heimarmene and her fate, and she has even stepped in to guide our over analytical and thinking obsession to get moments of peace and tranquility.

We have tried to follow her path, but the Priestess demands a price for her guidance, and that is the elimination of the mind that is argumentative and one sided. This is difficult to do, therefore alot of time has been spent cultivating the proper attitude to explore the tarot with her eyes and not those of my own.

Her symbolism is rampant throughout the tarot deck, because she isn’t just isolated to this card, but her nurturance is seen through all the cards and as the divine feminine element in the work. She is much like the ocean, which we see her depicted as in the Alchemical Tarot. Where we are like those sailing upon her waters for many years and have grown accustom to adapting life with her eyes and environment.

The reason this is being said is because as the direct link between the heart and head she guides those attempting to learn the great gnosis, however the moment the heart is abandoned, the head makes up its own system of philosophy and values intellect over intuition.

She represents the path of Bet in the Tree of Life that connects vertically between Keter and Tiphereth. One of the tricks of the tree , is that unless the Kether is connected with the Heart , the AIN or All cannot be seen.

This is why she asks us to be silent, because in the times of non discursive gnosis the intellect is silenced and put to sleep very slowly. When the heart is lifted up to the intellect and the intellect bows to the heart, then we are able to experience what the mysteries call the Reintegration or Regeneration.

Regenerating our selves with ourselves we are able to start understanding higher realms of reality. When this happens the priestess shares her wisdom because we are aware of the key of Humility and how it allows us access to the Monadic Reality as opposed to the Virtual Reality that is created by the Subconscious Mind that is called the Intellect.

Blavatsky said that the “Mind is the Slayer of the Real”. By “Mind” she was discussing the Discursive Mind and the Conceptual Mind that relies upon words rather than the Real that exists. This is the meaning of the greek words TA ONTA ” The things which are”



The Highest Priestess


high_priestessI know its been a long, long time. 6 – 9 months to be more accountable. It should be known that it is not possible to explain away such mysteries as the High Priestess. Sure she can relate to a bunch of different symbols and has taken several forms throughout time. Though she isn’t willing to divulge her secrets as easily as the others may have. Her and her Consort the Magician are some of the most enigmatic figures in the entire system of Tarot Correspondence.

When we say “Tarot Correspondence” what is exactly meant? I can think of no other source than Antoine Faivre when discussing the exact elements to the Western Mystery Tradition which our dear High Priestess is the Popess over. Fairve discusses several salient points to the Mystery Tradition of Western Esotericism and categorizes as follows:

There are four Fundamental Elements: 1. Correspondences, 2. Living Nature, 3. Imagination and Meditations and 4. Experience of Transmutation. There are also 2 more “relative” elements. 5. The Praxis of Concordance and 6. Transmission.

These 6 criteria are definitely abundant in the Tarot. As the keeper of all knowledge, the High Priestess holds a book to the mysteries in her hands in the artistic, but historically inaccurate deck of Smith Waite. She gives a look of loving guidance and assistance reading the “Book”. In the Hebraic Tradition this book is known as the “torah” which means “Instruction, or Teaching”. Some refer it as THE TEACHING. Others call it THE MYSTERIES, and some call it GNOSIS.

Part of the world of Teaching has the cumulative knowledge of civilization or “The Akashic Records” some think that this is purely “Record” but its not. The Akasha is a word that came from Sanskrit and means “aether”. Some would call this the Aion or Aeons of Greek and Hebrew Tradition or the Lokas . There is certainly a vibratory function that the High Priestess will allow us access to, but its unfortunately not available as a “lower” or Materialist mind can grasp. This is because the etheric vibration of such a “plane” of knowledge is not available to the “ego” in the sense of a Personality or Self of Buddhism. This is the Curtain on the Middle Pillar in the picture of Smith/ Waite. The Fruits are the Pomegranate  and represent a very high level of Magical action that was Ingested in the ancient mysteries. She doesn’t allow those who are not attuned to her cycles access to this level of information. Unfortunately its usually through “Discursive” knowledge of the Books of Akasha and not the Akashic Records themselves that we obtain access to. This is because the experience of eating the Pomegranate is like that of the 3rd level spoken by Faivre. Imagination and Meditation. Thus only through Discursive knowledge does our over Informational society obtain the keys to do away with the Brain and what C.G. Jung called our “Obsession with the Thinking function”. We move to the Non-Discursive. The higher realities of the Formless, which as close as we can get to is the Silence and paradoxically the Vibratory experience of the Silence.

These ‘levels’ of understanding are not common, therefore Yeshua said do not cast your pearls among swine. Meaning do not divulge the sacred to those who would profane it by misunderstanding or use it for material and selfish ends. This is why Buddhist masters of the Wisdom of “Shamata” or Emptiness , do not teach Vajrayana techniques to the Uninitiated , not to withhold that from those who earnestly seek, but to protect those who would abuse and misuse the information of the Secret Doctrine.

In Robert Places’ Alchemical Tarot, the High Priestess , holds her finger to her mouth , like the ancient god Harpocrates. But this is not the meaning. It is subtle that the Silence actually connects the Heart and the Brain , as demonstrated by the Heart Math institute and others in Heart based Scientific Research. Since this is not a science blog, per se, the intent is not to advocate the views of Heartmath institute or bring them to controversial debate, but to explicate that the silencing of the thinking function is the best way to really understand the mysteries of the Gnosis. The High Priestess is our guide through this Multi Leveled and Multi Faceted pages of the “Book”.

Valentinian scholar Einar Thommasen in The spiritual seed says the following about “The Book” of the Living from the gospel of truth that “It suggests a list of names, and specifically the names of those who have been elected to receive salvific life”

This is extremely important because in the Gos of Truth of the Nag Hammadi it says

There was manifested in their heart the living book of the living, the one that was written in the thought and the mind of the Father, and which existed from before the foundation of the Entirety with his incomprehensibility (19:34 -20:3)


Getting to the Gnostic part of the Card. We see that in the idea of Father as that ” which existed before the foundation of Entirety” or the All which is the Mother. we are able to see that there are names , or spiritual essences in the “Book”. This is not a physical book , but one of the Heart. One way that Nature discloses HER secrets is by Attunement to her. Its by this kind of deep connection that the heart of the Initiate is able to be instructed and the Alchemical process of Apotheosis is undertaken. However since her book is over hundreds of millions of pages long , we can never fully understand her ways. Only by deep “conjunction” are we able to manifest the great maxim of Thou art That! When we find that we are not seperate from life, but intrinsically part of its cycles we are able to start to take our first lesson and steps. Blind in the world of reality we awaken and Transform into our divinity. This is the concept of Buddhist Relative and Ultimate truth.


Podcast 3 : Gnosticism and The Tradition of The Mystics

Podcast3 A view into Gnosticism and the ways that a mystical path can be derived from mystery teachings of antiquity in relation to Tarot.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa..


Its almost the Winter Solstice of 2014. We have been viewing the card titled The Empress and the ultimate womb of nature. It is the Womb of Nature that is signified in the card that we are viewing. She is at this moment making a great effort to birth the Avatar of the new year. We are struggling to make the push toward our ultimate moment of consciousness. When working toward this moment of emergence we must understand that the deliverance of our Solar savior happens both Microcosmically and Macrocosmically. The sun is birthed out of the constellation of Virgo ( The World Soul) and then the three wise men (Orion) are there to see its birth. The same process happens in the Heart of the initiate , and the deep force within the Psyche is made manifest through this time of darkness.

Its one thing to say we are going to be extra cognizant of the Divine Feminine during this time of generation of our Savior, but its another to be willing to be part of that process itself. By the restriction of the will , we are placed in a position where the Heart has been prepared and is ready for the process of self-generation. The world soul gives us our first birth when we are formed in the womb and our senses are born, we therefore become evolved from our reptilian/Animal brain and we are pushed toward the emergence of our Real Self. From this ultimate place of perspective we are now on December 21st – 23rd unlocking the treasure chest of our divine heritage and birthright. Meaning we are given a measure of Virtue and Blessing at the time of the Winter Solstice and we are then “dolled” or meeted the measure of our connection with either our Selves or Mother. Very much the same way that a child is either pulled toward oneself or ones protecting Mother.

Ken Wilber in his Avataric Development book talks about the stage of the developing body and how it goes through the Pleromatic ( all encompassing womb of pre-cognition) where there is no state of differentiation between oneself and another. There is the Typhonic ( instinctual) phase where one is just identified as ones self in exclusion to others. Then there is the Egoic Trans Verbal stage where one cognates and identifies what reality is. This is the state of labeling. However in this phase of development of the Self or , birth in the traditional levels of Initiation; we are seeing the new world that the Spiritual Mother Sophia is birthing us into.

We can see this state of the Feminine Womb when we experience the New , Full, Waxing and Waining Moon. When the Self is reflected through the eyes ( light) of the Mother we are able to see from her influence what kind of Rays ( Virtues) are falling upon us. At the time of the New Moon we are experiencing a potent time of power, At the Solstice we are getting a measure of our Virtues as we have prepared to experience them. Our “Level” as Wilber would put it is either raised or we are pulled ever more into the Egoic State. We take our first breath of air and scream out in either bliss or agony as we are now ready to live in our Spiritual State. The Divine Mother and Father are absolutely Pivotal in this process. The mother of Matter ( actual substance and energy formation) and Father of Spirit ( Archetypal fluid pouring into matter) we are given an experience where we develop our Spiritual Sensorium .



For the Love of Wisdom


Its been a while since the last post on Gnostic Tarot Cards. As the project finally continues to take us down the road to happy connection with Hierarchy through the archetypes of the Tarot, the Empress is a very difficult topic to discuss. Her number is 3 and in kabbalah she represents the vertical bar on the right hand side, between the Chesed and Chochmah sefirot.

The empress as a connection to chochmah and emperor as connection to binah are strongly contrasted in the diagram on our Kabbalah layout. This bar is Venus, and represents the work of that state, or stage of initiation. In Theosophical language the connection is between the 2nd and 4th planes in a Pre Fallen tree. in a post fallen tree the connection is between 2nd and 3rd planes. The work of venus is the object of this particular card. We see impregnation , divine rulership and extremely soft visualizations in Venus’s depiction. in a word we have Beauty. The Beautiful is the embodiment of Venus

Creation of a loving energy of Venus is similar to our Planet’s Solar Angel, or collective harmony. She has represented a Goddess-Mother in large part through mythology whith the names : Inanna, Ninhursag, Ishtar, Astarte, Artemis, Demeter, Aprodite and Venus.

In an ancient tradition of egyptian hymns about Tatenn, a god that was represented by the “staff of life” we are told the following:

“Thou makest the earth to bring forth fruit so that gods and men may have abundance, and cattle like unto the Cow-Goddess Mehurt are seen in thy fields. When thou art at rest the darkness cometh and when thou openest thy two eyes, light is produced…”

in an essay to Giles Quispel it was said by J Flamant:

“The soul’s original descent into the body is a progressive incorporation: it receives its rational powers from Saturn, its active powers from Jupiter, its spirited powers from Mars, its perceptive powers from the Sun, its appetitive powers from Venus, its linguistic powers from Mercury, and its power of growth from the Moon “

So it takes all the “powers” or Rays to compose our seven plane Constitution. Speaking of Planes or levels of understanding the same thing, Paul Christian has to say the following about this card.

G-3 expresses in the divine world, the supreme Power balanced by the eternally active Mind and by absolute Wisdom”
in the intellectual world, the universal fecundity of the supreme Being:
in the physical world , Nature in labour , the germination of the acts that are to spring from the Will.

Christine Payne-Towler gives detailed iconographic and ideological background in each of the cards in her book The Underground Stream. She says that there are two likely sources for the card the Alexandrian/Hermetic stream of Tarots ( which this site is dedicated to) drawn from the Fratres Lucis document published by Christian. Christine says :

“It seems safe to say that this Arcanum, from ancient to modern protrays the Great Mother, as in her title in the Revolutionary Tarot. This is the ancient , aboriginal, pre-Christian Goddess for whom the Priestess serves as handmaid.” … “The Empress is the fertility principle of the planet who feeds us all, delights us with flowers and fruit and terrifies us when her mood swings destroy our plans with heavy weather and plagues. She is the Mother of Embodiment, the source of natural law, and she who recycles us when we die; we upset her at our own peril.”

These extensive quotes are intended to show everyone on the site the sources that the rich land of the Goddess is birthing our illuminiation from, she has always been the womb of ideas, life and our very own bodies attest to her sacred pact with out ABBA, aramaic for Father-Mother, as the first emanation of Godhead, the divine Feminine has a message of Hope and Sustanance for us. However she clothes herself in the most humble of guises and in the story of Innana “unclothes” herself in the stripping of her power through the cycles of change. It is therefore in our best interests to adapt to her strong hand of guidance, for as Christine says ” we upset her at our own peril.”



Queen of The Blessed

EmpressThe empress is the card that is traditionally applied to the number three. Mouni Sadhi gives it in his book the tarot a contemporary course of the quintessence of hermetic occultism, says that the geometrical symbol for this Arcanum suggesting the idea of the ternary, will be in ascending, and apex pointing upwards; or descending, and apex pointing downwards, triangle. Depending upon the nature of the ternary.

What this says to me is that whenever there is a triangle we are to symbolically think of the card the empress. It’s not so much the triangle that point upward or downward but the geometrical unity of the figure itself. Geometry is somewhat of a strange art. Not because it’s precise, but because by the nature of esoteric geometry, there are fundamental areas of ambiguity. This is not according to Euclid, this is according to the esoteric tradition. However, when we see a geometrical sign in the tarot, it typically brings to mind another card. That is to say that the cards actually point to each other for more explanation creating a closed system.

The reason why it’s a closed system, is because it doesn’t depend upon information outside of itself. However we have depressed for a moment to explain the geometry inherent in the cards and the explanation of the geometry and other cards to elucidate the meanings in the card were focusing on now. Sadhu continues “a seated woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her Feet, and on her head a crown of 12 stars: and being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to Be delivered.” (The apocalypse of St. John)

“clothed with the sun…” When the tarot was speaking about a woman, what exactly is it talking about, or more particularly what is Sadhu talking about. He says the sign Venus itself is a synthesis of two symbols shows a circle with a point in the center of it, this he says is a creative emanation. And also Venus contains a cross which he says is in the world of the elements.

As the tarot often will present us more and more symbols the deeper we get into it, we get stuck in the sort of “tar baby”. The tar baby will get into our minds, and start to meddle with the other preconceived notions that we have deeply impressed inside our psyches. This is how I symbol redefines itself when it presents itself a second time therefore adding to the levels of the Tarot, and our understanding of it.

Other Illuminist writers such as, tarot writers from the French Masonic traditions such as Levi, Papus and others are very careful to make sure that the card has the correct meanings coming from the traditional esoteric praxis. The reason we have to go into this seething cauldron of debate and speculation is because in the late 1900s we have a very, very deep indoctrination from members of the Golden Dawn and other groups with good intentions but not so good information.

Meditations on tarot say that the third Arcanum of the empress is that of sacred magic. ” there are three types of Magic where the magician is the instrument divine power which is sacred magic; magic with the magician himself as a source of the magical operation-this is personal magic; lastly, magic where the magician is the instrument of elemental forces or other unconscious forces-this is sorcery.”

Magic where the magician is the instrument of divine power, is what this card should mean because nature has powering it inherently. Even though it says magician, we don’t want to get a connotation of a gender. Magicians coming from the word Magi can be male or female of course, and it is the divine feminine that allows us to even have contact with these three forces explained in meditations on the tarot. This is quite a long post due to the fact that the blog had sufficient writing for a long duration. We’ll really trying to do is get to the fundamental levels of why the Tarot operates the way it does, and it is only by the deep revelation of the tarot’s principles that we are able to even grok the meaning behind these archetypes.

Levi calls the third Arcanum “triangle of Solomon”. Again, we are seeing the three inherently has a focus on the geometrical shape of the triangle, Levi says “the perfect word is the triad”. He also says that it is “because it supposes an intelligent principle, speaking principal and a principle spoken.” Intelligent principle is the archetype of the empress, the speaking principal… Would probably be the card because something cannot be spoken without the use of language, and in tarot, we are using the cards as our linguistic system replicating a model of all divine language. Therefore it says to us that the perfect word in the triad the absolute revealed by speech tells us that we were able to experience Nature at its core, without the interference of a conceptual system. With a conceptual system, you place a label over the “thing itself”. This means that as long as we’re looking at the label were not able to see what the thing actually is. This is easily seen as Levi says; the sun manifest by its light cruiser makes this manifestation officious by heat.

It’s important that we grasp these principles because when we are loading into our psyche the ability to focus upon higher principles and the attunement of the lower self with the higher self’s principles, with better get it straight in order to build upon level after level. If the first level of the building is not built to cannot stand from the penthouse and look over the summit and see the magnificent site in our magical manifestation on mode. This is exactly what the third card of the tarot Arcanum allows us to do, it reaches into our experience of the triad whether upper or lower and allows us manifestation of power by our “Nature” which is also Physis.



Venus, Ostara and Wesak



It’s been a while since this blog has posted. We are ready to move along (finally) to The Empress. The Empress is perhaps the least understood card in the entire pack, often overshadowed by her counterpart The High Priestess, we see a different mode of illumination when it comes to this card. On most of the empress cards in the tarot world we see a woman , feminine figure seated in a royal manner. This is almost certainly going to depict the complementary side to the Emperor and its feminine equivalent. This means that there are Emperors and Empresses . The Divine Feminine element has been marginalized in most , if not all philosophy and doctrine. We however are not unfortunate in that respect because the tarot , of all systems of gnosis and philosophy has retained its feminine character.

On a cosmic and astrological scale we see the same thing , as The Empress represents Venus, we see the beautiful Venus treated with irreverence and disrespect throughout the world. Yet as Venus is showing herself more and more through her usual form Aphrodite, in the Tarot she resembles more of a Ostara goddess of Germanic pantheon.

Ostara usually associated with Easter has more than a hint of sexuality associated with her. Of course its odd when we realize that Easter is usually celebrated in April the month of Aries in Western world, but in the Eastern and particularly Buddhist tradition , the Shakyamuni Buddha , Gotoma received his Satori Enlightenment at the time that Venus came into view, which is what we call Wesak or the Day of Buddhas Enlightenment, or the Full Moon day in the Month of May.

Some say that it was this power of Venus which allowed Gotoma to achieve his enlightenment, and rather than turn the power behind Buddha into a story that overshadowed his enlightenment, The Empress is the magistrate that orders it! “Behind every great man, is an even greater woman”. Literally coming into manifestation before the Emperor is the Empress!

Venus has been seen as a horrible and negative force in religious and spiritual traditions and characterizes what most occultist call the “wet way” or the way of manifestation upon the path of materialism and extreme sexual activity. Tarot is inherently sexual because it understands this libidinal force that stands as the LVX and Great Astral Light that Levi was so fascinated by.

Of course this Psychic energy is the digital information matrix that is accessed unconsciously and then formed into manifestation in the cards, as we see them in their flesh. Sophia as the anima mundi of the Tarot shows us her magical form of manifestation in the Empress. Empowered with the secrets of the High Priestess , she gives form to a new race of humanity as she is almost always depicted as pregnant. That humanity is the 6th root race, or those who are empowered by the Intuition and Divine Feminine grace of Godhead

In Gnosis



The Emperor’s new , and subtle clothes

flat,550x550,075,fGreetings! In our discussion of the Emperor , the 4th card of the major arcana , we’ve discussed multiple points of interest.when it comes to the psyche and rulership, one must govern one’s own actions , ideas and goals. But there is of course an important caveat to this idea and that is there can’t be any kind of collective if every individual is focused on goals that are for “oneself only”, to borrow a phrase from Lurianic Kabbalah. With the discussion of Kabbalah, I think it would be a great time to introduce a connection from the Tree of Life.

In the tree that we use at Gnostic Tarot Cards http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/Kabbalah.html , it has been mentioned that there are divisions of 3 mothers, 7 doubles and 12 elemental letters in the hebrew alphabet. In learning this system some are confused what to do with the tree itself.This is something each person would need to determine what would be most useful, but as we use the tree , this card EMPEROR would correspond to GEBURAH and BINAH, it would be the connecting link between the two. It means what it said in Genesis 1:11

And ELOHIM said, Let the earth bring forth the
tender herb, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree bearing fruit after its kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth; and it was so. And the earth brought forth the tender herb, the herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree bearing fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind; and God saw that it was good.

So it is a permission to “bring forth” from the “earth”. This is important because we must understand what these books say when they make statements like these. Nevertheless when it is describing what DALET does it says SEED many times. Of course most won’t like the idea of SEED, but this is also represented in the Babylonian tale of the Enuma Elish

O Asari, [Marduk] “Bestower of planting,” “Founder of sowing” “Creator of grain and plants…”

So we see that the action, is of SOWING, or works. This is important because Emperor’s should be judged and discerned by their actions. Of course in the doctrine of regeneration of Swedenborg these actions are called seeds and have to do with “repentance”. Although we use the word “repent’, the word is best understood as “change your mind, or submit” this is a way that we can eliminate the pride of being attached to the REAPING. The results are to be of that great reality we call “god’s will” this is no where more applicable than it is to the royalty and political heads of country and state.

As it were, Prince Frederick Von Hohenstuaffen had this same idea, and in the Medieval times was one of the only people in political power that “submitted” to the rule of the Divine on Earth. He was so oriented that he stated in opposition to the political , religious and cultural norms of the time that grand Initiates and Adepts should rule and lead the welfare of humanity, and held regular “synods” of Adepts to run the affairs of the times. Hohenstauffen conversed and worked hand in hand with the most astute of his time, including alchemists, occultists, theurgists, philosophers, etc. of course there was a papal curse placed upon Hohenstauffen that was supposedly to the “last bastard”, but this does not change the efforts and grand accomplishments of a true “prince of light”

This shows us that the work of the Initiate surpasses that of one’s individual interests and even that of inner circle of family and friends, but from Malkuth to Keter! Whether or not we are in a role of accepted political influence or can make it only to our local city counsel meeting it is imperative that we interact with the world by SOWING the actions that would be most beneficial to humanity. In our present case in america it would be to help those that are impoverished, needing fair wages, health care, control of armaments and other progressive “efforts” that will finally bring the sovereignty or Kingdom of Jesus on earth

“It is spread out upon the Earth, but men do not see it.”

Gospel of Thomas , Logion 113

Possibly because ideas of Patriarchy and class have destroyed our ability to see that men are just another form of mankind and ultimately the same as womankind. This is why our teachings and works of the true Disciplina Arcani must be given from one to another by the spreading of “good seed” and “fruit yielding” actions. However that which bears no fruit, and of course “fruit” should be understood not as fast food or something that is detrimental or destructive, but that which can be assimilated, turned to nutriment and support of the body meaning the human body!.. shall ultimately be casted into the fire. As we purify our hearts and minds this election year, lets dare to work the magic of unity and bring about a true State of Union!




The Ruler of The World

We are still discussing our 4th card of the major arcana titled The Emperor. In this card is the whole of a political ideal, like was suggested in the last post. As we have seen the power behind a emperor figure is to “Rule”. In this manner everyone is a emperor, and it is precisely to this extent that this card can be such a boon for inner growth and development. In a Platonist parallel  we can call the emperor a “rule-Setter”. This was talked about by Plato , or Socrates as the one that makes the names of things, those functions of the things correspond to their names.” out of the Critias ” the rule-setter apparently used the other letters or elements as likenesses in order to make a sign or name for each of the things that are,.”

“The things that are ” or TA ONTA in Greek is part and parcel with the term gnosis. So we see not some ruler as history would show us, but the attribute of ruling. The Number 4, a great number is very much built from other numbers and also contains in it self the 1,2,3. This is very valuable because it is in the upside down pyramid that power to the individual really lies in. We of our time think that we are at the tip or the number 1 of the four tiered pyramid, but though we may be given dominion of our bodies, sometimes we are not, our blood, organs are other internal parts are taking damage after damage from the actions of another. This is not the ruler but the ruled. As Plato mentions to AlcibiadesAlcibiades

” The most self-controlled man (sic) teaches him not to be mastered by even a single pleasure, so that he can get accustomed to being a free man and a real king, whose first duty is to rule himself, not be a slave to himself.”

Ruler of one’s own emotions, of one’s thoughts and of one’s actions. This is the great meaning that is behind the word FREE. A Builder or Craftsman , ie “Rule – Maker” that is FREE is given the tools of his craft to make use of that which he names. We must identify like a great ruler that which we are in charge of. This ultimately is a great key to leadership. Leaders do not follow another’s rules unless the leader deems the rule something worthy and beneficial to follow.

Humanity must learn how to rule itself, without the forceful indoctrinations of others. If one is free then those actions which have been performed from that freedom will enable and empower others to become free as well. It is infectious to be a Rule Maker, everyone follows one who makes rules. One of the great powerful secrets of this card is the ROD or the SCEPTRE of the adept ruler and the forces that exist through that privilege. This refers to the great levels of initiation.

Along with this card are the symbols of the CUBE and the Cross. A quote by the great Mouni Sadhu from his book The Tarot should be quite fitting with this line of thoughtthought

“If you are able to rule and to exclude all thefunctions of your lower principles-that is, your mind-brain and astral consciousness-then go beyond all manifestation and its laws. It is possible, for many have performed it, and so returned to the Inconceivable, Unknown FATHER, the Absolute, Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, without qualities, timeless; beyond all good and evil, above all relativity. To THAT, about WHICH Buddha and Sankaracharya dreamed, in WHICH all saints hoped to find their final rest, and which was realized before our eyes, and for us, by the last Great Rishi of India-the Maharshi Ramana.”



Respect MY Authority!

Its now time to discuss the 4th card in the Major Arcana, The Emperor. As you all know we are in our little survey of the tarot, trying to get a view of the esoteric aspects of the tarot. In doing such a survey, sometimes a hint of controversy and squabble enter into the arena, never is it so important to realize such a tendency than that of the Emperor. Throughout history the mystery or (misstery) has been no where been so corrupted and destroyed as that of the realm of politics. We as a human race have experienced what was called in Greek Archons more than anything else. More than any other thing has the pervasive illusion that someone ( usually male) could wield power by might and collusion over those who would become unwitting puppets of the age old mouthpiece of political aims.

Sometimes these political movements have been beneficent like that of democracy or creating a form of government literally to extend the concerns,desires and aims of the people. Often times though we have watched , century after century history play games with the emotions , minds and energy of the masses. These rulers have never been so worshiped as they were in antiquity. Primarily arising from the forces of Jupiter the idea of Justice coupled with Authority is the aim of this arcana. What should an authority do , how shall they act when in relation to those whom ones authority is derrived from? How are we to gain support and strength toward our ( humanities) or one’s own agendas. These questions have plagued human beings since the beginning of established laws, codes and those with authority to carry out the wishes of those in support of “the law of the land”.

Since no authority can exist without “laws” we usually find that the entire problem of misapplied authority is the unspoken agreement of what the law is. Since what differentiates those with power from those who are not with power, is the mere code of laws, we are forced to see this figure as a political force. This is the very first lecture of Masonic importance to an entered apprentice in the Scottish Rite , as exemplified in Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma.

“the Force must have a brain and a law. Then its deeds of daring produce permanent results, and there is real progress. Then there are sublime conquests. Thought is a force, and philosophy should be an energy, finding its aim and its effects in the amelioration of mankind. The two great motors are Truth and Love. When all these Forces are combined, and guided by the Intellect, and regulated by the RULE of Right, and Justice, and of combined and systematic movement and effort, the great revolution prepared for by the ages will begin to march. The POWER of the Deity Himself is in equilibrium with His WISDOM. Hence the only results are HARMONY”




Level Headed

It is now time to discuss the Hierophant again. We are brought back to the area of the Hierophant’s sacred discourse. The words that are spoken to us are meant to be personal and intimate to one’s spiritual development. In Kabbalah the Hierophant card represents the letter “Heh” and its the connection between the Keter center or Crown and Wisdom or Chockmah. Now we are not here to spew already known Kabbalistic correspondences that is something that has been done over and over. We are here to open ourselves to a sacred discourse either audibly , by a teacher or sacred guide, or by the vibratory element within nature that we are seeing in the action of the double cross.

According to Mouni Sadhu , the cross is called “the great cross” and here is what he had to say about it

” The perpendicular stem of the Cross means the channel through which flows the current, passing through the three lower worlds, symbolized by the horizontal arms of the Cross. In order to make the form perfect, one should not only catch the idea, but be able to realize it in its mental, astral and physical phases”

This Hierophant speaks to all our levels of being. We are not only spoken about the Physical Mysteries but the Emotional, Mental , Spiritual ones as well. The work of the tarot helps us integrate elements of our Lower and Higher Psychic Triad, and it is within this context that the Hierophant on earth represents the Great Hierophant in the Heavens. How is that? We know what some of the great initiators in antiquity were referred to in a mystagogic role, some were even called Hermes. Hermes was not one great initiate, a Hermes was a place of attainment such as a Lewis is a Son of God in Masonry . In the Christian Mysteries the Christ was the attainment of Yeshua and was a spiritual designation. Christ or Christos is a term for one who is “anointed” and this anointed one or Messiah is also related to the Tiferet center in the Kabbalistic tree of life.  By the great wisdom of the Great Hierophant we are told the mysteries of the 6th arcanum so we can journey into the 7th. once in the 7th chariot we can then proceed on the journey through the virtues and then to our last septenary.

The Quest of the Noble ones at the feet of the Hierophant have taken into consideration the dual modalities on the path of return. One up the column of the Mother and the other up the column of the Father. Each has an ability to manifest certain attributes depending upon the choice that is made. WE who would journey to the deep and are taking our first steps to the beginning of the journey have now started to listen to the Hierophant of Nature, Soul and Spirit. WE therefore are preparing to be like those who say

“when the ear of the student is ready, the lips of wisdom are opened”


The Mysteries of The Fifth Arcana

We are still  discussing the Hierophant or Sacred Revealer of the 5th Arcanum in Tarot. Going along with sacred revelations , it must be discussed that in antiquity the Hierophant was always the medium  of the sacred gatherings of initiations. In the times of the Egyptian mysteries of Osiris the method of revelation was a “play” or Dramatic representation of certain interior processes and transformations that were covered in myths of the sacred institution. This is to say the Myth of Osiris was also a internal process of the Brother set ( demiurge) and this slaughter of this other brother Osiris (initiates soul) with the Horus reassembling Osiris’s body, we are given a indication  of a Myth that has a Moral, Philosophical and Initiatic representation.

For instance the Hierophant was in Aboriginal times called the Shaman, and the Shaman was a sort of Priest of the tribe that had passed through certain stages of preparation and purification, to be initiated into a sort of “other world” like communion and raised in consciousness to become more than human, but semi and ultimately purely Deific. The “revelations” of the mysteries were not something grand in the sense that we would see something different than every day things. It could be something as mundane as a Apple or Fruit of somekind. Another is bread and a cup of wine, another may be a stalk of wheat or a vision of the sun rising upon the Nile. It is in otherwords something extraordinary in the ordinary.

Perhaps the cards themselves are “revelatory” in nature. They possibly can take us through a stage of “preparation” to a “purification” ultimately resulting in a impregnation of meaning into the image itself leading to the Vision of Divine energies and potentialities. This is the intent of the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog, to create a stage of Preparation for those who are not satisfied with their current way of spirituality. For those who know deep down that the connection of Godhead is not through a Human medium but can be known directly. The Hierophant gives some kind of “support” or “strengthening” of the influx of this power, to force the development of the initiand and push up the developmental fire and energy to “expand” consciousness or Initiate.

There are several initiations for those who are prepared and purified enough to follow the course of evolution. The path consists of several grades and developmental stages that are in similitude to those of Alchemy. This stage of the Osirian Priest-King is the Dissolution phase and similar to the Crucifixion of high grade initiates. The process has always been held in the highest regard by all and those who seek will inevitably start to penetrate to the inner circle of adepts who like the hierophant show us the polarities and powers of the divine pleroma. Our revealer gives us the “keys” to ordinary processes and shows the “truth” behind our words actions and intentions permanently altering our “view” toward a vision and experience of Apotheosis

In Gnosis


Two Wings to Fly Away to Glory!


We are still focusing upon the Sacred revelations of the Hierophant. The mystagogic figure depicted upon the cards often has a kind of special symbolic value associated to the images presented. Specifically to the two fingers being held up , or held over the heart are seen as “benediction” , what is actually depicted is a subtle change that was between the thinking of the two or single nature of humanity. Its a very interesting place that the card takes in relation to the religious aspect of the Two Forces. There are two columns, there are two fingers held up, there are two people prostrated at the feet of the Pope. In the image there are also 2 references to 3  the Triple Crown and the Triple Cross. Its interesting that the Crown has three different levels of enlightenment. It could represent the Physical , Subtle and Spiritual “attainment” of a real Priest, meaning it gives a deep representation of the actual place that the authority of a spiritual practitioner has been derived from

It is of interest to the Esotericist and Occultist that the writings of Meditations of the Tarot by Valentin Tomberg has a reference to MELCHIZEDEK. This Melchi – King of Tzadik Priests, represents the overall place that the Hierophant gets authority from. Now to throw the Gnostic angle into the picture we are going to look at it through a different perspective.

The so called “Sethians” are the Chosen few in the books of the Nag Hammadi. Seth is the Third son of Adam and Eve, and Seth is supposedly the Receptical of non mosaic tradition, ie Melchizedek and not Abraham. The Abrahamic religion is that which is Judaic, but the Sethian or Melchizedekian work is from Adamas and is more about the Group or Ekklesia, meaning Church of Enlightened Beings. This story is very important in the work of Martinez De Pasqually. Pasqually like we mentioned before numerous times, is also seen as a Mystagogue, and he called the Church of Adam or Group of Spritual Majors as the First Church or the Gnostic Ekklesia. Why all these different terms? It is important because the Hierophant is not just one individual, there is no single individual pulling all the strings in any form of manifestation. Even when relating to the Occult Planes, such as those of Ascended Masters, there is a Council. Some like the Shatan wish to take over the council and institute their own “order” or Ekklesia , this is respectively known as the Dark or Black Lodge. Lodge meaning in the Occult sense , Plane. This is similar to what a Merkabah mystic experiences when traveling from one Shamyim or heaven to the next.

It is only a select few that even care about such things, indeed in a age of Fundamentalist propaganda, taken out of its historical context the Pontiff of the Church here on earth is still without the “staying” power of the Ekklesia or Spiritual Church Council. This is why Illuminated men and women need to be “born” into the phase of development that the Hierophant is offering. It is said that the “two” fingers represents a specific demarcation between the Single Nature of Christ or Divine Spirit and the Dual nature.  It could actually in this “icon” mean  Two polarities of manifestation , indeed the Vessels and their counterparts the shattered Shards or Klippoth.

May all who strive for Gnosis find it, and when you find it may you share it and being shared may you keep it

In Light



It is time to discuss the 5th topic of the Major Arcana. We are now discussing the card titled the Hierophant ! from the Greek words Hiero Phainein meaning Sacred , and To Reveal or Disclose. More “profanely” titled The Pope. Its a great time for us here at Gnostic Tarot Cards. We have been transformed from the lower septenary , through virtues, to the social characters and divine archetypes behind them. We are journeying to the beginning of the process. Thats right! Part of Hierophantic revelation or discourse was the beginning for those who were called “listeners” they were those who were on a road or path to begin. Sometimes its easy to be caught up in the book learning and language of the day, to the point where it obstructs our ability to actually identify, or better yet , qualify, the greater impulses in life. This is EXACTLY what the Sacred Revealers of Wisdom did in the Ancient Mysteries, they showed us through odd rites and practices that there existed a “Mysterion” beneath our day to day existence.

The Hierophant shows us the Hieros Gamos , to use a sort of mnemonic tool, on how to Unite with our higher nature. As a depository of wisdom, there was a tendency to revere the revealer, but the important point, that all teachers impart to students, is ” the one who reveals is different than that revealed”. This was the antithesis of the Pope who was all about keeping in his personage the entire power of Union, or Salvation, or whatever the Hierarchy said they were giving, but never completely gave. It is the job of the new pope, that of Wisdom to impart to us “the things that are”. This was the way that when practiced led to the goal of becoming “wise”.

The Pope on the other hand did not transmit this Mystery, the Pope transmitted the Creed and Dogma of what has aptly been called “churchianity” because the Pope (since that is the PRO FANUS term behind this card) was supposedly given power from the Authority of Jesus Christ to save and baptize. But these rites were very old and had been practiced for centuries before the Orthodox “version” of them had been approved for the public. This is because even the Catholic , which means “Universal” , Church was aware of “deep mysteries” according to one of the Church Fathers Origen. There was a “public” teaching and there was a “private” teaching. The Private version was what gave the Church sometype of power but was said of some to be “withheld” from those who instituted the Religio Lictia of Rome.

As a “sacred” which comes from Sacr , meaning Holy, we are getting a Holy revelation. For some that means something different than others. So before we go forward these ideas must be discussed because each card of the Tarot is meant to be used with others, its these seed ideas that are imparted and right before the Holy Revelation of the Pope is the “emperor” and afterward “the lovers” . This is the first time we looked at the cards before and after the one in question, but its important because we are now getting to the beginning. We are seeing how the Emperor became the Pope and then instituted the Lovers. This is the POPE and not the Hierophant. One is from a State Emperor the other is not. So we are going to end with the “Two” kinds of Holy Revealers but going forward we are now “revealing” the New Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog on our own site http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/blog . This is where we will have ample space and ability to customize content better for our viewers, hopefully revealing the Tarot of Holy Revelation

In Gnosis


"AND I KNOW , That kinda love, make a grown man cry"

“Mothcr of all, who bore Love, Aphrodite,
Lamp-bearer, shining and aglow, Sclcne,
Star-coursing, heavenly, torch-bearcr, fire-breather, Woman four-faced, four-named, four-roads’ mistress. Hail, goddess, and attend your epithets,
0 heav’nly one, harbor goddess, who roam
The mountains and are goddess of the crossroads;
0 nether one, goddess of depths, eternal,
Goddess of dark, come to my sacrifices.
Fulfill for me this task, and as I pray
Give heed to mc, Lady, I ask of you.”
PGM IV 2557-2567
Welcome to the discussion on Trump number VI and the impact it has upon us. Now is a time for great triumph for the site because of the “love of wisdom” that has been incorporated into the “main bones” of the gnostic tarot cards site. http://www.gnostictarotcards.com
I particularly like this card because of the Kabbalistic reference to the “male” being crowned by his “feminine” companion. This to me brings up the ideas of Chivalry and the Wisdom or Sophianic tradition. Here we have Eros hitting the knighted one with the arrow through the crown being placed by the feminine “priestess” figure. This is important to realize that he is in a place of service. She bestows upon him nobility and this picture is great as a indication of true love as a service to another while maintaining the sovereignty of one’s self.
The other thing that is being shown here is how the crowned knight is in a place of reverence with his left hand over the heart center. This is one of the universal signs of love and especially connecting to ones feeling self and heart center when being struck by the arrows of the angel of love. It also shows my next point that the “crown” of “wisdom” is placed upon the reverent knight when the crown is penetrated and blessed by Sophia. In the mystery tradition this crown would represent the attainment of the Royal Way. This is exactly the picture being depicted, as a “VAV” this Knight, which can be either male or female in sexual hardware, is taking an oath for the service to wisdom. Being the “link” or the VAV , meaning AND. For this is truly what a lover is. It is the AND . Meaning its not the ONLY or OTHER its an AND. For humanity has lost this place of dignity and sovereignty because it has failed to see itself as royal. The “kingless” one is actually being made KING. This is important because only by the quest of service can true Kingship be attained.
The noble one that is on a quest for knowledge of the CROWN and service to the PRIESTESS is on his way. Toiling whatever land must be toiled, he is ready to take his journey toward danger and treacherous landscapes. This s another depiction of the VAV ready to form into the last HE or the Tifferet center that is on the lowerside of the Lightning bolt. http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/Kabbalah.html . In the change of Gnosis that is taken place by a connection with the Queen, the newly inducted Knight is on its way toward the land of “incarnation” meaning the spark has been given an arrow into the center of the crown and is ready to venture into the lands that Knights go to, wilderness, forest and the unknown. Although taking the journey is dangerous and likely to cause an amnesic effect, the knight bold and brave is willing to risk it.
“0 heav’nly one, harbor goddess, who roam
The mountains and are goddess of the crossroads;
0 nether one, goddess of depths, eternal,
Goddess of dark, come to my I sacrifices. 2565
Fulfill for me this task, and as I pray
Give heed to mc, Lady, I ask of you”

Love the Changes!!

We are at an exciting time for the Site and Blog. We are finishing up with the short discussions on the Lovers card and while the series is approaching an end in the near future, the site is getting more and more “structured”. As you all know Gnostic Tarot Cards Homepage (http://www.gnostictarotcards.com)is full of links to all previous blog posts, previously that was the only functionality available, but now the main page consists of a link with a redesigned logo. That logo is a interactive “map” to the 3 main divisions of Tarot Correspondence system. 
On the Kabbalah page, if you click on the tree of life to the right on the logo, you will see a fully “perfected” tree of life as represented by the Ari, Issac Luria. On the right of the Logo you will be able to go to a Astrological mode, and that system is part of the “inner” and “esoteric” system taught by world renowned Tarot teacher Christine Payne Towler. That is called the “ladder of lights” and it is fully functional. You can click on all symbols of the Zodiac/Planets and will get the card related to that symbol. This “map” is active on EVERY page. That means where ever you are in Gnostic Tarot Cards Homepage you will be able to get to the 3 main sections of the site! The Fool on the logo will pull up a full diagram of the 22 major arcana. This is meant for fast interactions and correspondence. The experience gives a “core structure” of the Continental Tarot Model. This is important because the symbolism is ancient and is “as is” meaning has been fully represented accurately within this tradition. So as we are getting closer to this end , we are starting on a beginning from a past perspective. Enjoy for years to come.
Next we are currently just reflecting on  the tarot as a system of symbolism. But continuing forward there will start to ‘pop up’ specific topical writings that explore the depths of the tarot symbols and in particular relationships to Platonist and Gnostic groups . These writings will explore terms that are used from the actual mysteries and will contain much of the language of initiatic societies. Because the Gnostic and Wisdom Schools are synthesized through the models of Kabbalah, Astrology and Alchemy, the site will “structure” the essays in this fashion. Eventually the “reflections” will be grouped, edited and given short perspective of current Continental Modalities.
I would like to thank all supporters of the site and blog. Through this year and a half things have changed, we have gone from scarce information on an already confusing topic of Initiation and Wisdom Tradition to an authentic place of reference that incorporates all known spiritual traditions, both exoteric and esoteric alike. It has been to my great honor that readers have stuck with the site and all its vacillations of structure and expansions. We are now at a great time, all the articles have a super meta structure and core to be related to. WE have as Christine Payne Towler calls them “bones” of the entire mystery school teaching behind the Continental model. As far as the conversation on the “lovers” we are in a place, of loving the entire world ,as what has been accomplished by giving the actual architecture of the temple ,tarot may be displayed has been restored. This point can’t be stressed enough. The tarot if known how to be used will fit into many , many levels of understanding. We give Practical, Doctrinal or Philosophical, and Theurgical or Operative. The “Superstructure” that we have presented on the site gives solid foundation and application of any symbol system  its this megalith of backbone that is given as a physical body to use as a “vehicle” . But this must be said, It is due to the cards themselves and the wisdom they contain that this “blueprint” has become public.
For those conversant with Astrology we will push your understanding to the max, by subtle and obvious representations in the tarot. our only changes that take place in the cards is the world and fool, because they can relate to either the Fire Triangle or the Sun. They are interchangeable and ironically both mean the same thing. When we discuss Alchemy , the entire practice of medicine will be propelled upon the way of the “seven” ultimately corresponding in the “heavens” or Shamayim, as a path to “Perfection”.
In the reflections themselves we will collate and collect these into several E format Books and Publications both on popular device focused readers and print on demand options. The YouTube channel will be focused upon with fervor and determination to bring complex teachings upon the ladder, tree and all the facets that must be understood in depth. Facebook will notify you of any new information or changes. Twitter can and does help as well. WE are!
Hopefully these new media channels will not be taken as an intrusion or violation of privacy. They are high-tech ways of remembering the Tarot or Holy Book of the Mysteries when caught up in day to day activities. The reflections are seen as a place of introduction to things that are quite foreign and native to every day life.  They have been given very powerful “seed” ideas that infuse a different perspective in a very short time, as I learned from Bishop Stephan Hoeller and was why Isreal Regardie was very happy with Hoeller’s meditations. However, Hoeller differs in the Architectonic structure of the Tarot and adapts the system of the Golden Dawn.
Upon this I will say that I’ve messaged Imperator Griffin from the Alpha Et Omega ( McGreggor Mathers lineage) and he let me know that the A.O. (Alpha Omega) has “inherent flaws” that the A.O. seeks to correct. I was discussing Alchemy and Tarot or Tree of Life correspondences, this was something that he was aware of and the change made by Mathers by adopting the Kircher tree was what “broke” the theurgy of the Golden Dawn and “cut it off” from the Third order. or Hierarchy.
In our version you will find the Ari model as perpetuated by Aryeh Kaplan in the Sepher Yetzeriah. This is the most authentic he could find and is perfect for “our purposes”, much arguing and debate has centered upon this topic and the reason we are “Fixed” upon this particular tree is that it represents a Pre Edenic state of Consciousness and Ontology. It is not presented as the ‘most” historically accurate,it is the best we are able to find from an authentic tradition of Kabbalists, meaning it was something “used” from these groups,  just like  The Order of The Golden Dawn used the Kircher tree , we in the Continental School “use” the Ari tree. This will become evident as you transition from Practical to Philosophical tarot, then ultimately to Theurgical and Operative use of the Tarot.
So what about our conversation of  “Lovers”? well , this post is in response to what my dear teacher and grailmaster Lewis Keizer said in response to a facebook post ” its about the choice between false gnosis and authentic ” therefore as in similitude with the modifications of the site I offer you a gift as “authentic” as can be found.. a treasure map! Seek well the treasures that lie within, and may your Nous guide your journey!
Tim ,  Fratre Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum

In The NAME of Love

We are still analyzing the card titled The Lovers that is traditionally numbered 6. The number 6 or Hexad relates to the process of One into three and each element in the Three giving birth to its own self, or autogenes into its dual or Sygyzy. The one Monad gives itself a birth or sees its reflection and this Dualism is set in motion, otherwise it means that once divinity recognizes divinity, emanation is the result thereof. This story is epitomized in the mythos of Adam and Eve, and its particularly evident in the iconology of the Waite-Smith Tarot. Its not the subject of this little article to expound on the differences of the English Vs. Continental Tarot, however as an icon without any other alpha-numeric correspondence attributed to this card, Waite-Smith captures the Kabbalism of this Arcana very well.
On the icon we are given a picture of a serpent, male , female and divine being above. Aside from the blatant Misogyny of attributing the Catholic doctrine of the fall and “males” being the divine man or Theos Aner. We have a image of primordial Adam coming from A-DAM meaning  “from the earth” and EVE “life”, the deep meaning of which is best explicated in some of the “commentaries” on Genesis , some of which are in the Nag Hammadi and others from Mystics and occultists. For the time being, we are looking at this story from a “gnostical” point of view. A great key to this story lies in the “angel” that is depicted above the couple, it is in this picture that a real doctrine of Adam and Eve are seen. The Narrative of Genesis is known by many, but what is usually shown is that Eve ate an Apple, and Adam followed suit, that Adam was questioned and held accountable for Eve’s suggestion from the serpent. This is a very poor way of viewing such a story, first this is the SECOND creation story, the first was how the Cosmos was created and how Adam and Eve were a “emanation” of the power of creation, known in Semitic as YAWEH. 
This creator god YAHWEH had created “angels” to carry out the work of creating the visible world of earth, this is therefore a key to how the story is seen “gnostically”. The angel or Androgyny was a very important factor because before the Fall , Adam and Eve were created “the most beloved, above angels” but after the fall they were “of the earth” these are words that depict a polarity in the “fall”.
It is this great polarity that creates the “fall” . The Androgyny or Angels were given the power to create, then some decided that they didn’t want to subject themselves to an all mighty power , or their source. It was the choice of these Majors that they didn’t want to return to Unity, of these were known as “angels” or some have called them “demons”. It was the work of the collective group of “fallen angels” that were speaking to Adam and Eve. This is funny because in Kabbalistic work of Martinez De Pasqually, who had exceptional abilities of “magical” power, we show that Adam was a First spirit and that he was considered the Theos Aner, meaning as a Divine Man or MANAS the A-DAM was given the abilities to fashion the universe as it was guided by principles emanating from and in harmony with the One power. It was the prevication of the A-DAM to deeply fall into the “serpentine” wisdom and take on a power which was not able to be harnessed. This created a dualism and therefore a “living” being in lower manifestational sphere, The “life” or densification of the Bodies created a reflection of Theos Aner and was projected as an “earthly human”. This is the great story of creation according to Pasqually. Its important to see that in this “general doctrine” Pasqually infers that A-DAM is still in a Theos Aner position in the Cosmos, this is in fact why humanity is able to “rewire” oneself to gain the previous powers and attributes of Divinity.
The ‘serpent” was given a bad reputation in the “post exilic” story of Genesis, but the Occult wisdom of Genesis says that the “serpent” was a dualistic representation of its Major and “fallen” aspect as well. This is the meaning of the statement ” you shall crawl on your belly ” meaning that the serpent is forced to be grounded in “earthly” nature. The wording is again, funny at best because it indicates an inference that the “serpent” at one time was NOT earthly and was in a position of great power to disobey a all powerful YAHWEH. The entire symbolism of the “serpent” was withheld and the truth of its “nature” undiscovered by but a few..
This few were those who had sufficient understanding to “penetrate the deep mysteries” of this story, the Gnostics or Knowers. Since the beginning of the mystery schools there has been a discipline that was practiced in a priesthood and generally unknown to the public. This was the work of “reintegration” or “yoga”, its a tradition that has spanned through history and was first spoken about in the mystery schools of antiquity surrounding the teachings of mystagogues in “theory” but the “practice” element was generally withheld from those not properly prepared to receive the wisdom that the actions or Dromena were symbolizing in the stories of Mythology. 
We often mythologize the actions of initiates in stories of lore and are particularly enshrined in hero tales. The Hero as Campbell has shown repeatedly is a Dramatis Personae, which is a storybook character that undergoes all the vacillations of life to construct a “goal”. It is this “goal’ or “event” that is acted out in the mysteries , spoken of and revealed in the system of division related to those schools. But still this is study, and not practice. The actions of the “great work” , so called because of the “result” that happens from the actions undertaken, is designed in a way that builds upon a subtle condition and increases its radiation through the bodies of an initiate. The tremendous “tests” that we are given are the choice of “life or death” meaning the tree of life, or the tree of knowledge. Knowledge isn’t really life, its a form of analysis or opinion. Its when this study becomes applied that the subtle work begins, at each place of “expansion” the intiate obtains a “degree” and then the entire structure is changed. Eventually if persisted in this process produces “mastery’ meaning the highest initations. When we are looking at the Adam Kadmon , or in greek Theos Aner, we are beginning to see the primordial powers and true constitution of our birth, its in the Bar Enash, or New Humanity that this “work” entitles us to become not a Man-God but a God-Man. In otherwords we are “reborn” in a process of Palingensis and the Bar Enash is planted in the Heart.
This work takes long times of oral explanation and study to ‘grok’ but when we start it we are given many rewards and benefit because of the “expansions” that take place, we change ourselves toward a divine “reintegration” or “regeneration” so we are able to regain our lost powers and attributes. This isn’t something that is “eliminated” because its spiritual, the more we are able to get from the tree of knowledge, the more our ascent on the tree of life will build, slowly, our entire psychic structure and the Choice of “good impulses” will propel our humanity.
In Gnosis

The Same Old Song and Dance

It is now time for us to enter the realm of the sixth arcana of the Major Trumps, titled The Lovers. Now this card is specifically related to the “lovers” its not about love per se. This is very important for us to understand right in the beginning. The term “lovers’ from the tarot is a technical one and should be commented upon  a little.
Lovers in the tarot means “union” in this card. Its very important to ask “what union”. It is very well known that the ideas symbolized in this card are best portrayed as Married. This does not mean that we are advocating that marriage is the only term that is being promoted, however it is apparent that marriage as a union is the definite picture that is being presented in this icon.
But what kind of union are they depicting. Most of the time its cupid up in the heavens that is shooting an arrow at the couple, this could mean in our gnostic sense that there are “angels” or messengers from above that guide us to and away from marriage. It doesn’t however mean that we are ‘destined’ for one or the other but that its always a choice. This power of choice in the MAN , which means Manas, “the thought” is that the mind is the force that guides the union or discord. It is in the mind that these things should take place. The “feminine” force is that of manifestation. It is the grand Sophia in our universe presenting the fruits of our labor. It is in effect the real couple that as archetypes is a model for thinking and manifestation. In addition to the pseudo historical story concerning the most ancient of couples, cupid is giving us a great look into the reality of our “obsession with the Adam and Eve perspectives” we as the viewer are being given a look at how cupid has shot “us” with the arrow, meaning we are victims of a “love” spell and we are lovers of this story.
In the west, there are many versions of the romantic tales, some are victorious and others are sad, we have the Romeo and Juliet of history showing what happens when a house is divided against it self, it kills the two that are seeking union. Meaning there is a canceling out of the two polarities when one polarity is chosen over others. We are very much led into the psychological field of CG Jung when we look at it this way. Now seeing that we are perhaps obsessed with the story of adam and eve from Judeo-Christian book called the Pentatuch, we can see that we might be forced to this “one” version of the story for a reason.
This is the “gnosis hidden in plain sight’ that is talked about. There were several tales of the myth of adam and eve, some were Valentinian, others were Sethian, still others used these stories as myths and pure principles of the spiritual realms, whatever the case may be, we as a society have been stuck with this couple for a long, long time.
If we start to see like elaine pagels says in her book 20 years ago about adam, eve and the serpent, we can really reach into the mindset about those early formers of these tales. Without going into too much detail of the card as this is merely an introduction, Gnostic systems of thinking say that we are not the mere ol adam and eve of the bible, but that the Demiurge or False God makes us think that this story is the only one, through the power of the archons we are driven to “believe” this story, and therefore are victims of the “spell” of the Demiurge.
Though we are a long way from being restored to our original powers and attributes, we are certainly able to relate to the “lovers” here for we all following the gnostic path are “lovers of wisdom” and it is important , if we are honest, to look at the arrow in the rear and attribute it to cupid and not our own, unbiased thought.
In Gnosis

Ride.. and Ascend to the Heavens


“Now when these (events) had come to pass, he made himself a huge four-faced chariot of cherubim, and infinitely many angels to act as ministers, and also harps and lyres. And Sophia took her daughter Zoe and had her sit upon his right to teach him about the things that exist in the eighth (heaven); and the angel of wrath she placed upon his left. Since that day, his right has been called ‘life’; and the left has come to represent the unrighteousness of the realm of absolute power above. It was before your time that they came into being. ” Hypostasis of the Archons – Nag Hammadi

We are still discussing the 7th Tarot card titled The Chariot. Its somewhat a difficult process to explain that this chariot is not an ordinary one. The Mystical Chariot is a “way” of traveling , not physically, but to a place of exalted consciousness. We also can call this experience initiation.

As we are “ascending” in our vehicle to the heights of possible attainment, its imperative that we are equipped with the tools of our craft. I wouldn’t want to beat a dead horse, but its absolutely vital that we realize the additional forms that our incarnate lives have attached to them. It is this “subtle body” that ascends or descends.

Throughout our material world there are many representations of the four major divisions of living beings. Mineral, Vegetative, Animal and Human consist the Nature that we are infusing by becoming Divine in our “higher” nature. This is the sacred science of the great systems of Initiation.

I would caution the reader on “free associating” with this particular card, it would be wise to pay attention to the number it is attributed to , which is seven. Its already been shown in other writings that the number seven holds a high significance, since it is almost always related to the seven days of creation, the seven planets, the seven vowels etc.. The septenary is the pinnacle of attainment and in the realm of the heavens those who are “masters” of the chariot are exalted to the highest heavens including the Ogdoas or Eighth Heaven.

This seems like a bunch of bothersome attributions that do not have anything to do with the topic at hand, however the discerning reader will see beneath the card to its “Architectonic” structure. In this card more than any we are shown the first septenary’s manifestational point. Meaning the cards 1-7 culminate in a grand synthesis in THE CHARIOT. This is because of the intricate details the cards preceding this arcana explicate.

In the Chariot of the Gods we are given the means and goal of those who have gone before us, in a divine procession , we are led to our ultimate goal and have gotten into the chariot. As the charioteer that masters the planetary influences from beyond the zodiac, we are the ultimate creation that of the Primitive Adam, or First Man. We are the being that is in total control by the reigns holding the lower and “fallen” nature of the horses , we ride in the Chariot ( mind or nous) to the high heavens, assisted by the angelic forces (sun and moon) and the Archangelic power of the ultimate GOD, we are given the fruition of our journey. That of Divine Gnosis!



Cast Off This Faint Heartedness!

“Do not yield to such confusion and weakness, O son of Pritha! This is unworthy of you. Cast off this base faint-heartedness, and stand on your feet, O scorcher of enemies!”

Bhagavad Gita – CH 1.


Its still the time where we are reviewing the 7th card of the Esoteric Tarot Arcani. This card is titled The Chariot. In this respect we are going to reference the above quote from Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is a story of great power and helpfulness . It stars a warrior king, Arjuna and is set in a battlefield. Arjuna is despondent to his situation because on both sides of the army are his family and friends. This is what makes it difficult to choose for poor Arjuna. At this time of emotional defeat his higher self makes connection with Krishna the Avatar of the Hindu Tradition, similar to Christos or The Anointed One.

Krishna says ” Do not yield..” This Grand Charioteer of the Soul tells us not to yield. We are not to give in even though we may be tempted to. In times of great struggle we are set into a panicky that is pan-icky place of reference. It is in this time of “fear” that we are given “faint-heartedness”. In this faintness of Heart we are disrupted from the service we are here to do. As Arjuna shows us , we are taken into an abyss of pain, confusion and weakness.

It is in this weakness of our choice to differentiate between what is the right course of action that we are weakened, this “base faint-heartedness”. Base because it has to do with the FIRST CENTER of our Subtle bodies. We are awakened at our Base and this Wheel of Spirit is acted on , our being is taken over by a dis empowering place of “psychic localization” as CG Jung calls it. Basically we are “locked” or “knotted” up in a place of paralysis and causes confusion, that is the inability to choose the “way of the heart” and we are disoriented as to our purpose.

It is in this atmosphere that we are greatly ready for the FIRST INITIATION. That of the Birth of a New Life. We are conceiving the Krishna consciousness inside by referring to the Soul , rather than that of the Mind where we are confused. In this great battle we listen to the Charioteer and abdicate our power to choose between the “white or black” horse.

In this place of great “Overlighting” we are given direction and guidance, similar to what a charioteer does, but this is the Soul’s Charioteer, We are guided by a Hierarchical Power. Like my advisor says ” The Soul even Has a Soul” This soul’s SOUL is the Charioteer Krishna or Christos. When we are given a task of great Hierarchical importance we are then non “confused” and re attached to our “Heart”. Once this is done we are able to truly use the Great Fire of the Monad as the “Scorcher of Enemies” or Dark Forces. For there is really one Enemy, that is the Force that makes us choose the Involutionary path or to put it in initiatic terms Virtual Reality and its hold on us to conform our consciousness to involutionary thoughts and eggregors



Mental Health and Its Power of Propulsion


We are here going to discuss some of the great initiatic truths that the image of The Chariot represents as our 7th Tarot card in the Major Arcana.

It was discussed previously that the two main elements of this work are the chariot, and horses. But we did not explain the aspects of how this card may be seen in the light of the great hall of initiatic wisdom. We spoke of the body and its senses and other ‘vestures’ but didn’t talk of other aspects, aspects that are particularly poignant in Emmanuel Swedenborg’s writings. Swedenborg was a great Fifth Degree initiate and had amazing connection to the world of the spirit and archetypes, he says about the “chariot” and “horses” the following:

“To “ride upon a chariot and upon horses” means to be instructed in the doctrine of truth from the internal understanding of the Word.”

“the doctrine of love and charity from the Word being meant by the “chariot of fire,” and the doctrine of faith there from by the “horses of fire.” The doctrine of faith is the same as the understanding of the Word as to its interiors,”

“The signification of the horse, as being understanding, was derived by the wise round about, even to Greece, from those churches. Hence it was, when they would describe the sun, in which they placed their God of wisdom and intelligence, that they attributed to it a chariot and four horses of fire.”

Swedenborg Arcana Coelestia

Faith or Fidelity is the term used in the New Testament inappropriately translated “belief”. The Fiery Horse is to be in the stage of development where the vehicle of the body, emotions and mind are empowered and are given an influx of “fire” this fire however only happens from the “work of the chariot” or Love and Charity. These two doctrines Love and Faith are spoken about in Paul of the New Testament and are also mentioned in most of the Kabbalistic texts as well. AMEN or Fidelity is an action word and may be rightly associated with the term WILL. Love or Compassion is the other force that guides the “Fiery Horses”.

Its pretty evident from reading through Swedenborg’s 18K pages of material that when he makes reference to the “horse” and “chariot” he means the understanding of the truth and the doctrine of the truth respectively. This is similar to the idea that there are explanations of and experience of, one being more authentic than the other. When we refer to “God’s Chariot” we are referring to the DIVINE TRUTH of GODHEAD. The same as when the following is said in the Nag Hammadi on Yaldabaoth:

Now the prime parent Yaldabaoth, since he possessed great authorities, created heavens for each of his offspring through verbal expression – created them beautiful, as dwelling places – and in each heaven he created great glories, seven times excellent. Thrones and mansions and temples, and also chariots and virgin spirits up to an invisible one and their glories, each one has these in his heaven; mighty armies of gods and lords and angels and archangels – countless myriads – so that they might serve

On The Origin of the World – Nag Hammadi

The “Chariots” mentioned are the Truths of the Demiurge. When allegorically we are allowing the Chariot to pulled by “Dark or Red” Horses we are in possession of those powers that are lower and of Yaldabaoth. Its also pertinent to see that the White and Black horses must be in balance by the chariot. In Kabbalah Emanationism when a Divine Force is created or Emanated it necessitates a Dark Power with it. This is because of the subtle realms of the Noetic Plane. When the “supersubstance” of the universe is used to create humanbeings a part of that creation is a neccesary evil or inimical image to that of Divine Birthright.

These images are stored in our subconscious and can either be neglected and rendered powerless, or when we are “inattentive” the Horse will become activated, therefore releasing Yaldabaoths creation and the image becoming a “Chariot” for “His Offspring” . In other words it becomes a ruling Archon and gets an autonomous psychological function that wreaks havoc and creates a sort of “possession” .

This then is the power behind the “Fire” that spreads through the HORSE. When we empower with our thoughts geometrical images and energetic vortexes the Charioteer “Guides” the “Forces” or Horse. We are then able to use this horse to pull us on when we are weak, or we are in great need to stop what has been placed in motion by the proper balance of the “Two Impulses”



The Cart Before The Horse


We are now starting the last series of reflective snippets of Intiatic Tarot exegesis. Its appropriate that we are now looking at card number 7 titled The Chariot. The chariot has gone through a few different changes through deck, but most always depicted MAN and either different dress or clothing related to the times or symbolic men and women through the ages represented as well. The other is Horses. There were usually two horses one white and the other black.


Since the beginning of time we have been instructed by schools of wisdom to watch ourselves and not let the passions run away with us. Its not going to be in the best interests of this page to either define passions or moralize on stopping them. I would like to make reference to the idea of horses and carriages or chariots though.

Our first chariots in mystical literature are from the chariot burials of the Andronovo (Timber-Grave) sites of the Sintashta-Petrovka Proto-Indo-Iranian culture in modern Russia and Kazakhstan from around 2000 BC. This tells us as much as 4000+ years the symbol as a chariot has been around. The point that I was going to bring to attention with some of the modern horses being “sphinx’s” is that in Egypt the HYKSOS invaded on chariots contributing to the Military success of the Egyptians.

This tells us that since 2000 years bc Chariots were taken to be as important to be buried with death and in Egypt resembled great military power.

And so it is! Our chariot in this life is considered to be that which is able to carry the MAN (Meaning MANAS – SK for Thinker). The other is that MAN guides the HORSES. These HORSES are considered that which is powering the chariot. Here is the trickery, as a actual image this is appropriate as a military source of power, meaning when used in battle the CHARIOTEER is able to bring force with the HORSES into manifestation and then conquer EGYPT which is the Land of Matter. But its not that simple. When the CHARIOTEER or MANAS is pulled by the HORSES then we are not the Military conquer that we supposed to be but an ineffective slave to the HORSES will. This is when the HORSE pulls us.

In the language of Theosophy this would be the Mental and Emotional Bodies pulling us, instead of the Higher Mental and Intuitional bodies guiding us by the direction of the MONADIC DIRECTION. Its simple but profound when in an emotional turmoil to use the time tested line ” are we putting the cart before the horse” In this situation it should be yes! This statement is tricky again because to rely on power we need the horse, no one denies that fact but to properly guide the power of the horse we need a directing force as well meaning the Charioteer. It does not say put the charioteer before the horse, it says the cart, and in this analysis the cart is a moot point.

I’d also like to bring attention to a good Tibetan practice called the Chariot Technique in looking for a cart apart from its parts. Meaning look at the cart and see if its just wood, metal, axles, and rope. Held together by Nails or Weld. We will start to see that the Vehicle doesn’t have any intrinsic “vehicle-ness” apart from its parts. The same as our emotions and mental thoughts, the HORSE has no other purpose in the Chariot situation than to pull it, let us be the guiding force of those horses, or let our chariot be guided by our HIGHER SELF the real CHARIOTEER





Take a Bite Out of Crime!


We are on some of the last discussions on the Justice card , which is the eighth arcanum in the Major cards of Tarot. So we have been discussing the Law but haven’t really gone into the premise that lies behind this idea of Justice. Without a CRIME where Law or Justice needs to be fulfilled or enforced there would be no need for Law. Its a fact that those who are most afraid of rules and policies are those who break them.

Since it relates to the current stream of ideas, now would be a good time to go within your A-DAM , you ‘manas of the red earth” and ask if you are in fact guilty of any crimes against the Divine Law. This is a very subtle point but its important. Julius Evola in an amazing book titled “Hermetic Tradition” speaks about knowledge of the Tree being a quest for immortality and equality to divinity. In major catholic doctrine we are explicitly told over and over again that we are NOT god, we have never BEEN god and never WILL be god. This is disconcerting to say the least because of the necessary sympathetic responses that need to be born in mind when answering these deep existential questions.

If we are going to accept that Adams crime was that the power of the will was misused and therefore was restricted to materiality with a loss of divine powers as a result , then we are going to buy into the idea of a Fall. The acceptance of this doctrine of the fall isn’t the problem, the main problem is the acceptance that we broke a Law that can’t be amended , that restitution is impossible. This is where we are at in relation to the issues at hand when considering MAN and his divine powers and status in the cosmos. This was the intention behind Master Pasqually’s Elus Cohen

It should now be evident that the Law that was broken by using the Divine Will and Psycho-Noetic powers of the Godhead, resulted in a Divine Crime that Themis has taken into her compassionate heart and has found us redeemed through the message of the Christos. In Valentinian teachings particularly of the West, Sophia falls to our planet when the crime is commited and wanders till redeemed by the Christos therefore restoring humanity at the time of the Over lighting of Jesus on the River called appropriately Baptism. In this profound redemption the ‘sin’ or Hub of the A-Dam “man of the red earth” was ‘cleansed’ it only takes a recognition of this through expiation , by a ‘sacrificial’ rite that brings us into harmony with this other and more helpful principle, we are also saved under LAW. This is the other side of the scale, the law that redeems that is stronger than that which condemns.

So for this next two weeks , try to practice the embrace of the Redeeming Law rather than the Condemning Law, with this shift human kind might then have a better opportunity to have its Divinity and Divine Powers finally restored.

In Gnosis


When Justice , Just IS!

“Remember , child of Earth, that to be victorious and to overcome your obstacles is only part of the human task. In order to accomplish it fully you must establish a balance between the forces you set in motion. Every action produces a reaction , and the Will must foresee the impact of contrary forces in time to temper and check it! All futures hang in the balance between good and evil. The mind that cannot achieve balance resembles a sun in eclipse.”


We are still contemplating the card titled Justice . As you can see I’ve added a portion of the Paul Christian History of Magic document. supposedly from ancient Egyptian times of initiation, though probably not, it does explain some of the Key components of Egyptian initiation and should be interesting to look at when we make our examinations of the 8th Key to the Major Arcana.

Christian says ” to be victorious and to overcome your obstacles is only part of the human task. In order to accomplish it fully you must establish a balance between the forces you set in motion”

Balance between the forces you set in motion. This statement is really giving us a peek into the realm of a new kind of choice. Justice to be truly just must take account of all the options available, otherwise it is not deemed fair. It is the same with “the actions we set in motion”. Its because we have a CHOICE, this means that we must be free enough to set forces into play, we must have the ability to do and to not do. This is really the basis of moral choice . Do or DO NOT!

The idea that we are given Justice by being able to choose is not exclusive to the Tarot card Justice. It is relevant in an earlier idea popularized by a few revolutionary figures in history. The first was Plato who said that the world was composed of two dynamic energia , this energy circulated either to the right, or the left. This was further postulated in the Hebrew transliteration when in Genesis the bible says “they were made in the image…” this word for image was ‘Yetzer’, the actual word was spelled ‘yyetzer’ with two y’s. Why was the word “yetzer” intentionally spelled this way?  it was to mainly show the double nature of the psyche or mind, that even though we emanated from ONE source, we have TWO psychological natures, and out of that nature (mentally) we become in affinity to either the positive or upward path or negative, downward and de generative path.
This was later even spoken by the tradition of Jacob Boehme and DA Freher. In Boehme he makes reference over and over to us having “both inclinations in us”. This is his version of the “shrek” or the breaking of light and darkness. Its when the light crashes into the dark that the light penetrates the darkness, but when the darkness combats the light then we are stuck in a position of opposition, either way a choice to darken or lighten is available and Boehme makes many , many references to this particular idea. In Freher , on paradoxical emblems ( my version is a limited copy from Adam Mclean ) he states that both duality and unity are available for us to make a choice in a picture of that series of emblems.

These references along with the pseudo history of Paul Christian state that all action needs to take into these two polarities to be exact and harmonious. Otherwise we are in conflict and one will win over the other.
The problem to this kind of thinking is , implicit in the statement light and dark, and the harmony that must be struck, we have a implied meaning that if we can’t choose, its automatically darkness. This doesn’t take the scales into play. Its EITHER dark or light, is the additude  . This is a reverse negation of balance, and its the main crux of Psychology. Creating a polarization with one view, disintegrates the persona to a point of ineffectiveness and reduces the libnial energy which is required for initiatic work.

What the above means to say is what Christian does say ” All futures hang in the balance between good and evil. The mind that cannot achieve balance resembles a sun in eclipse.”

For a sun to have its relevancy it must postulate that which is non-sun. This is subtle but its like saying Epistemologically that everything that is apple has value but also everything is apple. Its essentially saying there is not a way to differentiate so we can’t really identify something as apple. This seed thought will develop when remembering that “nothing can be crystallized without reference to its non crystallized opposite” this is the great conflict of the psyche to resolve the disunity by creating it.



The Legalites of Living


Welcome back. We are studying the path of ascent or descent into the heart of Themis, or Justice. Now as we are fully aware Justice means Law, and in the aspect of Themis it means Divine Law. Its important to understand there are really only 2 possible laws of the Heart. This is the knowledge we are concerned with in the Tarot, that of the Gnosis Kardia, or Knowledge of the Heart. Specifically the knowledge of the way the heart interacts with the spiritual world.

For those that are not aware yet of the YouTube videos let me give the link www.youtube.com/gnostictarotcards . When you visit i’d particularly like to point out the introductory video to alchemy since that is the topic that is being covered in this post.

In the Kabbalistic interpretation of Genesis, when the words “made in the image of god” the word image is spelled yyetzer , Dr Lewis S. Keizer points out that ” yyetzer means two natured or two motions of the human constitution, one to the right and one to the left of Plato, Yetzer Ha Tov, and Yetzer Ha Ra”.

The Yetzer Ha Tov is the good impulse and Yetzer Ha Ra is the bad impulse. These are pivotal when discussing alchemy because when at the moment of either literal or self induced death the “Chalice” pours out and then the center that the consciousness of the practitioner is most in affinity with is crystallized. In the purified one of the Third Initiation or higher the consciousness is raised to such a level that the heart crystallizes and then all the planetary forces in the body are brought to a focused point in the heart!

This is profound, which is a word I use regularly, but I don’t overuse it. The profundity of this teaching is really at the basis of the Royal Way, the Kingly way. This is the way we can travel and practice that removes the need for the Dramatis Personae from our lives. Meaning when we are able to accept this LAW or Divine THEMIS we are able to craft our own destinies in the higher realms of being.

It is true that Becoming is a place that is not identical with being, but before we can Be what we are first we have to undo the reflection of what we have become, this is where the metaphysicians and occultists talk about being vs. becoming. This type we are talking about is true becoming which is the undoing of the ego or , becoming that which doesn’t become. Its a way of stating that we are working to undo the building of the mind over matter, and that we are gaining perception of true laws. Once this fun-house like realm is entered, there are also gifts, which on the first level is the destruction of Hub or Sin.

Only those who are under the law are subject to sin, the law in this fashion is the Human Law or Human litigation that was spoken about in the last post. Those who submit to divine law or THEMIS are put into a realm that is beyond karma and akarma but that of divine existence known in Alchemy as the Rubedo. Divine Marriage



I Fought the Law and The Law Won!


We are now at the 8th Tarot card titled Justice. Justice or Law is the card that comes after the Chariot and before The Hermit, she is depicted almost always sitting upon a throne and usually with scales in her hands.

Themis or Justice is the word related to Divine Law as opposed to Human Ordinance. Divine Law or Themis is the goddess of the cosmic ordinance. Its not by mistake she is assigned to the number 8. Eight represents two circles one upon the other. Themis as the mediator between these two worlds of real and unreal or reflected is in a position of great responsibility

In Egyptian mysteries the candidate would go through a ceremony that was given in the Halls of Maat, Maat meaning Justice. In the Hall of Maat the “accused” would be weighed for appropriate development to experience a “cleansing of karma” if the Heart was found to be lighter than a feather then Maat would declare the initiate perfected and eligible to pass on to the next level of spiritual development.

Justice is given a very delicate position in a gnostic trump line up because she is the feminine consciousness of Sophia seeing the creation of Sophia Achamoth. The middle is where the Christ is  or the Heart of the Number 8 as two levels of the Feminine universe are brought together it isn’t until the Sophian redeemer Christos is given the overshadowing of the dove, that he is able to bring that fractured portion of Sophia back to her homeland.

It would seem that the Gnostic Mythos says that woman is not complete without the mediation of the Christ principle. That is not true. The mother is there to nurture the christ , she is there to help it and to bring it to the mediating ground of a center of great wisdom and love. Its in the Christ or Monadic Heart that the “reflected” world of Sophia’s Achamoth is redeemed, The original Sophia has never fallen only that essence of herself that was sent to us to bring harmony back to the creation called Man.

This topic is very deep to contemplate , but I think the reason why Sophia needs to generate herself is to show her very soverign role in the Creation Mythos. No creature was ever made by a father his son and overshadowed spiritual connection, that is absurd , there has to be a Mother . A Divine Feminine. Therefore its when the harsh human mind of the Law “eye for an eye” is tempered by the Divine Mother’s Akarmic compassion and nurturing that the Christos can rest between them and say:

Do not think that I have come to revoke The Written Law or The Prophets; I am not come to revoke but to fulfill.

This Christ must fulfill the upper Pleroma of the top circle, its not until the force of the bottom circle that tries to cut it self off from the top that we are stuck without a mother “Intuitive” response that generates in the Heart, that we are completely left to write our own law ” Eye for an eye”

“That all laws which bear the title of Themis, ought to respect their profit for whom they were made”



Lux Occulta

The Hermit from The Tarot of The Holy Light

We are still on the 9th Arcanum of The Hermit, studying small aspects of this Great Initiate. When we are looking at the Tarot, as has been said previously in our little introductions, we are being transported to a place of Archetypal View. This view is like that of standing upon the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building. Every thing that we were looking at before arriving at the summit  pops into perspective and we are now able to see what we have walked through and its ultimate position in relation to that which matters.

The great sage Eliphas levi has said in his book on tarot exegesis
” The lamp of Trismegistus is reason illuminated by science;
The lamp of Trismegistus
enlightens present, past and future, lays bare the conscience of men and manifests
the inmost recesses of the female heart. The lamp burns with a triple flame”

Eliphas Levi tells us the lamp has a triple flame, or in other words The lamp is threefold , corresponding to Physical Astral and Mental Planes. The biggest secret of Initatic Science is that of the Constitution of Man , the actual structure of Man the Microcosm apart from that of “unique” personality levels, we are all of the same “parts”.

This is the lamp of Wisdom speaking to us, When the hermit comes and reveals the “light” what is being shown is that we are part , nay, entirely interwoven in the Cosmic Fabric. As the lamp stands for what is in Initiatic Language “LUX OCCULTA” or profanely known as “The Hermit” we are seeing the actual light.

Light in the physical realm as deduced from reason and illuminated by science is a ray of vibration slowed down at a prism and split into lower and lower aspects of the original whole. It shows us color and perspective. Occult light is the light that is literally “Hidden” when this hidden light is shown it’s what Blavatsky called “astral light” or the light of our higher constitutions of being. This whole based view of our entire self or MONAD is the Light of the Occultist and learning to use it is the activation of the Staff and Mantle.

When we are familiar with all levels of vibration , psychic energy and the literal fabric of our SELF then we can be that self everywhere, communicate to that self in water, earth, fire and air. WE can be the self in others and the SELF of the Cosmos.

For the Light (SELF)that shines in the Darkness (PERSONALITY), but the Darkness comprehends it not.

He Who Gives… Receives!


As I was glaring at the El Gran Tarot Esoterico version of the hermit, I was taken back by the White beard. I often see the strength of a lion , a hunter, a doer in an old man. The Duc De Palatine says that ” we are stuck with the image of a father figure” And I guess that this ol Hermit is my father figure archetype

In the snowy mountains there are many hermits , in meditation and contemplation on the greater good. This is the real atlas, the weight of the “real” world is upon their shoulders, because the world they have to be strong with is one where they are seen as the most hungry, needy and proud of individuals in the jungle. Sure there are those that are able to shed the “Father Figure” but not always. What usually happens is like the Duc De Palatine says ” you love him because you want to be him, but you hate him because he is what you are not”. So long as we are putting our worth and measure upon another to carry our burden , will we be ruled by this father figure.

The real world of earth is not the monetary one, that is a symbol of the worlds exchange. The real life blood of our world is the “etheric sphere” this is why the Father must be linked with the beneficent role of the Sun, spreading rays, indiscriminately to all who need them. With money we can’t do this. Money is simple exchange , as our famous Ayn Rand said ” Value for Value”, this is only a partial truth. When we leave Atlas “father” to hold this planet for us in our pursuit of money or even worse to swindle it from those who have it, we are stuck increasing the burden upon those “gods” and when doing so we destroy our ability to be free of them.

Since these little snippets of tarot reflections could be expanded indefinitely we will get to the point. The real world that atlas holds is the subtle world of our thoughts, emotions and decisions . This energy is the “burden” the money is just a symbol for this mass of condensed energy that we have thrown upon Atlas ” father” Shoulders.

When we are considering the Great Ones that take this burden, now we know that our Enterprises and Corporations are increasing the “etheric” load on poor atlas’s shoulders, will we then shrug?

There is a better way, by taking upon oneself the burden often casted upon others we can clean our lives , we can keep house, repair our country and disempower those who are in a delusion of temporary gain while making the Solar Logos’ Shoulders Buckle with Pain and Agony, altruism can’t be forced , but can we live without it? Our Cosmic Father , Atlas is holding the entire energetic content of what we do in agony and writhing pain ..

will    we   shrug?

In Gnosis


"Thy Rod and Thy Staff Comfort Me"

Psalm 74:2: Remember thy congregation, which thou hast purchased of old; the rod of thine inheritance, which thou hast redeemed; this mount Zion, wherein thou hast dwelt
Rod in old Hebrew is ‘shebet’. This literally means stick, but the stick or magical tool in hermetic literature is not meant to be “spare the rod spoil the child” the “Rod” here is meant to be the authority and basic will of the highest powers. Rod as ‘shebet’ means the following: rod, sceptre, staff, tribe. Its important to realize that this statement of the “rod” here in our Hermit Arcana is telling us that man can always depend upon the Rod or Staff for balance and support. This means that Hierarchy is there to assist us as the Heavenly “tribe”. or Staff. Like the staff of the church. Its not difficult to realize that “stick” is the physical representation of this archaic form of Priestly Vestment or Tool. The MITRE of the Hierophant is now the Rod of the Hermit. Meaning that the Authority of the Hierophant has now passed. The church is no longer in power and the child in the lovers card has chosen to become a fully supported Emanation of the Power of the Heavenly Tribe by transmuting the Arrow of Cupid into this Staff.
Next i’d like to call attention to the words of Alice Bailey from Initiation Human and Solar :
there are four levels of power descending through the Rods of Initiation

1. Cosmic
2. Solar
3. Planetary
4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor initiations, and for the first two initiations of manas by the Bodhisattva.
Manas is the MAN all philosophy talks about. This is the non gendered , asexual Initiate in the SK Thinker, or One who Thinks. 9 in hermetic philosophy and Pythagorean Mysteries represents the MAN. Also in Pythagorean philosophy the rod represents the “cabiric chain” basically as Bailey indicates the Rods are used to transmit power to us by this Heavenly Hierarchy, or Tribe.
IN Christine Payne Towler’s book Underground Stream she says of the Hermit in the chapter Holy Blood, Holy Tarot, ” These individuals learned how to create spaces inside of their ego for the overshadowing invasion by the archetypes”.
I’d bring attention to this fact that All healers use a Rod to do the healing. Similar to Moses and all Adepts. Here for the first time we are hearing about the practical aspects of Magical Implements, its to do the work of the Tribe that we are blessed to be in contact with via the Cabiric Chain.

As Above so Below

The Social Color, Or Lack Thereof



We are now at the 9th key of the Tarot cards titled Hermit. This Hermit is at first a very sullen looking character, perhaps the most depressed looking at first. It’s important to realize that his grey robe in popular occultism is actually a representation of whats called “the robe of glory” or aura. This aura by isolation is turned colorless or grey when unhealthy. To me this represents the necessary cycle of death that the old Hermit goes though.


The ‘robe’ has been discolored because of the extant 3 untied knots in the walking stick, meaning the ‘walk’ or activity of this old man has been very poor indeed. This of course isn’t the grey reality as a static place of unchanging conditions and circumstances, but it’s an indication to the pupil that this card is telling a very realistic tale. The life of one who follows the lights of conscious expansion is in very immediate danger of ‘polarization’ to the light who can and will devalue the bodily aspect. This is one way of viewing the card. The other is that by realizing one’s final purpose life takes on meaning ultimately and is a guiding force in one’s life.


YESHUA Said “the kingdom is within you”. This sagely advice in connection to this card  is to me a warning that a Kingdom, or Malkuth that is neglected will become knotted and choked up energy will gather at the base level. Without the vitalization of the aura the power to manifest this kingdom will be completely baseless and the light though in front of us will be an illumination no doubt, but our life will not embrace the light and we will focus upon the container of light to harness it . Instead the vitalization of the etheric body and the auric influences will be dissipated and there will be darkness in spite of perceived light.


This is because as Mar Yeshua said ” the kingdom is within you” and our image is holding an external light. There are other interpretations but this is the story of involution, unless it’s recognized that the tarot is speaking to our involuted nature and is showing a way of evolution as well we will be polarized upon one aspect of the body and the other of body less, form and pure energy are synthesized in MAN. This is why the hermit is such a great figure, it represents the aloof manner of polarization toward two extremes, and each creates knots.


Again and Again, and … Again and Again!



Welcome to the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog! We are still discussing the key of the Tarot that is called THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE. It’s especially relevant because of our current economic situation, especially in the United States of America. It’s important to realize that FORTUNA is not created by a static place of “already there” but a constant Becoming. However this is a danger of the system. Because motion always creates a counter motion it’s almost impossible to stay in one Economic position. Even if one experiences this “abundance” or “prosperity” in relation to finances it’s not true “abundance “ unless the consciousness of its downfall is eliminated.

I would challenge the reader at this point to really focus on the Gnosis that this card is trying to convey. It’s not only relevant to one’s current “situation” but if circumstances warrant it will prepare for future successes and failures. That is the MATERIAL version of this card. There is a ASTRAL or EMOTIONAL level to this card as well. As the mind turns and revolves upon the external sensory and MATTER we are taken into a sort of whirling motion, because “energy follows thought” we are in a position to evaluate from center and not from a station of unbalanced perception while on the wheel. The only way to really get off this turning wheel is to bring back oneself in MEDITATION. This effectively creates a bridge with the inner truth of FORTUNE, that it is a wheel and all wheels are dependent upon a central axis or axle. This axle is the true essence of motion and without the wheel has no purpose and becomes a round object.  The wheel is what makes the entire mass of an object moveable. It’s not that difficult to understand materially, of course we get into a car and that car is propelled by an engine and moved on the axle and wheel system.  Now if we believe in the Hermetic axiom “that which is above is like that which is below” then we are in for a treat.

This principle really states that anything that is too large in mass for us to transport, must rely on the principle of motion. E-Motion this is the movement of energy and is extremely difficult to ascertain, but for our purposes this Wheel is that of the feelings. Feelings are the biological result of mental states, otherwise feelings would be without cause a reactive, in that situation the wheel would turn without a propulsion system and innately movement would be unstoppable. This can’t be as we all know because there must be a subtlety of “Non Movement” for Movement to be possible. When it comes to emotion the principle that overrides emotion is that of the MIND but not the mind that is dependent upon the emotion, for this principle to take effect the mind must be the emotions god! Again brought to our Hermetic Axiom “As above, so below”. If the NOUS has made itself god over the 3 vehicles of the Physical, Emotional and Mental bodies then we are in a position of rest “…And on the Seventh day God rested”. Rest from what? It is the rest from the motion of activity, when we meditate upon the tarot we are placed in the SANCTUM of the HIGHER MENTAL bodies and the FIRE internally circulates properly as the axle of our PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and LOWER MENTAL (INSTINCT) Vehicle.

In Gnosis


"Wheel in the Sky keeps on Turning.."

We are still studying the 10th key of the Tarot Arcanum which is Wheel of Fortune. Its important at this juncture of the series of analyses on the Tarot cards to focus upon the aspect of Karma. Reincarnation and Karma are two different things. In classical Buddhist thought karma is the result from ones actions, the tenet that one action can’t occur without a previous disposition is valid here. The action of Karma is the arising of seeds that have been deposited in past incarnations. This Reincarnated force is the effect of Karma and Karma is the Cause of Reincarnation. Its important to realize this at where we are, because the idea of just “rotting” in a box is not valid in the western esoteric tradition.


The “rotting” experience comes from the idea that matter is dead, this is rooted in old ideas of Docetic thinking. Basically that Divinity is Separate from Humanity and therefore is the basis of Theism. We of the Western Mystery Tradition however, do not assert that matter is dead. We assert that matter is intelligent and from the foundation of its establishment is dependent upon a more refined but not unlike source. This is similar to the water and ice conclusion. Water is the basis in form of Ice in form. Even though they have the same elements they are different form. This is the nature of the Body and Soul. The Spirit is more like the deep structure of the Water molecule, which is beyond the human senses to perceive.


The 3 divisions of the wheel are the three turners of the wheel of karma, namely the will, its returned impulse and the result. This creates a self perpetuating wheel that feeds itself. When the mind starts “turning” the momentum of the experience in motion is easy to make deductions and experiential conclusions, however its important to realize that to accurately assess an object in motion it must be analyzed from that which doesn’t ‘t move. As Hermes Trismegestus says ” What is the size of that which moves that which is in motion” and the response is ” huge” and Unfathomable.


Therefore the mind isn’t capable of understanding the basis of Karma, and here is the point that is most difficult to experience. The motion of the Wheel is self perpetuation and becoming but that which moves it is being. In order for Being to Become it has to differentiate itself. However this spoken in initiatic principals is much, much simpler. As is stated by a great mystagogue


“place a lighter that emits fire in front of the sun, and see that the lighters flame is just a lower version of the sun”


This is really profound and I would ask the reader to simply TRY


Podcast 2: Knowledge and the Pursuit of Tarot

Know for Thyself, Learning how to use Tarot as a method of Gnosis. Gnostical Podcast2background on the “fundementals” behind the tarot. Learn some of the alternative currents that are underlying the most controversial group of symbols. The Tarot.

I Second that E – Motion


As we are moving toward another Zodiacal year , we see that the Wheel of Fortune is moving as well. This cycle of the year and cycle of the heart are in essence the same. Meaning in the heart , there is a force that moves and rotates with the cosmos. This isn’t that difficult to see. On our card of the Wheel we see 3 principal figures moving. This is the 3 columns of the Kundalinic Channels known as Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. As they move the heart “wheel” is activated.


This is important to grasp at the beginning of our discussion because of the next thing I’m going to talk about. Newtonian physics were the one way that we discovered the laws of motion. In the wheel we see that there is a force moving the wheel but also 3 principal laws in motion , one is that anything that moves will move indefinitely unless there is a counter force to balance it , the second is that the counterforce stops the primary movement and thirdly this application of counterforce creates a opposing Re Action in relation to the first.

This is the statement that is based upon Newtonian Physics called “for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”. This is a profound principle and in the future I will expound it  . But for now it should be known that for a whole to be split there has to be reunification inherent in the idea of a whole to be reunified back into the whole again. This sounds complex but isn’t really.


Unity can’t be split unless the split also creates inherently a force that also unifies. This is very important because if we split a Unity into a Dyad there must be inherent in the Unity a force that re Unites a Dyad, otherwise we would eliminate the idea of a Unity. A Unity once taking form as a Dyad cannot be a Unity, This is why a Re Conciliation must be inherent in the force of a Unity. If you can posit the idea of a “split” then you must inherently acknowledge a unity that was the host of a split. Splits cant split from a split. This is why Persian Zoroastrian philosophy is unexplainable from a Physical standpoint. Even if you have energetic fields like the High Causal planes there still must be a primary cause and a secondary effect. Unless cause and effect are both causal then we would be forced to agree to ” pantheism”.


In Valentianian Gnosticism there are two versions of the Pleroma in Valentinian texts. one is the Emanation version where every thing that exists, exists in a sort of womb of the Unity. The other is the emanational version of the pleroma where we are given a causal effect version of the aeons unfolding in syzygycial pairs , until a split! happens from the inevitable unity in diversity. In order to get a unity again there must, be a split and an unification.


Now this might be difficult to swallow. Satan is the Split , Sophia the Redeemer. The CHRIST isn’t gender specific. Satan isn’t the horrible demon created from Biblical times. Shatian is the “Adversary” not a demon. Its real important to realize that for us to exist there has to be something that pulls us to and from this existence. As explained in the Corpus Hermeticum II ” that which moves must be moved by something” This is scientific. For something to pass from form there must be an opposite reaction to a primary action. Birth must be brought to Death from a cause that is different from but inherent in the Birth Death cycle. In this schema the Birth is actually the Death of the Monad. And Death is the Birth back to unity, because there has to be a cause exterior to the effect.


This “cause exterior to the effect ” is why the Valentinian Pleroma is so difficult to explain and why ultimately Pantheism or Emanationism must be the Championing force as PHILOSOPHIA for all Spiritual systems of thought. Newton was in the inner sanctum of the Gnostic / Rosicrucian tradition and was part of a scientific elite. This is the inner meaning of the Newtonian Physics that are derived from Pythagorean mathematics and Platonic and Neoplatonic philosophical traditions. Valentinians expounded a mythological structure to new Initiands so the Mythological function would be accessed in Ritual actions. When the gradual explanations and preperations were undergone the Initiand would then be an Initiate and pursue the levels of esoteric instruction leading ultimately to the Reunification with ones Angelic self. The Hieros Gamos!


In Gnosis



Turning of The Heart

” I awaken the Chalice of my Heart.. ” From the Temple Eucharist


We are moving.. along to the next Arcanum . The Wheel of Fortune. In the Wheel of Fortune we are going to see primarily conversation in picture form about the term “Motion”. Motion is talked about in the Corpus Hermeticum and Plato called it a ‘motion to the left’ and a ‘motion to the right’. This is also what was considered to be a Ascending or Descending motion. Another context would be Rising or Falling, and yet another is the Good intention and Evil inclination.

Each of these terms has a wealth of information tied to it, and were it not for space, I would be more than happy to offer resources or more information. Like my teacher likes to say ” the universe is user friendly”. Its not important to understand the distillation process when experiencing the effects, taste and all sensory data when it comes to a glass of wine.

Likewise , the esoteric instructions are of utmost importance and something as small as a smile speaks a multitude of Occult Data and Esoterica. For instance, the smile according to Mantak Chia is directly linked to the sympathetic nervous system.. this is the entire framework for sensation and the object of yogic performance.

In the Kabbalah “pleasure” is the SON. Boehme ( which was probably the most advanced occultist and esotericist that ever lived) Called the desire to receive “Pleasure , or Delight”. This was because the nature of a container is to feel that which is being placed in it. And for there to be delight there must be a Vessel. The Heart is that vessel!

In the philosophic reasoning of the great kabbalistic masters there were Thesis “ god is light” ,Antithesis “there is darkness”,Synthesis “ to god all is light even the darkeness” They agreed unanimously about a few statements in regard to the 3 Principals of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Now pay attention!
The father is in the kabbalists system of thought and gnosis the GIVER. The son is the ultimate RECEIVER and what is the Holy Spirit?? The action (will) of the loved (gratitude) to give back(spirit of giving). It is the action of giving that is the great golden blessing on humanity and doesn’t deplete oneself, because this card states that there is a suffering or hellish component to mere reception. There is only one propelling force in the Law of Karma, which is this card, that is ACTION! It is the WILL that activates the process of Karmic debt, and payment. When one RETURNS its the acknowledgement of the GIVER , RECEIVER and the RETURNING, or Eucharist.

In Buddhist thought , there are 3 levels of enlightenment, one is to get for oneself ,the other is to get to give back, its only by the second that enlightenment is actually received which is the release from karma and its consequences. This is called union. The Great Hieros Gamos, is performed by an active recipient that is practicing the six bodhisattva perfections and is therefore united with ones creator. In kabalistic philosophy this is called Dvekut or Adhesion. In Gnosticism this is called Hieros Gamos, in Buddhist Philosophy this is called Enlightenment and Clear Realization of the Mind of Clear Light. All this and more is performed by the action of the Smile.

How is a smile able to perform wonders?? Its because when you smile it validates the gift of blessing that has been received, and is a subtle action that returns the “favor”. 🙂

In Gnosis


The Conquered Lion


Here we are at the Strength card, in the past it was called Force, but in actuality the Arcanum is the “conquered lion”. It is the card that is focused upon sublimation of “lion” like forces, or Winds.

In Gnostic terminology this Wind is the Psyche, of Psychic nature. The psychic condition is that of the divided Monad ( 1 + 10 = 11) This is the lion nature. The psychic condition is instinctive , animalistic nature. The number 10 usually represents that of Kingdom. This means that the 1 is in total relation to the many. The strength of the soul, mind, heart , and body
ultimately relies upon this premise.

It was Paracelsus that championed the idea that Healing comes not from identification of the Symptom as a whole , but that the symptomatic nature of disease was due to a separation from a state of Health which was considered Complete,Unified, Monadic state.

In the Gnostic Myth of the Demiurge this is called ” saklas ” meaning the psychic nature is created as the mind divides itself “self consciousness” from the Monad. This isn’t bad because in order for “self” to exist as a separate unit it must distinguish itself from the whole. When the whole is separated (10) it permeates the entire cosmos and gives each cell of the one body a “name”.

As we move forward the division between us and the whole becomes more unified, until its realized there is in fact, no division.

As we move toward the realization that the “lion” is animal and therefore a stepped down emanation of the Divine Monad, we will be like Yeshua said ” Eaten by the lion”.

In Gnosis


Feel the Roar!


Here we are at the Strength card, in the past it was called Force, but in actuality the Arcanum is the “conquered lion”. It is the card that is focused upon sublimation of “lion” like forces, or Winds.

In Gnostic terminology this Wind is the  Psyche, of Psychic nature. The psychic condition is that of the divided Monad ( 1 + 10 = 11) This is the lion nature. The psychic condition is instinctive , animalistic nature. The number 10 usually represents that of Kingdom. This means that the 1 is in total relation to the many. The strength of the soul, mind, heart , and body ultimately relies upon this premise.

It was Paracelsus that championed the idea that Healing comes not from identification of the Symptom as a whole , but that the symptomatic nature of disease was due to a separation from a state of
Health which was considered Complete,Unified, Monadic state.

In the Gnostic Myth of the Demiurge this is called ” saklas ” meaning the psychic nature is created as the mind divides itself “self conciousness” from the Monad. This isn’t bad because in order for “self” to exist as a separate unit it must distinguish itself from the whole. When the whole is separated (10) it permeates the entire cosmos and gives each cell of the one body a “name”.

As we move forward the division between us and the whole becomes more unified, until its realized there is in fact, no division.

As we move toward the realization that the “lion” is animal and therefore a stepped down emanation of the Divine Monad, we will be like Yeshua said ” Eaten by the lion”.

In Gnosis


How Strong is Gold?

From an Initiatic Lecture on Alchemy:

“Al – the; Komia – Secret thing. Also another:- the Egyptian and Chaldean :Al or EI – God; Cham- – sun. In other words alchemy is the God influence or solar influence expressed in Nature.”

Nature to the alchemists was a substance that was apart from the divine. This was why they referred to the “natura naturans” the naturing of nature. It was because they believed matter or sarx to be made of cold inanimate material. This was a viewpoint of the middle age alchemists because of Orthodoxy and Theological beliefs in a Creator God.

God to the alchemists was embedded in the words AL or EL according to our initiatic lecture. This is significant when we see that angels end their names in the EL as in RAPHA EL or MICHA EL .

 The names of Arch Angels are in fact attributes that are “god attributes” these are the different powerhouses that emanate from the almighty all. So when we are practicing alchemy we are “dissolving” or forms of thinking that are not influenced by the solar or “dry” way of the Great Work.

So why is this particular meditation located on the Strength card. We have here selected the “Strength” or Force card of Robert Place. In Mr Place’s Alchemical Tarot the image of Strength is given its beautiful Alchemical meaning from the “Golden Tripod” in the 1600’s. This was the process of “fermentation” or FERMENTIO.

Fermentation was the basis of alchemy and is where transmutation occurs. Fermenting rots and dissolves a substance into another form , similar to the butterfly and its oozing forward from a cocoon to a beautiful Monarch. In this process the first thing is literally burned off and is Putrefied to a point where it is no longer available as its previous form, but is ‘transformed’. This was what was believed in the 1600’s to happen to “cold matter”, but as we have previously mentioned this is a Theist way of viewing the Duality of Spirit and Matter, as the alchemists of the 1600’s were discovering “to make gold you first must start with gold” This is a subtle change but is significant because the alchemical furnace is the Heart. It is in this ‘heart’ that the work of alchemy is done. This ‘gold’ existed before the process was begun or initiated, because its by this heart that the work of the heart can be done.

In the Fermentatio and Putrifactio the Great work of Blackening was done, In Nigredo the work of purification was resting upon the solving of the hearts enigma. In our hearts we are unified with all humanity, and it was through the heart that our old ways of thinking and living were being killed off, the great secret was therefore the work of connecting the natural and human “heart” to the divine Heart. In this Work,  GOLD from gold is accomplished.

In Gnosis


Strong Initiation


Now we are studying the correspondences of the 11th Arcanum titled Strength. At one time it was called the Enchantress. This is way fun to look at the card in this manner because we are seeing mythology open up to us by the use of primordial images. However its not ok to mythologize an image just because that image has a seemingly accurate similarity with something else. Rather its extremely important to connect a card , its images and historical changes, of chronology and as a basis , that of its particular occult or esoteric expounders .

This must be the first order of business to get an accurate framework of the factual information contained in the image. We are also trying to ascertain the thought processes of those involved and a frame of reference for possible meaning. Only through thorough investigation into the facts of each key may we start to accurately dive toward deeper waters of interpretation or exegesis.

That being said I can reveal something written by CC Zain who is quoted on the Gnostic Tarot Cards Website under our sitemap and titled The Science of Will. the entire corpus of this older 19th century organization called Brotherhood of Light is available online , but as this important information has not really been made available, or if it has , it has been overlooked. The initiatic portion of this key says the following:

“- In the soul’s initiation Arcanum XI represents the spiritual and psychic powers that are the outcome of the neophyte’s occult training.”

“as this change, denoted by Arcanum XI takes place, he becomes increasingly more potent to use his spiritual and astral powers; for the power of a force depends upon the plane from which it emanates, and the finer the organism the finer the force which it is capable of receiving and transmitting”

As we can see, this arcanum is more than a lady with a lion and some medieval dress. This key is giving the synopsis of “occult training”. So what is it that we are going to manifest? These words to some are very spooky and denote what might be called “black magic” to most who try to practice these tasks. Glory of a lower self is NOT a path that unfolds the arcanum of this key. It is in fact a blockage to it. The animal self has to be subjected and mastered by the Sophian presence. Once the powers of Sophia are manifested ,”power of a force depends upon the plane from which it emanates”,the practitioner becomes more aware of “finer” “forces” and is in direct proportion to a “finer” “organism”.

So it is by the constant process of what the Medieval Alchemists calls “solve and coagulate” that the alchemical processes take place and the “gold” is received. This gold is NOT material metal, in essence it can’t. Gold derives also from higher emanation”a force depends upon the plane from which it emanates”. A plant like an organism is also ‘forced’ to, probably beyond its own will , face the light in an act of Photosynthesis and absorb the light of the sun. This is a “power” of growth, or etheric combination of fragrance and form, geometrically precise for not only opportunity for more potential seeds to grow, but those who would benefit from this growth for reasons like, food, shelter, clothing etc.

Moving up the chain of beings we are now, as humans ,incorporating much more than a piece of cow meat, or a seemingly unimportant vegetable. What we are eating or assimilating is ,in reality the psychic energies of numerous beings that have chosen to end their “lives” as an ultimate sacrifice for us. WE are their gods and we are their redeemers, they have given , much like prayers, the energies of themselves to our animation and propulsion. Its therefore important , of the utmost importance, to strengthen ourselves with this idea of reverence toward the efforts of these beings. When such an attitude is taken the initiatic statement

“- In the soul’s initiation Arcanum XI represents the spiritual and psychic powers that are the outcome of the neophyte’s occult training.”

will definitely come to fruition.
in the gnosis


Do our Words Strengthen … or Weaken Us?


Here we are studying the Word as it relates to the Strength card, A brief excerpt from William Law’s Clavis of Boehme:

 From the Key to Boehme – William Law.

 27. The Holy Scripture says, God has made all things by his   eternal Word; also it says, That Word is God, John 1, which  we understand thus:
 28. The Word is nothing else but the [1] out-breathing will,      from the power and virtue; a various dividing of the power    into a multitude of powers; a distributing and out-flowing of the   Unity, whence knowledge arises.

(above picture from the Tarot of Holy Light By Christine Payne Towler & Michael Dowers)

In our picture of this Key from the Tarot of The Holy Light, The woman standing next to the protecting lion is exhaling a stream of wind and also is showing a very illuminated state of being, by her eyes of sun and moon.
As Boehme says “the Word is nothing else but the out-breathing will from the power and virtue, a various dividing of the power into a multitude of powers distributing and out flowing of the unity, whence knowledge arises”.

This phrase is very impactful; the Gnostic redemption given by Christos in Valentinan tradition is titled “Strengthening”. This is the Hieros Gamos of the Gnostic Tradition . Strengthening is defined as the Christs redemption of the angels in the ekklesia or church, and thereby having whole angelic revelators of the gnosis to mankind. This cannot be stated enough.

As Boehme says, and by the way this Clavis was recommended by the Author and Designer of the Tarot of Holy Light, “knowledge arises” from this “out flowing of the unity”. This is the core of the doctrine of Emanationism. It is through this “many out of one” that we may find how we are connected through this Word. Dr Keizer has expressed In the Johannine tradition the fourth gospel of the new testament has been said to “need no other interpretation except that when we hear the words “I” by the supposed Messiah, we are actually hearing the emanation of the Christ Within, and not that of an individual “. This idea of Jesus as a man and savior of man, is distorted by the Orthodox Church in the Nicene Creed as a physical savior , died , risen and is the only son … blah blah.

Boehme says that “out-breathing will, from the power and virtue” the out breathing of this key , is , well.. the key. The breath has been related to Prana, life energy, ether, many different properties, but always relates in an amplification or modality different from that of ordinary consciousness.

Even in the Alice Bailey works, the mention of Breath is in relation to the six days of creation in the books of Genesis, in the Hebrew Old Testament. Breath is the absolute expression of life. Out Breathing is both a death and an emptying of ones life force , or return to grace. Since not one of us is in control of the breath and sometimes it may even go un noticed. Boehme says it is the “out breathing will, from power and virtue into multiplicity” that gives us our Gnosis.

In Divine Gnosis


Strength of the Divine Feminine


This blog has gone through a brief overview of 10 pictorial representations of the ancient arcanum of the Western Mystery Tradition titled by the itallians “the Tarrochi”.

Please be sure to “subscribe” for free , if you like this blog and posts. the material here is meant to give a bare bones representation of some of the more hidden aspects of tarot symbolism, the teachers of tarot have expounded the system in large extent and I would highly advise the serious student of this magnificent pack of cards to obtain and study the works of Papus, Wirth, Sadhu among others, and familiarlize oneself with the topics discussed.

This of course presupposes you are able to accept that Tarot is more than mumbo jumbo and is actually a pictographic form of esoteric education and development.

That being said we have covered what are commonly known as the Lunar initiations represented in the pack of tarot cards. This is the downward action of the soul in its manifestation into matter. With the beginning of Arcanum XI we are going to go toward Solar inititiation and this is the subtle realms of development toward the primordial source of Being. In essence the first initiation series is that of Being to Becomming, the second Becomming toward Being or Lunar and Solar respectively.

Beginning with Arcanum XI the title of this discussion is Strength. In the strength key we are given the image of a woman holding the mouth of a lion against the background that is somewhat deserted. This is a real gross representation of this key. So first we must focus on the title of the card. This provides the framework of what the symbols are actually saying , which is the “word” speaking in primordial images. FIAT LUX.

This card is titled strength or force it represents the Sophian aspect of the cosmos in the power over the “Lion” of lower manifestation. Instantly for those gnostically inclined this brings up a picture of the “lion headed” deity called Yaldabaoth, and his emergence from a stronger power called Sophia . The Valentinian gnosis will bring out the aspect of Sophian Fall and how she actually was split into two. This is not what is being indicated here, by the simple overpowering of the Demiurgical “lion”. When this demuirge has been subdued he shows the natural elemental form that is given in what is in my honest oppinion the most esoterically designed deck of all time, that is my friend Bishop Payne Towler’s Tarot of The Holy Light (http://www.tarotuniversity.com/2011/09/tarot-of-the-holy-light-deck.html) which is going to be the Magnum Opus of this sites exegesis.

In the Tarot of Holy Light , the lion is made part of a wholistic gnosis and sophia is in a place of honor as the sexually revealed justice, meaning to me that the mother has been given justice when the “Lion” of patriarchy has been subdued by the natural processes inherent in its manifestation which is not rooted in the cosmos, but in the natural world, or created world. This is highly esoteric stuff and may be too much for a cursory introduction to the strength card, but the title of the site is Gnostic tarot cards and it must eventually live up to this category. At any rate i’d highly reccomend this deck , unfortunately I can’t show pictures,  but if you have I Pad, or I products you can purchase an application of this magnificent deck Tarot of The Holy Light. (https://itunes.apple.com/app/tarot-of-the-holy-light/id555363251?ls=1&mt=8).

That being said, the THL deck shows an amazing visually tantalizing image of a woman that has her top unvieled, and most importantly the eyes are in the symbol of sun and moon. This is highly significant , and upon this topic i would just like to mention that the eyes have different properties when used in a certian initiatic technique that actually makes ones vision a powerful tool for gnosis.

This is what i’d like to refer to as the process of “Strengthening” that Valentinian scholars talk about. Strengthening in Valentinianism is when the the Christos strengthened the angels by the redemption of baptism and therefore made angels whole again. The other part is when the ‘angels’ strengthen us through familiarization with ‘initiatic’ techniques leading to trancendental gnosis.

“at first i was blind, but now i see”.

in gnosis


Sedir Arise!

Sedir Arise! .. These are the words of the infamous Louis Claude Saint Martin. Sedir meaning man in French, ARISE! This is the epitome of this card. We are supposed to arise to the occasion of new service opportunities that are antithetical to the small plans of the individual self in exclusion to the rest of humanity or indifference from them.

We are finishing our concise introductions to the 12th Arcanum of the Tarot, I say concise because this topic is far from being exhausted. There are Astrological , Alphabetical , Numerical and Mystical aspects of each Key that are essential to a working knowledge of the amazing device called Tarot. There will definitely be more material available in the future on these aspects.

As was previously indicated the 12th Arcanum is titled The Hanged Man. This is really saying that we are stuck each time we are challenged , we are actually in a place of indecision. . The human will has not been directed and even when we direct the will it cuts off the option of the opposite direction. This was stated thus: for each action there is an opposite and equal re-action. Gravity goes only one way but also the old phrase goes ” what goes up, (validating a place and locality) must, (specifying a law) come down ( reaction from previous stimuli) . This doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to have to ‘choose’ again , we most definitely will! The KEY explains that once the decision to act is taken in one of two available ways, the inevitable consequence is propulsion toward that choice, this is the example of Karmic Consequence.

Scholars have now ascertained that this was what was meant of the mistranslated Aramaic word Emunah , or Latin Credo. This word which from its root means Fidelity , or Faithfulness indicates that one is always presented with a force for good and a force for, well .. not so good.

These forces are discussed by 33rd degree Magus Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma, which was his exegesis for the Scottish Rite in Masonic Lodges. He said in essence there were forces that helped society and those that hindered society , as a neophyte in the Masonic Lodge one is called an Entered Apprentice, this is an Apprenticeship to build up certain energies for the betterment of mankind. The way we build that ‘ energetic group ‘ that is going to help evolve us as a whole, and therefore ourselves is to act with a will in a way that is consistent with universal principles of good and evolution.

There is much ground to cover and this forum isn’t the best place to do it. In the future there will be a dedicated place for this kind of instruction , for those interested . This is going to be titled as previously indicated the Western School of Initiatic Gnosis and Theosophical Mysteries. The tarot will be covered in detail and other things as well.

Until then , as I saw in a movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade , when I was a young child,  a scene at the end

The Grail-Master said to those who approached the spot housed by the physical grail chalice”CHOOSE WISELY”. This would be appropriate conclusion and what in the mysteries would be called Deiknumenon for this Key.

May your heart be filled with light
Your Brother

What goes up…


By now we are starting to grasp ideas that are rooted in deeper meaning and significance than our temporary emotional , financial and material existence solely. I say solely because we are not practicing asceticism, we are in this world but not of it. This is the disposition of those who are able to transform the material into the spiritual, however gold is still gold and as far as our material existence goes, all will happen in the here and now.

This card in essence is communicating the gravitational law , and the effect from gravity is polar attraction to one of two possible poles. This is important because when being pulled toward either pole its the tension that creates the fire of transformation.

This tension is exactly what must be amplified to create new life. This is why the Key Strength is before this card and Death is after. The death is the process of gravity and being pulled physically toward the deepest recesses of the elements , IE the world.

Notice though that the term ‘physically’ was used. This is because even though we don’t properly understand ‘how’ it was done , there is one historical figure that has been reported to have broken the confines of this gravitational finality. That was of course Master Yeshua. Through the power of the golden crown, Stephanos , miracles can happen. This is what rabbinic saints called the Qimah, or Ressurection.

In these posts a great deal has been hinted at , but nothing is fully disclosed. Large portions of the gnosis are in fact being realized by the author and the initiations are still being undertaken. Even though we know about, doesn’t mean that we actually know of something as an experience. To take the initiations in reality certain vital changes must be actually taking place, not just intellectually. Its the difference between knowing how to make something and actually doing it.

For instance, i tried to retype a manuscript of about 100 pages for personal use, to view in my e-reader, well reading a page of a typed manuscript and actually re – typing it is entirely a new and different effort.

This Key is the essence of the choice between two polarities and the tension within.

Your Brother in Light ,

Cor Meum Lucidum

Do something different!


Welcome back to the Gnostic Tarot Cards Blog. We are currently studying the 12th Key Titled The Hanged Man. We have recently been focusing alot on the topic of rebirth and the 2nd initiation

Why all this focus upon death and disintegration? Simply because the development of a new disposition requires a sacrifice. This is very primitive and is basically the foundation of our faith.

Now the feeling that we are saved and helped is not the same as actually being helped. This is the difference between believing and fidelity. The word translated as belief which is ‘credo’ is not a statement that is a ‘will’ based activity. In the early christian times the ‘credo’ was important to establish orthodox ways of thinking and universal acceptance, however when it comes to spiritual growth, the mental container is also ‘lighted’ so to speak by the subtle fire of spiritual actions.

This fire is known as ‘agni’ but is really the form of psychic energy created from actions grounded in ‘service’. The agni fires are used to construct the subtle components of ‘invisible’ realities.

Emunah or Fidelity is derived from the trilateral root AMN or Amen. this is the ‘seal’ given at the end of prayers and should be substituted in the New Testament every time the word “belief or Believe” is used. For example ” God gave his only begotten son.. that whoever shall believe in him…” translated  properly its ” gave his begotten son , that whoever is FAITHFUL to him…” meaning his ways! shall have the promised ” everlasting life”.

Now we see that its only by staying Emunah to the internal Christos that the fires of Calcination may burn properly and create from the ash a Phoenix . This is the breaking of the heart to properly sow seed for the internal Master, the Christ or Anointed.

FL. Cor Meum Lucidum

Dying God??

We are studying the 12th Key of the Tarot titled The Hanged Man or Christ Crucified. Right of the bat we are going to address the issue of Dual vs Single nature of Yeshua. It is absurd to think there is something other than our basic elemental composition in this universe, meaning we are in fact made of the “star dust” or elements of this cosmos. Because this ‘matter’ is a reflection, meaning a mirage that has composition and could be considered the aura of godhead. Subtle but true. ” In our ABBA we live, move and have our being”.

If we live , move and have our being in the ABBA then its not possible to die, without the death of our ABBA. This would mean that , if we were our physical body we would be the ABBA’s physical body, but since the ABBA doesn’t die when we are deceased we must not be in reality only the physical body.

If we aren’t the physical body then we must exist on another plane… This is the beginning of the hanged man key, its on this plane, for some yet to be discovered that we “live move and have OUR being”. We emphasize OUR because that is what Yeshua said. Did he mean OUR as Archetype of Divine Beings, or OUR as Humankind. This is another mystery that WE are! 🙂

Its imperative to resolve these issues, it is one of the deep places of reference for us as an archetypal reality and much of psychic life is built from the Myth of a Dying God. If anyone is in doubt read Joseph Campbells massive tome “Masks of God”. and CG Jung’s literature about the necessity of this Typos.

It is in the Christ Mysteries that we find the Great Synthesis of Initiatic Current. Christ was a master, therefore we should at least dedicate this Key to the crucified Christos. There is yet another mystery in this key that is vital for meditation , that is the equanimity of the Crucified figure, The dying hero is never killed in vain. This is not the position of UNIVERSAL understanding. Its preached and quite aggressively that “christ died in agony and pain”, the Actor/Director Mel Gibson made this a visual reality and the church has labeled this the “Passion”.

The Real Passion wasn’t to die for people 2000+ years ago or mankind as a whole ,but was unfortunate result of the rejection of the Christ message. This was that “ye are gods”. This was not something that people could accept. The final revelation of this important event in the annals of history and cosmic reality was the Resurrection not the Crucifixion.

In light and love
Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.

Worthiness and Values

Gospel of Thomas ; Logion 85 : “.. if he had been worthy , he would not have experienced death”.

Greetings: We are still studying the 12th Key of the Major Arcana cards of Tarot. This Key is titled The Hanged Man.
When we glance at this key its apparent that the money , symbolizing matter and social value , is dropping from the individual on the card. This card was originally titled “The Traitor”. This could have reference to Judas but most likely its a judgement that is placed upon one who is a non conforming “troublemaker” that has brought attention to oneself and has been charged with Sedition!

There is in history someone that comes to mind when the ideas Crucifixion , Sedition, Values , and Traitor are mentioned , Judas and Iesous or Yeshua.

Yet when referring to Adam , he stated that if he had been worthy, he wouldn’t have experienced death. Since we are discussing death by crucifixtion here, it was appropriate that this phrase would be used to extrapolate from Yeshua’s Logion initiatic material, very similar to Tibetan Lamas and Vajrayana Seed Mantra or Seed Mandala 🙂

Yeshua was talking about death , which is not possible to those who are worthy. This is not easy to explain because it has to do with the ‘constitution of man’ meaning that , like we discussed on the Death Key , Death is not considered physical death to Yeshua but Spiritual. This is when the subtle bodies are not built to be strong enough for the passing person to identify with and integrate upon the “bardo” of physical death.
Its different to see “Worship” as “Worthship” and shortened to the word “Worthy”. What Yeshua’s talking about is that if the original Adam Kadmon, or the Archetype of Humanity was worthy he , ( Hebrew terms aren’t gender specific , and this concept was anthropomorphized into a man , but means A-DAM, or “the one from red earth”.) wouldn’t have experienced death. Notice that death is considered an experience and didn’t say DIE!

Experience here is the dissolution of the subtle bodies back into elements that are deemed more harmonious and ready for integration upon further development. This is the “experience” that was spoken about. Therefore , there needs to be an object to experience something, meaning he didn’t die just experienced a death like state. For if Adam Kadmon died truly then mankind would have followed.

The “hanged man” represents someone who has reversed ones values and has been crucified , which was a public display of criminality. This is also strongly emphasized that the ‘crime” was sedition against materialism. Who would have the ability to crucify one for the breaking of the material laws?

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

Thanks for Hanging Around


Thank you for coming back to this blog. The Gnostic Tarot Cards Homepage has been a great success and many have visited. We are on Facebook , Twitter and are of course here at the Blogspot.

The reason I wanted to bring up this ‘spreading’ out is because this new arcanum that we are going to investigate involves just this. Spreading out a new set of values and ideas. The hanged man is a tarot card that is of a very mysterious nature. One of the perilous states of action in the tarot is this one being hung upside down. It represents the state of “reversal” its odd and seems that no one would really take this position. However the hanged man is is a place of unnatural equipoise. he or she, for the soul isn’t really a male or female but is androgynous , at least according to the Exegesis on the Soul in Nag Hammadi.

The soul here is representing the change that initiatic force brings. Gareth Knight says in a wonderful book about Merlin in the Arthurian Tradition ” the hanged man represents a total reversal of materialistic values”. This is because initiation is that of consciousness. This picture is the best in my opinion because there are two trees. And pantheistically speaking the values of a whole person must come from the balancing force of the “middle way”. This to me is very significant and I can only expound but a little.

As most of you know I am a huge fan of Dr. Stephan Hoeller, who in turn gave a translation of C.G. Jung’s “Seven Sermons to the Dead”. In his amazing commentary he gives the essentials with uncanny experience and wit, of  the entire psychological thesis and rectification of our experience of sickness, seperation and disease. Hoeller goes to say in essence that our experience of being divided is because we are crystallized in a state of consciousness that is “one sided” in its polarity. This of course is exactly what the thoroughly Pantheistic view of Taoism is based upon. The balancing and harmonization of the seemingly opposite yin and yang.

There is another representation here that only a few may recognize that of the colors that are being accentuated of the Black , White and Red. Blue water stands behind our “hanged man” and it is for good reason, the hanged man is the birth of the new humanity. A interpretation of this key at face value would be thus: The hanged man is a card that indicates the reversal of common values that are based upon an inverted system , since the head is toward the earth is represents a gravitational pull toward earth with ones roots in higher realities. The middle position between the white and black trees represents the balancing of opposites and the pantheistic view of humanity as a mid way , or medium of the high and the low, or light and dark.

The red, black and white symbolism is alchemical and we will cover this in another post. It must be realized that this key is vast, because it is a symbol of very deep teaching. its not easy to explain and not easy to internalize. However some of the hints provided here might lead the seeker to places of great openness to teaching that has before remained hidden. Even though words are being used, my tongue is entirely inadequate to explain the profundity of this key. Though I will try please synthesize what is being said through your own experience and views. If there is any value in this post its in the fact that Tarot is not just a method of Divination but a repository of Initiatic Gnosis.

F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

Alchemical – Death

Hello and Greetings!

Today we are discussing the 13th Arcana of the Tarot titled Death. We have previously covered this in prior posts, if you haven’t visit www.gnostictarotcards.com and click on the death card for a list of past posts.

Today we would like to discuss the aspect of the Death key and the process of alchemical Putrefaction or Putrificatio. The Alchemical tarot by Robert Place is the model that I use for Alchemical Tarot work. Along with the keys passed to me by the “inner processes” of this key its easy to use and relates specifically to alchemy.

Putrefaction is the process where something of gross form is purified and “spiritualized” or , brought to its most base form such as a irreducible essence. This is somewhat of a old term because the alchemists , although esoterically inclined and familiar with the Doctrine of Emanation , were not able to speak about this understanding “openly” but instead used complicated and albeit confusing models of symbolism and chemical reactions between seeming scientific terms.

Basically what is meant by Putrefaction is to see the internal structure of the matter being “worked” upon. For instance if the alchemical transformation is being done on a piece of fruit. we shall look at the physical representation then start to see deeper. What are the hidden or occult secrets of the fruit? What is the hidden structure of this fruit? How does it operate, what does it effect astrally? is there a God that the fruit has an affinity to ? This process is what the alchemists called “Solve et Coagula” to “solve” means to see the deepest essence of something to solve the problem of the alchemist is to realize the gold of the dross. Coagulate means to crystallize this vast arcana into a “seed thought” because through the process of Coagulation the entire superstructure of noetic realms can be accessed through this “idea” in the highest of kabbalistic “worlds”. This is one of the secrets of tarot imagery. The “pictures” are Theosophic and Theurgic Hieroglyphs.

Once we Solve , then Coagulate we compress the Solved “form” into our subconsciousness to build our psychic structures around the terms and pictures. meaning when we now see the “skeleton” we think of the solved structure we have installed or in the language NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) “Anchored”. This assists with a mental anchor or reference point when the work of Ascension is presented in the Bardo of Death.

The psychological process that the 13th Key of the Tarot represents is that of Blackening or Nigredo – this is the way that negativity or antithetical behaviors, emotions and thoughts or deeds are dissolved by the “solving and coagulation” of ones “alembic” or life experiences. Irritating, annoying, bothersome, people, who agitate, confuse enrage make one forget become fearful etc. Essentially the things that are considered “dark chaotic and destructive ” are the “prima materia” of the alchemist. Once we are able to go through the purgation of the Blackening process we move on and are guided toward deeper alchemical stages that of yellowing, and whitening.


Umm … did i Forget Something?

Greetings! Today we are going to discuss the topic of forgetfulness as the second portion of the tripartite division on the topic of Death.

in the Zohar when the letter Tau asks to be the letter that is honored for creation it is turned down because when a Hebrew term is evaluated it is a “entity” of and in itself. For example: in the Zohar it says EMET is the Hebrew word for Truth, so Tau makes its case to be given the “seal” of Elohim. Elohim says that Tau is also the “seal” of the word MAVET which means Death in hebrew. The science of the Zohar is extremely complex but essentially the words in the Torah are commented upon in the Zohar and Sepher Yetzeriah. Sepher Yetzeriah is the metaphysical and oldest treatise on the letters of the Torah, and Zohar is more of a Soul commentary on the Torah with some additional material from Rav’s and Masters upon the letters.

Which leads us into the next topic in the GENESIS scripture it says that ELOHIM Said “taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge … one will surely die”. Yet the Serpent says that they will not die. A wonderful explanation from Daskalos has been given to this mystery. Since the serpent is a manifested creature and not of the Absolute nature of the creator it would stand to reason that the serpent wouldn’t consider a loss of wholeness as death, however from the view of a higher consciousness ie Elohim, Death would be anything that separates one from Absolute Beingness with the creator of All, or as the Gnostics called it the Unknown Father BYTHOS.

Here we are now told in GENESIS that ADAM was put into a deep sleep. ADAM is not a “male” its A_DAM or “man from earth”. This means that ADAM is a symbolic term of MANKIND not some patriarch. This ADAM was put into a state of sleep or “forgetfulness”. Mankind forgot its essence and thus became divided. Not lost just sleepy this is why Buddha upon his realization was given the term “awakened one”. What are we awakening to? The answer is inherent in the question. We are like the prodigal child that has asked for all the happiness here and now and have become enslaved to our MATERIALISM.

In the Nag Hammadi (see links site to gnosis.org for library of NH) there is a portion of scripture titled “The Gospel of Truth” In the ‘evangelion veratatis’ the writer Valentinus says that “the fog was called error or forgetfulness” this Forgetfulness is the same of that of Death. We are in a temporary amnesia of our Divine origin or Monadic Self. We know this because the Gospel of Truth says that the Error has no “root”. Root here means unity with the Unknown Principle. Therefore let us try and carry a spirit of blessing to all our activities. The only way to experience this “fog” is by karma and ignorance of the Buddhists or “reaping what one sows and sin” of the Christians. For SIN means “hammartia” and is a archery term “missing the mark” not eternal damnation!

FL Cor Meum Lucidum

Till Death Do Us Part

Death of the physical vehicle. These experiences are common to all and represent the same process in sleep as death of the physical vehicle. The problem is forgetfullness. We all know that sleep eventually ends and some can even do sacred ‘erodinia’ or lucid dreaming to establish spiritual and monadic contact with ones inner light.

In the Tibetian Book of the Dead (Based upon the Guhyagarba Tantra) the Lama guides and instructs the initiate through the process of the journey through the bardos’ of conciousness.This is where the initiate is given their chance to perform the process of disolution and has a small window or opportunity to either be completely liberated without remainder or enter back into the world embracing the life of a bodhisattva.

This intensive meditation is designed to combat forgetfulness and assist the initiate with the process of ‘conciously dying’. This is very advanced work and to be completely honest takes lots of time in Generation and Completion practices to completely master. For our purposes we will focus on the term “forgetfulness” rather than initiatic methods regarding death.

one of my favorite Gnostic Scriptures about “forgetfulness” is Hymn of the Pearl. In this hymn the lost person discusses how his parents clothed him with a robe (aura) and ring, and how he was given a pearl etc. etc. (see gnosis.org link on side and search, great story) In this story the traveler ‘forgets’ his parents and homeland, this story is indicative to me of our ‘lost word’, or the descent of persephone, its the same thing. essentially its the amnesia of our true beingness.

One of the secrets of immortality is to dis identify with mortality as a state of ‘fixed’ and ‘absolute’ being. This is similar to calling the reflection in the mirror oneself, so naturally by leaving the presence of the mirror the self reflected will be eliminated as well. Should a person cling to this image there will be tremendous anguish and agony. The problem is that its not just mental that the disconnection must occur at, there are several planes of manifestation that the reflected self has been incarnated upon.

This is portrayed in the skeleton and the sickle. The skeleton has for a long time represented death and or threat to mortality, the sickle is used to cut wheat or reap a harvest. funny how we call death the ‘grim reaper’ and a sickle symbolises the God Saturn. In the process of merkabah and the paradosis one ascends through the powers or archons of the 7 spheres of the planets. In this path of ascent the 3rd planet/sphere is Saturn. It is said that if one doesn’t purify themselves they are stuck in this realm and can proceed no further.

FraterLucis CML


Welcome back.
We are now moving into the 13th arcanum of the Tarot and will be discussing the Key titled Death. From the very start this card has to be discussed from its title. Death is a very controversial topic, to say the least. It is the lynch pin of the “unknown” that really makes it a shocker. In Mahayana Buddhist teachings they say that we are all equal in the fact that death will occur, and all also are equal in the fact that we don’t know when!
This is one of the reasons that Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddharta) decided to take death as a principal to prove the impermanence of even the enlightened state called Nirvana. Death has had a major impact on society and history. Ancient civilizations had developed mythology , and shamanic like priesthoods that dealt with specific death motifs. Since its evident that Death is a necessary ‘transistion’ its also apparent that because its unknown this brings on a sense of ‘doom and dread’ to those who are NOT acquainted with deeper and more subtle levels of consciousness.
In Buddhist psychology for instance the two major instincts of the self are attraction and aversion. Attraction to the things we want and feel bring happiness, and Aversion to the things we don’t want and that interfere with happiness. The main mix up is with the attraction to things that don’t bring happiness because of their transient nature, and aversion to practices that do bring happiness because of their insignificance or value in relation to temporary states of pleasure, misidentified by the term happiness.
In Freudian and Jungian psychology these drives are called Eros and Thanatos. Eros is the feeling of “love” and can be for self or another “object of desire”. Thanatos is the feeling of “loss” and can come from the unwillingness to accept or come to terms with the force of “Death”.
This being said we are now ready to discover the deeper aspects of such a powerful state of existence and the results of thinking that come along with it.
The term “escatology” is the study and philosophy of conciousness after death. this is the major fear for alot of people this state is commonly known as “Heaven or Hell”. Escatalogy to really work has to have a salvific component because its whole purpose is to infuse morality for a future event that will recall ones actions and evaluate according to the ‘merit or demerit’ of those behaviors. The problem with this is not its “nuts and bolts’ but its usage from people and groups that extract it from a doctrine of karma and reincarnation. for instance
In most eastern thinking and philosophy the individual accumulates what is called Karma by actions performed in everyday life. These aren’t really negative or positive inherently but do create a impression that is recorded and is brought to ‘fruition’ or ‘ripening’ meaning ‘expression in circumstances’. When this happens one will feel happiness or suffering because of this supposed event that is rooted in ones personal or group karma. This is supposed to be the reason for “believing” in a savior. This is what is being saved ones Karma. However its funny that while totally dismissing the doctrine of karma, the orthodox has rather called it Sin and says from birth we are all given “original sin”.
here’s an argument. if we are born into original sin , how is it that this “saviors” death is able to redeem it? and if its redeemed why must we believe in the person to gain salvation. This is a sensitive subject but it must be addressed. Karma is similar to Sin, but Sin is a term used differently than Karma. Karma is also tied to Reincarnation. Shakyamuni Buddha found that by meditation and deep awareness a stop gap could occur within the karmic cycle and one could ripen seeds of the ‘clear nature of mind’ this is actually a state of consciousness called sinless and perfect.
So we see that both Shakyamuni and Jesus had adherents that perpetuated a Escatological teaching of action-result and salvation of belief in the person hood of each of these enlightened men.
Here’s where we will twist things, the divergence now will be from the Orthodox to the Esoteric. In Theosophy the individual is presented as consisting of seven planes of manifestation from the rays of a planetary logos and solar logic forces. These planes are the actual forms of consciousness of a human being. The secret of this key is also talked about in the Corpus Hermecticum IX that says “For there’s no death for aught of things [that are]..”
The things that are, or Ta Onta is the definition of Gnosis. Death can only decay and destroy things that do not exist as realities. The truth is that Death is everywhere. Every time something goes away and another thing takes it place there is what is called Death. Breath is Death, the death of the exhaled life makes way for the life to be given again in the next breath. This is why Roshi Suzuki says that ‘exhallation is the place of rest and calm’. When its time the exhale will be the final letting go. The reason why Death has such a hold is because of the Attachment force and the paranoia and morbidity we experience when ‘loss’ arrives.
Death is very natural and in Hermetic and Kabbalist thinking the Gnosis of death is really the revelation of subtle levels of existence and reality. Jung in his Red Book called many ordinary people living the “dead”. This is because in order to be alive , we must be attached or identified to the things that are.
This card is packed full of symbolism and clues to this process. It will take a while till this card is dealt with in its entirety . Please feel free to contact or comment regarding this post fratercml@gmail.com

FL. Cor Meum Lucidum

Paths and Attributions – Temperance

“God (Elohim) blessed them, be fruitful and multiply”GEN 1:22
“blessed them” this needs no other expounding other than that he blessed THEM. This is subtle, saying that if Elohim blessed his creation how is it possible they are cursed, this would infer that human will is stronger than divine blessing which is absurd. Therefore there can’t be an original sin!
“be fruitful” means due to this blessing your able to do good. Swedenborg in his Arcana Colestia
“and multiply”. This is beautiful and may be called the amplification of blessing.
Eucharist is the eucharistia or “returning grace” of the “blessing” in the sacrament of the “Rite of Sacrifice”. this path is literally saying “Elohim (sygyzy) gave them blessing , this is significant, be fruitful to do good and return it by amplifying it on earth and “multiplying”.
The significance of this path is the letter NUN.
( previously the posts under this letter were derived from the golden dawn attributions. though that works for contemplation it does not correspond to the 3rd level alchemical work and differs greatly from original Kabbalistic attributions. see Dr Keizer’s essay on tarot in the links section)I am somewhat upset from the attributions given by the golden dawn. Mathers and Waite intentionally changed the attributions to work with the ritual and degree structure of the GD. This is what in philosophy would be called a “simulacrum” which would inevitably mean that we will “simulate” a spiritual process.
As Grailmaster LK says ” the golden dawn system was entirely MENTAL”. I asked him how credible this was and on multiple times told me that “most of their work was a hallucination”. This is the kind of work that i hope to avoid on this site.

As previously mentioned the level of tarot interpretation falls into 3 broad categories.
1. the practical application of the cards to events within the personality and upon the physical plane.
2. the seed thoughts and doctrines that are incorporated within the system of the tarot
3. the tarot as symbol and map of alchemical work and pathworking in order to incorporate those doctrines in a theurgical way.Above all its important to “Temper” ourselves with wisdom and remember that just because someone says something is “thus and so” it doesn’t make it true. It is theory and considered important to reflect upon. Like the Great Teacher of the Grailmaster said upon his Ordination as Bishop , “you must not let anyone put you under their thumb”. Therefore please take this blog as a tool to offer SYNCRETIC information that is not easily obtained but could be flawed.

Initiation from Alice Bailey is ” ..the process of undergoing an expansion of consciousness” and the author is constantly doing just that.

Please “Know for Thyself”.
In the Divine GnosisF.L. CML

Is this my "Solar Angel"?

Greetings! Its been a while since writing about this key. That’s because Alchemy takes a while. No real working system ever was expounded all at once and newer and grander revelations are constantly being given.

For instance as we work upon the 14th Key of Tarot titled Temperance we are confronted with a angel. This angel is obviously a “solar angel” why because its evident that the figure on the picture has intentions to bring sun, the rays from the sun on the mountain, the sun on the forehead the solar triangle on the chest. This is all the work of a “solar angel”.

Here is a key: The sun in the chakra system in in the center of the solar plexus , why here is it in the heart? give up? Because this key represents the result of a connection with ones “angel” or the process of Reintegration. The sun has illumined the heart and the heart has risen to the mind which means that now the structure is that of a “perfect” one. how do we know this? Look at the key carefully and “see” what is being told.

The Sun in the Head center is blazing and creating a head aura, in the Initiatic Science of Gnosis the ring would be called the “Stephanos” or Crown. This is the point where the energy of the central channel is transferred to the pineal glands to “awaken” the crown chakra.

So it is evident that this key can’t be given any ordinary description, what person alive that is engrossed in materialistic thinking can fathom a “solar angel” or powers other than that of the “animal soul” of eating, reproduction and seeking the self-perpetuation of its life at the expense of all else.

This is what Yeshua says when he says “what does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul” My teacher says that “of all gods creation, only a human being is given a divine soul” this is why the “solar angel” will assist us in the process of reintegration because “in us THEY live move and have their being”.

As we continue this process of awakening and Initiation , lets remember to always have a chalice available for our “solar angel” to fill full of “noetic fire”.

Please study the terms put in “quotes”.

In light and love

Fratre Lucis , Cor Meum Lucidum

Alchemy and Balance


All who enter the sacred work through this blog should be congratulated. Not only because you’ve stuck with these scattered thoughts of a fledging initiate, but because you have taken the first steps to look into the cards and the symbolic ideas that are hidden within.

Therefore at some times there are contradictions because there are 7 levels of understanding each card. Each more and more complex. For instance on the physical level or plane, this card is representing the angel and sun, wings, robes, chalices, grass, wather, dirt , sun, a mountain and flowers.

But at the ethereal level there are aethers that are creating these physical manifestetations. all the laws of science will be taken into consideration. Also as we see color with our eyes there are the root principals of color in the highest planes . So it is very evident that the word here should be BALANCE. to moderate our minds and let the messengers pour into us the great waters, or astral fluids. The chalices are pouring from one cup to another. Who’s chalice is it. It can’t be the angel’s chalice because a chalice represents an abstraction of the heart center. How can a angel pour out its heart center while having it inside itself? this will be indicated by the Square with the Triangle at the heart center. This angel or “Messenger” is saying that its work is to pour out the fluid of another chalice to our chalice. Initiatic gnosis says that even our right and left side correspond to principals and laws. In the work of the Graal the left represents the receptive and the right the extended or active principles respectively.

So as now can be seen the angel or “messenger” is sending out from its receptive chalice, fluid, to the expansive or active chalice. 🙂 In Valentinianism this is the work of the redemption of a savior. The savior decends into its chalice or heart center of Yeshua, and through initiatic path of accension or the “anados”, gave wholeness to angels through the triple action of the illuminated Triangular principle or Trinity, in the square of matter located in our picture as the golden triangle in the square. This is the gnosis, the knowledge of that which is.

The symbolism on this picture glyph is no less than a summa of the great work. In the Alchemical Tarot it refers to this card as the alchemist. Indeed alchemy it is. When we are unified to the messages of higher and higher planes through the loving outpouring of initates that have taken the anados we are filled with the powers , that are pictured here the illuminated mind and active heart center. Both are as one

In the gnosis
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

Symbolism & Words of Moderation

Welcome all of our perservering readers. We are celebrating the second septenary ( groups of 7) with the last card of the group titled Temperance. or the 14th Arcanum. As we journey toward the source of the keys, we will now need to explain the organization of the keys themselves and our placement. 

As has been discussed in previous posts the arrangement of the trumps for the 2nd level of Hermetic, Alchemical and Gnostic Doctrines should be that of the Golden Dawn and is further elaborated in Dr. Stephan Hoeller’s book titled “The Fools Pilgrimage” , which is the inspiration for this site.

The Hermetic axiom “The below reflects that which is above” is well applicable to this Key. Because what is showing on the cards of the 2nd septenary 8-14 are the mediating forces and principles that bring the 1st septenary of the 1-7 keys to the 3rd septenary of matter. so we have the above, middle or soil , and the below or manifestational plane.

On the Home Page http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/, you will see the proper layout for the keys in the 2nd or Doctrinal level of Tarot understanding. The fool is the traveler from the subtle 1st key to the gross or 21st key, or in other words is inherent in each as an ESSENCE.  The starting point for our discussion will be the key of Temperance as it manifests in The World which is previously discussed and easily accessed on www.gnostictarotcards.com/theworld.html

temperance  “self-restraint, moderation,” from Anglo-Fr. temperaunce (mid-13c.), from L. temperantia “moderation,” from temperans, prp. of temperare “to moderate” (see temper). L. temperantia was used by Cicero to translate Gk. sophrosyne “moderation.” In English, temperance was used to render L. continentia or abstinentia, specifically in reference to drinking alcohol and eating; hence by early 1800s it came to mean “abstinence from alcoholic drink.”

Taken from Etymology Online.

The word that is indicated on the card is always the first place we need to start in any exegesis of a tarot key. Its english etymology is important but its vital to remember that Tarot keys were not originally in english but that of french, itallian and latin , and to further complicate the issue most of the designers were occultists or members of the alternative tradition, so it can be infered they relate to Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Egyptian as well as Indian sanskrit and developments of terminology and key ideas from all esoteric traditions.

So,  Greek was sophrosyne , hebrew Histapkut . 
this next excerpt is from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophrosyne 
These words are very important and because of length of posts we can’t elaborate on all of them. But in particular it should be noted that the 14th Arcanum that was referred to by the name of Temperance was related to the Philosophic terms of Plato, considered as an incarnation of Hypatia,which reflects Gnostic ideas of Sophia as Helen of Troy & her lover Simon the Magician.  was related to Heimarne of Pythagoras, purity for the Theology of the Christians in the New Testament. In Hebrew it was the Mitzvot for Eating and later Eating has been the central point in liturgy and the Mass or Eucharist.

Therefore this post starts to reveal the hidden doctrines, principals and ideas behind the words on the keys and etymological considerations. All of which the ancient wisdom traditions would have known extensively.
In Gnosis,
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum.

Order From Chaos

Al Chem , the root of Alchemy is a science developed by early Egyptian and Arabic philosophers and scientists. The proposed to make lead or “base” material turn to gold or “refined essence” by a process of transmutation. There are many steps in this process and it may be seen as the esoteric section of chemistry and physics, the spiritual principals behind each. In the tarot each card represents an aspect or process of this science called Alchemy.
The card THE DEVIL, is the key to Coagulation. Why? because the state of the androgyny isn’t possible within and creates a duality that is debilitating when it comes to our goal. Before i discussed some of the ways this key led to Error and Illusion. However there are some benefits to the card as well ( please dont’ mistake this following post for satanism, its not!)
The benefit is that our Key shows us the result from one-sidedness, it shows us the error that as long as we are rejecting one side of consciousness for the other we are in total separation of that consciousness from the creation of our androgyny. meaning that we are creating duality and we resolve it as well. This is the meaning of solve and coagulate. Solving is the working out of the image like we are doing, and coagulate is the crystallization of the process into an image or seed-idea.
This may seem boring and irrelevant but its not. Much of what western psychology works on is the integration of the unknown elements of a psyche through the process of individuation, however when the duality of conscious and unconsciousness is integrated this card is no longer a jailor but a reminder of the goal which is the hermetic axiom “the below reflects that which is above”.
In the tradition of the temple, templars aren’t working to “get beyond” the material like other alchemical systems. Templars work to transmute the here and now. Just as the Lead contains the Gold , and the dross must be removed to show its quinta essence, so does the human reflect the divine and “the Malkuth or Sovereignty of Godhead is within” us all.
Therefore this card represents what dualistic thinking does and how it separates male and female and creates androgynous beasts. Another correlation is the Secret essence tantra and what Longchenpa Rabjam calls the Great Perfection and that ” the mandala of pristine cognition is never separated from cyclic existence”.
Fiat Lux
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum.

Blocked Out !

Hello and welcome back!
Previously we wrote about the word THE DEVIL , meaning “false god” . This word in principal is the mix of two principles of negation and affirmation and called this picture the  “negation of an affirmation” . By affirming a god is true, this card says that though there is a god, this picture is a false one. Its subtle but its still taking the assertion of a god as the background principle. for instance a negation takes away from a inherent affirmation, therefore by calling this creature a false god it does a remarkable job on psychology in the following way
the mind of alot of western students has been quickened by this process of conceptualization and the projection of this concept into words or speech therefore giving the concept form. This is important because we can give our “devil” form by speaking, thinking and feeling! 
For example , im really angry one day at a person and feel they are a “rude and ignorant person” this puts in astral form a plasticity of form over the person and turns them into a “rude and ignorant person” this obviously would be in the perception of the person that has this feeling. this is what we put on our pedestal, because the cube of matter is the physical expression of this astral “devil” false god.
This astral form then enchains us and makes our consciousness black like the background of this card. out of this astral form then comes the star of matter and our soul is stifled because the higher planes cannot reach us through this blockage. This is what is partially keeping the “gnosis” from helping us to evolve. 
Morality has always sought to answer this question by the two categories of good and evil, however we aren’t trying to get good or purify ourselves from evil conceptions. we are trying to seek spiritual progress and therefore mental judgements and evaluations have nothing to do with this activity. The mind by moral evaluation and philosophical conception cannot undo itself. This is where we get a new mind instead of a conceptual – emotional mind, we are granted the Nous. This is the purpose of initiation , however, we cannot be receptive to this mind as long as we are being chained by the astral forms of our individual and collective subconsciousness.
How exactly are we to escape? This is a perfect statement to arrive at when considering this key and the 6 after it making our septenary of personality, next we will try to grasp through the septenary of soul the mediating elements between the above and below.
Fratre Lucis , Cor Meum Lucidum
Timothy W. Reeder-Wright

I spy , with my eye, something that doesn’t exist!

how is it that everything else in the deck of tarot cards , as far as the major arcanum is concerned, looks like fairly NORMAL imagery, but when it comes to this card everything seems off and weird? Its because it is. One of my favorite statements ever said is “if it seems chaotic and strange , it probably is”.
Deception, pain , suffering , fear , hate. These vices aren’t meant to feel pleasant. On the contrary they “feel” awful in the long run , but unfortunately they aren’t in the present. That is to say the shackles shown are not taught, they are not chains of bondage the chains are loose!
We aren’t trying to break away from our shackles here , the figures in this picture have accepted them. they are in a hypnotic and therefore limited place. This goes to indicate through our teachers of symbolism that the state of chaos and confusion lead to limitation of being. The creature “The Devil” or as our study of etymology calls it deofol is from the Old English , its not synonymous with the term satan. This term comes from the Latin diabolus, in the more appropriate O.E. term deofol it says a “evil spirit, a devil,false god,diabolical person”.
What i particularly want to “point out” is , that this card isn’t about , nor does it have  anything to do with SATAN. This card is more like the planet SATURN, which for our purposes is the “LIMIT” this limit is the restricting to us, and restrictive force that demands worship as a “false god” .we know because the incompatibilities in this scene. who has ever seen a goat, pig, bat, androgyny, with eagle feet? This scene is a firm incompatibility and as a androgyny is the mix between inverted male and female forces, the divine fire is pointed downward and the soul is trapped by the inverted pentagram upon the “third eye”.
This word The Devil or deofol of our “false god” means to me, the “negation of an affirmative’. This means: to give thought a form is the reason for speech and words, therefore something spoken is the affirmation of a thought in form, this thought-form is affirmed even if it doesn’t exist, like our Tibetan friends’s “horned rabbit”. you can’t see a horned rabbit except in your minds eye or imagination, this is also the construction of our goat,bird,owl,bat,pig figure shown above. However this does exist as a thought form, and as a thought form it has not inherent power, but is sustained by the power of the person who perceives it. as long as we believe this “false god” is real and exists, we make a false god , that is satirized in this picture as a real god or “evil spirit” (pneuma) , and not only do we make it real we give it power over our world (the black cube of matter). We are in fact the ones upon the throne in real life,and this card is fooling us into believing the chains are there. This is why the human beings are confused and look weird, because the male is lost by the breasts of the female, and the female is locked in a gaze like trance, therefore not present .the only being present is the funny beast or animal image that is like a horned rabbit because its not real. This is difficult to grasp so read the last paragraph over… carefully. AGAIN!
Fratre Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum.
Timothy W. Reeder-Wright.

I can still hear you saying , we’ll never break the chains!

Greetings to all sentient beings that have found their way to this blog. As you probably have seen the author is taking a deeper and deeper commitment to this work through the frequency and activity of this and the homepage http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/. The Homepage features the Major Arcana is easy to use has an about us page that is a synopsis of our work and in the future we will introduce , the minor arcana, practical applications, 2nd level tarot interpretation through lessons, and for those who are verified initiates we will disclose 3rd level work.
Its an extreme honor to be able to carry forth this work. The site is a success and we have accomplished this goal with no advertising , no ads, and nothing but intentions toward helpfulness to those who are literally lost within the mires of television ( and we say we don’t concern ourselves with images) , money , and emotional reactions to situations that are completely misunderstood and rooted in our animal brain.
We’re we to completely grasp with our entire being the seriousness of just one, small judgment that we make upon our fellows, it would be so far reaching and devistating that we would fall to our knees in utter supplication. I am not here to proselytize , what im here to do is bring attention to this image and what ancient wisdom tells us. some of us will get freaked out bad about this card. Just to imagine that we are in chains will bring about a revulsion. If anyone denies this watch the 1980’s TV series Roots. When the character Kunta Kinte gets captured look at the anguish and feeling of trapped pain. This is what has happened, however our jailor is more like that of the fairly recent film V for Vendetta ,where we can leave this prison at anytime!
So why all the TV & Movie talk? Simple these “images of menace” are the deep unconscious motivators that keep us in bondage and imprison us. Most of us are like sleeping zombies walking along oblivious to higher reality, instead we are stuck like the “Death Star” in this picture focusing upon the Demiurgically reflective world. The Hebrew letter attributed to this key in the Golden Dawn system is Ayin or “the eye”. this is not actually correct in respect to the origin of Hebrew metaphysical letters. The classification of Hebrew letters comes from a document that is contemporary with Gnostic literature about 1 anno domini titled the Sepher Yetzirah. My favorite version is by Aryeh Kaplan and is a great read. Like many other students I too was led astray from the golden dawn representation. Much like myths I believed the system we were following is the Only system. Then more truth was revealed about the tarot, its origins and its purpose. Appropriate to this key “we were once blind but now we see”!
Frater Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum

How heavy are your bag of bricks?

Welcome back! There has been many developments on the blog. We have gone into the Initiatic current, which has unfortunately delayed the process of our tarot pathwork. We also have developed a brand new website http://www.gnostictarotcards.com/. We have developed the structure for the rest of our posts and entries in the About Us section. We are going to introduce a practical application section to assist in changes of personality by my beloved wife Connie who has practiced tarot and divination for 15 + years! . Future bio will be made available in the About Us section in the Homepage.
There is however a distinction (from initiatic work ) between the wisdom of tarot and the theurgy of tarot. We are now able to walk the entire journey, all the way to the goal , which is of course LIGHT! If you have been initiated we can help with this now, therefore there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd level teachings. Respectively this is Practical, Wisdom and Light!
Now to the temple of illusion which is The Tower. Practically the Tower means to destroy something to reveal its faulty underpinnings. in Wisdom tradition this was the destruction of the thought forms created by the manufacturing mind. Like Blavatsky says, “the mind is the slayer of the real”. This is exactly what is happening. Kings and Queens have established structures and conceptual forms of thinking that oppose wisdom, for this once the light is revealed it will eradicate the darkness.
This may happen socially, psychologically, emotionally, mentally etc. Kings and Queens in this respect are the Archons that have been set up to design the world. Archons are powers and may be seen as imprisoners, not evil but by the nature of their office, they created things that are interesting and seductive. Like a tasty apple!
Our way doesn’t consist of cutting yourself off from the rest of the planet. On the contrary , the planet needs us. As long as the mind is caught up in cognitive and discursive activity , to that extent will we have the un-real but elusively solid forms of society crumbled down again and again. We are focused upon (at least here in the USA) more and more money, property, gaining a reputation, establishing a feeling of purpose and meaning through transient premises.
For many this step will immediately launch us into a painful process of birth and rebirth through the walk of a different path. The road isn’t easy as any true journey. This brings to mind Tibetan Buddhist monks who prostrate all the way to stupas of Shakyamuni Buddha, about 5000 miles! To one that is focused upon the destination this seems ridiculous, but to a monk trained in a Monastery this is exactly the test of endurance needed to shatter the “defilement of attachment”. As Yeshua says “its not what is put into us that defiles , but what comes out of us”.
If we have taken the step toward this goal of enlightenment , then it will become evident early on in our progress. Fight for your lives but not against the people who persecute you. This means to me that its not the big bad capitalists that will win, they in fact lose if , and this is a big IF , if they do not enlarge their internal state. Therefore keep money, but like Master Aivanhov says “don’t keep your money in your head , store it in the bank , safe or pocket ” where its supposed to go. Funny stuff but its real amazing teaching. Attachment to money is the root to all yetzer ha-ra or evil inclination, not money itself. This is the exact same thinking line of Buddhists, the attachment to transient things creates suffering and aversion to their loss. In fact this is a tenet in Buddhism. Tenets to a Buddhist , are indisputable, and fundamental lynchpins of the entire system of thinking.
Again the path to enlightenment is not accomplished immediately. Only in Tantra is it possible to become completely and utterly cleansed of the effects of negative actions or if you wish “bricks in the false structures of The Tower”.

In light and love
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

Broken? Must be Garbage !

Happy February ,

This site is dedicated to every spark in the universe seeking restoration and to know itself.

Soo.. Now we are here in the site Gnostic Tarot Cards. This site has taken some changes some for the better others for the worst. It is nearly impossible to give quality posts everyday. Our loyal bloggsters are very much appreciated and please if you haven’t yet, Donate, to this site if you want to see it keep going.

In the future Gnostic Tarot Cards is going to make its appearance on a dedicated website www.gnostictarotcards.com . These donations will cover costs for hosting, and production fees for art and design etc. Also soon there will be available books for the posts of your favorite Tarot Keys, in this site as a Digital Download , all edited and restructured for publication. The site isn’t going “corporate” with ads or any weird things like that, just some convenient downloads for your e readers , or hopefully if the site reaches “critical mass” your home library in a 3 volume, independently published series of Gnostic Tarot Reflections.

For now though we are still considering in this blog the Arcanum of the Tarot Keys , as they relate to Gnostic viewpoints and scriptures. On our links portion of the site there are a few documents that are of utmost importance for the understanding of all terms and language. Since it’s a “gnostic” site we have links to the Ecclesia Gnostica and Gnostic Society for Nag Hammadi, Gnostic Catechism , and Valentinian study and familiarization , which if there is a structure to the tarot in our view, it is highly if not completely compatible with Valentinus and his Gnostic Tradition.

As we view the Arcanum of The Tower, we are brought to a crumbling of structures and a fall of the masters of this house. To me this Tower could represent the structure of the Cosmos that was created by the Demiurgic “King” and his “archons”. For one who says “there shall be none other before me” and “im a jealous god” certainly sounds like a “King” to me. The Archons were the forces employed for the creation of matter. They are represented as the Rulers in Secret book of John , and are also attributed to Azura Mazda in Zoroastrian writings. Part of this Cosmic structure is a old yet , never tired, law of sin. This is why Gnostics didn’t believe in Sin. Sin was for those who were subject to the Law of the Creator. The Mitzvot of Deuteronomy was the “Code” by which every person was supposed to act and behave in order to have a character deemed ”righteous” by this extremely “Just” God of the Old Testament. If you were found not to be “righteous’ you must atone by sacrifice for the Sin or “missing the mark” of Mitzvot that was not upheld.

In the New Testament, it refers to God as a Loving Father, this is where Valentinian teaching says that the reason for the stark contrast is that Sin, was part of the Demiurge’s Law, not The Fathers. For here is the beauty of our Gnostic Doctors and the Tradition they brought, “none is condemned by Sin except those under the law”. These Sinners were the Psychics, but as Gnostics, we are awaken to our “ Glorious Robe” of the Father. This is our Pneumatic nature, or Spiritual Nature. Those embracing the realm of the Pleroma are not under this “burden of Sin” but are merely ignorant of the Father and his power.

It is the process of the “path of return” or Upward Path, to restore us the Glorious Robe, that was given to us by our First Parents. So in this sense the destructive force of the Tower is only destroying that which is corruptible , impermanent, and therefore worthless to our Pneumatic Nous, or Mind. When it comes to our real security , the Fullness of the Pleroma is without decay, unknown, unspeakable, indestructible, whole and complete.

In Light and Love

Frater L. Cor Meum Lucidum

The New World of Order.

Greetings ! To all who persevere in the Great Work of 2012.

Here we are gathered to be shown more of the symbolic teachings embedded in The Tarot. The key that we are studying at this particular time is that of The Tower. Usually this key is depicted as the number 16. This in occult science and numerical symbolism is , the power of the symbol 6 though the mediation of the power 1. This is important because the 6th Key in the Tarot is that of the Lovers. Not only do we become like Saint John of The Cross in his Canto to Unity, but we also become regenerated by the solar power behind the shattering force of this Key.
It isn’t easy at this point to look at the seduction of a tower built by one’s own will , thoughts and desires. This is why the two “king and queen” or Self Conscious & Subconsciousness respectively, are thrown from the tower with great force and awareness. The awareness is that “except the lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it”. This of course means that since the metaphysical alphabet is symbolized through the form and manifestation of Hebrew letters , “they that build without this LORD, build in vain”. In St. John’s Gospel he writes “ In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was GOD and the WORD was with GOD, all things that were made were made by GOD, and was not anything made that was made”.
This is why we are going to start the process of Initiation. Because so many of us are experiencing Self Consciousness that doesn’t empower us, it doesn’t turn us into autonomous powers, it turns us into fallen angels. Messengers of Ego! The separate self-consciousness here is destroyed once and for all by totally allowing of the “Lightning” of “Our Abba” to destroy the forms that we have built without “permission or blessing”. This word ABBA is the Aramaic term Yeshua used for Our Father, ABBA means not “daddy” like has been explained, but is more like a neuter term meaning “Father-Mother”. It represents the KeterChochmah of the Kabbalistic teachings of the Master Mar Yeshua.
This is why what is formed now in Subconsciousness and Self Consciousness is going to become “the house built not with human hands” and will show us a glimpse of the meaning behind the mystery of the Masonic myth of Solomon’s Temple, “the temple built with no metal”. The temple or house is built by abnegation of the feeling and thinking , of any concept of separateness.
In Lurianic Kabbalah , master Rav Yehuda Ashlag wrote in journal titled Shamati, which means “ I have heard”, a article or study titled “ There is none else besides him”. In this school teacher Rav Ashlag calls this power the Creator, and may or may not be referring to the Gnostic Bythos. If this is in fact referring to the demiurge this key shows us otherwise by a swift illumination, if it does not then it is correct in attributing this statement to the Bythos or Unknown God/Father of the Valentinians.
In light and love
F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

Podcast 1 : Introduction to Gnostic Tarot Cards


Podcast1On our first Podcast we are going to give a small introduction to how the author came across tarot. In this podcast you’ll hear the personal experience of a Tarot practitioner from a “gnostical” point of view. Enjoy our very first podcast


The Tower of The Powerless

Greetings to all who labor in the Great White Brotherhood.

We are now going to traverse a path that is depicted in the 16th Arcanum of The Tower. At first we are looking at a very grim picture. The tower card represents a destruction, or de structuring of fixed elements. We are shown kings and stone structures being crumbled by lightning and the vision of a fall into the abyss. This key represents a final initiation-like vision or what may be called in hermetic thinking the beginning of the process leading to the goal of the “Visio Beatifica”. This vision is a revelation of the divine self to the personality resulting in actual experiences of what may be called “That which exists” or “ta onta” the things which are.

As beautiful as it sounds to be awakened to the higher realities of existence, this process requires a sort of death internally, what the mystics call a “metanoia” or second birth. This is just like the way a baby is initially born into the world. It goes through a time of eating up the mother’s food, of being saturated in the womb by life sustaining energies and fed to be raised, to a stable and sustainable form. Once this form is acquired the actual structure, that built the fetus go crumbling down and the baby is birthed. This process is extremely painful for a child and though it represents the beginning of mortal life, it is in fact the end of a previous existence that was by nature, way less painful. Therefore , each period of growth and evolutionary motion , by its inherent capacity to change , by nature requires a orderly destruction, to experience higher forms of existence. This is the beauty of the Buddhist doctrine of impermanence which states that there cannot be any created thing that isn’t subject to destruction or cessation of its temporary form. This is also the second law of thermodynamics.

Though very subtle , the gnostic doctors were aware of this law of impermanence. That is why they regarded the world as dualistic in some Valentinian schools. This though isn’t exactly true as an absolute, because an absolute by its nature cannot have a contradiction. The Gnostics of th 2nd century till current have maintained that there is a seeming duality in our experience , but that at the core of all existence there is a unfathomable , incomprehensible, and undefinable source of all things that was called by the name of Father, by the Master ,Mar Yeshua, and Unknown Principle by the Gnostics.

They (the Gnostic Doctors) maintained that there was a One , which was all in the midst of the many. This one is the earth shattering lightning bolt of our key. Once this force is set in motion the individual is powerless against its power of purification and resulting illumination. It is the goal of the Western Mystery Tradition to develop and inculcate a method whereby this power may be realized. This was titled the “upward path” by the hermeticists and the “path of return” by the Kabbalists.

In light and love

Frater Lucis, Cor Meum Lucidum.

The Star of Your Own Illumination

The Star of Your Own Illumination.

Greetings and Happy New Year to all my brothers and sisters in the work of humanity.
This post will be sort of a explanatory post. Previously on this blog, we used Tarot Card symbolism to get to the root ideas being presented through each image. We took a journey through several Arcanum. We also started initiatic work on the “path of return” or ‘Upward Path’ as it is called in the Western Mystery Tradition. I am pleased to say that we have made contact with a highly illumined group that makes descent from the 2nd Century Gnostic Doctors, and European Initiatic Orders, including : Martinist , Elus Cohen, Melchizidek , Gnostic, and teachings of the San Greal.
As many of you know this site follows a contemplative method that is attributed to the Kabbalistic Meditations of Stephan A. Hoeller, a Gnostic Priest and Director of the Ecclesia Gnostica. In Dr. Hoeller’s work titled “The Fools Pilgrimage” which is the text that this site is based upon, he discusses many attributes from the imagery of the Tarot. This system was advocated and applauded by Dr. Israel Regardie, a prominent Adept of the early 1900’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Through this book Regardie said that Dr. Hoeller’s work was useful in many ways but “Primarily in development of the ‘magical intuition’..”. This is exactly what our site attempts to do, which is to study the different methods of Tarot interpretation and use that ‘light’ to connect our intuition or ‘feelings’ to the high ideals that are in ‘seed’ form in the imagery of the tarot.
We have recently taken a brief look into the Tarot trump titled The Star, but there has been a delay. This is because of what Duc De Palatine calls “..following the Star of your own illumination”. In following the Star of your own Illumination , your free from rigid doctoral constraints. There is a release from pleasing a member of the Church congregation, primarily because your salvation isn’t dependent upon any other persons approval. The Great Work is an effort made by the worker and each must follow their own way. Hence when it is said to “follow your own Star”, this is what is meant.
Inside us all there is a star, a bright essence, that is one with the entire cosmic Macrocosm. This Star is the center of our being, the “star of the show”. It, not a separate ruling entity but a co-worker , with the Great Star or primal cause that is expressed in the Gnostic texts as the “Unknown Principle” . This Star is the Son, the word or the helpful essence of all creation if you like you may call it Christos, but not a person like the so-called historical Jesus. This Christos is the indwelling Christ or Anointed One. To Anoint means to Chrism.
Watch carefully as the Water is poured from the Feminine. While the Divine Feminine acts upon the earth, the Fiery Stars are shining bright above. This means to me that Love acts upon the most dense form of matter while being Illuminated . The love exists as a gift to be shared with humanity, to be poured over the earth, not to be consumed by simple and unyielding sensate experience , but to ever be guided toward the earth, in a ever rippling effect upon humanity.
Frater Lucis , Cor Meum Lucidum

Judas – A Star Player !

Greetings to all the STARS that have stayed patient for this blog.

Because of major developments when on the ‘path of return’ I’ve been extremely busy absorbing new initiatic lines and teachings from the Western Mystery Tradition. This isn’t just a change of focus, in fact its a revelation from the secret masters and adepts (though i am not even close to adeptship) of the traditions behind most Gnostic and Initiatic Schools. The hilarious thing about the teachers of this age is that the teachings are easily available once directed to the proper channels and that the path is thoroughly available for any and all that are guided to these teachings.

According to Dr. Lewis Keizer, Grandmaster of nearly All European Orders of Initiation and Western Mystery Tradition. “the old European Orders were great for Aristocrats that had plenty of time, but now we need more high tech methods of getting results”. (From a conversation with Grailmaster Keizer) This is apparent in our tarot. We are stars and as stars burn out there is a limitation to the present condition of our physical vehicles, this is evident in swedenborgian masonry, when in the beginning of the 1st degree teaching, he calls “Builders” the “Stars” of the “Lodge”. In the Gospel of Judas , Yeshua calls his Apostles or Disciples “stars” , in relation to their place in the “glory” of “God” , here Yeshua refers not to a traditional interpretation of god , but more to a Ein Soph or Limitless Light. He calls Judas a ‘Star” multiple times.

Why such a crazy name for JudasObviously Judas as the antithesis of Yeshua in “Orthodox” teaching and the furthest character from righteousness in the judeo-christian bible. Here we bring it up for our so called “pagan” readers. Tarot sometimes has been thrown into a waste basket because of identification with Satan. But as we see in the Gospel of Judas that the so called “Antichrist” is actually Yeshua’s most enlightened Apostle and was trusted with the “Mysteries of Heaven” . For sure the term Baselion or basileia is used in the coptic codex of Judas.

The term Kingdom has been falsely translated from the Aramaic Malkuth, but it actually means Sovereignty. The Mysteries of Sovereignty, and you can bet these mysteries not only included Kabbalistic teachings , but also Merkabah Chariot practices.

So why refer to Judas in Tarot? Judas is each of us, we are attempting to discover the “true” self, or anointed one. You would anoint or Christen yourself as a Sacrament , here we are seeing how we are betrayers and disciples at the same time. Because this card hints at formation, we will briefly share that in the word Yetzer which means “Form” it is written with two yods. This is peculiar when the word Yetzer isn’t spelled Yyetzer, but alas it is defined as two yods, two forms in matter , two impulses in the heart of the Apostle. One is a clockwise motion and manifests ‘good’ qualities or makes one a disciple , the other is a counter clockwise movement and is regarded as betrayer. This is what i believe judas is as a betrayer/disciple.

As we see there are very deep teachings in Gnosticism. As we were moving away from the gnostic teachings , its important to to get back to our “roots” for in these roots of gnosis we will start to find the living waters of spirit.

In light and love.

Seperate Water , From ….Water??

Ave, Fraters and Sorors,

And Elohim said.. “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.”

This time we are taking a step toward The Star which is the 16th Arcanum of the Tarot. As we journey on our way toward the pinnacle of all experience, im reminded of the term “Path” and what exactly is the Path of Return? As you all know we are Brethren and Sisters of the Light! A Fellowship of the Illuminated , so to speak. We are all working with the same archetypal image which is nature here depicted in her glorious form of Mother. Creatrix, Divine Feminine , and just plain Sexual , Magnetic, Polarity of God. Nature as a Recipient of the Divine Source , which the 1st and 2nd century Gnostics called “Pleroma”. What is this path , and where are we returning? The Path is a journey really to the sacred place of every born incarnate being. This is to the heart of all consciousness and all experience, by this I mean the Non Dual, Divine, Unexplainable, Unfathomable One-ness of the Infinite Divine Source. Now these terms are all expressions that must be defined by the practitioner. So what is the path? A Path is a , Way, or a cleared and previously traveled route toward a destination, typically in a area where it is easy and highly possible to get “lost”.

And thus we are, Lost, to a Kosmos of sensate experience, culminating in a sorrowful forgetfulness of our divine heritage. We are traveling down the road of a human linear progression, by human I mean all the physical humanness we are from bones , to blood , sinews and skin. This body, or form is the perpetual place where the mind can focus attention and by constant point of reference , substantiate itself as a separate form from other separate forms. Or more easily put Self, and Other. This is portrayed in the symbol of the “five streams of water” that have been pulled from a primal source. As the water begins to seek its source, or own level, it will eventually find its way, but in the mean time, as we can see , the symbol depicts a separate sensate experience. Also we have a visual depiction of the same action of gathering and then depleting, or drawing from source and pouring back into source. It seems ridiculous that anyone would do such a thing. And we have a woman naked! Taking extreme pleasure in the process. What is actually being said , is not being outright declared, yet the suggestion, I believe is here. That suggestion is powerful enough to illuminate any action performed in the realm of nature. Which is that all action, all thought and all effect comes from a original source, inexhaustible , undepleatable and indescribable , by the sensate being. Here is the key.

This picture is the Meditation of Source as the Origin of all experience. The bliss of reality and awakened perspective of form, as a separate illusion, and that there can be no other possible explanation, that when we stop paying attention to the senses and begin drawing from the “waters of our being” we begin to discover the great mystery of a calmness and serenity that has never been known prior to practice of the path.

So as Nature draws the forms that are perceived by the five sensate functions, from the source of all existence, The Star (as a archetype) shines brighter and brighter, revealing the fullness of actual being and not the deprivation of mind (water) seeking source but dried upon matter (earth) for as we can see form is what holds the water. … and that the waters of non-discursive meditation, can eventually restore sight and we will gain the lost key to MANkind , not human existence. This statement MAN isn’t representing Male, or a masculine brain. It represents the collective whole mankind as opposed to the illusion of separate reality , human, or self . In this way do the “upper waters become separated from the lower”. And a firmament is established.

In light and love

Frater Lucis Cor Meum Lucidum

Star Light.. Star Bright..(Part 2)

Ave, Fratres and Sorrors

Greetings from within the matrix. Here we are studying the Arcana of the 17th Key titled The Star. It is a joy to be progressing together through the first stage of the “Upward Path” or Path of Return. There have been many roadblocks and limitations in getting the articles on this blog out there, however the frequency of the posts will not be increased at the cost of the quality. As this is a journey that we are all taking together, every new phase of the path takes us as a unit or “egregor” further than before. For this I personally am in a state of Gratitude

The Star has a significance , especially as a name. As we have previously studied the Gematria of the name itself. , it should be known that other terms for Star can be Luminary, Luminaries or Lights. Early Theosophist and Visionary Emmanuel Swedenborg , from the tradition of Jacob Boheme ,wrote in his 12 volume commentary on Genesis and Exodus ,”Arcana Coelestia”, the following about the luminaries:

Gen 14-17:And God said. Let there be luminaries in the expanse of the heavens, to distinguish between the day and the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years; and let them be for lumanaries in the expanse of heavens, to give light upon the earth; and it was so. And God made two great luminaries, the greater luminary to rule by day, and the lesser luminary to rule by night; and the stars. And God set them in the expanse of the heavens, to give light upon the earth.

What is meant by “great luminares” cannot be clearly understood unless it is first known what is the essence of faith, and also what is its progress with those who are being created anew ( Regeneration)..”

The Hebrew word for Luminary is , Marth with a gematria of 641, also 641 is the number for (Hb.: light,burn,teach,three,cut,end,course,horsemen,sun, & Gk. is: thou,garment,loose,walk,see,pound,pour,seek,die,death.-Courtesy of biblewheel.com ) , The Arcana here is profound but will take too much space to continue, we will let the reader draw their own conclusions and would love to hear your gematria (fratercml@gmail.com)

Swedenborg continues..

“..love and faith thense derived , are now here first treated of, and are called “luminaries”‘ love being “the greater luminary which rules by day” “faith derived from love “the lesser luminary which rules by night”; and as these two luminares ought to make a one, it is said of them, in the singular number, “Let there be luminaries”

Swedenborg talks about the benefits of Love and Faith as virtues and then continues with the topic of luminaries. In the Swedenborg Rite of masonry , the initiates are constantly called “great stars”. Also in this Rite the GAOTU is considered the “Ultimate Builder”, and is the Masons Ultimate Teacher on how to “build” character. As Swedenborg mentions above, Faith is the luminary we are viewing in this key. This is important because in the process of Dvekut in Lurianic Kabbalah, one is asked to have “faith above reason”. and in Paul’s epistles its stated the “greatest of these is love”. In our picture this process is illustrated by the ibis on the tree stem. Knowledge can only see so much of nature, “but love compels nature to reveal herself”.

As a gnostic this passage might seem “orthodox” or “catholic”, but taking a look deeper into the terms and thier relations with known Gnostic treatises, we can elucidate the following :

Elohim said: this is one of the few sayings attributed to the plural term “elohim”. Also these sayings where it says “Elohim Said..” is related to each of the Seven Days of Creation, Elohim is similar to Yeshua’s term “Abba” or Father-Mother. this is like the Pleorma creating “Aeons” or “luminaries” , “expanse of the heavens” is written in the plural .”heavens” could be related to the version of Mysticism attributed to the prophet Ezekiel called Merkabah. Luminaries may be related to the principals of “Aeonic” builders of the Universe. As Louis Claude de Saint Martin & Martinez Pasqually mention several times ” every spirit has a number” . in the above quote of scripture “let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and for years”. If we combine the ideas here with that of Swedenborg’s Theological exegesis we could say that the “disincarnate” beings called “luminaries” are guides of “Love” and “Faith” and the Principals behind symbols , time, cycles and space .

As the “Central Axis Fire” spirits are the builders “tools” that are utilized in Theurgical Operations to create matter , our picture of Nature pulls from the source and not only provides a feedback loop, like a “influx” and “outflux”, but also deposits the “five streams” that allow matter to be perceived by the Nous of Spirit.This inbreathing of dipping into the waters can be like drawing it from the source, and outbreathing to be distributing it back to the source. Nature must interact with the “Aeonic ” Builders in order to produce matter and sensate beings to perceive that matter. The statement here is not that Source is subject to nature , but that Nature in all her majesty is simply a “Vessel” of the Source , and draws of “water” similar to the Hermetic Nous.

In Light and Love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.

Star Light.. Star Bright..

Ave Fraters and Sorrors

Now we are beginning to discuss the 17th Tarot Key titled The Star. The Star is a card in its simplicity of a huge eight rayed star surrounded by seven other smaller stars. I guess because this key is called The Star we should start here. Not only is it evident that the central focus here isn’t a star but we also have a naked woman scooping water from one section and placing it in not only another but the same section of water. This must not be taken literally but of course its a symbolic depiction of a deeper mystery.

Let it be known that in Strong’s Concordance to the Old and New testaments the word for star given is mentioned only a few times. In the Old Dispensation it is referred to only twice ; Num 24:17 “there shall come a star (KUKB כוכב) out of Jacob..” & Amos 5:26 “the star (KUKB כוכב) of your god, which ye made of yourselves”. The Gematria for the Hebrew word KUKB =48 , also in relation to the number 48 we have: Pillar of Strength , Woman, Inner Life,To Reveal , Expose, Father , Love.

It is now becoming evident that the Naming for this Tarot Key wasn’t at all arbitrary As the Center of this card is a Blazing Star its evident that its saying the following in some way ,that to effect ” There will come a way called star out of Jacob, and not the star of your god , Molech, that if you make God your Star you shall have strength in your inner life, that things will be revealed to you , from your father who is love and Nature (Woman) will reveal it self to you as well”.

The inner stars infact are the seven little stars considered the Seven Chakras that are called our interior Spheres. Now this might seem like a stretch but in Greek the Gematria for 48 is Not μη. This would seem wierd were it not for the amazing correlation to Naught. Star being your GOD and Naught being the Greek Pleroma . Maybe the Kabbalists and Occultists hid the secrets in the Key about Nature and every seen thing from the real Blazing Star or the GAOTU ( Grand Architect Of The Universe) If in fact it was giving a comparison to the Ain Sof Aur of the Kabbalists which can only be explained in Negative statements , then it would stand to reason that the Pictorial Alphabet of the Western Mystery Schools would indeed Conceal facts about the Universe that the Gnostics needed to say , but only to those who were ready.

In the final analysis of our Star we can see that if our symbol relates to the Blazing Star of the All Seeing Eye of Masonic Symbolism , then it would also mean occulus natura or Eye of Nature as opposed to the occulus divinium which is the Eye of the Divine. The other statement that may be made about the amazing number 48 could be that it is the Rosicrucian Arbor, the word fountain and also the latin gematria for the words

“rota Tora orat Ator”
“The wheel of Tarot speaks the Law of Hathor.”

In light and love

F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

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The Hidden Light in Chaos.

Ave Fratres and Sorors of the Light


Health of the Rose, Peace of the Cross to all who enter.

We are now finishing in this essay the introduction and interpretation of Key 19 of the Tarot titled The Sun. It should be remembered over and over again that the short posts on this site are meant to be an introduction to the topics alluded to in the Tarot Keys. This is similar to a grocery store in the U.S. where people called “vendors” are paid to introduce a new experience with their product , to your palate . You try this new product and then are enticed to buy based upon your experience .

Here it is similar, your receiving certain suggestions of inquiry upon each symbol and are being introduced to the crystallized ideas of the egregor of each of the systems of the Western Mystery Tradition, by contemplating the ideas contained within the geometrical shapes, which inevitably are derived from mathematics, the color of the symbol which will instruct the practitioner in ‘words of power’ of their particular language and the language of the early Hermetic and Rosicrucian Philosophers, the Keys will start to influence the Subconscious areas of the Psyche and the Scroll of the High Priestess will be unraveled.

So we are appropriately taking a change in pace to that of the “sefirot’ which is a plural term for ‘sefira’ these words are emanations and emanation respectively. The two sefirot that this path connects is that of Yesod or ‘Foundation’ and Hod ‘ Knowledge or Intellect’. As we look at the foundation of creation through yesod it will show us there is a creative intelligence in hod. This is to say that manifestation isn’t Chaotic. This is super important to understand because through reverse interpretation the principle says that all Chaos is in its essence Orderly Chaos, meaning has an origin.

This is exactly the teaching of a past avatar called affectionately the Buddha. who said that the First and Second Noble Truth is that there is something called Suffering (Chaos) and an Origin of Suffering (Source of Suffering). Since The Sun is the central point in our Cosmos its also the central point in our Metaphysical universe as well. Therefore its saying in effect to know that the “Intellect” or Hod center precedes the Manifestation or Foundation center. and that this is the work of the Sun. This is the action of the Sun upon the mind to produce the effects of the children dancing , In the BOTA Initiate version the children are dancing in two concentric circles within the inner circle.

Now it is becoming more and more evident that there are real messages in these cards that they can be expounded in countless ways and they are interrelated picture books. Hebrew letters, Tree of Life diagrams, Attributions of Alchemy Astrology and Mathematics and Geometry. All these branches of education and occult science are synthesized in this book called THE TAROCHI

In Light and Love

F.L. Cor Meum Lucidum

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Orange You Glad , We Didn’t Say….

Ave Fratres and Sorors

As we are ending our short talks on the 19th Arcanum titled The Sun , it must be remembered that these series of talks are only designed for one purpose. That is , to enable a seeker to find value in the higher College of esoterica and hopefully , to establish contact for the Great Work.

Since we are here being shown a picture of The Sun , it must be remembered that the image is the form in geometrical and mathmatical specifications. Even color can be seen as a form of number and geometry . Since it is a proven fact that sound and color are on the same continuum. We are going to look at the bright orange sun and sort of realize that the louder or Higher the vibration the more indecernable. as we raise our minds from the lowest of the color scale we shall reach orange. Once we are raised to the color orange we shall start to experience the benefits of this “Frequency”. This is somewhat complex for our minds to understand. But imagine that you are saying the WORD “RESH” . eventually as your raise your octaves it will inevitibily pass your range of voice expression. This is where we will depart to mathmatical music ” Theory”. The Theory or Gk. theoria

will bring to mind a idea, but as the definition goes : “conception of a Thing” . This THING called music is a tangible form in the idea of color. When we experience the color Orange, it must be part of the Hebrew word RSH in some way

Let us investigate. In a ritual to a Theoricus which is the 2nd Grade of a Initiate’s ‘Path of Return’ we are told on the lecture on color “Orange has been referred to zeal and enthusiasm and to mental and moral development and self-control.”

Here if we look at the original construction of Tarot , we will inevitably start to find what I like to call “Signs” that we are going down the proper line of reasoning.

Resh is the Hebrew letter for R. Rho is the Greek equivalent . There are very close correlations between Resh and Rho. The Gematria for the letter R is 200 . 200 is also the number of several other words including : to hold fast , to be full of zeal , to bring under control , etc. also though it means Canaanite, BUL is the name of the Canaanite fertility God, and the second WORD of the True name of god in masonic symbolism. JAH is a allusion to Yahweh BUL to the Canaanite god of fertility and ON refers to the name Osiris.

Now let us see why Resh would be numbered 200 and is the same as a Religious Canaanite. This is where the Spirit of the Egregor always comes to aid us once we get in touch with the minors or Regenerated Masters.

The Sun is the link between Hod , and Yesod. We are raising our consciousness from our fertile Sexual center to that of Intellegence or Intellect. Here we are taught the ‘fertile nature’ of our thoughts. This is soo important. BUL the middlename of the Masonic name is for the BUL/WORD of the JAH/FATHER that creates the ON/SON. Osiris is the risen God of the Underworld. Also BUL is the Fertility God. The Canaanites were “Polythiestic” but really this is a doctrine of the ‘Many in the One’. As we start to research we will see that not only do our thoughts impregnate form and create our SUN of guidance but its saying that our WORD is alive. This is totally in sync with R+C thinking and Doctrine. Also it will be seen that the Solar Plexus as described in a previous post is the Manifesting Brain of our Being. The other brain.

Orange which is a color used for the Sun by the Ancients , has been not only attributed to the letter Resh and Rho , but in Hebrew the WORD “Orange’ is KTVM or Katom. but also the word Ketuvim which means “Writings” is also KTVM !

This is another “Sign” also once you Theosophically reduce KTVM =466 /4+6+6=16=1+6=7. 7 is the number for completion ‘sign’ and also a reference to the Seven Planets ‘sign’ of which the center of the “then’ known Cosmos was the Sun. Also Alchemy is about the Work of Regeration or Work of the SUN. It is central to the entire art of Alchemy and is infact the Goal ‘Sign’.

I certainly can go on and on, but i wont. The purpose of this essay was to completely show that there are “signs” in not only the rituals, which are the maps, but the Key of the Tarot itself is a color/form alphabet when used with its allusions can give enough ‘signs’ to start and wonder. Are these simply archaic scenarios and images . or are they Hermetically Sealed Doctrines

At this time I think it appropriate to quote a verse from the Kyballion or Kabbalah . “The lips of Wisdom are closed except to the ears of Understanding”.

In Light and Love

Frater C.M.L.

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The Light That Never Departs

Ave , Brothers and Sisters of the Light

As it’s been a while since the last post here. Problems inevitably arise when on the Path.

We are continuing with the discussion of the 19th Arcanum and the Tarot Key titled The Sun.

We are using the Marsailles version of the card since it is closer to the initiated version that I particularly use designed by the BOTA. In this Key the Sun is depicted as behind the two individuals in the foreground. Its important to see here that this positioning is not arbitrary. We are on “The Path of Return”. the most important word here is RETURN. If we are to see the light of The Sun not as a planetary influence but a Spiritual Archetype , then we can understand why gazing into the bright Sun is probably not recommended at this point.

I can think of no better source than Louis Claude de Saint-Martin in his very esoteric Lyons Lectures to quote in this regard

“If you take away from a man the light which is illuminating him and allowing him to see the surrounding objects, he remains in darkness all the time he does not have the light; his sight loses its memory of the various objects during the whole time of separation. The sun, for example, illumines the insights of a well- adjusted man, allowing him to see the various wonders of nature; through it, he sees the various wonders of the different successions of visible bodies; through it, he finds out about the various objects which successively pass before his eyes; and

the more he has made a sustained collection of facts, the more he knows about the nature of bodies whose dimensions the light reveals.

Let us now assume that this man is locked in dreadful solitary confinement which deprives him of communication with the sun: the amount of facts collected decreases, according to the number of days he is in privation. The longer he remains locked in darkness, deprived of the light of the sun, the more his sight weakens, and the more the facts collected by his sight decrease; to the extent that, if he remains a number of years without seeing the light of the sun, he has to take the greatest care when returning to light for fear that, if he is suddenly taken out into the midday sun, the membranes of the eye, unused to the flexible movements they must make in order to be in communication with this star, finding themselves in a state of tension, stiffness and hardness, receiving a large number of rays which they cannot obey, and, by their resistance, putting up a new force

against this light, they finally overcome the obstacle itself by rupturing a few large vessels in the body and thus killing the form of the person who wished to get closer to the principle of life too soon.”

Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin – Lyons Lecture

What has just been shared is a small portion of a very esoteric nature. The author is a leader in the Initiatic stream of teachings and was a member of the infamous Elus Cohen. This is part of the Martinist School of esoterica. Martinism is taken by the author of its Doctrine Martinez De Pasqually. Little is known of this man but his Theurgic methods were incomparable and this is why he was considered a great Occultist. Saint-Martin was his student and developed the Inner way as opposed to Pasqually’s Operative or Theurgic way. In the Martinism of Saint-Martin the entire goal of man was to become Reintegrated by inner devotion to the Creator , similar to the Gnostic Pleorma. This is why its not only impossible to see The Sun in its entirety due to the limitations of Time Space, but it is also not probable that one would be able to become fully integrated without the recognition of the Collective Fall, rather than a striving for individual attainment

Briefly this is the picture that is depicted here. It must be said now however that certain details of Martinist Doctrine cannot be shared here, not due to stinginess of the information but because it is not recommended for those who haven’t found their way to it yet. What can be said is that Pasqually’s text “Reintegration of Beings’ can be downloaded by a google search. This text is the core of Martinist thinking. Once familiar with the ideas this card will take on new meaning. The Sun is the visual depiction of the process Pasqually is speaking of.

As a reminder , the studies here are done with extreme amounts of research and are not being presented haphazardly . Its important to see that we’re definitely not talking about some cards to help with “Selfish” pursuits of wealth, health and happiness. But that the cards themselves indicate the Philosophical Gold and that is the Eternal and Unending Source of Wealth, or Abundance Health and Happiness. Let us always remember that in the clouds just beyond the Sun shines always with all its splendor.

In Light and Love.

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Is There Another Brain??


Today as we discuss the symbolism of the 19th Arcanum titled The Sun, lets focus our energies on the area of the torso , right about the solar plexus. This is said by Hermetic and Rosicrucian Authorities to be the “real” brain. Since the brain of the head is simply for physical functioning, the brain above the Solar Plexus is for meta-physical functioning.

I don’t think its a coincidence that this area of the body is named the Solar Plexus. The entire symbolism of The Sun is focused upon this area and a mystical process titled Regeneration.

Regeneration of the personality is our individual goal for a larger process called Reintegration for the collective. This process is the end of all mystical schools , including the well known but very obscure language and symbolism of Hermetic Alchemy.

In Inner Hermetic Alchemy the body is used as a vessel to make the alchemical processes refine and transmute the elements in the personality and eventually integrate the serpentine element called Kundalini by the East. In the west we call this Reintegration with Omneity. The Taoists called this process the Crystal Body in a popular text titled Secret of the Golden Flower. Similarly in Buddhist tantric teachings we have the mind of Luminosity or Main Mind , which many Tibetan commentators call “clear and knowing”.

It would benefit the practitioner at this time to bring attention to the Hebrew yods falling from The Sun. Not only does the Yod include all letters as the “seed” of the Hebrew alphabet, but there are three seeds. In Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin’s lecture to the Elus Cohen at Lyons, he states that all creation is made within the primal 3 matras , not to be mistaken with “Mantra” matras are an arabic term related to the elements of alchemy commonly known as Mercury Sulpher and Salt. These according to a masterful and detailed series of lectures by Saint-Martin, are to be the original unformed elements and that by them the entire cosmos was constructed.
This my friends, is just a glimpse of the Martinist views of the early Renaissance , and has deep affiliation with Masonic and Rosicrucian teachings. If we are to see this marvelous pack of cards as simply a fortune telling system or a personality development system, that is all and well. I for one see them as a masterful system of instruction on the deepest mysteries of the Western Initiatic Tradition.

The reason we used the Marsalies version here is to indicate the common elements in Tarot before the artistic changes of Waite and further developments from Crowley and PF Case. As can be seen in the early Itallian deck these images were being presented long before the formation of The Golden Dawn of the late 1800’s.

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In light and love.

Journey into The Sun

Ave brothers and sisters of Light!

Here we are continuing our discussion and studies upon the 19th Arcanum titled The Sun. In the conversations with everyone about these keys, its to be remembered that they were invented by the adepts of The Western Mystery Tradition. These adepts were thinkers of the highest capacity. Here we have discussed the general symbols and how our Tradition sees them, but its indispensable to be trained with an actual study of the schools because there are methods that aren’t being discussed here, not because of a lack of information,but because experience has its own time line.

Without further commentary let us focus upon the symbol of just The Sun first. As can be easily seen there are eight straight rays and eight curvy rays. There are 125 lines behind the sun as well. There is a picture of a man and also drops descending from the sun in the colors red , yellow and blue.

There are so many levels of teaching in just these brief descriptions. Like for instance in Kabbalah as taught by Isaac Luria or his honorific name The Ari, gave teachings called “Etz Chayim” or ” Tree of Life” . Lurianic Kabbalah is based upon the works of The Ari. Further expounded by Rav (which means teacher) Yehuda Ashlag. Rav Ashlag or his honorific name Baal Ha Sulam which means “the master of the ladder” wrote a commentary on “Etz Chayim” titled “Talmud Eser Sefirot”. This work is in Hebrew and is quite technical . Talmud Eser Sefirot or Ten Luminious Emmanations is the major commentary of The Ari’s text and includes Etz Chayim, unfortunately the entire treatise is only available in Hebrew, translations are supposedly being developed but as of yet there is no progress on the complete works.

NOTE: If the reader is interested in Lurianic Kabbalah there is a site http://www.kabbalah.info that is an authentic school called Bnei Baruch. This site is incomparable to any other and the most beloved Dr. Michael Laitman is the real decendent of Lurianic Kabbalah! Best of all the teachings are FREE!

continuing … Another work by Rav Ashlag is The Sulam Commentary or The Ladder Commentary , here is my deepest intuition of the reason for 125 lines. The Zohar written by Simon Bar Yochai in the 1st to 5th century is a commentary on the first five books of the Hebrew Bible called Torah. in the Sulam Commentary , Rav Ashlag comments upon The Zohar. Here is explained that each Rav of the Zohar represents 1 Sefirot and each word has a Sefirotic Root. Every Letter has a metaphysical teaching and the sole point is to rise 125 levels to the highest attainment in the teaching , these levels aren’t arbitrary they are actual levels of the sefirot and “olam” or worlds. With this complex system the path to spiritual enlightenment is laid out before us in Lurianic Kabbalah. Bnei Baruch goes into great depth and in the author’s strict but non derogatory assessment is far deeper and more grounded in truth than its counterpart the infamous Kabbalah Center. ( Can’t say much about Kabbalah Center, Berg’s lawyers are very interested in maintaining the name and reputation of this organization to the extent that it can’t be mentioned much without serious repercussions)

This is Authentic Kabbalah. What we have inherited is a symbolic version of this system called The Mystical Kabbalah or Practical Kabbalah. So whats all this have to do with fortune cards?? Well maybe the number 125 is arbitrary but i doubt it, even when referred to by exponents of the Western Mystery Schools the number is 5X5X5 which is explained by Laitman in the Zohar as the Partzufim and Sefirot including a deep teaching about “Zeir Anpin” which as an oversimplification includes Six Sefirot: Chesed, Gevurah , Tifferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. The Lurianic count this group as 1 Called the Countanance or Zeir Anpin , Translated as “Small Face”

Like i said this card has Deep Teachings. Alchemical , Magical, Hermetic, Rosicrucian and many more schools can be expounded by the simple symbol here of the sun its 8 straight rays, 8 curvy rays, 125 other lines, face and color. Not to mention the drops..

For brevity sake we will stop here, but hopefully the reader will start to grasp the concepts that are being presented. They are not arbitrary and please if interested in Authentic Kabbalah visit Bnei Baruch, its amazing when combined with our Authentic Western Tradition.

In Solar Light and Love

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Sumer is finally here !

Ave fellow travelers and light bearers

Now we are making a shift from the card titled Judgement to the Key titled The Sun. As you can see the card chosen for our study is the marseilles card. One because this deck is one of the oldest and second is because the popular Rider-Waite Deck shows an entirely different scene. In the Western Tradition of Mystery Schools and Fraternal Societies, the Key is pictured in the same scene shown here.There are two children , The Sun and its rays, the wall and water , and the divine drops. These elements are going to be the ‘basis’ of our study and the interpretation of these symbols will be given in several seperate essays , as usual.

There seams to be a ‘typo’ in the title of this post to some, Sumer spelled without the proper seasonal attributes is the first supposed meaning, actually the spelling is intentional and indicates some deep History behind the methods and teachings of the Tarot Keys. The Art or Great Work of the Sumerians as passed to the Chaledeans , Egyptians, and finally to the Jewish tribes of Israel and the ‘Hieros Gamos’ of the Hellenistic Gnostics. All the teachings upon the Secret Essence in the Eastern School of Tantric Buddhism called Vajrayana, can also be summed up in this key. Though it shows the actual manifestation and not the cause or mediating influence but the result titled “Regeneration”.

Regeneration is a term that eventually we will get into in more depth, as far as can be said of the topic. This spiritual principle is the main secret behind ‘Spiritual Alchemy’ and other practices. The Tarot Key 19 titled ‘The Sun’ is similar to our interpretation of The 18th Key titled ‘The Moon’. This card doesn’t point to our conventional idea of The Sun in the known cosmos or even the other galaxies and suns thereof, when the Key calls this force ‘The Sun’ its talking about its spiritual essence and not the thing that we see daily. The reason its titled ‘The Sun’ is because this key is sun ‘like’. That is one of the Keys to interpretation. The symbols aren’t literal objects but unknown elements of the picture indicated. With deep Kabbalistic and Spiritual Truth embedded within we can start to infer what the meaning is by the concentration of the mind.

This Key isn’t very simple at all and requires deep analysis. It holds so many ‘passwords’ so to speak of other grades of consciousness. For the time being though we will just start to touch upon the aspect of Reintegration or Regeneration as being the recapturing of the youthful mind. The mind of the child isn’t dumb. its inexperienced, yet its experience is very valid when you look at the concept of time. As a linear progression from one spatial point to another. Time would be the duration between the gaps . Therefore the one who says that children are to be “seen and not heard” is passing up the wisdom of the Universal Spirit for the conflicted and limited perspective of the so called ‘Adult’.

In a spacial context this card reaches beyond because it doesn’t show that the two forces are aware of their separateness. When the sun shines on the mind of man the delusions of the mind cease to hold weight, In buddhism this is called ‘Enlightenment” the clarity of the mind is shown for the first time through meditative means and in the stillness time space, causation and duration become “Conceptual Labels” and not “Reality”. The mind is not exactly what most of us take it to be, sure it can compute, and discern, analyze and infer, deduce solutions from seeming difficult problems. Yet these functions are part of the repair on the damage of its cause. The mind as said by the buddhists is “Clear and Knowing” is the mind of The Sun. The ever shining always present light of our real essence. Maybe this is why the child is so happy. Their minds aren’t developed enough to suffer as bad as us “mature” adults.

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In light and Love

Hades, Pluto and Horus

Ave Fraters and Sorors

In this finalization of the 20th Arcanum titled Judgement, we are considering the Gods of World Mythology attributed to this path. The work on this portion of our study is going to come primarily from renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell. Joseph Campbell’s The Masks of God is a superbly written work, and should be referenced constantly in regard to the mythological motifs and concepts behind our Tree of Life.

Hades as we all know is the God of the Underworld, but what does that mean? I believe that the term underworld is exactly what it says “under” the “world”, but what world? In kabbalah we are taught about the “four olamim”or Worlds. This conception is a piece of complex Kabbalism, and should be understood when dealing with the tree. As this is the channel from Malkuth, which represents sensate living and manifestations thereof, we are taken into the realm of the densest expression of the depicted “Solar Fire”. As Persephone is coaxed to the underworld by a peculiar looking flower, the goddess is defiled and sent into servitude. In the popularized version of the story, Persephone is taken and Hecate, her mother ,makes a plea to Hades to release her. Hades concedes ,and lets Persephone have her freedom , but only partially. Here the initiate’s of our Western Mystery Tradition hold up a stalk of grain, to symbolize her victorious emergence. Pluto is similar to the Greek Hades, but is the Roman Version. In Pluto lies a mystery of Astronomical Truth , and depicts the travels of the sun through the darkness and its emergence as well.

When we discuss Horus, it is well known that he is the Son of Isis and Osiris. Horus was the Son aspect of the Sun God. Before the adoption of Ra, Horus represented the child god, he is also related to Harpocrates. This in turn is probably deeply related to the Elusinian and Isis cults . Since Horus was part of the established Royal Pharaohs along with an immortalized Osiris , Egyptians would have known that the two would have symbolized each other and deeply impressed Silence upon the minds of the Initiate. In our modern tradition there is a phrase “ TO KNOW, TO WILL, TO DARE AND BE SILENT”. For the Hellenistic traditions held Silence to be a portal to actual Gnosis and Wisdom. In the myth of Horus he is set against a dual force called Set. This was the eternal conflict of the opposites, Horus however was able to produce reconciliation which is what the late CG Jung called the psychological solution to our one-sidedness. Therefore the figures rising out of the caskets not only represent the reconciliation of the opposites but the intervention of the divine Fire that guides the risen spirit through the process of Harmonization and Equilibrium.

Thought for the Day: Here we will try something new. In the analysis of the previous Keys, there has been much conceptual thinking and less emphasis upon practical application of the Tarot itself. This is actually not the intention of these essays, in fact the whole intention is to supplement, and add to the already practiced art of Divination and development of the Magical Intuition. So from now on we will have an application of practical nature, therefore, eliminating the aspect of pure abstraction and no practice.

Here goes: For 5 minutes clear your mind of any distractions of polarization, meaning when it comes to the difficult times of the day’s activities, make no judgment on them . Attempt to bring the mind to complete rest, and silence. Take deep breathes as this will stimulate the auric system, and produce new thoughts which in turn, make new thought-forms ,and influence the external situation in a different way. Instead of trying to understand the problem or conflict , make efforts to forget about it temporarily. Once you’re sure that your sounds are coming from the Triumphant Fire within , rather than Chaotic Hades outside, take a fresh look at the situation with the light of your inner Sun of Horus , and see the world through the Divine Child Harpocrates eyes.

In light and love

(Special Thanks to my Beloved Wife for the editorial work)

Balance and Pathwork

Hello Brothers and Sisters of The Light!

At this juncture I think it would be important to mention at the close of this Key the 20th Arcanum titled Judgement, a word or two about the method used to travel in our little essays. As you may see the figures arising out of their sepulchers are colored gray. This color is not death, it is the balancing of the energies from the two sides of nature, but to understand the actual way we are working with the cards a bit of instruction is now necessary.

The organization in the late 1800’s early 1900’s called the Golden Dawn was an extension of a Rosicrucian organization called Socitas Rosicruciana in Anglia or Society Rosicrucians in England. The Dr. Wynn Westcott , Magus of this organization and a high ranking Mason in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, was the discoverer of some rare Cipher Documents. These documents were the rituals and knowledge lectures of this group of Theurgical magicians called the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn heavily relied upon Jewish Kabbalah as their structure in the “Grades” of the Order.

In the later grades of Adeptship the members were given a document that was titled M and it had the attributions of the Tarot and descriptions of the Keys. As the organization got larger A.E. Waite was admitted , progressed to Adeptship and was the progenitor of the Rider Waite Tarot , He and artist Pamela Coleman Smith were the formative influences of this popularized version of an earlier deck called the Marseilles.

In the Golden Dawn each Tarot Card corresponded to many attributes and was a system of categorization , however the most important were the Hebrew letter attributed, A number , the Magical Sign and the Name of the card. The colors aren’t arbitrary either they are in what was known as the “Color Scale” of the Kabbalah. Each card has an attribution in the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life” and therefore is called a “Path”. This is known. Each “path” is the connecting channel of two Sefirot which are ten circles in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Here is where we will start. The way we’ve been following as you probably noticed is not in sequential order by numeration but in the fashion of pathwork upon this diagram. We are first going from a Sefirot to another by means of the Tarot card. By using our imagination and actively engaging our minds in the crystallized form we are becoming acquainted with the “Roots” of this system. First we go from the Sefirot we are at, which for all of us starting is Malkuth , then we go from the middle to the left and right, only in the path of the moon is it appropriate to start out right before left. Once balanced we can proceed to the next sefirot. We are now at the end of the essays on the 20th Key and are moving to the Sphere of Yesod , We will then follow this same schematic.

In accordance with balance and equilibrium we are going to proceed but first about the color grey, it is a mixture of the color black and white or two opposing colors called flashing colors. The attributions of color are important because they are the scales that tell us the attributions of the card and the particular elements in later study. Each thing is a Kabbalistic idea, and each idea manifests in the model of the Tree of Life. Here we have 3 humans that are balanced by the Cosmic Fire and have attained the Wisdom of the Sefirot Chokmah . Since Keter is White and Binah Black the wisdom of the body these images depict is the attainment of the Chokmah element.

For now this is were we will end, but as we progress more and more, the tarot will take on a different meaning other than the common one of Divination, it will be our map on the road to Spiritual Destiny.

In Light and Love.

The Final Judgement??

Ave brothers and sisters of the light!

Here we are presented with the 20th Arcanum and most of the evident symbols are that of death, judgement and some kind of angel blowing a trumpet. This isn’t the actual meaning of the card. Nor does it mean that once we die we will be judged by gods seven seals… blah blah. The card was designed this way to pass through the Orthodoxy of the scrutinizing public officials of early medieval Europe.

The actual doctrine of this key is pretty complex. As we talked about in our last “conventicle” , we said that the seven rays of sound were related to the seven ‘chakras’ of the Indian philosophical tradition. What wasn’t discussed was how this element is activated and why the figures are positioned the way they are and depicted in our key.

The Hebrew letter that corresponds with this key is Shin.
Shin is called one of three mother letters in a Kabbalistic treatise called Sepher Yetzerah. The particular attribution to this Letter is Fire and the name Tooth. As we have been instructed from the builders of the Mystery Schools of antiquity . The Fire and Tooth represent the assimilation of food and the energy produced from that action. Here the assimilation is that of a spiritual substance producing an effect of fire in the spiritual body composed primarily of the seven chakras and nerve currents and channels.

In our definition of the word Judgement means “completion” or a Finalizing of a process. Not the last judgement of the church and has no eschatological connections whatsoever. Here is showed a great method of the east regarding sound and the chakras. The words of power or mantras are the building principles of the manifest universe. This is in accordance with the Buddhist Vajrayana and Raja Yoga schools of the East and the works of Hellenistic Egypt and Pythagorean philosophies as well.

It is no real surprise that form is a manifestation of Vibratory powers and that from this ultimate realm of sound form shape and color take place. In this Key its depicted that a shaping sound will release us from our graves of corporeal existence and the bondage of the third dimensional restriction.

In light and love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

Seven Rays of Light and Sound

Ave fellow seekers of Light.

As mentioned in the previous post. We are embarking upon a new phase of our journey, one that will leave us in utter possession of another piece of the puzzle of our ancient arcanum of the Tarot.

As these papers are mainly meant as an aid to study , its impossible to completely exhaust the possibilities of each key to teach and illuminate its possessor. What will be done, if anything is hopefully do what we are aiming to explain has already taken place. The process of salvation has already been completed . Our problem, if you wish to call it that, is to become aware with this solution to our state of existence and beingness.

Enough said. Here we will find there are Seven sounds that are being projected from the trumpet of the angel Gabriel. In this picture its the manifestation of deeper causes. Therefore this is the reason the card shows the image of an external sound. Because it isn’t concerned so much with the causes as the actual manifestation of the cause and mediator directly depicted above it and termed “Realization” in the process of the Seven step method of the tarot.

Each sound projection represents a different sphere or center so to speak and is highly related to the “wheel”. Since the card “judgement” is used to represent the 20th arcanum for a moment we will digress to the symbolism of numbers again in tarot. As mentioned earlier each symbol , attribute and correlation of the Tarot Keys are anything but arbitrarily set on the card. In fact each and every image, color , letter, word, number. and sign means a infinite amount of things that can be interrelated in the world of the Occult Sciences. This is why the Tarot holds such an amazing position in the Mystery Schools, not only by its design, archetypes, but the forces energies and powers that are released by ” those who know” how to use the pack of cards.

In Numerical symbolism of the Key , the number represents first the power and cause and the result or manifestation of the cause. Here its the 0 brought about by the power of 2 which we have not covered yet. Needless to say the number 20 is only paralleled by the number 10 as the numbers with zeros in them. the card with the attribute of 10 is the Wheel of Fortune. We wont go into the symbolism but know that since we are tracing backward all the powers and causes of the entire arcanum 0-20 goes into the symbolism of this card. Each key represents the prior elements of its foundation in causes and is the final manifestation of the causes before it.

As 10 represents the arcanum of the “wheel” we are also to pay close attention to the seven “wheels” or hindu chakras. In the western tradition the “Great Work” is to be performed upon this base element. The chakras are the centers that are being called into operation here by the seven sounds also representing the seven rays of light and the seven chakras or planets.

In the key the angel Gabriel is calling with all seven sounds representing the entire sphere of our senses and energy centers. This means that when the completion of the work is done the process is going to take into account our spiritual centers which are called “wheels” and referred in our key to as the seven sounds.

In Light and Love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

Who am I to Judge

Ave Brothers and Sisters of the Light!

Welcome to the Gnostic Tarot Blog and our discussion of tarot card titled Judgement or Key 20. In the 20th arcanum we are presented with mainly the figures in the front being summoned by the call of the angel up top and out of this resurection the figures seem gray for dead human beings, and like the day of judgement in our popularized version of this concept.

However this isn’t the call at all. The figures are actually representations of the states of mind that are being summoned by the angel. The call is by the trumpet with seven lines representing seven sounds. but most importantly is the sepulchers that are being opened.

Here our risen beings are being risen out of their third dimensional consciousness to a forth dimension . Now this idea seams silly at first but if we look at the childs sepulcher the top is completely gone. representing the innocence of a child and the limitlessness of that mind. Here in the key the graves are on the ocean not the dirt. They aren’t buried on a grave they are buried at sea or as water in esoteric symbolism always represents the Subconscious or Unconscious.

Out of this ocean of souls rises out of the third dimensional a forth dimension that is completely out of our perception of time, space, and causation. This is the breaking free of Mara in the Hindu tradition and the call of the higher to our minds that exists in the higher states of dimension. In the forth dimension there is no time , space , or causation. This is why the judgement card isn’t a bad or scary card. We aren’t judged by the Past , Present and Future of our minds. We aren’t held in bondage to the Space of our immediate vicinity or the Causation of our deductive reasoning. In fact it is the forth dimensional judgement that is the day of judgement. This is why Buddha himself said that ” karma is the most subtle and difficult of teachings”. The Buddha was Awake.

Perhaps this arcanum will allow us as a human race to start and have compassion on others and ourselves. That there is no reason to project our guilt onto another because of fear of death, and that after all , we can’t fathom the judgement that will take place because in order to do that we would have to be in the forth dimension of consciousness unlimited by Time, Space and Causation.

In Light and Love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

The dogs and the yod.

Ave Fraters and Sorrors

I chose this topic because first i have a dog in the yard but its obvious as we come to the end of this key that the most outstanding symbols are the dogs and the yard/yod’s .

Yod is a Hebrew letter that is universally agreed to be the letter from which all letters arise from. So its very peculiar that in our moon, which is yellow by the way, there is ten Yods falling from the 3 moon phases. This isn’t by mistake. In the name of YHVH which is entwined in a very complex matrix of Hebrew metaphysics and Jewish tradition, the Yod is the primal source, the point in the circle so to speak.

So instead of going into a lecture on YHVH i would like to keep it related to the 18th Arcanum and the present symbols available. As we see the dogs are howling at the moon but the moon isn’t actually happy. This could mean that there has been a disruption in the forces and energies of the moon sphere, in kabbalah called Yesod.

As the seed of creation is the Yod, the manifesting force of the creation is obviously the Metaphysical Mother or He in Hebrew is the H of YHVH this is the opposite force of the Yod which is still divine, simply it is the reflection of a creative force which is divine form! not as some Misogynists would say Female and inferior. Also im not a Male hater or a Male privilege promoter. This is so much beyond that. so skeptic beware!

As we were saying most of the seen manifestations of this Divine Form is the Moon and World the world is our physical existence and the Moon is Astral , albeit a low grade of that wonderful light, but it is considered the Astral Light nonetheless. The Dog’s are in a popular initiation ritual of the G.D. called “the enterer of the threshold” the forces that will judge the candidate in the afterlife, the “dog faced demons” they aren’t friendly usually snarling and similar to Dante’s Cerberus. Also these dogs in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, are considered to do whats called a “negative confession” where the aspirant is accused of transgressions, or sins. But the sins here are in the original meaning of the word which is to “miss the mark” this is why the reflected light is disappointed. because in the “negative confession” the sphere of yesod usually ties up the aspirant in the form of sexual misdirection or downright defilement.

There are powerful energies and subtle elements in relation to this force that is embodied by Yesod. They are like playing with fire if not understood . In this exact way is the cycle of reincarnation perpetuated in Buddhist thinking and Dharma. The aspirant is overwhelmed by attachment to forms and desires of the lower self. called by western tradition “Personality”. This personality is the individualized unit of the Yod force. As the personality falls into matter from the Sphere of Beauty it becomes defiled by its degradation or downsizing. In Tibetian Book of the Dead. The aspirant is asked to relinquish the need for attachment to colorful light forms and to eliminate attachment to the astral world. Thereby centralizing the subtle “Winds”. The methods of the Vajrayana are similar to our Western method of Spiritual Alchemy

As we come to the end of this essay it should be taken into consideration the Nature of form its origin and the concepts in the Arcanum. For if we persist in the “consecration of our tools” we shall initiate our path in the great work

In light and love

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum.

Secrets of the Moon

Ave Fraters and Sorrors

As we all know there is so many things that we can talk about and give detailed descriptions on this topic, Actually the symbolism of the Tarot keys can NEVER be exhausted. The only thing we can do is use the imagery and conceptual ideas embedded in the symbol to awaken a ‘inner light’ which is the ALL of the hermetic philosophers. Therefore as it is usually depicted this key is related to the sphere of the Archetypal Moon and the Kabbalistic correlation is Yesod.

Yesod , among other things is the vessel most closely related to the sexuality and creative manifestations of the initiate’s conceptual thinking and energies of the psyche. Its not difficult when we use the tarot keys themselves to explain this process. The number of the tarot key is just as important as the imagery itself. In our present path the key is that of 18. this is based upon a 10 digit system of numerical philosophy and is known as the number of cause and effect. For example the Key of the number 1 is that of the magician which is attention and all the ideas related to that key, The key of the number 8 is that of Strength and is pictured as the control of a lion force by a woman. The cards are beautiful in the Waite deck but every color image number attribution is a deep mystery that is only understood by proper instruction and training.

So in this brief survey of the 18th Arcanum we have the ideas of attention of the Magician will bring Strength of the Female aspect over the Lion in relation to the Moon symbolism. This is the secret that leads to the Gnostic “bridal chamber”. The bridal chamber can be said to be like a hidden union with the divine through a consort and love manifested. This is the path of our decent and not the ascent , for us returning we are actually learning valuable ways of controlling , (Not Suppression) and directing, the sexual force that is hinted at within the key. This is why the 18th key shows so many different forms of the evolution of species from plant to the “MAN” of the philosophers.

In actuality this secret is given many times in the Tarot keys and is actually from Sumer in the times of Mesopotamia and has been popularized through Egyptian and Eastern philosophy, till it has ended up on our cards as the Great Work. To the initiate this will all be obvious. The method however is the secret , which i must confess i haven’t learned from the western tradition. However from the Vajrayana teachings in Tibet the commentary on the Kalachakra tantra talks about Winds , Drops and Channels. Note that in a published book by PF Case called Hermetic Alchemy the keys to this system are also discussed in relation to Tarot.

To the advanced initiate the next thing that might jump out about the keys is that there are two pillars and the path of this key is between them. In Vajrayana teachings the Winds must be centralized and can’t exist in polarization or reside in the left or right. The published teachings of a neophyte call these two channels pillars and are a ritualistic way of anchoring the psyche of the individual to this form of practice.

Till we all are filled with light

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

Cycles of our lives

Ave brothers and sisters of the LUNAR Light!

The times certainly are changing! This is the intuition that finally presented itself after researching the moon 18th Arcanum. So as i approached the study of the 18th key, i was taken aback by all the symbolism of the moon and how it has been held from view for centuries. What could be appropriately referred to as “the dark ages” for me took on a whole new meaning. Never have i witnessed such a widespread suppression of this arcane concept.

Truly, it is amazing how the primitive attributes, ideas and correspondences between the lunar mother and her essential foundations in consciousness have been suppressed or altogether omitted. Thousands of years, have passed and only in the last 2 millennia has the moon taken a truly invisible relationship to our consciousness.

It’s no wonder that the ideas , energies, and etchings of myth and magic of the moon have been eradicated from most conciousness.Psychology has stated that sentient beings with self-consciousness have been driven by only 2 major drives, that toward life, or Eros, and that away from death and loss called Thanatos. Our work is done in the sun our lives are lived in the sun and our memories are made most archived and accessible through daytime activities. The night has been seen as a time to avoid the frightening and terrible images of menace of the spooky, weird and occult. Not to treat in reverence, draw energy, and create. But as our Mystic brethren and kin would be quick to remind us, the moon as our reminder of the subconciousness is where creation takes place, in fact we are being rejuvenated by the light of the night, and given our supply of energy to distribute as we will, for the most part, in our communion with the sun and shared ideals of work and exertion.

In our card the moon we have the primitive ideas of creation from the stone to the gods, in hermetic literature this would be referred as the principle of correspondence. Where we have an evolution from the grossest embodiment of form to the subtlest element of form and eventually on to the formless. In popular metaphysics it’s constantly reiterated that thoughts are things, therefore possessing form, and to take the principle further in the Emerald Tablet, Hermes gave a statement ” as above, so below”, meaning as it is in formless so it is in the formed. But as logic would infer, how can the formless create the formed, this is very appropriately referred in Kabbalistic thinking as the “mystery of the creator’s essence” , where the kabbalists have taken a respectful vow of silence, in referring back to the name “Azmuto” which means ” we don’t know” or ” can’t say anything about it”.

However, we must go back to the present topic at hand, where i fear that too much diversion into epistemology will create an entire slew of questions that the present essay doesn’t deal with. We are then confronted with the correspondence of the rock, plant, crustacean, dog, wolf, moon, sun, and seed ideas of the light which is the little drops that fall from our picture. In the secret mystery tradition this key is used to unlock the forces of manifestation and give birth to dreams and aspirations of the initiate and to bring certain effects into realization in the consciousness and life of the mystic traveler, First by remembering that the 18th Arcanum is made from the essence of the mother, which also embodies the ideas of cycle, form, birth, death, and other such cyclical structures, in short it is the nature of our divine mother. Second to remind us of the journey we are taking, not from our human form to the gods, but from our rock, plant, animal & human evolution because of our desire to experience union with our “Homeland”. This key reminds us that we are on the path from our brute like mentality to that of the gods, as the carpenter said and the Christos reminds us of, Yea, this and many other things shall ye do also, If we can truly embrace in our lives the seed ideas of the light, and raise our consciousness to where we have come from, then and only then will be pass through the fences of ignorance into the light of our mother and father’s proverbial arms.

In light

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum

The Moon – Evolution of consciousness.

Ave Brothers and Sisters of Light!The crustacean on this card always reminds me of the popular Disney cartoon “The Little Mermaid”. In this popular 90’s cartoon is a very nice indicator of the attitude most of us take in relation to the path of return. As the main character Ariel is curious of the world above the sea, she makes a deal with a Octopus that is considered the Demiurge of the sea, she grants favors in exchange for bondage in fragile states of servitude if the conditions aren’t met. As Ariel , which we can see easily as a soul or the kabbalistic “Shekinah” she is forced to make a deal with this Witch for the ability to transcend her present bondage of the sea, which she is only aware of because of a hint of contact from above by her prince. This prince can be the Christos of our Gnostic tradition and the contact is the representation of Sophia giving “Gnosis” of another dimension. Of course Ariel pays a price for this transformation which is the loss of her voice. In her Father’s Palace she was a Princess and Singer. This is the sacrifice that is made for our travel, the Notoriety of the world or what is more commonly referred as ” the chains of gold” are our comfortable positions of fulfillment and are usually demanded to be fulfilled or else.

At any rate this crustacean is provoked to help “Ariel” and then is put in all kinds of dangerous situations. Like being cooked and Even encounters with a dog!! Of course as a King’s Daughter Ariel is eventually given her legs and is granted a life beyond her common sea life and lives happy

This story so indicative of Goethe’s Faust is the Soul that makes a pact with the Demiurge or Devil and is given all the pleasures of the sea, or unconscious and unenlightened state of existence. Yet eventually making a escape in St Johns stanza , “Oh happy chance..” And guided by the sun and its dim reflection from the moon, we are able to start the path to our destiny which is our unification with and identification of the Christos ..
In Light and Love

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The 18th Arcanum

Ave brothers and sisters of the light!

Hello again, we are now beginning a short series of studies for our next tarot key on the 18th Arcanum called the Moon. It has very overt symbolism. There is obvious things like the crab, wolf dog towers moon in 3 phases water. etc. The object of these studies isn’t to point out the obvious. Rather the intent of these short essays is to point out some elements that have been said just not altogether. From several tarot commentators and the initiatory traditions of the west and east. For instance in the common commentaries on the tarot we are told of the astrological significance of the water Pisces and the moon. This isn’t really gnosis in the sense that we are going to achieve a insight of the dynamics of the self other than that of the mechanics of the astrological spheres.

What we are aiming at is the “Gnosis” of the card, so to speak , in respect to the actual experience of awareness and using the symbol as a form of concentration on the ideas present in the Arcanum our goal is not to achieve anything other than a union with our highest idea of being or Self. As every element of the tarot Arcanum is related to the individual and interior forces and elements it is important to see that the 18th key is telling us something of a involution and evolution depending upon which way we are traveling. One can travel the path of discovery from the fool to the world or the path of return from the world to that of the fool. We are using the inductive approach and are starting from our most dense state of consciousness in the Arcanum of the world ,then to the moon where we are presently.

So…. the most obvious of this card is a very widely stated archetype in the wisdom literature of the east and the west , The Moon. Notice the marking of the statement “the “moon which represents a archetype as we are not talking about astrological moons since as we know from modern science that most of the planets all have a moon or even several. So this isn’t related to a physical moon. Rather The Moon is represented by the interior moon of consciousness. The Moon of the mind. Since the moon is highly related to the night or darkness. We are talking about the light that shines even when we aren’t aware its there. Since as we also know from science that the moon has no light of its own but is a reflection of the light from the sun.
A simple play on words will really bring about the aforementioned meaning coming from the Corpus Hermeticum book 1 ” the word is the son of god”. The word is the light or sun in the unconscious , further we are told that ” that which sees or hears is the son of god”. this is the word that is manifested from the light. So here we are taken to the idea of the Word which is the same as the Masonic Lost Word. The reason its lost is because the Meaning of the archetype “word” or LOGOS is lost except to those upon the path of return and that are reclaiming the birthright of the SONS of GOD. This is the meaning of the road to the hills its a golden road . So since these essays are intended to be short and not 7 paragraphs long, we shall end here , but it must be remembered that the symbols of the tarot only have significance to the psyche and inner constitution of the individual they are meant to be individual representations to the process of individuation or more simply put, guides to free association.

They are a channel for the conversation let’s make sure we understand their language. like it states in the Kyballion ” the lips of wisdom are closed to those without ears to hear”.

In light and love

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Athena the Wise

· The Goddess Athena & Gnostic Similarities


Part of Athena’s name comes from the city of Athens and in sankskrit is related to vadh (to strike) and adh ( hill) The name of the goddess may be understood as directly “one who comes”. This would be keeping in the sophic element of the Gnostics. There is even a story of how Teiresias who seen Athena naked went blind, but Athena gave him the gift of prophecy as a compensation, Athena was often accompanied by a serpent called Erichthonius, athena was represented as a warrior/goddess of wisdom. Athena was called the daughter of Zeus often resembling the Sophian emanation from the Godhead or Pleorma.

· Greek Mythology and Key 21 Symbolism

The other elements in the card are that of the olive tree which was used in ancient Greece as laurels or wreaths, it could represent the fact of Athena’s wisdom as a championing event in the battle of the spheres as an Olympian, Some say she was born of water titan named triton, this would be in keeping with the gnostic myths of creation and that several aeons emanated from a chaotic watery substance from the pleorma

· Athena & Hindu Tradition

Athena was also analogous to Sarasvati in Hindu myth as a personification of moisture / wather, but it has been hypothesized that the goddess might have also represented a stormy cloudy one and thus better suited to represent the Vedic Goddess Vach.

· Symbolism of Tarot Elements and Jungian Psychology

The scarf around the woman could be a chiton, which was sometimes girdled with serpents, the classical art version of Athena was also accompanied by a serpent and her shield contained the head of a gorgon, which was what medusa in greek legend was. Athena had a “androgynous Compromise” that was a mixture of male and female elements. In depth psychology Freud believed she was a primordial goddess divested of power, Which as we said earlier the Archons of Gnostic Myth were reported to have tried to take the power from Sophia to keep her from waking up adam and showing the fallible nature of Yaldabaoths creation.

· Call to Restore The Divine Feminine

This is where we come to an end in the common attributions of the tarot card XXI, The card in each of the representations given has shown from a vast amount of culture and sources that this key is highly represented by gnostic myth and teachings. Particularly Sophia and the Myths of Female goddesses in particular share a deep identification with aspects of this wisdom , Therefore it will be shocking to see for some that are stuck in old paradigms that the Female was actually more “wise” than the male in lots of goddess centered thinking. The reasoning besides that of giving life was that she was more in tune with the cycles and harmonies/disharmonies within the archetypal consciousness of the cosmos. Mathematically the cycles of a woman’s menstruation have created not only our tracking of seasons but a correspondence with the agriculture of ancient civilization.

· Yahwehism : The Negative Effects of Patriarchal Dominance in Religion and Culture

This was perhaps the worst kill of culture and thinking that Yahwehism did to the ancient beliefs. Kill the mother is the sad and tragic motto of our false god Saclas, in stating ” I am a jealous god, thou shalt not worship any other god before me”. He actually destroyed his own nature and swallowed its tail by excluding the primordial mother from his thinking and attempts to do this in modern culture unfortunately haven’t been resolved as of yet. Hopefully when this study reaches our new generations of “macho men” boys that are pervading modern culture we will have found that the thinking so closely related to this Yahwehism has not only killed our ability to achieve gnosis , but has also destroyed our hope of any kind of balance. Therefore all the tarot keys have a spiritual and practical element to them.

Let us never willfully forget or violate our women , sisters, wives or mothers and her archetypal source the divine Sophia.

In light and love.

Elemental Matters

Elemental Matters.Ave Brothers and Sisters of Light!Here we are contemplating the matters of the four elements on the tarot card of XXI. As we all know these figures of the bird, man, bull and lion , represent air, water, earth and fire respectively. They also, however represent the differentiated elements and not the cosmic or primordial elements.

These figures are also part of the vision of Ezekiel and have lots of significance in Kabalistic/Judaic Merkabah Mysticism. Also the figures of the key have been represented as the fixed positions of the zodiac.

However when we contemplate the symbols in a Gnostic way they represent the Quaternary of Jungian depth psychology. These portions of the personality are represented by air/intuition , water/feelings , earth/sensation and fire/thinking, as each of these elements are represented archetypally it is necessary , for me at least, to take the correspondences into consideration. In alchemy the matter earth is worked upon by the air,fire,water of the alchemical correlations of prima materia, salt, sulphur and mercury. These principals work on the prima materia of the human centers of consciousness more commonly known as the Hindu system of Chakras and energy connections between them. As the middle channel is ascended the prana or breath force is risen through the chakra system activating higher and higher levels of consciousness and resulting in a Gnosis. This process is highly technical, esoteric and dangerous , therefore the experience needs to be accompanied by a Kundalini master.

In our western system however the same Gnosis may be produced by a traversing, traveling a previously traveled route, the path of creation to its “root”. As we make the journey the beginning is in the Arcanum of the XXI key. As we start the ‘yogic path of the west’ we are going to refine more and more our conscious awareness of the transcendental nature of the Fullness and integrate the elements of the personality with the insight of our higher Self.

In Light and Love.

Athena the Wise


Part of Athena’s name comes from the city of Athens and in sankskrit is related to vadh (to strike) and adh ( hill) The name of the goddess may be understood as directly “one who comes”. This would be keeping in the sophic element of the Gnostics. There is even a story of how Teiresias who seen Athena naked went blind, but Athena gave him the gift of prophecy as a compensation, Athena was often accompanied by a serpent called Erichthonius, athena was represented as a warrior/goddess of wisdom. Athena was called the daughter of Zeus often resembling the Sophian emanation from the Godhead or Pleorma.

The other elements in the card are that of the olive tree which was used in ancient Greece as laurels or wreaths, it could represent the fact of Athena’s wisdom as a championing event in the battle of the spheres as an Olympian, Some say she was born of water titan named triton, this would be in keeping with the gnostic myths of creation and that several aeons emanated from a chaotic watery substance from the pleorma

Athena was also analogous to Sarasvati in Hindu myth as a personification of moisture / wather, but it has been hypothesized that the goddess might have also represented a stormy cloudy one and thus better suited to represent the Vedic Goddess Vach.

The scarf around the woman could be a chiton, which was sometimes girdled with serpents, the classical art version of Athena was also accompanied by a serpent and her shield contained the head of a gorgon, which was what medusa in greek legend was. Athena had a “androgynous Compromise” that was a mixture of male and female elements. In depth psychology Freud believed she was a primordial goddess divested of power, Which as we said earlier the Archons of Gnostic Myth were reported to have tried to take the power from Sophia to keep her from waking up adam and showing the fallible nature of Yaldabaoths creation.

This is where we come to an end in the common attributions of the tarot card XXI, The card in each of the representations given has shown from a vast amount of culture and sources that this key is highly represented by gnostic myth and teachings. Particularly Sophia and the Myths of Female goddesses in particular share a deep identification with aspects of this wisdom , Therefore it will be shocking to see for some that are stuck in old paradigms that the Female was actually more “wise” than the male in lots of goddess centered thinking. The reasoning besides that of giving life was that she was more in tune with the cycles and harmonies/disharmonies within the archetypal consciousness of the cosmos. Mathematically the cycles of a woman’s menstruation have created not only our tracking of seasons but a correspondence with the agriculture of ancient civilization.

This was perhaps the worst kill of culture and thinking that Yahwehism did to the ancient beliefs. Kill the mother is the sad and tragic motto of our false god Saclas, in stating ” I am a jealous god, thou shalt not worship any other god before me”. He actually destroyed his own nature and swallowed its tail by excluding the primordial mother from his thinking and attempts to do this in modern culture unfortunately haven’t been resolved as of yet. Hopefully when this study reaches our new generations of “macho men” boys that are pervading modern culture we will have found that the thinking so closely related to this Yahwehism has not only killed our ability to achieve gnosis , but has also destroyed our hope of any kind of balance. Therefore all the tarot keys have a spiritual and practical element to them.

Let us never willfully forget or violate our women , sisters, wives or mothers and her archetypal source the divine Sophia.


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Who is she really?



Here the woman of the 21st tarot card is also a representation of Nephthys. Nephthys comes from a rich mythology in Egypt sister of Isis who was wife to the sun god Osiris and a sister-wife to the god Set. In ancient Egyptian it was very common to have these incestual relationships with mythological characters. Incest in mythology represented not physically sexual acts but more like gods joining attributes to share in a Celestial “Hieros Gamos”, or bridal chamber. In ancient Egypt for example a “father” could represent any male, and “mother” any female. Where “brother” and “sister” are involved it is a lesser of the mother-father parental and more childlike boys and girls or specific roles in Egyptian society.

As Nephthys was the “sister” of Isis she could have been indicated as a lover wife mistress niece or aunt. the roles go as far as we can imagine, even a best friend that is a woman can be inferred from this name and so can be attributed to an egyptian “sisterhood”.

In the royal family however there was some incestual relationships to create a pure and controllable blood line for succession.

Nephyhys was the mother wife of Set a god that was symbolic of Apep or Apophis the god ruled the chaos and darkness. In creation account in Genesis it says “The lord seen the world was chaotic ‘tohu’ and without form ‘bohu’. In lurianic Kabbalah it was called the tzimtzum

In chaos and darkness existed the Egyptian god Apep-Set which the Egyptians said fought Osiris in the underworld to steal the light of the Sun and keep it from bringing life to the egyptians as it shone across the Nile. Every night Osiris would fight his opponent with the help of the mummified souls and kings of Egypt to keep at bay the destroyer of the light Apep or Apophis.

Very much like the Demurge of the Gnostics is this Apophis and Nephthys was the spouse of this evil Set or Apophis. Therefore showing the material wife of the demiurge rather than the union of Isis and Osiris.

The archons of the Gnostic myth were reported to “rape, beat, and defile” Sophia in her embodied form of Zoe , or Eve.


·Story of Nephthys as a Metaphor of Duality and Conflict


As we look at the darker aspects of psyche through the rich mythology of the Egyptians we are brought ever again back to the struggle of the two spheres of the light and dark. Peace and Chaos. Having incestual gods and goddesses is somewhat of a downer as was the gods and goddesses of the Roman and Greek mythologies. They all were said to have aspects that were at times terrific and terrible at the same time. This i believe represents the Archonic defects of the gods and their separation and incessant need to use the sparks of the True God (god being a name of honor and not a title )to make their own creation. Through the separate creations of the destruction/creation sphere of these gods the world is in perpetual dynamic motion and rhythmic chaos.

Its not until we start to let the gods of one-sidedness “off the hook” that we will experience the mysterium conicutionus or hieros gamos of the psyche restoring balance without loss of polarity essentially the union of the many within the one


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Harmonious Dance… and The Cross

Ave Fraters and Sorors

in the contemplation of the symbols of this tarot key we are still given many other points of reference and inexhaustible allusions to gnostic thinking, i dare not say doctrine.

This time i’d like to bring further attention to the Keywords of balance , tau meaning cross, and dance. As our female who is veiled dances in the center of the card , i am reminded that carl gustav jung said that the modern mandala has removed god from the center of the spiritual way of life. This is apparently what the androgynous figure is , it will be carefully noted that she is not a god. Rather she is a picture of the Self.

Her hands hold two wands usually black the other white, The symbolism is very similar to that of the eastern Tao yet the wands also can represent the dualistic nature of the cosmos as each is pointed at the above and below positions. Here again CG Jung talks to us in his Seven Sermons to the Dead of the inseparable duality of the creator of the universe. As mentioned in another post, this apparent balancing of the spheres of black OR white have turned into black and white.

This is the reasoning i think the woman holds the light and dark aspects of the wands. She is bringing attention to the archetypes of these two forces and their balancing through the story of their origin. The woman may represent Eve or Zoe in gnostic thinking to be dancing of the victory of her sons prime rulers the “Archons”. In sophianic myth it is repeatedly stated that she created a son with three names, saclas, yaldabaoth, and samael. Apparently yaldabaoth didn’t like being “begotten” so he started to “beget” his own creation with arrogance and pride saying “I am a jealous god, you shall not worship any other gods before me”. ( Note im not giving sources to keep with the continuity of thinking and ideas..)

after a long process of him creating and making lots and lots of angels and demons, they all started working in unison as a new world order (LOL) and had one goal, the fashioning of a creature to worship them, a unequal to allow them to gain power and rule the cosmos. Sophia had other plans, by allowing her son Yaldabaoth to blow into the modeled being she enabled its life. but the victory is when the instructor has been revealed as a serpent. I really love the logic see if you like it too. ? creates everything even a creation to spread its story, ( EVEN SNAKEs) then it allows this creation to , in all the activities it can do to NOT eat of the knowledge tree ( SOPHIA) because he knows that he isn’t alone there is one thing adam and eve cant do , which is wake up, therefore like a arch villain his plan is foiled by the foundation of the statement, eat from any tree. but not that one. what kind of omnipotent thing would allow such a diversion from its perfection , unless of course there is a mathematical anomaly and the false deity can’t really eliminate it because its outside its realm of power . So the serpent tempts eve, eve wakes up, adam wakes too, adam is ashamed, ? doesn’t know where it is, like ? can’t play cosmic peekaboo. cryptonite for an all powerful being??

Then Sophia’s daughter is raped and beaten, defiled and humiliated, and Yaldabaoth creates two supreme archons to rule beneath him, “And the chief archon seduced her and he begot in her two sons; the first and the second (are) Eloim and Yave. Eloim has a bear-face and Yave has a cat-face. The one is righteous but the other is unrighteous. (Yave is righteous but Eloim is unrighteous.) Yave he set over the fire and the wind, and Eloim he set over the water and the earth. And these he called with the names Cain and Abel with a view to deceive” ( apocryphon of john)

so when one force sought to extinguish the other force, the balance was broken and Yaldabaoth freaked out.used Noah to build a boat in the desert because he wanted to eliminate gnosis.Any one with a copy of the Nag Hammadi can read all that has been said.

The cross is a time to dance? Seriously this sounds like blasphemy of the worst kind, what kind of sick son of a ( Sophia?) would rejoice from such a statement? Here is were the “hymn of jesus” portrays a entirely different point of view. He asks everyone to join in a circle after the last supper, then to say amen after his statements. He starts to say many things and then refers to the crucifixion as a joyful event and requests everyone to dance! Here we have our tarot card of Tau which means “cross” and as the famed “gospel of truth” said to be of valentinius’s school of gnosticism “He was nailed to a cross. He became a fruit of the knowledge of the Father. He did not, however, destroy them because they ate of it. He rather caused those who ate of it to be joyful because of this discovery.”

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Peace and Love

He’s got the whole world….

Ave Fraters and Sorors

So it’s apparent that this card of the world is full of symbolism. It has been said by many esotericists and occultists that the cards of the tarot can never be defined in an exhaustive and completely definitive treatise. Why? Mainly because the tarot is composed of a picture color alphabet which brings archetypes to the conscious mind of the practitioner. As this experience is extremely rewarding and pays handsomely in all practical and theoretical manners, we still must accept the language and knowledge acquired is that of a “Symbol”,. Its not the essence of knowledge but a mechanism that enables the mind to be receptive to the transformative experience, which some authorities call genuine insight or gnosis. in short it may be termed a technology at best.

Here we will take very deep notice of the wreath. it is in an oval which we will not take long to realize that the egg of the world is what humans are being incubated or danced in. the idea of dance especially brings forth ideas of the Sufi poet, Jalladin Rumi. His view on dancing is that the dance is practiced as a form of union with the universe and was practiced by his order frequently as a path to self transcendence.

but for now back to egg-wreath. this wreath is made of 22 leaves all with 3 sides. this corresponds to the tarot and that the world card consists of archetypes that are paths of dancer. so in keeping with the idea of life and its result which is an egg , this Arcanum is talking about life as an archetypal journey from the essence of the self to its gross embodiment in matter

The measurements, which come from the sanskrit word maya and can be alluded to the buddhist doctrine of maya, meaning illusion. The word measurement is a verb ,meaning an activity defined to : Ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device
marked in standard units or by comparing it with an object of known size . standard units or comparison. a quote by PF Case would be appropriate here “The wreath is an ellipsoid figure. Its longer axis is exactly eight units, and its shorter one exactly five units. Thus a rectangle which would exactly contain it would be eight units high and five units wide”.

he continues to say that numbers 5 and 8 are closely related to music
and its scales, in a recent book by Michael Hayes called ” The hermetic
code in DNA”. Hayes posits that the double helix of dna is similar to a
complex scale in music theory.

binding the wreath is rubber bands in the 8 or infinity symbol meaning
eternity. Yet here is where the gnostic would disagree completely. In
exegesis of the tarot Arcanum of this card, we are forced to accept
that the world has four creatures one circle with a woman in it and
that the creatures are lions and bull and bird and person. what in the
world does this all have to do with where we live, in our everyday
lives? the bull represents the manifestation of life on earth and was
said of the gnostics to be Egyptian in origin and that the lion is what
was the force behind the bull’s manifestation.

An educated gnostic would completely start intuiting that the lion (
yaldabaoth) and the bull ( foot stool called earth) is now in complete
accordance with the demiurgic ideas of gnostic writers of “hypostasis of
the archons” and “origin of the world” in the Nag Hammadi codex .
furthermore the fact that the dancing human , earlier represented by
spirit is enclosed within the egg or wreath of 5×8 and closely related
to the DNA double helix of genetic creation would really start to
substantiate the idea of a demiurgic lion creator of man and beast of
the land and bird of the air. this is also why the world is such a
symbolic start. we are actually following the process of manifestation
backwards.to its source which again is in the elements.

Hegel talked about this concept in his Phenomenology of Spirit,
mentioning that we can never accept a archetype by its final
manifestation but to eliminate its fixed component will bring us to the
core of its becoming or originating ideas in its beginning of

in “Orgin of the World” it was written that the Archon rulers dominated
the human model and created the nervous system and brain. Funny how
this is taken to be the essence of the human being in our ultra modern
and scientifically advanced thinkers. 2000 years ago the Gnostics were
fully aware of the limitations of both of these human core systems and
how they perhaps were created not for our freedom and liberation , but
for our imprisonment and distraction.

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The beginning of our journey

Ave Fraters and Sorors

What is the alternative for those of us who are not satisfied with the “orthodox” way of spiritual practice? Is growth a possibility ? what is, or how do we define growth anyway? Where did we come from ? Are we all certain of our origins ? What is the point of all of our hours of reading, and, re reading of literature, texts, articles and views of the many authors ,commentators and scribes that fill our libraries and sacred places for practice?

These are some of the questions that i ask myself constantly. Sometimes i have received an answer, in part at least , although to me half-truths are very insufficient to rely upon to construct a world view that is going to be the motivating element behind my actions and ideas. the answer that is most logical, according to common sense, is to stop acting like a fool!. My family and friends are all convinced at times that I’ve gone mad, looney and have spent way too much time in the pursuit of Occult studies and Esotericism. In the beginning of the journey to gnosis, lots of us , I’ve found, are lost without our standards of life that are based upon the latest hit T.V. Show, most of us are deep down hoping there is some solution that will guide us back to the realm of happiness, or for the few that are willing to endure the hike, introduce it for the first time.

The presupposition this statement makes is that “all happiness exists in the fullness and not of the world”. in the “world” there is no happiness. This is unfortunately not so, all is a universal term, a metaphysical constant and if we are to take a journey of gnosis we need to remember that the only absolutes are that of the Pleroma or “fullness”. In Jewish Kabbalah we call this Azmuto. the unnamable inconceivable essence that we know nothing of. This statement parallels that of the Gnostics of the Nag Hammadi, and is saying that we are distant from or, alien to, the True God.

When contemplating such a outlandish statement we are challenged from the very essence of the remark that “we do not know” god. Therefore it would be appropriate to see ourselves as a fool, not in the way of socially accepted terms, but that of spiritual development. Therefore when considering the card titled The World, we are going to interpret, because symbols can only be interpreted and not stated in a fixed , matter of fact definition; the question to this card is , are we comfortable as a confined spirit in the elements of the world, both macro and microcosmically? Or are we willing to make a journey of the spirit to inquire of the dance and see what exists beyond the bounds of the cherubim or four creatures of the card.

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