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King Arthur Pendragon is my gaming masterpiece. I’m very proud of all my gaming work, especially of Glorantha, but Pendragon holds a special place for me. The main reasons for this are:

• It combines two of my major interests: medieval history and mythology. These two come together in the Arthurian legend.

• It's a roleplaying game, which have been a major part of my life.

• I did all the work. I have generally worked with committees to develop RPGs, because the task is monumental and requires a team to finish it in a reasonable length of time. However Pendragon was done almost entirely by me, both the game design and the background writing.

• I have accomplished a lifetime goal with these publications, of finding a way to share my passion with others in a meaningful way.

King Arthur Pendragon Fifth Edition was republished in 2005 by White Wolf Games under its ArtHaus imprint. I am extremely grateful to Stewart Weick for giving me the opportunity to create a new edition, but especially for the chance to write and publish The Great Pendragon Campaign. That massive tome is a guideline for an entire 85-year campaign, running from before Arthur is conceived to after his death.

― Greg Stafford Contact me

Greg Stafford Pendragon Publications

Greg is selling, under license, private supplements with expansions, optional rules and explanations that can be added to the Great Pendragon Campaign. These are not available in stores, and at a later time will be made available as a pdf. At this time The Pendragon Book of the Manor and The Pendragon Book of Knights & Ladies: Advance Character Generation are available. Click here to find out more.

All contents of this site are Copyright (c) by Greg Stafford.
Permission granted to copy for personal use only. No reproduction rights are granted in any form. Pendragon is the Trademark of White Wolf.

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