We believe that our aging, disabled, and injured pets are family and deserve to live happy healthy lives.

Rescue Duck Gets Custom Duck Walkin’ Wheels!

If you care for an aging, disabled, or injured pet, you’ve come to the right place!
You’ll find all the products you need to make your life easier – while keeping your pet mobile, safe, healthy, and ready to enjoy life!

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Our fully adjustable, veterinarian approved Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs can be shipped on the same day you place your order! Easy to measure and order. We ship worldwide to help dogs and other pets weighing 2 to 180 pounds regain their mobility and enjoy life.


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Featured Blog - Merlin the Duck Spreads Mobility Awareness

Merlin the Duck Spreads Mobility Awareness

Contact our friendly, knowledgeable, pet-passionate customer service reps (phone, text, online chat, email) for answers to your questions! We are the experts, because Walkin’ products are our products, from Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs to harnesses to splints and so much more.


Featured Product - Walkin' Lift-n-Step Harness

Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Harness: Complete lifting support.


Featured Pet of the Week: Igor

Meet Igor, our featured Pet of the Week!


Beatrice the Disabled Duck Gets Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair!

Hear what our customers have to say:

“We were so pleased to have found a high-quality, durable dog walker that was easy to assemble. Outstanding customer assistance via email and photo exchange assisted us with making final adjustments and our happy-go-lucky dog was on the move again. We will do business again with you in the future.” – The Proctor Family

“I want you to know that the wheelchair has changed my dog’s life, as well as mine. I have never been so encouraged and excited about something! Now I can spend more time with my dog and not have to think about putting him to sleep. He is my whole world, and the wheelchair has brought us nothing but happiness and hope. Your company is amazing!” – Rehana F.

“Our 14- year-old Border Collie got his wheels this afternoon. We used the videos and got it assembled in no time and were amazed at how quickly he figured it out. So far for today we have been on THREE walks. He totally LOVES it!” – Holly M.

“Twig has done super with her Walkin’ Wheels! She took to the chair right away and is now enthusiastic when we slip her harness on! She loves being back on the trails with us, and we could not be happier with our decision to purchase a Walkin’ Wheels. I work at a vet clinic and can confidently recommend Walkin’ Wheels to our clients.” – Mindy Moore


Ronnie and Dotty

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