28 Reviews
28 Reviews

You entrepreneurs are visionaries.

You don’t have time to be bogged down with here-and-now facts like 9 out of 10 startups fail.

“Yeah! Wait. What?”

Unfortunately, it’s true: 90% of startups don’t make it out alive. And it’s not because the market is terrible, that they aren’t working hard enough, or that their mom's basement is too cold to focus.

Startups fail because they don’t know what the 10% does.

That is, until now. Enter The Startup Playbook.


A personal how-to guide for building a startup

Turn ideas into must-have products

Discover the best way to fund your startup

Learn from two experienced entrepreneurs

The Startup Playbook is a personal how-to guide for building your startup from the ground up.

Inside this startup gem, you’ll be guided through:

  • Ideation. Learn how to turn your idea into a must-have product or service. Figure out your value proposition as well as how to separate yourself from competitors.

  • Partnerships. Find co-founders that fit your style and lay the ground rules for success. You’ll even learn how to have the dreaded “equity” talk.

  • Fundraising. Discover your options for funding along with the pros and cons of each. Uncover how to research, hook, and close the right investors for your startup.

  • Team Management. Get advice on how to recruit—and keep—the best talent so that your startup is ready for the inevitable challenges you will face.

  • Execution. Understand how to organize your team, communicate clearly, and scale the business.

Lifetime Access to The Startup Playbook

The Startup Playbook was written by two extremely experienced entrepreneurs: Rajat Bhargava and Will Herman.

Rajat is currently co-founder and CEO of JumpCloud and a ten-time entrepreneur with six exits (two IPOs and four trade sales).

Will is an entrepreneur, active angel investor, corporate director, and startup mentor. He has also started and managed five companies (two IPOs and two corporate sales).

The Startup Playbook is valued at $9.99. (A little undervalued if you ask me.)

However, with today’s deal, Sumo-lings can get a free Kindle version of The Startup Playbook.

But that’s not all. Sumo-lings will also get access to a live webinar with Rajat and Will!

Learn how to build your startup now!

Lifetime Access to The Startup Playbook

Lifetime Access to The Startup Playbook

If you are a first-time entrepreneur or an entrepreneur trying to get things right the second (or third) time around, The Startup Playbook is the go-to resource.

This book is also an asset for anyone in a startup team because it provides a look into how founders think.

It will even help those on the fence decide if running a startup is right for them.

Lifetime Access to The Startup Playbook

Successfully starting a company is as hard as... well, successfully starting a company.

There are a ton of things that need to go right as well as a ton of pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Luckily, The Startup Playbook and its sacred writings will guide you through the whole process.

Get free access to the book and live webinar now!

28 Reviews
  • Access to a live webinar with the authors
  • A free Kindle version of The Startup Playbook

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