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Yonghua Chemical Technology (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. is a company specialized in producing and managing chemical reagents(including general chemical reagents, chromatography reagents, primary reagents, safe Karl Fischer reagents, biochemical reagents), electronic chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and custom chemicals.
Company serves many areas including industrial, life sciences, research, pharmaceutical, electronics, university and government projects. Company is committed to provide users with the most cutting-edge products, tools, technology and application solutions, to ensure that users can get continued success in research, development and production. We are your trusted partner.

We are focused on product quality
We are committed to serving our customers by providing high quality products.

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Ion pair
Sodium 1-octanesulfonate
sodium,octane-1-sulfonate;Sodium octane-1-sulfonate;1-Octanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt;1-Octanesulfonic acid,sodium salt;SodiuM 1-Octanesulfonate;
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Enterprise culture

Our philosophy is quality service,scientific innovation. Promote yonghua culture, innovate yonghua brand,reward employee and the society, make yonghua a competitive chemical reagent company

With professional marketing team, top technology research and
 development strength, firstclass product quality, rich product line,
 convenient business platform,efficient and safe logistics,
 companycommitted to provide one stop service to universities,
 research institutes and pharmaceutical fields etc.

Drug Development

Absorption makes profession
Advanced analytical instrument and reagent assist the research of the pharmaceutical and guarantee the quality of the product.

Environmental Protection

Comprehension makes cherishing
Superior analytical instrument and all-round project of the environmental sample realize the harmony between human and nature.

Food Safety

Happiness makes health
Professional detecting instrument and program ensure safer food.