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The Russian army has received the first new upgraded main battle tank MBT T-72. With its more powerful engine and increased protection, the tank may soon become the most popular model in the Russian Armed Forces. New T-72 tanks were presented to the public at the Victory Day parade on May 9 this year, the Uralvagonzavod state corporation (UVZ), which produces military hardware, said.

On 30 July, Japan declared it would spend some USD 4.2 billion over the next thirty years on purchasing and operating US radar systems to protect its territory against North Korean ballistic missile threats which appear to keep stable, if not growing.

India has started the process of introducing a multi-tiered air defense network to secure its airspace by initiating the process of acquiring US-built advanced air defence system. According to Indian media reports, Defence acquisitions council (DAC), chaired by India’s Defence Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman, has approved the "acceptance of necessity (AoN) for the acquisition of the National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System-II (NASAMS-II) worth around $1 billion.

The U.S. Army-led missile defense flight test demonstrated the unique Hit-to-Kill capability of the Patriot PAC-3 family of missiles, which defends against threats through body-to-body contact. The test also reconfirmed PAC-3 MSE's ability to detect, track and intercept incoming ABTs or missiles. The test was observed by representatives from the U.S. Army and a current Foreign Military Sales PAC-3 MSE customer.

Otokar, Koç Holding’s bus and military vehicle manufacturer, has secured an export deal worth $28.9 million, the Hürriyet Daily News reports. “Our company has secured an export deal worth $28.9 million, which includes the sale of tactical wheeled armored vehicles, spare parts and training services regarding these vehicles,” Otokar said in a statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on July 30.

China completed the acceptance of Russia-supplied first regimental set of S-400 Triumph air defense missiles, a military-diplomatic source said. The contract between Russia and China for S-400 delivery was reported in November 2014. In November 2015 presidential aide for military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin confirmed the report.

The Technodinamika holding company will test a new Shturm parachute system designed for ultra-low altitudes, Holding’s Director-General Igor Nasenkov has said. "The Shturm parachute system, which operates without parachute packs, will be demonstrated both on man simulators and by test people. Several jumps will be made," Nasenkov said.

Russia and Qatar signed contracts for the delivery of small arms and Kornet antitank guided missiles, Russian Ambassador to Qatar Nurmakhmad Kholov said. "An agreement on military-technical cooperation was signed in October 2017. Work on its implementation began after that. Contracts have been signed for the supply of traditional weapons, for example, small arms, Kalashnikov assault rifles, grenade launchers and machineguns, as well as Kornet antitank missile systems," he said.

China has donated 50 million Yuan (US$7.3million) to Cameroon (west Africa) to purchase military equipment of its own choice. On 18 July, both countries signed a protocol at Yaounde, the capital city, to confirm the donation. The type and quantity of military equipment Cameroon will buy on a 5-year period from China will be determined by Cameroonian officials based on their needs.

The Iraqi army has reactivated its Soviet-age D-30 122 mm towed howitzers, according to the Al-Alam News Network. "The Iraqi troops are supposed to use the reactivated D-30 howitzers during a military operation against terrorists in the central part of Iraq. Previously, the country`s armed forces were operating these artillery systems; however, in the early 2000s the howitzers were phased out. Iraq has restored the D-30 guns and mounted them on Scania trucks," the Al-Alam news agency said.

Indian Security Forces, especially the highly tactical and specialized forces like NSG (National Security Guards), are known for their state-of-the-art equipment, ranging from weapons to vehicles. One such vehicle used by NSG commandos is the Renault Sherpa Light Armoured Personal Carrier (APC), which has been spotted running on the Mumbai roads recently.

Army Recognition editorial team with its Online Defense and Security Web TV news channel was in Peutie military barracks to cover the military parade rehearsal for the Belgian National Day of July 21, 2018. Every year, Belgium’s national day is celebrated with a whole range of activities including a military parade of Belgium armed forces, police, civil defense and emergency services in the center of Brussels.

The Egyptian army successfully installed the Russian-made AT-4 Spandrel Konkurs missile system on the indigenous Fahd 4x4 armored personnel carrier (APC), according to a media report by Russian website specialized in armament and military affairs. The Fahd was manufactured in 1980s, based on German technologies with the roof-mounted Konkurs.

Futuristic drones and unmanned ground robots with autonomous ‘deliver to order’ capability could provide timely answers to the vital challenges of access for humanitarian aid and disaster relief in developing countries and future front-line military logistics support.

The French Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) has awarded, on the 17th of July 2018, to the consortium Aimpoint AB / Heckler & Koch France SAS an important contract for the supply of red dot sights for the new HK416 F French assault rifle. The contract covers the supply of up to 120,000 CompM5 sights over a period of six years.

In mid-July, a Chinese blog published a picture of a light battle tank in “Smurf” blue camouflage driving through a village, indicating the Chinese armed forces have added a new tank to their marine corps inventory.

Israeli Army has unveiled details about the development and the design of new version of the local-made main battle tank Merkava under the name of Merkava Mk 4 Barak that will be used in guerrilla warfare conditions. The Merkava Mk 4 Barak will be the first tank to have a smart mission computer that will manage the tanks’ tasks. This advanced artificial intelligence will reduce the team members’ workload and help them more accurately locate and strike targets.

Poland`s Ministry of Defense is planning to reactivate its legacy T-72 main battle tanks, according to local media outlets. "The MoD is planning to issue several dozen of surplus T-72 MBTs to frontline units," the Rzecz Pospolita newspaper said, quoting several Polish military officials as saying.

Artec, the manufacturer of Vilkas Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), is putting two Lithuanian IFV prototypes to intense testing at the German military training areas. Both prototypes have been made according to requirements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, have Israeli-made turrets, 30 mm rapid-fire cannons and Spike LR anti-tank missiles.

Tankmen of the 58th combined-arms army of a motorized rifle division of the Southern Military District, who are stationed in Chechnya, are taking part in weapons training exercises at the Kalinovsky and Gvardeyets shooting ranges, the Southern Military District said. "About 200 servicemen and over 40 pieces of arms and military hardware are being engaged in the range practice," the District said.

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