How many coaches work with players that have great technique and strategy, but just don’t seem to understand how to use the mental game? How many of you have players that lose their concentration in match/game play? How many of you have players that get sidetracked by things they cannot control? How many of you have players that just can’t seem to bring it when it counts?

Rob’s Coaches Workshops are intended for coaches that are working with any age or level of athlete. During the presentations, he will highlight common mental traps that players fall into and help coaches become better able to identify and understand what their player is experiencing. This knowledge will help the coach empower their players to get back on track regarding mental challenges their students encounter in game/match play.

Coaching the Mental Edge workshops are designed to provide coaching insights into concentration, awareness and issues that block an athlete’s performance.

Coaches who attend these workshops will:

  • Gain a better idea of how the mental game integrates into tournament play
  • Feel comfortable explaining and work through mental toughness issues with their kids
  • Guide their student towards more focused concentration
  • Be better able to help their students excel in big games or matches
  • Help their players trust themselves and their game and play without tension

"Rob presented a workshop titled ‘Break Point or Break Down—Concentrate to Win,' at the Ramat hasharon Israeli Tennis Center (ITC) in August 2007 for our staff of 30 sport psychologists and head tennis coach during our annual Israeli Tennis Center meeting. Rob's model, as well as his delivery, was both dynamic and interesting. His energy level and passion came across to all who participated. Most importantly he left us with tools that we can use when we work with our athletes on a day-to-day basis. We are looking forward to hosting him again in the near future.” — Dr. Ellen Katz, Center for Sport Psychology Director, Israel Tennis Center, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

“I was impressed with your presentation at the NJSIAA Annual Coaches Conference. The active audience participation was indicative that the coaches were in tune with your message of Coaching the Mental Edge- Developing Players with Mental Toughness and Adaptability. Over the years, I have attended many conferences, and have heard from some of the top people in the field. Your presentation ranked right up there with folks like Allen Fox, Bryce Young and Jim Loehr. Congratulations on a job well done. Thanks for your insights." — Dick Walther, Summit Middle School Director



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