Group Sport Workshop for Mental Training

Team Workshops for Team Unity and Mental Edge Skills

Full Season Dynamic Team Mental Edge Training

Group Players Circle - Teaching Mental Adaptability

Group Sport Workshop for Mental Training

Rob designs creative and unique sport performance workshops and seminars for teams. These workshops, which have been presented at both the national and international level, are full of specialized techniques, demonstrations and exercises that Rob created to help athletes raise their level of play, as well as recognize and understand the physical and psychological tools necessary for peak performance. The varied workshops appeal to athletes and teams of all ages, sports and skill levels and serve to enhance an athlete’s ability to stay positive and centered, both on and off the court.

Athletes who attend these workshops will learn:

  • How to stay in the present moment and be calm under pressure
  • Play important games or matches as freely as they practice
  • Exercises to stay relaxed in pressure situations
  • Gain self confidence and increased self esteem
  • Learn from setbacks and use them as a springboard to success


“I have attended seven of Rob’s entertaining workshops. Each time, I learn more techniques and gain awareness and perspective on how to compete when the pressure starts heating up. I would recommend his workshops to anyone looking to for that competitive edge.” — Mary Samthan, Tennis


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Team Workshops for creating Team Unity & Mental Toughness

Team unity and mental toughness have much in common; they are both intangible and hard to measure. They can both bring a payoff of having more fun and improved performance. Most importantly, when matches/games are close and the pressure is on, mental toughness and team unity become paramount to a winning effort.

When a team is united, the players will feel more supported and more apt to take risks. Subsequently, their level of mental toughness and adaptability will soar. By the same token, when a player is more mentally tough and adaptable, they will be open and accepting of risks, ideas, and trying new things that involve team synergy. When such an atmosphere permeates a team for an extended amount of time, teams become capable of great achievement. A great example the NY Giants defeating the New England Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl. 

This interactive team workshop will highlight through demonstration, discussion and exercises how to build a mentally tough and adaptable team with a common goal and mission.

Teams that attend these combined workshops will: 

  • Learn how to use the intangible qualities of team and mental toughness to win
  • Recognize the importance of trust in and respect for their teammates
  • Realize that change on an individual and team basis starts with awareness
  • Understand what it takes to win and be a champion


"The Mental Training workshop you shared with my Seton Hall Girls Varsity Tennis team would be of benefit, to any team, level or sport. The team building activities were fantastic! And the discussions and demonstrations on awareness and concentration will be helpful to our team, especially during competition. I am pleased you had some time to spend with us on campus today." — Gregory Wyzykowski, Women’s tennis coach, Seton Hall University


"The workshops done with Rob were excellent. They were professional, unique and enjoyable, as well as one of the best learning experiences I’ve had as a coach. Our team has a much greater understanding of what team unity really is. Focusing on team bonding, leadership, and goal setting has truly given us a blueprint for success. I highly recommend these workshops to any team looking to take their game to the next level." — Jeff Brandes, Drew University Tennis


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In-Season Dynamic Team Consultant

Most successful teams have a Mental Training Coach on staff. Now your team can too! Though an energetic approach that emphasizes “together everyone achieves more” and “building trust in yourselves, your team and your coaches,” Rob drives athletes and full teams—on and off the field—to work through peak performance issues during a dynamic season of successes and losses. His unique and positive perspective helps teams use failure as feedback and build on the team’s success. With Rob as your seasonal team consultant you’ll learn how to:

  • Use failure as a stepping stone to success
  • Maintain a high level of team unity and trust
  • Redefine winning into something that can be accomplished every game or match
  • Play Proud & Play Like a Champion
  • Go for the goal in the toughest situations
  • Maintain team consistency and focus throughout a long season


“Rob has worked with my girl’s basketball team over the last two years. During this time he has conducted numerous workshops targeted to the specific pulse the team was experiencing at the time. His ‘Feel, Trust and Shoot’ workshop is credited with helping the Summit Girls Varsity Basketball Team with improving its free-throw shooting from 32 percent to a season-ending 62 percent success rate. On numerous occasions he has provided me with a unique perspective in which to rebound and build on situations.” — B. Erikson, Summit Varsity Basketball Coach


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Players Circle Wokshops

These group sessions are great for athletes who want to take mental toughness to another level. The small group sessions allow athletes to listen to and connect with other athletes with similar situations and experiences, as Rob provides direction and guidance. The candid conversations help high performers come to grips with what they are feeling and learn from other group members. These group phone or office consultations allow you to experiment with and customize the skills you’ve learned in the workshops, as well as experiment with new cutting-edge mental toughness techniques. In a group setting, you’ll focus on the process toward self improvement with others who face similar challenges. This service is a perfect supplement to the individual phone and office consultations. Take your game to another level and expect to:

  • Learn the latest, most effective, cutting-edge concentration techniques
  • Practice imagery, visualization and breathing technique
  • Learn what it means to play to your potential


"Rob is an exceptional coach whose natural listening and attending skills make him one of the most qualified performance coaches I know. His presence has the most calming effect on me; I always know I am in the company of someone who not only understands me, but wholly embraces me." — Illanit Marks, bicyclist


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