This workshop is for parents who want their children to succeed on, as well as off, the court/field. Most parents who get over-involved in their child’s sports or who find themselves pushing too much do so for two reasons: they want their child to be able to achieve their goals, and they want their child to perform at their best. These are noble intentions! However, it’s important to understand that some behaviors may be disrupting the process of improvement and success. This is because the child has one eye on the ball and the other eye on the parent’s expectations. In short, they are no longer focusing on what’s important and what they are trying to accomplish in the moment.

If you want your child to excel in sports and come out with high self-esteem, they need you in their corner. This means a parent’s primary task is supporting their young athlete unconditionally whether they win or lose - not coaching them. The parent, athlete and coach each have a role to play; if everyone plays the role well the athlete will have more fun, play more, improve more, risk more and compete better. Not only that, but the athlete can use his/her positive experiences for other challenges they face in life’s journey. However, if the role isn’t played well, the child will experience stress, tightness, no longer enjoy the sport, and burn out. In this case, the added burden will result in an exhausted athlete and an angry child.


During this workshop, parents will learn:

  • Key characteristics of “champion” parents
  • How to use failure and adversity as a stepping stone for success
  • Things you can do to support the coach/player/parent triad
  • Common pitfalls of champion parenting and how to overcome them
  • How to create a win/win environment in which your child flourishes

"Our son is a junior tennis player and he has been working with Rob on various aspects of his mental game. Since that time we have seen a tremendous improvement in his game. We have also seen a noticeable change in his attitude off the court too. Our son enjoys his sessions with Rob and feels very comfortable with Rob. He feels Rob is trustworthy and understanding. As parents, we are particularly appreciative for Rob's efforts to continuously keep us in the loop. Rob gives us constructive suggestions on how to best help Jonathan with his mental game on and off the court."– Steven Lee

"Rob is a truly special person to our three daughters, Katie, Allie and Laura. He has trained them for the last four years and helped them in countless ways both on and off the tennis court. Coach has improved all their tennis games immeasurably but more so he has combined this with his own inner game of tennis which is geared to living a successful life. Coach is a true mentor who genuinely cares for his pupils, inspires them to risk, find themselves and take the road to self awareness and growth, Coach’s unique "inside the zone" teaching truly prepare his students for both tennis and life. As long as I have known Coach it has always been about discovery and overcoming the fears and obstacles that we encounter in our daily lives. He totally believes that each person in their own has the inner power to be successful and to achieve great things."– P. Tierney



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