Welcome to the Inside the Zone mental training certification program for players of all ages. This program is targeted towards all athletes who seek the mental edge, often the difference between winning and losing.


The workshops are highly interactive and participatory. They will include demonstrations, exercises, worksheets, stories, quotes, and video clips. Additionally, players will be introduced to key mental edge principles and beliefs that all top players incorporate in their play. Not only are the sessions fun, but participants will learn:

  • Mental Skills that will give them the edge on and off the court
  • Mental strategies and techniques to stay calm under pressure
  • How to handle adversity and use it as an opportunity
  • How to concentrate and stay focused under pressure
  • How to use visualization and imagery like the pro’s
  • How to reframe negative self talk
  • How to use rituals to play inside the zone


This unique player certification program is a multi-tiered program which progressively builds upon each workshop and level. The program’s goal is to provide players with mental skills, tools, techniques and approaches which they can creatively apply in high- pressure match situations. Essentially, this is the comprehensive program guide to unleashing the peak performer within!



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