Athletes know mental toughness is a key component to success, however, many don’t know how to use their mental abilities to compete at their highest level. Rob’s approach focuses on the athlete as a person first and an athlete second. His energetic and patient style allows him to connect with the person behind the athlete and help them break through self-imposed barriers. He is able to reach and uncover the root of issues that can block performance, including fear, poor concentration, nervousness, concern over injury, and competition anxiety.

Rob helps his clients explore, become aware of, and work through performance issues in a non-threatening, non-judgmental and safe way. Such an approach facilitates and encourages the athlete to embrace self-choice, responsibility, and change—all keys to winning and high performance.

A thought leader in understanding and applying creative and personal mental toughness techniques with performers, Rob will help you blend your mental and physical abilities and perform at your highest potential. With Rob on your team, you will:

  • Learn to play a more relaxed and confident manner
  • Develop the ability to cope in high pressure situations
  • Improve your concentration and focus
  • Bring the fun back to competition
  • Break through self-imposed barriers

"Rob and I worked together prior to my running my first marathon. I was pretty nervous of the uncertainty that lay ahead. Through a combination of unguided imagery and a technique called ‘natural flow,’ Rob helped me release the anxiousness that I was holding in my body. By race day, I was relaxed and ready to go. Sure enough, I had a great race; didn’t worry about a thing and even qualified for the Boston Marathon. I highly recommend working with Rob!”
- Ann Goldberg, Runner

“Rob is a solutions-focused mental training coach who inspires you to perform at your highest potential even if you can’t see it for yourself! He motivated me to think about what it would take to prepare, participate and compete in a bike race in memory of a dear friend of mine. Working with Rob has been eye-opening; he encourages you to confront and accept your fears and then continue to move forward toward your goals. I am pleased to say that I am well on my way to the starting line!”
- Michelle Awuku, Cyclist


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