“Better Mistakes”

“Better Mistakes”                                     WGA Reg. # 1674741

Written for the screen by Glenn and Maeve Smith

Meet Emily Garrow.   She’s a twenty-six year old graduate student of Native American descent who’s working on her PhD in Anthropology.   She dreams of making a better world for people of her ancestry.   She asserts, “I wanted to learn what I could be proud of, rather than what to be ashamed of.”

Meet Kateri Tekakwitha.  The year is 1676.   Orphaned at a young age, this half-Mohawk, half-Algonquin woman inherits her mother’s faith in God and her father’s warrior spirit.   At Kateri’s request, a French Jesuit priest baptizes her.   This sets her on a quest for the living God, which puts her in direct conflict with many of her people.

Two worlds collide when Emily “meets” Kateri.   Father John Benet is the wise guide who introduces Emily to the authentic Kateri, not the secular version that’s been fed to her from academia.

Emily learns that she’s pregnant but the timing couldn’t be worse.  Abortion seems like the way out, but she has opposition.   Her boyfriend, Alan, is excited by the idea of fatherhood.   Moreover, Kateri’s heroic example challenges her.

What will Emily decide?   What will it mean for her relationship with Alan?   Will her decision mean the death of her child or the death of her dreams?

Read “Better Mistakes” to find out.

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