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Experienced professional specialists are here for providing quality heath care. Our doctors are committed to pursuing excellence in patient care and treatment. India's top doctors are here to serve you. Surgerian and therapists are here for kidney transplants.

Easy assessments of medicine with vast pharmaceutical. Well furnished AC fitted cabin and facilitating all comfort at affordable cost.

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General Instruction

  • Please give your registration card and doctor’s advice slip at the admission counter, when you report for admission. Also specify category of bed/ room you prefer.
  • Before admission, an initial deposit to be paid, depending on the type of room & the treatment required, which will be adjusted in your final bill.
  • Corporate patient is to submit the original authorization/ credit letter from the concerned company, failing which the initial deposit is to be paid, which may be returned on submission of the letter before discharge.
  • We try and maintain an atmosphere of absolute cleanliness and tranquillity for your speedy recovery. Our efforts need to be supplemented by you and your visitors. It is important, therefore, that you and your visitors strictly observe the following rules in the interest of your well being
  • Smoking & Chewing PAN ,TOBACO   is strictly prohibited throughout the hospital.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in the hospital Premises.
  • Your patient needs rest. Please restrict visitors to the absolute minimum.
  • Visitors and visiting hours are restricted.
  • Children below the age of ten years should not be brought to the patient’s room or ward in the interest of their own health and to avoid disturbance to the patients.
  • The visit timings are:- 11:00AM to 12:00AM & 04.00PM to 06.00PM
  • One Attendant Pass & Two Visitor Passes will be issued to the patient at the time of admission.
  • Only one attendant is allowed to stay with the patient round the clock.
  • Two visitors will be allowed to go to the patient against the two visitors passes during visiting hour.
  • Two attendants will be allowed for the patients below 5 years.
  • Attendants & Visitors will be allowed to stay with the patient in ICU for less than 5 minutes.

Admission Procedure

Admission of the patient is based on the written referral and advice of the doctor. Patient is given an admission form along with OPD card and Consent form. Person at the admission counter informs the patient about the types of room available, their tariff and the facilities available with each type of the room. After completion of Admission form and Consent form, billing staff  makes entry in the Admission Register. A unique In-patient number is allotted for each patient to identify the patient at any point of time .Deposited the advance amount for the room which you have taken. The billing manager keeps track of payment of additional amount to meet the cost of treatment.

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