Strategic + Succession Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning works when all the key players in your organization embrace a shared vision of the future and commit to the steps to get there. We work with you to frame strategic and program priorities in a way that builds consensus and creates a roadmap toward achievement of your vision and goals.
The phrase “strategic planning” can strike fear into the hearts of executive directors and Boards of Directors because they envision a 12-month process resulting in a document that no one ever looks at again. At H2Growth Strategies, we believe regular planning and evaluating – a virtuous cycle — are critical to the ongoing success of an organization. We encourage you to use your strategic plan as a management tool, and we leave your organization with other techniques it can use long after the engagement is over. Our strategic planning engagements rarely last longer than six months.
Using the Appreciative Inquiry framework, we transform the traditional strategic planning technique of identifying an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). We encourage you to focus on your organization’s strengths and opportunities so you can reach your aspirations (desired outcomes) and produce results that can be measured (SOAR).
Our services include:
  • Working with key stakeholders to develop powerful vision statements that drive organizations forward.
  • Reviewing and revising mission and values statements to ensure that they accurately reflect your organization’s purpose and culture.
  • Creating scans of the environment and competitors that provide valuable, actionable information in developing plans and taking actions.
  • Developing strategic plans – with goals, strategies, work plans and budgets — that are blueprints for success.
  • Developing decision-making tools that clarify the criteria by which decisions are made and can result in directions that are more mission-driven and produce greater surpluses.

Succession Planning

Our approach to succession planning for CEOs is to view it as a form of change management. We recognize that any organization contemplating a change in leadership is about to undergo a seismic shift. It is critical  to create urgency around the change and motivate key stakeholders to embrace it. Successful change management includes good communication, empowerment and focus.
Our services include:
  • Analysis of the skills and characteristics required in the new CEO
  • Development of internal and external characteristics
  • Selection of the new CEO through a search process involving both internal and external candidates
  • Transition to the new CEO, including an onboarding process.
The key to identifying the skills and characteristics necessary in your new leader is to uncover the biggest opportunities for your organization over the next ten years. That is why we link strategic to succession planning.

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