Assimil Spanish Review

The Assimil Method was developed by Alphonse Chérel many many years ago! Assimil was started back in 1929! It is one of those programs which was developed a long time ago, but withstood the test of time, as it’s still commonly used today!

Assimil was created to fill a market gap at that time for auto-didactic learners – self taught learners, in this case of languages.


The Assimil Method Overview

The Assimil Method includes a book, which provides you with 100 lessons. It is a bit like a dual translation book, with the Spanish dialogue on the left and the English translation on the right. There is a nice progression as you begin with simple phrases and they get more and more difficult as you progress through the lessons.

At the bottom of each lesson, there is also a section on notes. Many elements which may be confusing in the initial dialogue are explained at the bottom of the page in the notes section.

Each lessons is accompanied by an audio on a pack of CD’s, so that you get the chance to listen to the language as well.


Pros of Assimil Spanish

1. Great for those wanting to learn from a book

While there are many books for learning Spanish out there, if learning out of a book is what you prefer, I would recommend the Assimil Method.

You also get the nice addition of the CD’s, so that you can listen to the language as well, and you will be following a proven method which withstood the test of time!

2. The beginning of the Assimil method is based on the idea of transparent words

Especially at the beginning, there is an extra focus set on words in Spanish which are similar to English. This method is used by Michel Thomas as well in his audio course, and it’s a great way to get an extra boost of confidence when you start the process of learning a language.


Cons of Assimil

1. Some argue the translation method is outdated

While it may have been at that time, this is certainly not a “revolutionary” concept any more. However, there are some more nuances used in the creation of the course, so I think it would be harsh to call it complete outdated.

2. It requires self motivation

Reading a book is not the most engaging way to learn a language, so you will need to have strong motivation to get the best out of Assimil

If you are not too motivated, it may be a good idea to go with a program which has a monthly subscription, like Babbel, or go with a more interactive program, like the audio-course Rocket Spanish.

In conclusion, you can read the other customer reviews on Amazon to make your final decision if Assimil is best for you! Find Amazon Reviews here!



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