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Bed Defense Reviews: Does it Work on Bed Bugs?

bed defense reviews

The Land of Lincoln (and Obama), Chicago IL is topping the list these days for cities with the worst bed bug problem along with other major urban areas in the US

Bed bugs are the common bane of many people and even the thought of being bitten is enough to make you consider sleeping elsewhere.

Bed Defense for Bed Bugs

What make them even more troublesome are their natural skills at hanging around and laying low without food for up to a year dormant. Since they infest places that are hard to reach and mattresses, they seem impervious to some treatments and it can be nearly impossible to get into their hideouts and nests and kill them.

When looking or shopping for a solution to give you peace of mind from bed bug bites, you definitely want something that will be 100% effective on the first go. Bed Defense claims that is the one-step repellent solution to bed bugs. Is this just a claim? In this section, we take a look at an in-depth Bed Defense review.

Bed Defense Reviews

Bed Defense is an at home bed bug repellant found online, which claims to be made natural ingredients that are clinically proven so that it’s effective, cost effective and safe for the family.

bed defense bed bugs

Bed Defense

The Claim

The makers of Bed Defense claim that the product is effective, effective, safe, and easy to use having gone clinical research to show its effectiveness in bed bugs. They also claim that it has been made from odorless natural ingredients with no negative health effects. With all-natural formula, they say it is the one step you need to keep bed bugs out of your home, your life and sleepless nights which is more preferable than using exterminators that might leave harmful toxic chemicals on areas where you sleep.

They also claim that the repellant works instantly and that it’s safe to use around children and your pets. Another claim is that unlike other repellents, it does not make mess and that you are also protected by their money back guarantee.

The Hype

Considering that bed bugs can be a shocking experience, companies that sell repellant products are trying to tap into the creepy and crawly feelings many people get especially when you get the thought of being bitten while you are asleep.

How Valid are the Claims Against Bed Defense?

Unfortunately, for those who are wondering whether this product works or it’s just another internet “scam”, Bed Defense presents no link to any specific clinical studies. This means you to find the effectiveness of these products; you would have to research on your own.

Ingredients in Bed Defense

According to their website, the ingredients that they have used in the product to prevent infestation of bed bugs are Rosemary Oil, Cedar Oil, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate and Ethyl Lactate, all of which are not only natural, but have also shown in studies to effectively repel bed bugs and other similar pests.

The Price (Cost) of Bed Defense + Ordering Process

Is Bed Defense a good buy or is just another recurring billing scam? That’s for the customer decide depending on the dollar amount and degree of efficacy of their product, not for us to tell you about. With that in mind, here’s the price breakdown on Bed Defense:

It’s slightly affordable on Amazon as it retails at around $15, which is the most preferable way to shop if you want to save yourself potential problems that will occur from ordering the product from their site and taking them up on an offer. Interestingly to note however, they claim they offer a 60 day money guarantee. This is not really a guarantee since when you check on the details, its only meant for unopened packages and thus you won’t be able to return any unit you took to see whether it works or not. And trying to get a moneyback guarantee through a 3rd party seller on Amazon can be an unnecessarily long and drawn out headache, and good luck if it ever gets resolved.

If you choose to order the product directly from their website, you may qualify to one of their offers especially Free Trial Units, which allows the buyers to try Bed Defense for up to 30 days from the purchase date. However, there are claims on charges that show up on statements of many buyers. This is because even when you have done nothing in the course or even at the end of the 30 days, you will be automatically charged from $40 and up which is not appealing.

Other than the Free Trial Units on the main site, they make you pay $10 rather than having this as a direct purchase, what they call a 50% deal. After the “deal”, you will then be signed for an auto-ship program that is auto-charged, where they will be sending and billing you for a 2 month supply after 60 days. Further reviews have reported lousy customer service during a request for such resolutions.


As a customer, all that is needed on your part is to put the products in the instructed places, replacing them as needed. Since they last for only two months, this therefore means that the product requires a calendar to monitor so that you are sure when to replace them which is the main point of their auto-ship program. However, companies that usually force their customers into membership in order to buy their products on regular basis are normally not sure of the product’s quality and therefore are looking for ways to earn future sales without making it through the usual repeat business.

Evaluation on Value

There is a split in the reviews coming from customers who have used Bed Bugs on whether it works or not, with many of them slanting towards the product not working. What customers would be looking for in such a bed bug review is therefore nearly unanimous vote for it as a solution since no one wants to waste his or her time on ineffective product while the problem is worsening at the time. All bed bugs are the same and so if the product worked on one case; it should therefore work on the rest, which is why the review reports should not be conflicting.

Bed Defense Free Trial

According to this and many other reviews, Bed Defense is getting low ratings simply because even after disregarding the complaints raised on the ordering process, the users overall consensus is still split and is leaning towards it being ineffective. On disassembling the product on the inside, users have also said that it contains a scented cotton ball. Bed Bugs are more resilient and getting rid of them requires more energy than that as many methods have shown.

Final Comments on Bed Defense

There are plenty of proven natural ways to get rid of bed bugs and a few of the effective ones are alcohol sprayed on bed bugs (only for a contact killer which ultimately is no solution at all) and products like Bedroom Guardian and Defensive End!. There are also other products in the markets today that also allow you to detect, although not necessarily kill bed bugs.

Taking a two-step approach for both detection and removal remains to be the best option if you used this as an indicator, rather than trying this ineffective repellent solution and wasting time that could be spent de stressing and getting that sleep you’re missing out on.

You can get bed bug detectors at any pest control or hardware store that carries them (good luck) but they usually involve a piece of plastic, some adhesive, and cotton. You already know if you have bed bugs, no need to waste effort on things that don’t actually kill bed bugs when there are affordable, viable solutions.

Whatever you do, don’t let your bedbug problem turn into an all-out infestation or pestilence like the one in the video!

Bed Defense Scam

Some people have decided against getting charged 40 bucks a pop until you cancel, and consider it a scam.

Thanks for reading our Bed Defense Reviews!

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