• Experienced Web development team based in Bangalore


    We Can Help Your Business Achieve All Its Development Needs, And Here's How We Do It.

    We are a talented group of IT professionals from diverse fields. We all work together to ensure our clients vision and needs are fully met. We use a wide range of engineering talent to achieve this in engineering fields such as CAD/CAE applications, mobile development, cloud computing and web development.

  • Web designing, web development, Wordpress development based in Kannur- Kerala


    Taking Care Of All Your Website Development And Print Media.

    Web development is a core service that we provide to our clients. Our team of developers has experience in all areas of web development. From user interfaces and user experience to graphic design for online and offline media.

  • Experts in Mobile application development based in Bangalore.


    Creating Scalable And Robust Mobile Applications And Killer 3D Games.

    We turn your mobile application ideas into fully working applications. We specialize in both Android development and 3D game development. We help develop applications for our clients that boost their productivity.

  • Affordable and experienced cloud development services based in Banglore


    Bringing You Blazing Fast And Reliable Cloud Applications.

    We can turn your complex architecture into easily configurable microservices. We use Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to ensure complete performance and scalability. We take CPU intensive cloud applications and deliver them as mobile or web clients.

Spectrographix - Our Key Areas of Focus

Our Key Areas of Focus

We are a group of technical aspirants from diverse fields working towards a common goal: Fulfilling our client needs and vision. We have a pool of rich talent oriented towards Engineering applications, CAD/CAE applications, mobile development, cloud computing and web development.

Our Portfolio

Below you can see what we do. This includes mobile application development, CAD/CAM simulations, software development as well as web design and web development.

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We believe we have an award-winning team, full of passion and creativity, ready to meet your business needs.

  • We're creative
    We're creative

    Creating things is what we do. Our team is highly motivated and can create whatever your business requires.

  • We're Punctual
    We're Punctual

    We make sure we deliver our services on-time and always to the highest standard for all our clients.

  • We're Helpful
    We're Helpful

    We are here to help your business develop and grow, thanks to our diverse range of products. Choose Spectrographix to see what your company can really achieve.

  • Guaranteed Results
    Guaranteed Results

    We deliver projects, service and professionalism to you, on-time, every time.

Spectrographx - What makes us different

Three Reasons to Pick Spectrographix For Your Development Project

Spectrographix prides itself on its team, its clients and its professionalism.

Spectrographix - Why Choose Us
We ensure that all our clients business and development needs are met , no matter what the project may be.
Spectrographix - Our Mission
Our vision is to provide high quality mobile and software applications, robust cloud solutions, as well as the latest in CAD/CAM and web development to our clients.
Spectrographix - Ideas & Solutions
We make sure that we are always ahead of the development curve. Learning new technologies and getting new ideas to help our clients is what drives us.

We deliver you the quality your company deserves

Spectrographix takes great pride in its team, services and work. Our commitment to our clients and the work we do is unsurpassed.

With us, your company and its needs are in safe hands.

Choose us for your next company development project and get guaranteed results every time.

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Spectrographix - We deliver you the quality your company deserves


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Spectrographix - Our Successful Projects

Successful Projects

Spectrographix - An Experienced & Dedicated Teaam

An Experienced & Dedicated Team

Spectrographix - Satisfied Clients

Satisfied Clients