BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Where is Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh? It’s the question buzzing around the city as the FBI and IRS raid Pugh’s home, City Hall and several other locations tied to her Thursday. But, no one has seen the mayor and her own spokesperson doesn’t know where she is even though she’s supposed to be recovering from pneumonia.

Pugh’s spokesman, James Bentley, told The Associated Press Thursday that he hadn’t spoken with the mayor and doesn’t know where she is. Her defense attorney, Steve Silverman, did not immediately return calls; his office routed calls to an answering machine.

However, a source tells WJZ however Pugh was at her home when the raid began, but has since left the state.

Neighbors tell WJZ they haven’t seen her in weeks. They believe she splits her time between two homes in Baltimore.

The city is now into the fourth week of Pugh on indefinite leave and silence is surrounding Baltimore’s top offices. Pugh’s aides have gone silent on status updates, declining to comment on her health this week- as questions linger on when, or if, she plans to return to work.


Last Friday her spokesman said she is recovering from pneumonia and plans to return to work.

Meanwhile, dominos continue to fall inside Baltimore City Hall on Tuesday, as acting Mayor Jack Young stayed tight-lipped on his recent decision to place a seventh Pugh staffer on leave of absence.

“I’m committed to stabilizing the city and moving forward, and any changes I need to make, I will make them,” Young said.

The move heightens questions still surrounding Mayor Pugh’s lucrative Healthy Holly book deals with UMMS that coincided with her own indefinite leave as she battles pneumonia.

In an interview with WYPR on Tuesday, the acting mayor Jack Young said, “I haven’t spoken to her in two and a half weeks. I haven’t heard from her. I have no idea other than what I read in the paper,”

City Council members and delegates called for Pugh’s resignation earlier this month.

Two online petitions also pressure Pugh to step down, including one led by state Republican Party official Tony Campbell.

Young has not said whether he thinks Mayor Pugh should resign.

The City Council passed new ethics laws Monday night, including one that deals with financial disclosures.

Kimberly Eiten

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  1. Mayor you can run but you can’t hide!! You really are showing your true colors and the TOTAL your lack of integrity!! Sweet justice for you! Can’t wait til they actually put handcuffs on you… SWEET! Not surprised though look at the source!

  2. Guess your not sick anymore HUH???

  3. Larry Matters says:

    “Maxine Doppleganger” – – – when both have been replaced with evil

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