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Digital comms specialist. Social media mental health talks in schools. Food lover. Wishful ballerina

Birmingham, England
Joined April 2011


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    18 Sep 2018

    Thrilled to be part of such a brilliant programme! Thank you ! 😘

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    Apr 14

    It's been an AMAZING week at GD, many blessings include: ☑️ Meeting ☑️ Funding from ☑️ Made list ☑️ GD programme completed at ☑️ Won award Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU! 🙏🏽💜

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    Apr 14

    Last weekend we were in Berlin where we attended the event & heard speak on many topics. This is Obama on his parenting style. Something many adults can take away when speaking to children/young people. "Talk as if they aren't stupid" 💭 true that.

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    Apr 12

    WHAAAAT?! 🚨 We're SO proud to share that BOTH of our co-founders & have made it to this year's list! 😮😍 Check out the full list & see all the other wonderful young leaders making Brum a better place! Congratulations all! 🎉

  5. Mar 22

    Guess they couldn’t let this one Fly By!

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    Mar 21

    Many people don't know but GirlDreamer started out as an after school female empowerment club set up by both co-founders. Now, we're still running our leadership & empowerment enrichment programmes with partner schools & have amazing people like facilitating them! 😍👇🏽

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    Mar 9

    WE DID IT!!!!! 271,000 of you signed the petition, 2,000 of you protested. Today, the government has just pledged to end by pledging FREE MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS in all secondary schools! ♥️

  8. Mar 8

    Such an inspiring session with today’s GirlDreamers ! Discussed solutions for encouraging more positive attitudes towards women ➡️ education, parenting and more conversations were some of the most talked about. Amazing 🙌🏽✨

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    Mar 4

    Today, announces £2m to 'end worldwide' & commits to £250k for an 'advisory task force' to tackle it in the U.K. We need clarity on this. The task force reflects a disappointing lack of urgency. We call for in all schools.

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    Mar 3

    The NHS has just announced that every hospital will offer free pads or tampons to all patients who need them. This is so important and so needed. No one needs this stress in hospital. Let's hope this now extends to schools, too.

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    Feb 27

    Really enjoyed the version of the Oscars tonight & all the & socialising. Thanks!

  12. Feb 27

    Really excited to learn more about harnessing the human connection online 🤝✨ at ’s event today

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    Feb 24

    Nike does it again 🙌🔥

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    Feb 13

    Neo-soul is life. That's it. That's the tweet.

  15. Feb 14

    This made me lol (and a bit scared...)

  16. Feb 14

    Looking forward to an interesting morning with at their event - snazzy venue too!

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    Feb 12

    All my dreams can come true, if I have have the courage to pursue them

  18. Feb 4

    This will be absolutely brilliant - absolutely gutted I can’t make it but for anyone who can it will be so worth it - these guys are awesome and totally know their stuff!!! 🙌🏽💯💯

  19. Feb 4

    This is a great example from M&S although as a company I’m not sure this will save them entirely (but more stuff like this maybe could??). There’s so much potential and I really hope they can save themselves!

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  20. Feb 4

    “...most [big] brands are currently doing it badly. There is a need for influencer marketing to be done more elegantly, in a less superficial way, and that’s exactly what has done here.” via [1/2]

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  21. Feb 1

    “In some trusts, razors and shaving foam were handed out free while sanitary products were not.” We need to tackle a lack of understanding here that‘s perpetuating


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