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NBC faked picture of baby with measles

NBC published an article about vaccinations with an accompanying video. In the video they show a baby infected with measels with red spots all over it.

original aricle link with video

archived link

The problem is that they used a stock photo of a baby and photoshopped all the red markings onto it.

link to stock photo

Here is a direct comparison of the two pictures

And here's a direct link to part of the video that shows it

I'm not sure why exactly they would do this. I fully support vaccines, but it seems disingenuous to alter photos in an attempt to scare the public.

Here's an article talking about this

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Won't someone PLEASE think of the tentacles!?299 points · 18 days ago

I look forward to seeing this get used as fuel for retarded anti-vax pages for the next six months.

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138 points · 18 days ago

Yup. It doesn't matter if your message is true. When you uses lies and deception, nobody believes it anymore. This shit is going to lead to a bunch of kids not getting vaccinated. Great job, assholes.

level 3

The reason for the deception is obvious. Those people who have the measles are brown and not from this country. Hard to create a scare among white anti-vaxxers when the baby doesn’t look like theirs.

level 4

This is the answer. The measles "outbreak" is happening because of the influx of illegal immigrants.

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Toxic Male Gamer22 points · 18 days ago · edited 17 days ago

Ugh, ya know what. With it being pushed so hardcore, I kind of think it's not as big of a problem as they claim.

Also going to plug how I find it weird people care about life when it's vaxxing kids but mock people against abortion. At least with anti-vaxxing idiots, the kids get a chance to survive. Killing babies is the end all.

Edit: I really love the people joining this convo from lurkers. Please feel free to down vote my worthless internet points. It's not going to change my opinions.

level 3

You know - this thread is a key piece of evidence that KiA ISN'T a right-wing echo chamber.

level 3

66% of abortions happen before 8 weeks, and at that point the fetus is amphibian looking at best, so I find it weird when folks continue to say “baby” when it’s barely anything at all at that point.

level 4
Toxic Male Gamer39 points · 18 days ago · edited 18 days ago

That's a retarded way to look at things. That lump is forming into a fully fledged baby. I don't care about your personally beliefs because biologically, it's a baby.

level 5
Praise Kek20 points · 18 days ago

Its the way they have to look at it because the alternative is far too grim, they're advocating for child murder even in cases where there was little chance it would suffer if it was born and fostered, and thats a tough burden to bare.

There's decent enough reasons to be pro-choice, abortion is a terrible thing and desperately wish it wasn't a thing we knew how to do but banning it doesn't make it go away. Bad foreign doctors would love nothing but to take your money and put your life at risk to kill that baby for you in what is a realtively simple proceedure and so because abortion is only ever a plane ticket away it should be done here where it can be controlled and monitored.

level 6
16 points · 18 days ago

If you really care about the life of the woman having the abortion, then you want it to be legal. Women had abortions when it was illegal and those were terrible odds back then. Making it illegal won’t stop it. If you really care, then you want it to be legal.

level 7
the secret 7th Infinity Stone of turning people transgender12 points · 17 days ago

Making heroin illegal won't stop it so we should just make it legal

Making tax fraud illegal won't stop it so we should just make it legal

Making murder illegal won't stop it so we should just make it legal

level 8

Thing is that if you make it legal, you can regulate it. For example, since Abortion is legal we can regulate what procedures can be used and when they can be used. The last two things can't be regulated, so those are false equivalence.

level 8
Clown World is full of honkies.1 point · 17 days ago

Making heroin illegal won't stop it so we should just make it legal

worked for weed. and i bed proper pharmaceutical companies can make a similar drug that has all the trip with none of the side effects. or at least won't cut the product with gasoline as krokodil does.

Making tax fraud illegal won't stop it so we should just make it legal

i admit i dont know much about tax fraud but i assume the government can just take back collateral or garnish your paycheck until the taxes are paid off right?

also i think extreme libertarians have a similar idea, basically tax is theft and therefor should be illegal making lying on your tax returns legal.

Making murder illegal won't stop it so we should just make it legal

we already have murder substitutes that yeild way more benefits with none of the cost :D

that's actually the trick to these things. making something illegal doesnt work because people will still want it and will do it. so you must figure out why people are doing this and figure out a safer and more legal alternative that gives the people what they want without any of the nasty costs that made it illegal in the first place.

if some miracle technology lets people remove a zygote/fetus from the uturtus intact and allow it to be transplanted into another womb if not act as an artifical womb i bet everyone will go for that new 3rd option instead of killing the baby or suffer through childbirth and all the biology that comes with it. because pro-choice people do not want to kill babies they just want to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy without having to give birth to it.

level 7
-8 points · 18 days ago(More than 8 children)
level 8
Clown World is full of honkies.4 points · 18 days ago

No, but making it dangerous will.

aint that the reason behind hyper authoritarian policies that hurt more than help?

because people will still want to do something no matter the cost and the only way we have lowered the more dangerous versions of things is by giving safer and easier to access alternatives?

level 9

Sorry, I don't see the benefit to society to removing barriers to baby murder. We're never going to agree on that; I'm going to reject your case-in-a-thousand rape/fatal complication and case-in-a-million incest strawman deflections, collect some more downvotes, and we'll move on having not changed anyone's opinions.

level 10
Clown World is full of honkies.-2 points · 17 days ago

what about the lesser evil of having the evil baby killer parent kill said baby when it is incapable of feeling pain such as a pre neural zygote than to kill them when they can such as 3 years old and developing speech?

Casey Anthony is a real person afterall and she committed a real crime. i would have wanted her daughter calyee to have died as a blob with no brain than whatever she had doen to her as a toddler wich i think was slow and excruciating.

also curious how you feel about current hyper authrotarian rule such as jailing a man for a dog video in hopes of squashing neo nazism, or allowing to let bikelock weilding mobs bash anyone's head in because it could help deter right wing violence.

afterall if we make the consiquences for certain acts be too dangerous to risk it would make people stop doing those things right?

level 8

No, but making it dangerous will

I don’t even know how to respond to this... First of all, danger is subjective. Some people consider stairs dangerous, should those be illegal?

I honestly don’t even know why people care about what other people wait I do know. You would totally be for abortion if you actually needed one. You just are financially able to support a baby so that risk to you means nothing. You lack the perspective of a rape victim or a couple that simply cannot support a baby. And you may say “well put it in foster care” but all that does is pass the buck.

An abortion is not an easy or pleasant process. Clinics don’t just hand that shit out like skittles. It is a serious process, that Planned Parenthood (the ones that actually perform they since not every one does it) always tries to talk you out of it.

level 9

You're so wrong I'm not even sure where to begin my refutation. May as well work backwards, I suppose.

Planned Parenthood derives 99% of their income from abortions and services performed auxiliary to and necessary for abortions. They do not try to talk women out of having abortions; in fact, it's quite the opposite. This is so well-documented, I'm astounded anyone believes differently.

Clinics don't just hand that shit out like Skittles.

The state of Florida makes public the reason listed for every abortion performed. Several meta-studies have been done, including one by Planned Parenthood's research center, the Guttmacher Institute, which have shown that less than 1% of abortions are performed due to claims of sexual violence and less than a tenth because of health reasons - either the child or the mother. The number one reason reported across the last thirty years has consistently been "I don't want to be a mother (now)." or "I don't want another child." It is even more commonly given than financial concerns or lack of a committed father.

And you may say “well put it in foster care” but all that does is pass the buck.

A close friend of mine and her husband adopted two children. The process took nearly six years, and they traveled hundreds of miles on less than twenty-four hours notice to adopt. The 'demand' for newborns to adopt is extremely high. Issues with the foster care system begin after the toddler stage, because those children enter the foster system due to abuse or neglect and are incredibly difficult to care for, especially when they recognize the would-be parent(s) as strangers and potential abusers rather than loving caregivers.

You would totally be for abortion if you actually needed one. You just are financially able to support a baby so that risk to you means nothing. You lack the perspective of a rape victim or a couple that simply cannot support a baby.

Wrong, right, wrong, right. I must point out, however, that since I debunked your adoption point already, the ability to financially support one's lifestyle and a child simultaneously is not a valid reason to end a human life.

I honestly don’t even know why people care about what other people do...

Here's a hint: I'm not a big fan of infanticide.

Some people consider stairs dangerous, should those be illegal?

Your reading comprehension is quite poor. I didn't say to make abortion illegal because it was dangerous. I said I didn't care that making abortion illegal would make it more dangerous, because it is morally wrong and any deterrent to ending a healthy pregnancy is acceptable.

Your move.

level 10
1 point · 17 days ago · edited 17 days ago

Wrong, right, wrong, right. I must point out, however, that since I debunked your adoption point already, the ability to financially support one's lifestyle and a child simultaneously is not a valid reason to end a human life.

You made a claim but provided no proof.

The ability to support ones lifestyle and a child? Can you confidently speak for literally every other person in the United States? Do you really think your economic conditions, in your city, in your state, honestly reflect what other people have? Do you honestly think your financial security is shared by the rest of the country?

And, finally, it is not a human life. Not yet. There is no “soul”. It is just a mass of cells. However, once it is born, then it is a life. A life that may end up suffering because the parents are unable to support it properly. Would you prefer an actual child to suffer or a mass of cells to be painfully terminated from a woman’s body?

And what if a miscarriage? Should those be illegal? Why not simply consider an abortion an assisted miscarriage?

I forgot my favorite: “I’m not a big fan of infanticide”

Do you think that if you go to heaven (big emphasis of the “if”), St. Peter is going to judge you on how many unborn fetuses you saved?

level 6

I like how you just pretend fostering is automatic, like there aren't thousands of unwanted babies in this world.

level 7

I like how you just pretend humanitarian assistance is automatic, like there aren't thousands of unwanted ethnic groups in this world.

wow. that's a pretty fucked way of looking at things

level 8
Clown World is full of honkies.2 points · 17 days ago

better a potential child not be around to suffer than to bring a child into the world just to suffer.

level 9

I suffer. Nikola Tesla suffered. I guess our mothers should have killed us while they had the chance. Hell, maybe it's not too late

level 10
Clown World is full of honkies.1 point · 17 days ago

you know why people want abortions right? because they can't afford the child, did not want the child or are inconvenienced by the child one way or another.

do you really want a kid to come into this world to be met with poor upbringing, neglect, and or abuse? because the mother is single and can't afford to feed them on a measly salary, cares more about getting a drug fix and partying to care for them, or take out their frustration and anger on them because they remind her of the monster who raped her or be the reason their body is ruined and can't land a guy?

yeah, there are some brilliant geniuses talented stars and great people who were products of unwanted pregnancies and hellish childhoods but so have all serial killers and the majority of successful people came from proper families where the parents were there for the children and gave them the love and support they require.

not everyone can be parents and for sure people who don't want to be parents will be the worst parents and i don't want people who don't wanna be parents to be forced to be parents and I don't want unwanted children to suffer at hands of parents who don't want them.

and don't give me the "that blob of cells you flushed could have cured cancer" shpeil because unless you are arguing that humans are wizards who can shape reality the same physics would present themselves in discovery or allow the engineering of novel inventions will still be there whether or not the original genius was there to do it. sure the progress may be delayed but progress is inevitable especially if it is born out of necessity. you won't believe how often technology and theories get rediscovered and reinvented throughout history.

and the future cancer curer has a better chance at achieving that breakthrough if their parents had stable jobs and enough money to feed them and raise them and nurture that scientific mind and send them to the best schools so they can gain the knowledge to figure out how to achieve what others failed to do.

doubt a party girl who wanted to make up for forgetting her pill is capable of doing any of that.

also the fact that those who kill their children kill their lineage so people will eventually become anti-abortion because all the pro-abortion people died out.

level 9
the secret 7th Infinity Stone of turning people transgender5 points · 17 days ago

Why do you get to decide that living as an orphan is worse than being killed before you have a chance to do anything?

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