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Dead Bed Bug Spray Review

dead bed bug spray reviewI was kind of surprised that Dead Bed Bug Spray had so many positive reviews on Amazon compared to my experience.

It leaves stains on furniture, it doesn’t work even after multiple sprays and applications, and quite frankly, it seems to just piss the bed bugs off even more. The main ingredient in this spray is sodium lauryl sulfate, the main ingredient in shampoo. And peppermint oil. How is that effective in killing bed bugs? Not that great, let me tell you. I would advise getting a stronger spray that will kill those things immediately!!!!

The pump attachment broke after I had used about half of the bottle, and the replacement that I cannibalized from a bottle of Windex does not reach deep enough to use all of the product. And when it comes down to it, it’s just a detergent with a Christmas smell. Its main ingredients are detergents you could find in dish soap.

This might work if you have seen 2 or 3 bed bugs in random places, but if you’re fighting an infestation, you can forget about it. It won’t elminate the bed bug nest or the eggs.

Dead Bed Bug Spray Review

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