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A Qantas passenger claims he was fat shamed by airline staff, who said he was too large to sit in the exit row seat he had purchased and should have bought two seats.  Darren Beales (centre) said he was asked to move from his pre-booked exit row seat in front of other passengers on Friday due to airline regulations, which dictate anyone requiring an extended seatbelt cannot sit in an exit row.  He claims when he questioned the flight attendant's orders, the woman responded brashly, telling him next time he should invest in a second seat. 'She told me I was required to move due to 'air regulations' - but then she turned around and said: "Next time you can pay for a second seat for half price",' he said.

Vile trolls slam mother, 33, who plunged off a cliff holding her daughter, two

A mother who plunged to her death from a lookout in Mt Keira, south of Sydney, has been viciously trolled online for taking her daughter's life too. Tanja Ludwig, 33, (top and bottom right) and her daughter Tilly, fell about 400m down a sheer cliff face at Robertson Lookout (bottom left) on Tuesday afternoon. Police are treating their deaths as a murder sucide. Ms Ludwig's Facebook page has been flooded with comments of sorrow, but also disgust.

An outraged mum from Queensland has sparked conversation about school lunchbox rules after her child's sweet treat was thrown out by the teacher.

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When an 18-year-old woman in a Gold Coast nightclub toilet asked the next cubicle for some toilet paper the last thing she expected was to be bashed by a stocky tradesman.

NEW ABC News last week said that a survey on its website, the vote compass, had found the issue was most voters' main concern. The re-election of the Coalition suggests otherwise.

Doctors and concerned parents are warning Kim Kardashian, 37, that baby Psalm's sleeping arrangements put him at risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Alison Brahe opens up about marriage to Cameron Daddo after he cheated on her

Alison Brahe has revealed she was too in love with husband Cameron Daddo to leave him, after he cheated on her during the early years of their marriage. The couple, who got hitched in 1991 and relocated to the U.S. shortly afterwards, opened up about their past troubles during an interview on Studio 10 on Thursday. 'It felt harder to walk away than stay,' said the 49-year-old model - after Cameron, 54, publicly admitted to his infidelity for the first time in a blog post in March.  

Sydney rail passengers boarding new Waratah trains will be able to see which compartments are free, through information displayed on the platforms boards.

A mother has recalled the heartbreaking moment she realised influenza had claimed the life of her baby girl in 2017. The killer virus has already claimed three young lives in Victoria in 2019.

An 18-year-old man is behind bars after he was allegedly caught carrying materials for a bomb in his backpack near a busy shopping centre in western Sydney.

Savvy mum reveals how her $100 grocery shop makes 10 lunches and dinners

A savvy Australian mum has revealed her tricks for reducing her family's weekly shop (main image). She says even with only spending $100 a week for her family of four, she has enough to make 10 dinners and lunches. Her methods for saving include emptying out the freezer, proper meal planning and buying extra items at the supermarket when her budget allows.

When it comes to booking travel, savvy Australians agree it pays to have a few hacks up your sleeve. But knowing which work, and which don't is key. Here, FEMAIL takes a look at a few more common myths.

Australians have been warned to rethink travel plans to Indonesia as political unrest in the nation's capital Jakarta escalates in the wake of the presidential election result.

The man, 46, sexually assaulted the teenager at their home on the Gold Coast in 2016. He later texted her saying: 'Not all girls have a butt like that sweaty' and 'it's hard not to notice you.'

Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce tweeted his water saving suggestions to Twitter on Wednesday to help residents in NSW and other parts of the country grapple with the dry spell.

Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas enjoy a coffee in Byron Bay

Byron Bay house prices are skyrocketing due to the influx of Hollywood stars and musicians to the NSW coastal town. And in what must be an increasingly familiar sight to locals, Chris Hemsworth, his brother Liam and fellow actor Isabel Lucas were spotted chatting at a trendy café on Wednesday. Chris and Isabel, who previously dated between 2005 and 2008 while co-stars on Home and Away, looked relaxed during a morning coffee run.

Belinda Luscombe who spent two years visiting a therapist with her husband, reveals quick ways to learn to love your spouse again. She also shares the secret to a sexually fulfilling marriage.

One of Australia's top racehorse owners is arrested on drug charges

A leading racehorse owner has been arrested for allegedly importing cocaine on flights from South Africa. Damion Flower (left), the owner of prized horse Snitzel, was arrested at his home in Moorebank, south-west Sydney on Wednesday after police allegedly seized $8million of cocaine at the city's airport. A baggage handler, 50, and a third man, 42, were also arrested. 

Mites known as Demodex folliculorum, live near hair follicles, including the invisible hair on nipples and faces. They are related to the spider family and measure a third of a millimeter.

A man will spend at least 14 years behind bars after he bashed pensioner Mark Dower to death before stuffing the rotting body in a surfboard bag at a Wollongong housing commission block.

Mum reveals how she accidentally said 'I do' in in Thailand - and her husband was wearing

An Australian mother has revealed how she accidentally married her husband in a registry office in Bangkok while they were wearing pink jeans, thongs and a fedora. The duo (left and right) were originally going to get married on a beautiful island off of Thailand surrounded by their closest family and friends but without realising they said their 'I do's' in a tacky office.

Australian airline Qantas has just announced a clever way travellers can nab first class deals - but a keen eye is a must. The airline has 'hidden' seats to a number of top destinations on Airbnb.

The man claiming to be Reg Grundy's 'love child' has appeared in a Sydney court for the first time, as it's revealed DNA tests to prove he's the late media mogul's son came back 'inconclusive'. 

How you can snap up a house within 10km of the CBD for just $270,000

The cheapest suburbs to buy a house within 10km from a CBD have been named in a new report. The most affordable was Hobart's Risdon Vale with a median house price of $270,000. Westminster in Perth came in second with a price of $356,000. 

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of rape, assault with intent to commit rape, burglary with intent and indecent treatment of a child under 12 at a home in Mackay, Queensland.

'I reject your hypothesis': Quentin Tarantino is FURIOUS after being quizzed over Margot Robbie's lack of lines in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood during press conference

Quentin Tarantino delivered a fiery response to a journalist who quizzed him about his portrayal of women in his films. When asked by a journalist from The New York Times why Margot Robbie - who plays Sharon Tate in his new movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - wasn't given many lines, the director, 56, quipped back: 'I just reject your hypotheses'. Speaking at the photocall for the critically lauded flick at the press conference during Cannes Film Festival, the visionary's reaction to the question prompted Margot, 28, to note that 'a lot could be adequately done without speaking.'

The beleaguered Prime Minister has arranged to meet backbench kingmaker Sir Graham Brady on Friday amid widespread calls from mutinous MPs to step down immediately.

Weight Watchers ambassador Samantha Armytage reveals 10kg weight loss

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has been announced as Weight Watchers newest celebrity ambassador. The Channel Seven breakfast host, 42, was revealed as the latest spokesperson with a photo flaunting her recent 10kg weight loss. Taking to Instagram, Samantha wrote to her fans: 'It's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy and strong!'

The Queensland Department of Education document, which was released last month, has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Photo shows woman, 46, leaning over baby she's accused of ripping from mom's womb at

A shocking photo shows a smiling, Clarisa Figueroa, 46, (left) posing with a baby she allegedly ripped from the womb of his pregnant mother, Marlen Ochoa (right). Figueroa is seen in the photo leaning over Yavani Yadiel Lopez at the Advocate Christ Medical Center after the baby boy, shortly after his 19-year-old mother was murdered. It's unclear when exactly the photo was taken and it is the first known photo of Figueroa in the hospital with Yavani. Last week, Chicago police arrested Figueroa and two other people in connection with the April 23 murder of Ochoa whose unborn baby was taken from her womb after her death.

Royal expert Camilla Tominey appeared on This Morning to discuss the 'tension between the royal couples'. She suggested Prince William and Kate were concerned about being 'overshadowed'

The Cambridges have released videos of themselves playing as a family in Kate's Chelsea Flower Show garden - and in one, Prince William appears to call Princess Charlotte 'mignonette'.

Andrew O'Keefe is spotted arm in arm with a new woman following his marriage breakdown

Andrew O'Keefe is on a break from hosting The Chase in order to 'come to terms with his marriage breakdown among a range of other issues'. The 47-year-old quietly separated from his wife Eleanor in late 2017, and later went on a partying spree that resulted in some rather embarrassing headlines. But it seems the Channel Seven star is ready to settle down after a few 'emotionally exhausting' months, as he was spotted enjoying a leisurely stroll in Bondi Beach, Sydney with his rumoured new girlfriend last Monday.

Surrogate mother Michelle Griffin who advertised her 'womb for rent' gives birth to a baby

A surrogate mother who advertised her 'womb for rent' has given birth to a baby boy after she made the gracious decision to help two complete strangers become parents. Michelle Griffin (left pregnant with baby Jack, and bottom right after his birth), from Perth, turned to social media to find the perfect couple who were desperate to fulfil their dream of being a family. The 27-year-old - who already has two children - daughter Leilani, 5, and son Issac, 3 - met Kate Ranger (top right holding her son Jack) and her partner Kris Barlow at a surrogacy seminar in 2017. The couple had struggled with fertility because Kate was told she could never fall pregnant after she discovered at the age of 16 she didn't have a uterus. And on March 21, the mother-of-two - who kindly offered to carry their baby - gave the pair the ultimate gift after she gave birth to their son Jack naturally.

A New South Wales woman has been arrested after allegedly attempting to smuggle 2.52kg of methylamphetamine into Australia.

CCTV cameras captured the moment the two men wearing high-vis vests cut the padlock to the gate of the home in Christchurch, on New Zealand's south island, last week.

Why Labor's NSW general secretary Kaila Murnain could be a future prime minister

Kaila Murnain (right), the first woman to be Labor's general secretary in NSW, could be the one to lead the ALP out of the electoral wilderness. Like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (left) she is in her thirties and grew up in the country. A veteran Labor strategist talked up Ms Murnain's leadership abilities as former deputy prime minister Anthony Albanese firmed as the favourite to replace Bill Shorten as Labor leader after a devastating election loss.

Undercover video shows brutal treatment of Falun Gong practitioners inside Chinese labor

WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEOS AND IMAGES Yifei Wang and her husband Gordon have shared what they claim to be video from the Jilin women's labor camp in China where Yifei's sister Kefei died after alleged persecution for practicing Falun Gong. Christianity Today has characterised the practice of Falun Gong as a 'peaceful exercise movement,' yet Chinese state media has listed its followers among the top 11 cults in the country. Ming Yu, a family friend of Yifei, who also escaped a labor camp where he was taken as a Falun Gong worshipper, risked his life to go back in and record his own undercover video. The footage shows people emaciated with every bone showing, a man who recently died in a vegetative state while shackled to a bed with his widow sobbing over his body, and people with legions all over their faces and bodies. Now, a media company called Swoop Films is working to bring the persecution of Falun Gong worshippers in China to light in a documentary titled, 'Finding Courage' (above).

Almost half of Australian men think women make up sexual assault claims to 'get back' at them. One in seven (14 per cent) young people think women often make false allegations of sexual assault.

It’s a quirk leaving Kate’s fans baffled - but why does she so often need a plaster on her

Royal observers have noticed that plasters are often a staple in the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe. Small ones were spotted on her thumb at the Chelsea Flower Show this week. But it's far from the first time Kate, 37, has been seen sporting the nude-coloured accessory. Everyone's favourite green- fingered Duchess might be better known as Calamity Kate.

Two Australians filmed the incident showing a possum with the joint in its mouth, in a clip that was posted to Reddit on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old batsman copped the brunt of Andre Russell's delivery during Australia's seven-wicket win over the West Indies in Southampton, England's south coast, on Wednesday.

Russian mob boss stabbed by his daughters could be charged with paedophile crimes

Krestina (bottom left), Maria (bottom centre) and Angelina Khachaturyan (bottom right and inset) are currently facing murder charges for stabbing father Mikhail (together with Angelina, top right) to death in Moscow last year, but prosecutors are now expected to drop the case. The move comes after lawyers uncovered evidence of years of sexual and physical abuse - including that he raped Krestina and Angelina (pictured top left after a beating) while they were underage, and slashed Maria with a knife. Lawyers are also expected to posthumously charge Mikhail with paedophile crimes in recognition of the years of abuse the girls suffered.

Sexpert Tracey Cox unveils the 15 kinky sex moves that are safe and saucy to try with your partner, as well as those which are best avoided altogether like breath play and 'extreme' BDSM

How Ian Huntley was rumbled by key errors which saw him face justice

Ian Huntley (left) made five key errors which saw him face justice over the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman (top), a new TV documentary has revealed. The 45-year-old school caretaker killed the ten-year-old girls at his home (centre) in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in August 2002, in a case that shocked Britain. Now, a new Channel 5 programme has revealed the five mistakes Huntley made - which included asking a police officer how long DNA lasted for, switching off Jessica's on the day she vanished at his house (top right), and getting new tyres put on his old Ford Fiesta (bottom right) after dumping their bodies in woodland. The documentary also sees police admit the haunting photograph they issued of the girls wearing matching Manchester United shirts was a mistake, because it prompted global public interest that put the investigation under huge pressure.


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How Game of Thrones' stars transformed their looks since wrapping up the HBO show

Game of Thrones officially ended on Sunday, but it actually wrapped up filming last year after the cast committed more than eight years to the show. Maisie, 22, (far left) became known for her role as Arya Stark with brunette hair. But she showed off fuchsia and then blonde locks after filming wrapped up. Kit, 32, (far right) then decided to cut his curly hair and shave his beard after filming. Other actors whose appearances altered from their Game of Thrones characters includes Sophie Turner (second from the left), Gwendoline Christie (second from the right) and Emilia Clarke.

'I am the happiest man alive': John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette kiss, cut their cake and share a first dance in never-before-seen footage from their secret wedding ceremony

A new special will set to air later this year will show viewers never-before-seen footage from the wedding of John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette. The special was first announced back in 2018 and was recently acquired by Cineflix. It features footage shot by Kennedy's friend Steven Gillion, who will release a book about Kennedy later this year. 'On an island off of Georgia we came together on this 18th century plantation. In this dirty, dilapidated, shuttered church next to a pig sty,' says a friend of the couple in the preview. 'No air conditioning, very little power on the island. It was the best place for them to host a secret ceremony.' He later notes: 'Nobody would have expected that three years later we'd be at another church for another reason.'

Aussie athlete dubbed ‘Quadzilla’ for his enormous legs and ability to squat

Trae Williams, 22, who is one of Australia's fastest men, has accepted a $120,000 deal to play in Rugby 7s at the 2020 Olympics. Williams announced he would be changing sports despite representing Australia at the world relays meet in Japan last week. The Australian athlete is known as 'Quadzilla' for his legs.

Nancy Anderson, 20, from Wickford Essex was forced to spend the night in hospital after she paid for a butterfly tattoo on her left wrist at an unlicensed tattooist artist's in Southend.

Dylan Walker's fiancee has broken her silence after the footy star was cleared of assaulting her while she was holding their baby in the driveway of their Sydney home. 

Adrian James caught a rare 4.5kg rainbow trout in Goulburn River, near Thornton in Victoria's northeast, and took to social media to boast about the capture.

The campaign was started by hair care company Pantene and is called #HairWeGo What's Wrong With My Hair, and so far the video has been watched by 10 million people.

Ayesha Curry hits back at mommy-shamer who said her baby should go on a diet

The 30-year-old has three children with NBA star Steph Curry. Their youngest, 10-month-old Canon, is a big baby. On Wednesday, Ayesha posted an Instagram photo that prompted a fan to ask if she was pregnant. Ayesha said 'absolutely not' and that she was jutting out her hip because her heavy son was 'breaking her back' in the picture. Several other commenters criticised her son's weight, with one saying she should practice 'portion control' with him. She hit back at the rude commenter, who has since deleted the comment.

Emma was euthanized in March following her owner's death after being held at a shelter. Staff at the Chesterfield, New York animal home had pleaded with officials to stop the death.

Researchers in Taipei found that about 0.7 percent of people with bipolar disorder develop Parkinson's - compared to just 0.1 percent of people without the mood disorder, according to a new study.

Mormon Temple in Oakland reopens to the public for a limited open house before it is

Mormon Temple in Oakland Hills, California is one of the most recognizable landmarks dotting the skyline of the Bay Area. And it is being opened to the public for a limited time only for the first time since it opened in 1964. The open-house comes after a 14-month renovation, and will run until the temple is rededicated on June 1. After that date, only devout Mormons will be permitted inside. 'We wanted to share it, and have the public understand that this is just a place to come and worship,' Elder Jay Pimentel said. At least a quarter of a million people signed up to take the guided tours, which will show off the temple's oak paneling and finishes, restored marble flooring, and relief artwork, including one which shows Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. The temple is not just a house of worship for the most devout Mormons, but is also an FAA beacon which helps airplanes land. 

Terrifying video has been posted online of what appears to be two giant spiders riding along on the back of an unsuspecting motorists car in Adelaide.

A savvy Australian mother-of-two has revealed her genius hack for getting her children to do chores. She says her nifty idea is designed to teach her kids the value of money.

EXCLUSIVE: Passengers said the man was 'quiet all the flight' from Faro, Portugal to Gatwick, until the seatbelt signs came on, and he demanded to go to the toilet.

The couple drove into the car park at McDonald's Croydon, in Melbourne's east, on Tuesday, where they miraculously welcomed their child into the world.

Slipknot Clown's daughter, 22, 'died of drug overdose' after celebrating 5 months of

Slipknot drummer Shawn Crahan's daughter (pictured together left) died of a drug overdose just days after she posted an emotional picture on Instagram celebrating five months of sobriety (an AA coin is pictured right), it has been reported. Police and the fire department responded to a 911 call to a Hollywood home Saturday and found Gabrielle Crahan, 22, from Des Moines, Iowa, according to TMZ. CPR was performed on Gabrielle but she was reportedly declared dead at the scene. Her father announced her death Tuesday and on Wednesday he followed up with a message of thanks to fans for their 'endless amount of love, prayers, thoughts, and kindness'.

A man who tried to light a cigarette after refusing to hand over identification was repeatedly punched in the face by police during a violent arrest captured on CCTV in Fremantle.

This is the hilarious moment a massive wave smashes over a dedicated photographer standing on jagged rocks on Cabo's coastline to get an 'Insta-worthy' shot of a woman in a pink bikini.

Melbourne Demons coach Simon Goodwin was taking questions from reporters at AAMI Park on Wednesday during his weekly media conference when his voice became shaky.

The city skyline and key landmarks like the Sydney Harbour Bridge were blanketed by the smoke again on Wednesday as a result of planned hazard reductions burns.

Moby hits back at Natalie Portman for denying that they dated and calling him a 'creepy

The musician took to Instagram on Wednesday to rebut Portman's comments earlier in the week that, contrary to what he wrote in his book, they were never romantically involved. In his autobiography, he recalled meeting her when 'she was 20' and he was '33' in 2001. She said that it was not true and that they met when had just turned 18.

The top wedding dress trends for 2020, including styles inspired by Bianca Jagger and

It's officially wedding season! A bride typically shops for her wedding dress 9-12 months before her big day. To help the newly engaged ladies who are set to walk down the aisle next year,  FEMAIL rounds up the hottest bridal trends seen on the 2020 catwalks.

Already Sydney recorded its warmest day in 25 years this late into the autumn season, at 27.2C on Tuesday, and warmer weather is forecast on its way with predictions of a drier and warmer winter.

A woman in a stolen RV led authorities on a wild chase in Los Angeles on Tuesday, smashing into cars and a palm tree before finally coming to a halt with a dog hanging out of the windshield.

Trevor Mallard, speaker of New Zealand's parliament, said police should be called in after a report into the culture in the corridors of power uncovered three allegations of sexual assault against one man.

A Brisbane man has faced court accused of giving video editing software to a relative who was working for the media unit of the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

Heartbreaking moment brain dead baby girl is given a guard of honour by hospital staff as she is taken on her final journey to donate her organs to other children

Coralynn Sobolik, who was 22 months old, was kissed goodbye by her mother, Meagan Sobolik, 29, who says, 'I'll love you forever'. In the tear-jerking video, doctors and nurses line the corridors to honour Coralynn while singing Amazing Grace. Coralynn, of New Hampton, Iowa, had been declared brain dead just one day earlier after a brief five-day battle with parainfluenza. Complications from the illness meant she suffered cardiac arrest three times before being declared brain dead. Three people will be saved by Coralynn, whose life support was turned off on April 22 before she donated her heart, liver and kidneys. (Pictured left, Coralynn before she was ill, and right, nurses in the hospital as Coralynn is wheeled into surgery).

Peter Shaw, 61, fills in for desperate country football team

Peter Shaw, 61, has been called up twice this season to play for the Corryong Demons senior side in the tiny town on the NSW-Victoria border with only 14 players available some weeks. He usually hides in the forward pocket as his team loses by more than 100 points every week and enjoys helping out young players new to the sport. Club president Owen Johnstone said it showed how much country football was struggling and AFL bureaucrats needed to come up from Melbourne to see for themselves. The country league will likely fold before next year with all but two clubs were struggling to attract players and some didn't even field a reserves side this season.


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Anarchy at 'Go Topless' beach party: Calls to ban the event after more than a hundred people are arrested, mass brawls break out and one Jeep catches fire in drunken havoc

Thousands have called for the 'Go Topless Galveston' event to be cancelled after police arrested 125 Jeep enthusiasts from Thursday to Saturday on Crystal Beach in Texas (pictured: a brawl breaks out on the beach, left; a woman enjoying the party, right; another drinks from a beer funnel, inset; and people arrested, bottom center). Shocking footage shows half-naked men jumping out of 4x4s and pounding each other over the head. Police rushed to the beach to deal with car crashes, public intoxication, drink driving, vehicle burglary and other offenses, after the party spiraled out of control. An ambulance helicopter was rushed in such was the volume of people with injuries and police have blamed larger than expected crowds for the chaos.

Archaeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg has been conducting research on Easter Island - or Rapa Nui - for nearly 40 years. She slammed the the disrespectful of selfie-loving visitors to the island.

Renata Dwan, director of the UN Institute for Disarmament Research, said competition between the US and China, new types of warfare and updated weapons are driving up the risk.

Striking photos reveal the boom-town brothels who roamed the Wild West

The rare pictures that were taken around the turn of the 19th century in the state of Colorado show 'soiled doves', girls in white dresses who came to boom towns such as Denver to keep the working men company. Other photos feature the infamous bordellos, showing madams, men, women, maids and even babies having a time of it in the Wild West. Left: Belle Binard's brothel on the Denver Row, circa 1885. Unidentified Denver prostitutes posing in the 1890s. Inset: Ed Chase's Palace Theater in Denver was another notorious establishment.



Male 'Rapunzel' claims women are jealous of his luscious long locks

Cristiano Braga, 28, an actor and model from Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been growing his hair since 2012. He claims women have told him it's 'unfair' that he has such luscious locks. He says it only takes him five minutes to wash his 26inch hair likened to The Little Mermaid's. Pictured left inset as a child and right inset as a teenager before he decided to grow his hair long.

Australian wins gold in the longest airtime event at the paper plane world championships in Austria

Cameron Clark, 19, from Montrose in Melbourne launched his plane into the air where it stayed for 13.33 seconds, a full second longer than his nearest rival. Cameron said the design of his championship-winning paper plane wasn't much different to the ones every other competitor was using but he modified it so it would gain more airtime