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Tories brace for Euro election wipeout after day of calamity for Theresa May saw Andrea Leadsom QUIT

Theresa May is expected to reveal details of her departure tomorrow after ministers savaged her concessions to Labour over Brexit. read

Theresa May's day of disaster hour by hour by Jack Doyle

JACK DOYLE: If Theresa May’s ‘New Deal’ on Brexit wasn’t dead on arrival on Tuesday night, by yesterday morning Westminster was already reading it the last rites. read

ANTHONY SELDON: Unhappiest reign for Prime Minister in 100 years

ANTHONY SELDON: Theresa May has been unusual among Prime Ministers in not having a favoured successor upon resignation. read

How does the vote for the European Parliament work and what will it mean for you?

Labour and the Brexit Party were also adamant that the UK should have cut ties with the EU by now. But because of the Article 50 extension, the government has been forced to proceed. read

Prince Harry's Afghanistan comrade will be kicked out of the Army after failing a drugs test

Corporal Frankie O'Leary, who worked as Prince Harry's radio operator in Afghanistan back in 2007, will be kicked out of the Army after testing positive to cocaine. read

'Rip off' car hire firms charge motorists £190 for insurance worth just £30, study finds

Greedy car firms are using the half term break to charge drivers inflated fees for insurance coverage as a study finds that Hertz in Barcelona charges £189.93 to insure a Seat Leon car. read

How every woman CAN fall back in love with her husband - but be warned

Belinda Luscombe who spent two years visiting a therapist with her husband, reveals quick ways to learn to love your spouse again. She also shares the secret to a sexually fulfilling marriage. read

Your face is teeming with mites: Tiny eight-legged creatures feast on our skin oils

Mites known as Demodex folliculorum, live near hair follicles, including the invisible hair on nipples and faces. They are related to the spider family and measure a third of a millimeter. read

Michael Barrymore still angry people don't believe he's innocent Piers Morgan's Life Stories

Michael Barrymore, 67, will appear on Piers Morgan's Life Stories after a five-year hiatus from the public eye. He will discuss his wrongful arrest over the death of a man at his Essex home. read

It’s a quirk leaving Kate’s fans baffled - but why does she so often need a plaster on her fingers?

Royal observers have noticed that plasters are often a staple in the Duchess of Cambridge's wardrobe. Small ones were spotted on her thumb at the Chelsea Flower Show this week. read

Does Prince William have a sweet French nickname for Charlotte?

The Cambridges have released videos of themselves playing as a family in Kate's Chelsea Flower Show garden - and in one, Prince William appears to call Princess Charlotte 'mignonette'. read

Royal expert predicts 'problem going forward' for The Cambridges and The Sussexs

Royal expert Camilla Tominey appeared on This Morning to discuss the 'tension between the royal couples'. She suggested Prince William and Kate were concerned about being 'overshadowed' read

How Meghan Markle reacted to Beyoncé and Jay Z's portrait tribute to her

Beyoncé, 37, and Jay Z, 49, stood in front of a portrait of Meghan, 37, wearing a crown during their video acceptance speech for the BRIT Awards in February. read

Slipknot Clown's daughter, 22, 'died of drug overdose' after celebrating 5 months of sobriety

CPR was performed on Gabrielle Crahan, 22, but Slipknot drummer Shawn Crahan's daughter was declared dead by paramedics at the scene, it has been reported. read

Insomnia robbed me of my job, family and sanity: From the former editor of Mother & Baby magazine

Miranda Levy, 51, who struggled with crippling insomnia for more than eight years, told how she was made redundant from her editor job and had to leave her children with her ex. read

Thousands sign petition to end draconian practice of forcing Japanese pupils to dye hair

The campaign was started by hair care company Pantene and is called #HairWeGo What's Wrong With My Hair, and so far the video has been watched by 10 million people. read

Pupils at a school at the centre of anti-LGBT teaching protests write to demonstrators

Pupils at Anderton Park primary school that has faced protests over LGBT lessons have written to campaigners saying they are 'unhappy' as protesters are being rude to teachers and the Headteacher. read

HENRY DEEDES watches as a wounded Mrs May is humiliated by both sides of the House

HENRY DEEDES: Parliament recently introduced a bill to outlaw the use of wild animals in circuses. Parading defenceless creatures in front of an audience to be laughed at is demeaning. read

STEPHEN GLOVER: Why today, despite its unholy mess, I’m voting for the party that can save Britain

STEPHEN GLOVER: Which party should sane people who plumped for Leave in 2016 support in today’s European elections? It is a question troubling millions of voters, me included. read

Will charge of disloyalty return to sink Andrea Leadsom again, asks ANDREW PIERCE

ANDREW PIERCE: Andrea Leadsom’s resignation completed an extraordinary circle of loyalty and disloyalty in the House of Commons. read

Change UK leader Heidi Allen threatened to quit amid party row over whether to endorse Lib Dems

Heidi Allen wanted Remain supporters to vote tactically for the Lib Dems outside of London and the South East, but was overruled. read

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Time ebbs away for a leader defined by duty

Her Withdrawal Agreement Bill is seemingly dead in the water, and as events in Downing Street yesterday so brutally demonstrated, her support and authority have evaporated. read

Andrea Leadsom resigns in 'plot to replace Theresa May as Prime Minister'

The Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom (pictured) resigned in protest after the Prime Minister committed to giving MPs a vote on a possible second Brexit referendum. read

I was giving interviews on my bus not cowering from the milkshake mob, insists Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage was campaigning in Kent when two men and a woman were spotted waiting for him at his next stop in Rochester. read

The end of May could spark a boiling summer of turmoil: Tories braced for a bitter leadership battle

With a leadership race already underway even as she remains at her post it means the summer is likely to be spent choosing her replacement - who will then have to work out what to do about Brexit. read

Pound marks longest losing run against the euro since the continental currency began trading in 1999

Rumours that Prime Minister Theresa May could be ousted caused sterling to slide yesterday against the euro for the 13th day in a row. The currency dropped 0.2 per cent to around €1.1354. read

On the road to nowhere with Jezza: CRAIG BROWN with a parable on Brexit

CRAIG BROWN: At the railway station, I got into a taxi. The elderly taxi-driver was gaunt, with a patchy grey beard. He gave me a guarded smile.'Do you know the way to Fairweather?' I asked. read

Double-killer and mastermind of Brinks-Mat £26 million gold heist is to be released from jail

Kenny Noye, 71, is to walk free from prison after serving less than 20 years for the 1996 'M25 road rage incident' where the former gangster knifed motorist, Stephen Cameron, 21, to death. read

Stroke deaths in England HALVED in a decade - but rates are rising in people under 55

Data on stroke events and deaths between 2001 and 2010 were analysed. Oxford scientists said the findings suggest prevention efforts are failing those under 55. read

Molecules in red wine could be used in a breakthrough drug to ease blood pressure

A molecule found in red wine could be used to treat high blood pressure. Resveratrol, made in the skin of grapes could be used after scientists at King's College found out how it works. read

Can YOU crack the emoji code?

While the youth of yesterday favoured acronyms such as LOL (laugh out loud), using pictures and smiley faces to illustrate words and meanings is the latest trend. read

Retired secretary, 101, becomes UK's oldest murder trial witness

Liz Zettl, who was born in September 1917, gave evidence to the jury in the case of Benjamin Field and Martyn Smith who.are on trial for Ann Moore-Martin's attempted murder. read

Wedding guest reveals how bride sent her email asking for money

Seyi Akiwowo revealed how after she returned to London from a wedding in Romania the bride emailed her and asked for money. The bride blasted her for only leaving a 25 euro contribution. read

Photo shows woman, 46, leaning over baby she's accused of ripping from mom's womb at hospital

A shocking photo shows a smiling, Clarisa Figueroa (left), 46, posing at an Illinois hospital with a baby she allegedly ripped from the womb of his pregnant mother, Marlen Ochoa (right). read

UN envoy likens Tory welfare to Victoria workhouses is insulting our national intelligence 

DOMINIC SANDBROOK: A report by UN envoy Philip Alston has compared life in Britain today with the Victorian era like in Oliver Twist. read

Parents of Muslim convert 'Jihadi Jack' arrive at court to face terror trial

John Letts and Sally Lane (pictured), from Oxford, allegedly sent or attempted to send their son Jack Letts a total of £1,723 between September 2015 and January 2016. read

Coronation Street and Butterflies star Andrew Hall dies aged 65 after short illness 

Andrew Hall died at the age of 65 on Monday after a short battle with illness. read

New research suggests females perform much better than men in warm temperatures

A study by University of Southern California has found that women perform better in warm temperatures. read

Earn cashback on every pound you spend! Savvy shoppers can pocket hundreds of pounds every year

A host of different websites and credit cards effectively enable you to profit as you shop, by rewarding you with a cash perk for buying anything, from insurance and holidays to MoTs and mobile phones. read

Moby hits back at Natalie Portman for denying that they dated and calling him a 'creepy older man'

The musician took to Instagram on Wednesday to rebut Portman's comments earlier in the week that, contrary to what he wrote in his book, they were never romantically involved. read

Ten million in rural areas now lack basic services like GP surgeries, hospitals and nursing homes

As many as 10million people in rural Britain live in 'healthcare deserts'. They struggle to get access to GP appointments, community hospitals and nursing homes. read

Forensic analyst claims top investigator presented 'biased' evidence in Charlene Downes murder case

A forensic audiologist who listened to recordings of Charlene Downes murder suspects claims the detective who transcribed them was too biased and produced 'edited evidence' to prove her own theory. read

Businessman sues letting agent after breaking back while climbing security gate at flat

Carlos Reguero Perez, 49, had been returning home to his £1million flat in Hampstead, north London at around 10.30pm on February 4, 2015 when he discovered the newly installed gates (pictured). read

Kirstie Allsopp sparks Twitter debate after warning people to think twice about painting homes grey

Location, Location, Location host Kirstie Allsopp, 47, warned people to think twice about painting their homes grey on Twitter today, claiming she is yet to see it done 'successfully'. read

Model Nick Youngquest shares a picture of himself accidentally flashing more than he bargained for 

Australian model Nick Youngquest has caused a cheeky stir on social media after sharing a picture of himself accidentally flashing more than he intended. read

Quentin Tarantino is quizzed over Margot Robbie's lack of lines in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino, 56, delivered a fiery response to a journalist who quizzed him about his portrayal of women in his films during the press conference for his new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. read

Millionaire's daughter who enjoys SIX exotic holidays a year tries living on the streets

Isabella James, 21, tries living on the streets in Rich Kids Go Homeless. The wealthy student owns an £8K Chanel bag and dates a racing driver, but reckons she can survive on the streets. read

EastEnders star Patsy Palmer to RETURN as Bianca Jackson for the third time in 25 years

EastEnders ex-star Patsy Palmer, 46, is returning to the soap as the feisty Bianca Jackson for the third time in 25 years for a short stint that will air this autumn, bosses confirmed on Wednesday. read

Davina McCall's 'new beau Michael Douglas leaves ex Tracey devastated with news of their romance'

Davina McCall's, 51, alleged new boyfriend Michael Douglas, 45, has reportedly left his ex-wife Tracey, 50, devastated with his new romance. read

Daniel Craig to have SURGERY after injuring his ankle while filming Bond 25 in Jamaica

Daniel Craig is to undergo surgery after injuring his ankle while filming Bond 25 in Jamaica last week. read

British Steel collapses, putting 25,000 jobs at risk

Furious workers and their families slammed the government, saying ministers should hang their heads in shame, for not intervening to save British Steel as the manufacturer today collapsed. read

ALEX BRUMMER on the sharks who've trashed THREE of our industrial icons 

ALEX BRUMMER: It is a disgrace that the future of steelmaking in Scunthorpe and as many as 20,000 associated jobs are dependent on the whim of a ruthless private equity partnership read

Boost for Mail campaign as International Development Secretary demands a lifeline for post offices

Cabinet minister Rory Stewart last night demanded action to save Britain's post offices. The International Development Secretary is the first senior politician to back the campaign. read

Sir Philip Green's Arcadia Group confirms plans to shut 23 stores 520 jobs at risk 

Topshop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge branches across the UK have been earmarked for closure, as well as the company's Outfit, Wallis and Evans stores. read

M&S speeds up its plan to shut 100 stores with an 11% fall in pre-tax profits forecast

Since the end of March, M&S has closed 14 shops, bringing the total over two years to 63. The shift in gear emerged ahead of its annual results later this week. read

BBC newsreader Jane Hill revealed her battle with breast cancer as she returned to work today

Newsreader Jane Hill, 49, has revealed that she has been treated for breast cancer. Jane, who lives in north London, returned to BBC1’s News at One for the first time since November today. read

Female BBC manager rejects promotion after being offered £12,000 less than a male counterpart

Karen Martin issued a public slap-down to the broadcaster today when she emailed hundreds of her colleagues explaining why she would be turning down the role of deputy editor. read

Live-streaming app to pay family after 'rooftopper' fell to death from 62-storey skyscraper in stunt

Wu Yongning, 26, known as 'China's first rooftopper,' was doing pull-ups at the top of the Huayuan International Centre in Changsha, China, in 2017 when he lost his grip and fell. read

Big Lizzie's skipper who 'misused his work car' will NOT sail the ship home to Portsmouth

Captain Nick Cooke-Priest was reportedly meant to be skippering the fleet's flagship vessel back to its Portsmouth base from Rosyth, Scotland, today. read

The real story of Sunderland's takeover... Donald and Methven could pocket £40m by selling again

SPORTSMAIL INVESTIGATIONS TEAM: Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven struck a deal with former owner Ellis Short to buy the club using Premier League parachute payments. read

Star Wars behind the scenes sneak peek! C3PO gets the VIP treatment as assistants fuss over him

C-3PO gets the VIP treatment, while Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo) wait in the sun in a new photo from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. read

EE, Vodafone and ARM are suspending work with Huaweii

Major British-based chip designer ARM and EE and Vodafone are suspending business with China’s Huawei to comply with US regulations amid security concerns regarding the company. read

Irish regulator opens first privacy probe into Google

Google's lead regulator in the European Union, Ireland's Data Protection Commissioner, opened its first investigation into the search giant over its use of people's data for advertising purposes. read

High flyers who came back down to earth

Elizabeth Macneal quit her consultant job in London for a more creative career. Last week, her debut novel reached number one in the The Times bestseller list. read

A major public inconvenience: More than 700 council-run toilets have closed in just eight years

More than 700 council-run loos have been closed since 2010 across Britain, a study for the Royal Society for Public Health found. read

Care staff are caught swearing at and insulting vulnerable patients in undercover sting

The investigation by BBC Panorama also revealed one patient at the NHS-funded hospital Whorlton Hall in County Durham being told by her care worker that her family were 'f***ing poison'. read

Ryanair passenger launches into angry tirade at cabin crew after landing in the wrong Italian city

An Italian man on a Ryanair flight from Pisa bound for Cagliari in Sardinia, launched into an angry tirade at the cabin crew after landing in Bari. read

'Nick' who sparked VIP paedophile ring probe 'said MP Tom Watson knew of his "extraordinary" claims

Carl Beech denies perverting the course of justice, at Newcastle Crown Court. Beech was anonymised as 'Nick' when he alleged he had been sexually abused as a child by a VIP sex abuse ring. read

London Bridge attack survivor returns to the scene for a pint

Khuram Butt, 27, stabbed Geoff Ho twice with a 12-inch knife and tried to twist the blade to finish him off in Borough Market’s Black and Blue restaurant. read

Caldicott School former headmaster Peter Wright escaped sex abuse justice due to barrister

Peter Wright (pictured), the head of £30,000-a-year Caldicott School in Buckinghamshire, plied boys with whisky and trips in his sports car before molesting them. read

Shocking moment schoolboy thugs armed with metal poles attack each other

This is the moment a gang of schoolboys attacked each other with metal poles in Small Heath, Birmingham with police later saying that a 16-year-old was attacked by several others. read

Video of mass brawl in Chell Stoke-on-Trent after girl 13 hit over head with vodka bottle

A disturbing video filmed in Chell in Stoke-on-Trent shows a girl, believed to be 13, surrounded by a group of men. She shouts at one of them before he strikes her with a glass bottle. read

Caroline Aherne's cabaret singer brother, 56, drank for seven hours then died falling down stairs

Caroline Aherne's brother, Patrick Aherne (pictured) had just put his son to bed after spending up to seven hours drinking with friends at his home in Cheshire. read

Saudi Arabia 'will execute three scholars including Islamic "reformist" after Ramadan'

Salman al-Awda (pictured), Awad Al-Qarni and Ali al-Omari were arrested in 2017 during a 'wave of arrests' targeting writers, journalists and human rights activists in Saudi Arabia. read

Pentagon says it studied UFOs in secretive program weeks after Navy re-writes reporting guidelines

A U.S. Department of Defense spokesperson reportedly confirmed the Pentagon's interest in UFO's, citing the agency's investigation of 'unidentified aerial phenomena.' read

'Highly religious' couples have better sex lives than their secular counterparts, survey reveals

Some 38 percent of women and 33 percent of men in 'highly religious' relationships say they are satisfied with the sexual relationship they have with their partner, according to a new survey. read

George Clooney 'split his helmet in half' during terrifying motorcycle collision in Italy

When asked his 'favorite Italy memory,' the 58-year-old actor casually replied that he learned he 'cannot fly' after the accident which 'knocked him out of his shoes.' read

How the Spice Girls will get £10m each for their tour, which begins tomorrow

ALISON BOSHOFF: Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner flew to Dublin together yesterday in advance of the opening night of their reunion tour which starts tomorrow. read

Boy, 11, dies in hospital after falling ill at primary school

Paramedics performed CPR on the pupil in the grounds of Cherry Lane Primary School in West Drayton, London, this morning. read

Schoolgirl threw herself to death in front of a train

Jasmine Bush was a passionate photography student from Surrey and had previously told her grandfather that she wanted to know her grades before she took her own life. read

Vengeful ex-husband who blew up his marital home jailed for five years and four months 

Ian Clowes, 68, from Poole, Dorset, was due to be evicted on the day he triggered an 'almighty explosion' and almost killed both him and ex-wife Elaine Clowes, 63, a Bournemouth court heard. read

Britain's most senior soldier condemns 'harassment' of veterans

Sgt Maj Haughton, the most senior non-officer across the British military, made the comments in a speech at the Royal United Service’s Institute (Rusi). read

Ike Turner's daughter says he didn't rape Tina Turner as she tells of her 'loving second mother'

Mia Turner, the daughter of Ike Turner and his backup singer Margaret Ann Thomas. said Ike never raped Tina and the violent scene in the movie about Tina's life was 'fictionalized'. read

Boris Johnson puts his five-storey Grade II-listed former marital home in Islington up for sale

Boris Johnson has listed the Islington property for a cool £3.75million - nearly £2m more than when it changed hands in 2005. read

How Game of Thrones' stars transformed their looks since wrapping up the HBO show

Maisie, 22, became known for her role as Arya Stark with brunette hair. But she showed off fuchsia and then blonde locks after filming wrapped up. read

Emilia Clarke talks Daenerys' shocking fate at end of Game of Thrones

The final episode of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday to much controversy over the direction the HBO series had moved in and concluded. read

Women are better than men at money management, survey finds

A survey, by investment platform eToro in London, found women are better at money management than men. read

Princess Eugenie can't contain giggles as she meets young Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award recipients

Princess Eugenie, 29, was all smiles as she spoke with Duke of Edinburgh Gold award recipients in the Buckingham Palace garden. The Princess wore a £1,900 dress from designer Peter Pilotto. read

The Queen visits a pop-up replica of an early Sainsbury's store

The monarch, 92, looked elegant in mint green as she arrived at the pop-up Sainsbury's on London's Drury Lane - the site of one of the chain's first stores. read

One of Australia's top racehorse owners is arrested on drug charges

Damion Flower, the owner of Snitzel, was arrested in Moorebank, south-west Sydney on Wednesday after police allegedly seized 25kg of cocaine at the city's airport. read

New maths and physics teachers will get an extra £2,000 a year if they work in 'tough' areas

New maths and physics teachers working in 'tough' areas will be paid £2,000 more a yeare. AS many as 42 areas have been identified for the higher salary including Barnsley, Oldham and Hull. read

Orphans forced to parade in front of potential foster parents for 'adoption catwalk show'

Some 18 Brazilian children trooped on to a stage inside a shopping centre in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso state, on Tuesday night hoping to catch the eye of potential adopters. read

Emiliano Sala 'did not want Cardiff transfer' in new WhatsApp message

A WhatsApp message sent by Emiliano Sala to a friend on January 6 appears to show he was not keen on the move to Neil Warnock's side from Nantes. read

FIFA confirm 2022 World Cup in Qatar will have 32 teams

The world governing body had considered expanding the event to 48 teams - as is planned for the tournament from 2026 - but this has proved impractical. read

Amazon tries to make warehouse work more fun by turning real tasks into video games

A report describes how Amazon installed screens at many of its warehouse workers' stations that allow employees to turn tasks like assembling orders and moving items into competitive games. read

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TV: An ordinary working woman? Not luminous Keeley Hawes

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: Keeley Hawes described herself this week as an ordinary working woman. If that's true, she's doing a lot of overtime. read

Bipolar people are seven times more likely to develop Parkinson's later in life

Researchers in Taipei found that about 0.7 percent of people with bipolar disorder develop Parkinson's - compared to just 0.1 percent of people without the mood disorder, according to a new study. read

James Corden's Reddit 'ask me anything' backfires as fans brand him a 'rude, a**hole c***'

James Corden joined director Ben Whiston and five members of Carpool Karaoke staff to make a surprise appearance on Reddit's AMA thread on Tuesday. read

Council trying to stop drivers leaving cars on pavement paint yellow lines around a vehicle left

Local residents on Cartwright Road, Hyde expressed their frustration at wily drivers exploiting a parking loophole by tucking their cars in between an incomplete double yellow. read

E-cigarettes are 'THREE TIMES more effective than nicotine replacement gums'

Doctors at University College London found vapers were 95 per cent more likely to be successful than those not using the gadgets in their attempts to kick the habit. read

National Crime Agency chief admits 'sitting on the fence' over whether drugs should be legalised

Director-general of the UK's National Crime Agency Lynne Owens has admitted she has no firm view on scrapping criminal penalties for possessing substances for personal use. read

Game Of Thrones fans are left BAFFLED at the bizarre similarities between the HBO show and SHREK

Twitter user @ohmytargaryen took to the social media platform on Saturday, April 20, to point out several similarities between the two productions. read

Man who had all four limbs amputated calls for...

Tom Ray was fit and healthy and living in Rutland in the East Midlands before he contracted sepsis at the age of 38 in 1999. read

British woman, 58, dies after boarding plane at Majorca Airport bound for Edinburgh 

A British woman has died at Majorca's Palma Airport inside a plane bound for Edinburgh. The 58-year-old reportedly fell ill after boarding the aircraft, a Ryanair plane. read

Dog was starved and beaten by in one of the worst cases of animal cruelty seen by RSPCA inspector

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The Saluki-type lurcher was found dumped on farmland near Bewdley, Worcestershire at around 5pm on April 5. It was rushed to a vet but later had to be put down. read

Mormon Temple in Oakland reopens to the public for a limited open house before it is rededicated

The Bay Area landmark, which was first built in the 1960s, also serves as an FAA beacon which helps incoming planes navigate their landings. read

Israeli scientists brew biblical beer with revived ancient yeasts

Israeli researchers raised a glass Wednesday to celebrate a long-brewing project of making beer and mead using yeasts extracted from ancient clay vessels -some over 5,000 years old. read

The oldest fungus ever found: Billion-year-old fossilized fungi discovered in the Canadian Arctic

Microfossils of a spore excavated in the wilderness of the Canadian Arctic are thought to represent the oldest known fungus on Earth, according to scientists. read

A flushed face? Why your beauty regime may be to blame

Lucia Ferrari has always had sensitive skin. She uses a regime of intense, science-based skincare products. Yet experts said the use of ultra-strong products may actually be causing the problem. read

FEMAIL picks out the best supermarket buys - all for under £28

Supermarkets have upped their fashion game, trying to beat UK High Street retailers at copying designer trends for discount prices. Emily Monckton picked out a selection of the best items. read

Udderly gross! Projectile pooping dairy cow spatters unfortunate farmer with a face full of muck

An Iowa farmer’s Monday morning started on a bad note last week when one of his dairy cows decided to shower him with a stinky, unwelcome surprise. read

The longer you spend in education, the less likely you are to be overweight

Scientists in London say those in higher education tend to be healthier, with lower BMI, blood pressure and likelihood of smoking protecting them from cardiovascular disease. read

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Boris Becker’s estranged wife Lilly, 42, steps out with TV executive

She declared that last year was 'the worst time' of her life, but a new and far happier chapter is now dawning for Lilly Becker, estranged wife of Wimbledon legend Boris Becker. read

Why pay for it when you can WIN it? Our comping queens can help turn the odds in your favour

Samantha KIng (pictured) spends 50 hours a week entering competitions during coffee breaks from her job as a shop assistant and continues late into the night. read

Learn to be a deal detective and save thousands: Cash in on freebies and discounts

Jordon Cox is so good at digging out discounts he has published a book on the subject. The 22-year-old from Essex is even nicknamed the Coupon Kid. read

Alexa, read my child a bedtime story! A quarter of parents say they use electronic devices for task

UK children's charity BookTrust said time-poor parents are increasingly relying on mobile phone apps and electronic home assistants to carry out the task. read

Hundreds of lives at risk because Ebay is selling dangerous smoke alarms that don't detect fires

An investigation by Which? found four smoke alarms listed on the shopping sites failed to sound in every house fire test. The devices were all unbranded and made in China. read

Ford unveils two-legged robot that can walk packages to your door

Ford's autonomous delivery robot, called Digit, is capable of lifting packages that weigh 40lbs, so it can deliver your pizza, Amazon package or groceries straight to your doorstep. read

Tesco manager 'refuses to serve customer who was buying milkshake for thirsty homeless woman'

Daniel Heard, 40, was confronted by a senior manager in the Lincoln High Street store where he regularly buys food and drink from the reduced price section for the rough sleepers outside. read

£30,000 children's playhouse with a 10-ft high clay tile roof at the Chelsea Flower Show 

Complete with a clay tile roof, floral wallpaper and even an (imitation) Aga, this £30,000 playhouse is at least a way to keep the children happy. read

Director John Waters reveals he stopped Winona Ryder from marrying Johnny Depp in new memoir

Director John Waters reflects on his controversial and quirky career in his new memoir Mr Know-It-All: the Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder. read

Ever wondered what happens when you slice a glowing hot Samurai sword through jelly and sponges?

Burning hot Samurai blade sliced effortlessly through household items. A soap is shown melting while sponges smoke and catch fire. Vladimir Stovic cut the items at his home lab in Kostolac, Serbia. read

American pastor 'gave 50,000 Ugandans a "miracle cure" for malaria and HIV that was BLEACH'

Pastor Robert Baldwin, 52, has denied claims that he is 'Satan' after he was criticized for reportedly using his Global Healing ministry in Uganda to deliver chlorine dioxide to thousands of Ugandans. read

Pub staff 'turn away multiple sclerosis sufferer saying they do not serve disabled customers'

Andy Smart, 59, had been visiting The Plough pub in Bloomsbury, London with his sister Ros - who suffers from the neurological condition - when the incident reportedly took place. read

Japan tells the world it has been saying the name of its prime minister wrong for 13 years

What's the name of the Japanese Prime Minister? Chances are that even international politics experts and trivia buffs have been getting that one wrong for 13 years. read

Surprising moment two cautious badgers come right up to a woman's house and take food from her

This is the incredible moment two badgers take food from a woman right outside her open porch door. They even stick their noses into the house in Stockport, Greater Manchester. read

Storks are set to become the first to breed in the UK for 600 years after reintroduction effort

High up on an old oak tree in the grounds of Sussex's Knepp Castle Estate, two birds are patiently waiting for their three eggs to hatch. read

Striking photos reveal the boom-town brothels who roamed the Wild West

The rare pictures that were taken around the turn of the 19th century in the state of Colorado show 'soiled doves', girls in white dresses in towns such as Denver. read

Instagram boyfriend gets flattened by a wave while snapping pics of bikini-clad woman on shore

This is the hilarious moment a massive wave smashes over a dedicated photographer standing on jagged rocks on Cabo's coastline to get an 'Insta-worthy' shot of a woman in a pink bikini. read

PAUL THOMAS on... Tories' train crash EU election

Nigel the Populist Engine read

Architects unveil £65million design to create the 'largest garden in Paris' around the Eiffel Tower

The project, due to be completed before the 2024 Paris Olympics, calls for cars to be banished from around the monument while roads would be largely replaced by grass and tree-lined avenues. read

Abandoned cubs play fight, climb and explore their new surroundings before tucking into porridge

Abandoned bear cubs have been filmed play-fighting, gnawing their paws and tucking into bowls of porridge at a Russian bear sanctuary. The 16 cubs will be released into the wild. read

Beautiful photographs of man who has lived in East London for '86½ years'

Joseph Markovitch is pictured in various scenes around East London by local photographer Martin Usborne as he writes about humorous anecdotes from his life in read

Dramatic video shows pilot ejecting from F-16 fighter jet before it crashes into warehouse 

Dramatic dashcam footage shows the moment a pilot ejected just before his F-16 fighter jet armed with live ammunition crashed into a warehouse outside March Air Reserve Base in California on Thursday. read

Fancy a packet of salmon skin crisps? 

Experts estimate that up to 40 per cent of fresh produce is binned before it reaches shops. Alice Smellie revealed a selection of the best foods retailers have on offer that are made from leftovers. read